Updated Update - All is Happening All Over Agin!

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
Update: The screed appearing below was put together so as to simply provide some kind of an update on where things stood - and why - given the unanticipated interruption to getting going again here. There have been some 'technical' problems stopping me from going full tilt, which I'm not going into here, so as to keep my anonymity shields fully UP... but what I need to do right now...

is update the intended update in the following manner.

IF... the forces of TALMUDIC TERROR[TURKISH DIVISION]do tommorrow[your time/today my time]do what they have told the domestic audience they are going to do... invade the northern part of Syria where the Americans have not only dug in, but now officially stated that they are staying...

I will be FORCED to return to duty on GBTM... in order to provide what will sadly but inevitably be the ONLY counter to the tsunami of fake news which will follow. I will reference anyone interested to the posts already in the vault over there regarding Syria's NORTHERN FRONT... Urusalems' master plan to use the Turk to take down America... and the Jurdish connection. Now that Gulen is being dangled again, the full scope of my GOLD FOR OIL OIL FOR BLOOD series also will come into focus agin. Many pieces of the puzzle already assembled by your humble acolyte of THE DUPIN will make astonishing sense to those few... with some sense!

It will be a full time job - just to keep up! I'm hoping that somehow this will blow over, and I can return to the work I allude to in the following draft... which tho not finished, is gonna have to serve!

It’s an ironclad LAW of the universe I’ve decided. Should I ever decide to make a serious effort to return to this project, the very intent will immediately some kind of response from the ‘outside world’ which serves to negate the effort. Immediately!

So it was... in immediate aftermath of changing platforms; the incipient domestic political carnival of souls I described as brewing in the fall story “RATATTATDAT” in which “the Don” would enter his “Egyptian Book of the Dead” phase, blossoming with ever increasing speed into a snake’s nest of bad gets worse... worse gets badder... almost daily its seemed at times, till culminating in this weeks most startling revelation;
The Orange Dude does adder.

Adderall that is. The purportedly “most powerful man in the world” an amphetamine fiend with an nasty ‘attention deficit’ that is getting pathetically close to simple senility or so it often seems. Given the revelation taking place in the context of what appears to confirm my long ago given prophesy – that Humpty goes Dumpty under the kabbalist bus when Urusalem decides he is expendable... it’s likely a planned part of the demolition phase which take Don down into the underworld of failed kabbalistic minions.
This goes on much more – I’m gonna start to feel sorry for the clown. I don’t want that!

 I want to focus on the historical progression of ‘rulers’... “Emperors,” God Kings, Majestys, Tyrants, what have you, who’s careers were cut short by programmers whose talmudic affinities are always left out of the standard biographical works – Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, even Chinese as I reckon it now... going down like grass before a scythe when a moneychangin magician decided it was time to back a new horse!
Afterall, that was the theme of the very first item of business on the GBTM site – a ‘proto-communist’ “popular revolution” in Persia way before ideas like ‘communism’ would come to be articulated. And how it seemed suspiciously similar to more modern conjunctions of ‘the jewish revolutionary spirit’ and the pressing need to relieve society of its noble class so as to share the womenfolk equally!

Yes, such was my intent. I even got what I thought to be a workable introductory essay for this return well underway – and was planning upon completing it, when one day in November... it ‘went away!’ Just like that – the title still present in my files, the page coming up when opened... but nothing upon it.

Wipe out. Just like that. Used to be that kind of a nasty trick would put me in a funk which could last for months at a time! Now, a little more laid back/experienced, I got the hint – and shifted gears. Tis why I ‘disappeared’ – the chance of a lifetime to put the final nails in the coffin of a talmudic psyop and the troll army it has engendered. Yes – for those who gave up reading the talmudic kabbalist HQ blog – and therefore have not been aware of my movements thereupon – it’s been my focus of the past three weeks – in reponse to everything heating up to the boiling point for Drimpf and his cabal. Steady, one on one, mano a mono sledgehammer and pick axe work, demolishing the pretences of those who most fervently Believe... in stuff that Urusalem needs them to!

It’s been great. And I’m not finished yet. But... I am feeling the preliminary sense of being allowed to return here to duty. In the interim of my absence, I’ve made some very deep incisions into some of my most fervently held presumptions about the nature of that tribe we call ‘the jews.’ I do these periodic ‘premise checks’ ... because there is a certain feeling of intellectual honesty which comes from allowing myself to say – hey self! Q. What if you got that all wrong?

Most folks writing stuff, I think, do not allow such questions to enter their minds after a certain point – it interferes with the flow, the work slows down, the lingering doubts need be extinguished in the interests of ‘productivity.’ I can’t work that way.

Which is not to say that anything radically different about the core premise of the Barbarous Reliquary is on the horizon. It’s more like – allowing the fruits of that near year of GBTM to fully ripen into an expanded understanding of why I’m writing, for whom I am writing, and lastly, of course, what I’m writing about! I’ve often made reference to being at heart a scribal type of obscurantist dedicated to the pursuit of arcane ‘knowledge’ for its own sake – a mere ‘chronicler’ of events with no real attachment to outcomes or affairs de jour. It’s a kind of pretense I affect in order to explain to myself why its ok to spend ten years or so expanding upon a theme like the “death of the west” with absolutely no response, impact, even a whisper of interest from ‘the world out there.’

In reality there’s an ‘activist’ side of me dying to get out. I’ve got to accommodate it in order to be effective I’ve decided. And Barbarous Reliquary therefore has to be more than a chronicle of hidden historical processes and events. NOT because I’ve changed my mind – and believe somehow that somebodies will wake up, pull irons out of fires... save the day and prevent the collapse of the west!!! No.

Rather not. It’ just that – beyond hope n fear – there has to be a plan for the ‘what if’ scenario where ... after the fall, the world still exists, and some of us need to carry on  ... as if humanity is simply pursuing a new stage in its’ ‘development’. A ‘new stage’ as in... a return to an older, better stage! And that’s what I’m most interested in communicating about... the parts of our past which remain dynamically poised to assist us in getting outta this last stage of collapse and into a better tomorrow – somewhere. Much different than the toxic ‘transhumanist’ agenda... I’m referring to a ‘retrohumanist’ one! We uncover secrets of past human achievement far different in scope, application and purpose than what we have been led to falsely believe our ‘history’ to hold... and REAPPLY THEM TO THE PRESENT. How does that sound?

Well, tis  what I do anyways. I’m a practitioner... of my own idiosyncratic practice, and its overdue time to return to that fold. That’s why I’ll be writing about ‘goetic’ majic when I returns here. From a historical, but also a practical, this world relevant point of view. It’s the practical application of ‘anti-kabbalism’... without which everything that could be written about that topic would be arid and empty – for me!


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Re: Updated Update - All is Happening All Over Agin!

bel, the delusions of power come back into focus once upon a time, the great unwind starts a winding like a main spring comin lose.
for what ever it is worth. maybe for some, everything!
some delusions of power.
1,2)guns and gold replace(s) brains.
3)not realizing "all things must pass".
4)not realizing all those friends and family will not stand shoulder to shoulder.
   you are on your own, with maybe a significant other, maybe.
5)not realizing everyone lies.
6)not realizing you are smarter with nothing, rather than a back load of burdens.
7)not understanding how to act like a scared monkey.
8)in the end, strategy is everything.
I could ad more, but this suffices.
thanks for the sprinkle of humility in your writings.
so where does this go, dar she blows over on your doorstep.
no mention of russia?? has she become the referee! or will they impose no-fly and things heat up fast? your insight says the yews commandeer the turks right into the boules of conflict with merica?
are the pawns removed from the board-isis? kurds?
another delusion of power, lol, internet blather replaces brains and best of all "I am not smarter, no  matter how much I say". guilty as charged! some humility.
hey, just tryin to makes some real sense of all this non-sense" and you bel have got my attention.
yes, not many get it! open minds are far few between! Question everything! It defies me daily, in my walks of life, that most everybody I meet is clueless as to where mankind is headed and how we got to this place in history. take any subject, and everybody parrots someone's thoughts other than there own critical deduction of events- just the mainstream diatribe. sickening, really. i do not profess to have the future figured out, other than: "a place where survival(with freedom) is a 24 hour ritual"...
Yunus E Yunus E
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Re: Updated Update - All is Happening All Over Agin!

Here we go!
They caught me off guard with the details... but my instincts weren't wrong...
at yaz back on GBTM...