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— by John John
And a fine good morning/evening to you wherever you may be!

Yes, I see Chapter One is now available for printing. As I add another log to the Morso for the morning warmth here in our mountain hideaway, I will tuck in with a hot mug of oolong and give it a read! Print is still King for me!

I thought of your work last evening when perusing the latest issue of The Oxfordian, a publication dedicated to the Edward de Vere question. The article was a discussion of all the hints and clues Joyce laid in Ulysses as to the authorship question. It made me reflect back on my own well worn copy of that complex book and your comments to the circus on ZH. A good chuckle rises to the surface now as I ponder the confused minds there that you constantly befuddle. LOL. You are without question the James Joyce of that circus with a fine and crisp whip snapping at the behinds of the cravenous masses there seeking validation and attention. LOL.

I am always saddened that the OneMedia has consumed the entirety of the world as I am still perhaps programmed to like a crisp newspaper to read. I even succumbed to purchasing a copy of the Monocle Weekly at a newsstand due to its fine paper stock and design. While their politics are certainly of the Progressive variety, there were a few things I was able to learn from it. Such as a wonderful Swedish long underwear company that makes a woolen longie that is relatively itch free. LOL. One can still find gems of wisdom in our increasingly ludicrous world!

But back on topic. Keep up the truth work. There are still those of us in our wondrous world that are seekers and who are aware of the minefield of distraction-traps set by our eternal enemy. The dodecahedron is an image trigger that I came across while researching a story on identity that I am working on. On how we come into this duality divided twelve-fold and that a major part of our life work is to understand that and bring ourselves back to a unity. A quest increasingly difficult in a world of Twitter-level consciousness. And like Bitcoin forks, the enemy wants to continuously fragment us all into tinier and tinier pieces until all awareness of a unity is shattered and left in a different galaxy of consciousness. A true Star Wars.

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Enjoy your day!