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— by John John
Medicine indeed. Pythagoras may have been one of the last in the West to have an inkling as to what it should be and he wrapped the idea of it in the concept of harmony. Being in harmony with the universe, its music and beauty. And as Plato well stated: Let me control a country's music and I will control its destiny. Or something to that effect. Perhaps Rothschild lifted his oft quoted statement from him.

If one removes the beauty, think modern art and architecture, disrupts the music as was fulfilled in the Hippy Revolution in America, man himself is knocked out of harmony and its natural resonance and health. While the New Bolsheviks were laying waste to historic China with their Cultural Revolution extermination, these same forces were at work in the West with their changes first and foremost in this music arena. With that corner stone knocked out, the Rock was easy to Roll. And they indeed rolled it. Turning a natural, inherent centrifugal process into a chaos generating centripetal spin out in that vastness of madness.

They have the Chinese madly chasing money and glamour and have become the vast traveling horde of embarrassment that the Americans once were during their sojourn to Europe.

Thankfully I believe the human Spirit to be inextinguishable and perhaps now in these dark days its glow can once again turn a bright red. And not the orange residing in the WH. LOL.

I will look into Ivan Ilich. Catherine Austin Fitts had as a theme of her year end wrap-up the question of choice. How society needs to consciously choose a human or a non-human future. A question, unfortunately, the cell phone clutching masses are ill prepared to even comprehend.

Keep it coming.