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all the answers remain within the realm of self reliance. the world of genuine essential oils revives the past present and future of healing and self therapy. an application of the natural world and science. and it works.
presently i conduct my self studies of  relevance, need, and placebo. nothing to note.
i am ready to read further. this seems to be bringing to light 20 years of studies and lifelong doubt about what is real.
as far as raising offspring goes, we do the best with what we know, learn and who we are from our parents.
the success of that is to be thanks given to my parents. sure, it has regrets as we learn more, but that is the past, not to be held against oneself. I did homeschooling, but under the pressure to socialize my kids, i gave into their desires. maybe not a bad decision after all. as i let them make their decisions and live by the consequences, it become a simple get out the way, the work is done formula. the goal is adult/adult relations for life rewarding relationship of non-superiority.