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— by John John
Knowledge is the biggest threat to our global enemy, hence their increasing efforts to control the Internet, and even the book publishing world via their man Bezos. If he's a man that is. If there was to be an example of a cyborg, I believe an artist would create an image strikingly similar to Bezos.

Case in point is with my wife, a Chinese Medicine doctor of the old school in China. More and more of the ancient Chinese medicine literature is being `made unavailable', an interesting choice of words by the Chinese publishers. Leaving one to ponder the great Why question. As it goes, the global pharma tentacles are reaching deeper and deeper into that society and what a competitor to their Make Illness Great Again franchise an actual health system that works would be. So she has been instructed by me to gather up ALL remaining books lickety-quick before the veil falls for good.

But thankfully here, in the land of MAGA, there are still loads of material available on the Trivium based education model, networks of homeschoolers and even a select group of charter schools that are using the classical model.

Hope and prayers to us all!