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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
"No other group of procaryotes has been so embroiled in controversy and in establishing a clear pathogenic niche as the mycoplasmas. Their virulence determinants are undeniably complex, and their unique biological properties likely challenge the host differently from typical bacterial pathogens . Also, numerous Mycoplasma species appear to comprise the commensal microbial flora of healthy persons, and the association of these mycoplasmas with disease complicates the diagnosis and necessitates extensive and highly specific serologic, nucleic acid, and epidemiologic data." -Joel B. Baseman* and Joseph G. Tully†*The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio,San Antonio, Texas, USA; †National Institute of Allergy and InfectiousDiseases, Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center,
Frederick, Maryland, USA

As promised in our previous post - CORONA-COP: the Future is Here - Show me your [digital chip]ID! - we are finally -mise en scene - with the main event. The "event" under examination, via investigation of a 'crime scene' of gigantic scale yet micro 'scope'... is the explosive arrival of something called COV19 onto the world stage. And what a 'stage' it is - with the theatrical dimensions of what may prove 'THE BIGGEST PSYOP EVER' on full display now, our task is not only to determine at what 'stage' of the performance are we at now,

but also to anticipate the 'stages' in development of a 'disease' which moves through apparitional form like a ghost through walls! And just like some elements of the 'paranormal' are 'invisible' to observers whose mental walls allow for nothing 'immaterial' in nature, while fully 'visible' to the investigator prepared to be conceptually challenged by perceptual PHENOMENA which defy the ability of the rational mindset to delimit and define them ...

so we... as investigators of 'that which is, rather than of that which is not' ... must be prepared for those limited by 'rational fallacy' to attempt their usual 'contamination' of the petri dish... via fallacious assertion backed by nothing more than the currency of conventional 'explanation.' Since the goal of such parties is invariably nothing more than to slow down the speed with which truth can be revealed... we shall pay them little mind,

whilst keeping in mind - the very wise words of Prof. Harry W. Ellis, a Professor of Physics at Eckerd College:
"On the other hand,the scientist (or anyone) who dismisses religion because the idea of an omnipotent God is logically inconsistent is guilty of intellectual hypocrisy. Does he or she think that science is free from inconsistencies? Perhaps he or she is not aware of the existence of Russell's paradox or Goedel's Theorem. Actually, aside from obvious methodological differences, science and theology have much in common. Each is an attempt to model reality, founded on unprovable articles of faith. If the existence of a benign supreme being is the fundamental assumption at the heart of religion, certainly the practice of science is founded on the unprovable hypothesis that the universe is rational - that its behavior is subject to human understanding. Through science we construct highly useful models which permit us to understand the universe, in the sense of predicting its behavior. Let us not commit the elementary epistemological mistake of confusing the model with reality. Surely scientists, as well as religious leaders, should possess sufficient maturity to realize that whatever ultimate reality there may be is not directly accessible to mortal humans."

The "model" and the "reality" in this case being... a taxonomic 'modeling' of living nature into categories which work well to put things 'in place'... for ease of description - and 'grant solicitation'... but fail with great frequency to 'explain' why phenomena - such as disease, for example - happen,  and exactly what is the cause!  And nothing suits as an example of the deliberate and serial CONFLATION of model and reality as does the story of THE MYCOPLASMA!

From the same authors as quoted above -
"Even with mounting evidence of their
pervasive and pathogenic potential, mycoplasmas
still evoke the image of a group of obscure or
impotent microorganisms. Yet they are evolutionarily
advanced procaryotes (9-11), and their
elite status as “next generation” bacterial pathogens
necessitates new paradigms in fully understanding
their disease potential.

Readers of our previous posting will remember our glance at the biologic phenomena of "pleomorphism" - an organisms' capacity to VARY IN FORM... as it related to an etiology of the crime scene/disease we are investigating. When I highlighted the difficulties conventional 'scientists' have had in recognizing this simple biological FACT ... DUE TO conceptual limitations brought on by theoretical fence-ringing of the empiric 'terrain'...

it was in order to clarify the reason for this above quoted matter of this business of pleomorphic beings...being "embroiled in controversy" - as if we were discussing whether a pair of socks is 'mauve' or 'blue!' This is indeed what 'scientists' do... when they are prevented by observable DATA from being allowed to let their THEORIES run roughshod over the FACTS! They obfuscate, equivocate, prevaricate ... quibble... and generally carry on like little spoiled little boys - since no one dares shut them up with demonstrable counter-argument. Usually.

In short... the boys who are the banner-carriers for OBJECTIVITY in knowledge-seeking... are ready, at the drop of a vial... to turn into SUBJECTIVELY driven drivelers, using any and all subterfuge to gain advantage over the plain and simple truth. And since they generally work for... the very same "foundations".... 'schools,' or corporate entities... which are owned and operated by the VERY SAME entities who own and operate 99% of the media communication channels... who's to stop em?

Now that we've reviewed the 'terrain' over which our crime scene is spread... time to focus pon a classic example of the 'scientificist' paradigm in action
In a manner uniquely 'eponymous' to its own 'changes of form' ... the phenomena we are terming=for the moment]'mycoplasma' has also changed its name! Or at least, that is to say - the TAXONOMISTS have changed it...

When PPLO Became Mycoplasma

"All this started in 1898 with a remarkable discovery by French bacteriologists, Nocard and Roux, namely that pleuropneumonia, a highly infectious disease of cattle, was caused by an organism that could pass filters that retained bacteria. It was at first not possible to cultivate this organism on customary bacteriological medium: but the authors soon produced a richer medium on which this organism, seen in their microscopes as little dots darting around in Brownian motion grew in the form of tiny delicate colonies. These were characterized by a dark center and lighter peripheral zone.
This brief description of very small size and growth outside of a host recalls the beginning of PPLO fame as the smallest living organism. Filtration placed them with the viruses, and independent growth classed them with the bacteria. -

In January 1959 a conference on Biology of the Pleuropneumonialike Organisms was held by the New York Academy of Sciences. There were about 200 attendees with speakers from nine countries. The meeting was chaired by D. W. Edward of the Wellcome Research Laboratory in England. The speakers included most of the pioneers, largely from veterinary and agricultural institutions, who were struggling to understand organisms that did not fit the paradigm of bacteria or viruses."

While I can appreciate the historical overview which the author brings to our subject, in light of what I know that lies outside of his own 'knowledge base'... I have to ask whether that 'struggle to understand  "organisms that did not fit the paradigm of bacteria or viruses" was a 'struggle of understanding' ...or a struggle to PUT BACK IN THE BOX something that didn't fit in any of the conceptual frameworks which the 'scientific community' demanded our world view be limited to?

Something.... perhaps such as....


At any rate... Dr Moritz was eventually and inevitably ready for the 'killshot'....

"In the late 1960s Carl Woese was revolutionizing taxonomy based largely on the sequences of ribosomal RNA molecules. When he and Jack Maniloff looked at mycoplasma in this context, it became apparent that the organisms were descended from bacteria that had lost their cell walls and taken up a parasitic existence. The lush environments to which they became adapted—such as the humid greenhouse environs of the human lung—allowed them to shed swaths of their genome and metabolic capacity, living instead as obligate parasites dependent on biomolecules synthesized by their hosts.

From serendipity to implacable reductionism: Our original reason for studying PPLOs, to learn what there was to be learned about the original cells at the origin of life, had been completely misdirected. Rather than being an early taxon, it was a late one—very late. Among the newest of the microbes. It had lost size and genome due to its life in hosts of the Cambrian or later.

...and our pleopneumonia/mycoplasmic buddies ... with a mere twist of the TAXONOMIC WAND ... LOSE THEIR STATUS AS 'emergent pathogens' and settle down into retirement as "cell wall deficient bacteria!"
Is it SCIENCE... or is it MAGIC... or is it just plain HOCUS POCUS?

Remember that quote up above from the authors of the study about MYCOPLASMA: Sophisticated, Reemerging, and Burdened by Their Notoriety?

"Even with mounting evidence of their
pervasive and pathogenic potential, mycoplasmas
still evoke the image of a group of obscure or
impotent microorganisms. Yet they are evolutionarily
advanced procaryotes (9-11), and their
elite status as “next generation” bacterial pathogens
necessitates new paradigms in fully understanding

Rendered 'impotent' by their scientific slayers... the mycoplasmic family of pathogens will go on to lead another sort of live - as so called 'cell wall deficient bacteria'... but never again trouble the taxonomic wellbeing of western scientific paradigms. Case closed?

Just wait and see.

Heavy going? You better believe it! I'm exhausted. Let's call it a post! But before we go.... something I just did... to take a break from the heavy lifting we're doing here...
over at the famous FLU BROS disinfo organ ZEROCRED... my response to some  mo ... eau de skunk

written by some FLU BRO APLOGIST TRIMPISTA with a need to a-choo choo his doo doo over ... our terrain!

 "even these figures may overstate the mortality rate due to the way deaths may be automatically attributed to the virus in an infected person rather than following accepted practise of confirming the causal chain to rule out other causes."

Yes. I see. We merely need... follow accepted practise of confirming the causal chain to rule out other causes....

for a 'disease' which has a 'causal chain' unknown to those who study 'infectious disease' armed only with conventional understandings...

for a phenomena which indubitably traces  its genesis back to the 'hand of man' ... or better said - to the hands of madmen in labs which governments fund to invent or recreate past pandemics and then develop 'secret sauces' of pathogenic parts to increase the potency of their destruction capacity....

for a program decades in the planning, whereby the 'biologic terrain' becomes overwhelmed when toxins imbibed from contaminated 'food sources' synergistically combine with others absorbed from the air, all carefully modulated to achieve a state of NON LETHAL disease..

which will incrementally become thought of - by its affected populations - as a 'normal' state of 'health.'

This thing is stealth-bred to arrive in its effect by STAGES. And the 'medical community' is conceptually incapacitated from grasping either genesis or symptomology by its IDEOLOGICAL insistence on taxonomic descriptions of biotic phenomena which calmly DEFY those attempts at defining limits - of morphology - virulence - and persistence -

and simple go about their [well programmed]business of wreaking havoc within organisms bereft of defense against that which attacks from multiple directions to compromise 'health' without totally destroying the host.

Its a 'sub-lethal' weapon of mass INTEGRITY destruction that has been unleashed. When the integrity of biologic systems has been compromised to the degree that their partial functioning keeps the victim 'alive'... and therefore... consuming the resources of the enemy state - the programmers have accomplished their intended mission -

maximizing the bleeding of resources and decay of social integrity - thereby rendering the enemies' defenses weak enough for 'invasion' to succeed.

Micro/macro. Think big ... and small...  or go home to 'shelter in place' - in place of living in health. "

I believe it fair to say - that comment well sums up where we stand with this thing - at this 'stage.' Will it spur enraged attack from a phalanx of trimpista usual suspect FLU BROS? Almost certainly.  

So, the last word belongs to DON SCOTT -

"The mycoplasma acts by entering into the individual cells of the body,
depending upon your genetic predisposition.
You may develop neurological diseases if the pathogen destroys certain cells in
your brain, or you may develop Crohn's colitis if the pathogen invades and
destroys cells in the lower bowel.
Once the mycoplasma gets into the cell, it can lie there doing nothing sometimes
for 10, 20 or 30 years, but if a trauma occurs like an accident or a vaccination
that doesn't take, the mycoplasma can become triggered."

Roll the dice Flu Bros.. and see where she blows... once up your nose...
it may be your BRAIN ... that's never the same...
or it could be your guts, that ask you 'whats what?"
with that ever present feeling of loss.

See that coin? Give it a toss... Flu Bros, and other ghouls of the Merika night.
Call me in the morning... I gave you fair warning. Take two vials of cyanide,
and say nighty nighty... to this Jonestown 2.0!

They're 'busted'. And we're 'breaking on thru' ... to the other side... of the this looking glass of the really real!

Later Greaters... Make Merika Grate Agin... under the heel of those who it was supposed to be a refuge from.