The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!)

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
Arriving back at this abandoned outpost of the really real... after sweeping away the cobwebs, and an inspection of the "premises"...

Premise a) there is something - anything - worth discussing ... in the aftermath of kabbalisms' now completely successful repeat of its' 2008 coup d' etat against the remnant "USA."

Premise b) there is a remnant "audience" of non-zombified beings somewhere out there to discuss these matters with.

Premise c) there is some residual merit to such proposed discussion, as could be expected to be applied to realms outside of 'talmudic hell zones.'

As I ponder these three premises... laid out on stone slabs in forensic fashion... I find each of them in turn to be specious. This has been the victory of the "Augustines" of our [former]world - to turn heaven into hell... bliss into torture unending... light into dark. As I quoted that Sadean demonic dualist - in the warm up exercises to this return engagement,

"This is the Catholic view: a view that can show a just God in so many pains and in such agonies of tiny babies" last week on GBTM...

a victory in full for the Epstein project. Truly, now - Adenechrome Nation
 ... flesh raised merely for the feedstock of demonic appetites. Kabbalism - UNOPPOSED... IN ACTION! The "Christian Nations" of the wester world at last returned to the bosom of their beginnings... in the Phoenician sacrifices of Molochian temple times. Why even bother to investigate this obvious suicide scene asks the Augustin Dupin side of me> there is no 'mystery' to be solved here!

But then, the "African Spir" side muscles into the mix... elbowing me to remember my own words, as written on these very pages:

Most folks writing stuff, I think, do not allow such questions to enter their minds after a certain point – it interferes with the flow, the work slows down, the lingering doubts need be extinguished in the interests of ‘productivity.’ I can’t work that way. Which is not to say that anything radically different about the core premise of the Barbarous Reliquary is on the horizon. It’s more like – allowing the fruits of that near year of GBTM to fully ripen into an expanded understanding of why I’m writing, for whom I am writing, and lastly, of course, what I’m writing about! I’ve often made reference to being at heart a scribal type of obscurantist dedicated to the pursuit of arcane ‘knowledge’ for its own sake – a mere ‘chronicler’ of events with no real attachment to outcomes or affairs de jour. It’s a kind of pretense I affect in order to explain to myself why its ok to spend ten years or so expanding upon a theme like the “death of the west” with absolutely no response, impact, even a whisper of interest from ‘the world out there.’

In reality there’s an ‘activist’ side of me dying to get out. I’ve got to accommodate it in order to be effective I’ve decided. And Barbarous Reliquary therefore has to be more than a chronicle of hidden historical processes and events. NOT because I’ve changed my mind – and believe somehow that somebodies will wake up, pull irons out of fires... save the day and prevent the collapse of the west!!!

 No. Rather not. It’ just that – beyond hope n fear – there has to be a plan for the ‘what if’ scenario where ... after the fall, the world still exists, and some of us need to carry on ... as if humanity is simply pursuing a new stage in its’ ‘development’. A ‘new stage’ as in... a return to an older, better stage! And that’s what I’m most interested in communicating about... the parts of our past which remain dynamically poised to assist us in getting outta this last stage of collapse and into a better tomorrow – somewhere. Much different than the toxic ‘transhumanist’ agenda... I’m referring to a ‘retrohumanist’ one! We uncover secrets of past human achievement far different in scope, application and purpose than what we have been led to falsely believe our ‘history’ to hold... and REAPPLY THEM TO THE PRESENT. How does that sound? Well, tis what I do anyways.

I’m a practitioner... of my own idiosyncratic practice, and its overdue time to return to that fold. That’s why I’ll be writing about ‘goetic’ majic when I returns here. From a historical, but also a practical, this world relevant point of view. It’s the practical application of ‘anti-kabbalism’... without which everything that could be written about that topic would be arid and empty – for me!

Oh! I kinda, sorta, forgot about that, Mr Spir! But it's true - I have to 'accommodate' this foolish 'activist' side in order to be true to the fool that is me! Otherwise... I would just be a fool pretending to be unfoolish! Which is... not just very foolish... but exceedingly unworthy as well. Hopefully, as I pick up the traces again here... I can keep that side in check... via lampooning it, or otherwise making fun of my weak spots. All such semi-serious enterprise is doomed to failure in our post-reality age. Different techniques must be acquired, differing personas employed. And with that thought, I will close this re-entry post off... and ring the bell...

for either the start of a new kick at the Reliquary Can -do -

.... or as Lord Dunsany would have it:

ring the bell for someone to fetch a doctor!

I promised yu[the remnant reader over on GBTM that is] a GHOST STORY. AND ITS GHOSTLY STORIES you are gonna get! But this reborn site is now an examination of a MEDICAL HORROR STORY ... busily turning live people into GHOSTS. Is there a "doctor" in this house? Yes there is. And his name... is
MAIMONIDES. THE "jewish doctor" personified. His tale is one we explored here many moons back. I advise the reader to refresh their memory of what I wrote in those far away days  -

Chapter One: The Silent “Holy War”

"Just as Maimonides the ‘physician’ takes his classic place ‘behind the throne’ of Saladin, so Maimonides the ‘pharisee’ takes his classic place in the stream of agents of that ‘revolutionary change’ by which social orders were gradually tumbled and replaced all throughout the western world. Indeed, due weight needs be given to the fact that even the legacy of the “doctor” Maimonides has been doctored to make it palatable to outsiders. The scholarly fellow who "spent twelve years extracting every decision and law from the Talmud, and arranging them all into 14 systematic volumes called Mishnah Torah,” has oft been portrayed as a kind of benevolent religious synthesizer, seeking common ground and harmony among religious faiths. Yet his own ‘faith’ was one which allowed for no such tolerance.

"Maimonides ruled that it is a Jewish court- or a court appointed by Jewish authority-that enforces obedience and passes judgment on Gentiles,as well as promulgating legislation by court order for that purpose. Maimonides further decreed that any non-Jewish nation 'not subject to our jurisdiction'(taha htyadeinu) will be the target of Jewish holy war.

CORONAPOCALYPSE IS that "holy war" in its' new... unholiest ever, format folks!

For the longest time, I mulled over this theme ... of 'talmudic kabbalism' in action, with skepticism as to how/why it was applicable to the new 'global pandemic.'  For a longish time... I did not really believe it was.
But my doubts have now flown away - replaced by resolve to get to grips with a 'medical' nightmare created by the vary cast of characters who my previous studies had fingered - as the 'usual suspects.' As Vasnetsovs' two paintings so graphically illustrate, my thoughts must move between two poles - but they are neither 'hope'... nor 'despair.' We are past all that - and as I indicated in the CORONAPOCALYPSE post on GBTM, I write now for the coming "post-western" world which will spring from the ashes of a dead wester world.

Lets get down to business, shall we?

My name is Yunus. And I shall be your guide... through a ghastly world of terror which you are likely never to awake from.


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Re: The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!)

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Yes! We need some Ghost Stories to FRIGHTEN the youth of the ?future?

There is an uneasy calm I feel today. Sorta like some pressure was released but only so that it can properly intensify. Time to counter-attack?...right.

I may continue to yammer in your comment sections. I have ceased eye-net comms in other locations. Frustration was getting the better of me.
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Re: The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!)

Yes. "The resistance".... the 'counter attackers' ...

whose only weapons proved to be "down votes" and De Nial. Towards the end of my mission of mercy on that russo-talmudo tabloid we all know so well - I presented another "list" ... of someone else's well chosen "premises" - which qualifies, methinks, for inclusion in the category of "ghost story!"

Project Zyphr's goal is to remove 12-15 Million American Patriots, Christians, free-thinkers and anyone critical of Israel from American society and place most of them in vast underground bases across the U.S.

Project Zyphr will accomplish its goals by making use of power outages, viral outbreaks, as well as a program involving advanced, small drones which will enter people's homes by drilling holes in their windows. The drones will enter and then fire bursts of scopolamine and other hypnotizing compounds at its sleeping victims, and induce them to walk out of their homes into waiting vans and buses, to be transported to the underground bases.

Project Zyphr's goals also include a gruesome Adrenochrome-extraction program that will involve the above abductees while they are housed in the underground bases.

Project Pogo is a disinfo operation that has compromised hundreds of Patriot, Q-Anon, Pro-Trump, Prepper and free-thinker conspiracy YouTube channels and other media outlets. The goal of Project Pogo is to keep Americans "trapped" in America by encouraging them to "stay and fight" a hopeless battle against a militarized operation conducted by a Satanic world order of elites who control the most advanced technology on Earth.

A classified food distribution program will be used to limit Americans' ability to farm, and has been underway for years to phase-out America's farms and food production. Bacteria-based food creation technology is used to create food in large vats in warehouses; these foods lack nutrients but look the same as food grown on trees and in the ground.

The reactions were 'priceless.'

As will be watching the speed - with which all of the lil tuff guys fold.
Amerika - Home of the Knave. And it never needed have happened.

Those real foods and other inputs you spoke of: Mission Critical... preserve access to them. At all costs.
Eat the shit they're gonna serve... the hungry masses... and ALL will be lost.
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Re: The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!)

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Re: The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!)

U R perceiving, Prof, and I've been receiving your lil reminders with thanks...
as the Frank-Sabb connection thing allowed me to patch into this old transmission line without getting lost in the [medical]details, nor transfixed by the speed of the unfolding disaster porn.

The root of it now - the Chabaddies - just before you wrote in, this morn, I had realized how to plug into the narrative here; they[the schneersohners that is]ARE viruses... approaching, but not quite gaining... human form - which is why they don the long coats and scraggly hair/hats - so as to disguise the areas of their bodymasks which are defectively formed. They are intent pon taking us down...

but having the wits of virus like capacity... appear to have now infected THEMSELVES as well... if the epicenter outbreaks we are seeing in clan gathering spots like NEW ROCHELLE NY AND westchester co etc., are any indication. See my old story on the DYBBYK DATELINE for a refresher!