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— by Yunus E Yunus E
I've been mulling over a response to that J. It strikes a chord, you see, with where I was,  decades ago, at similar juncture.... and having NOT THE SLIGHTEST IDEA of what was being unleashed pon our world. Yes, the very first signs of the massive psyop by which societies were to be fundamentally altered, and the core identities of the people within them to be radically 'revised'... but... it would take many years - and tears - to put the pieces together.

Looking back at what happened to my own family, and your comment fills me with dread frankly, knowing just how far they have advanced that program in the interval. Yet... I choose to throw that dread off, in favor of reminding myself that I found a way through that hell... and if I did, anybody can. Well, maybe not anybody.... but I suspect your chances are better than most. Forewarned is forearmed, yes?