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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
In the category of ..... BLOWBACK NOT FROM WUHAN ... I offer an interlude of purely pleasurable PAIN TRADE mirth ...designed to ease troubled minds... and 'tickle' funny bones with an ostrich feather of fun!

As most readers know... I hang out on the ONEMEDIAS premier house organ of disinfo... zerohedge.com, on a mission to cause as much mayhem/discomfiture to those ghouls who have ruled the media roost ... for far too long. You might think it to be a waste of time... for the serious minded... but for I, its kinda like fishin. Long times spent setting, and then watchin the lines... not a lot of action, rinse n repeat....

but then... outta nowhere - the MOTHER OF ALL LUNKERS HITS YOUR WORM HARD! 

Hard not to love a love story... bout a girl with a heart of ....COLD... as in whippin, clippin and snippin good times of the dominatrix sort! And it was with... painful pleasure that I ran across this account

 Confessions Of A Sado-Maso Sex Worker In A Time Of Coronavirus

of a PAIN TRADE LADY OF THE NY NIGHT... ON that very same "hedge" what constantly leaves its best stories 'on the tarmac'... unpublished... because the bobster swooped in and BUSTED THE SCAM!  When you read this
story... and realize what a clic-bait MONSTER the boiys had on their hands... yet... left it on the tarmac to wither... rather than give ol BobE another 10 bagger o laughs...
YOU KNOW WHO'S IN FOR THE WIN... in the category called "chagrin!"

I do believe I did a credible job of writing up a lil 'loveletter' to our vixen kittykat with the under-requited kitty/// and slippin in a sly lil dig at one of the worst offenders in the 'gold sales scamarama at the same time! Think of how much ad $ it cost them... just to fend me off! But... butt... as if that were not enough high times for one 24 hour period...
here we go... with the MAIN EVENT ...in our little circus of the absurd!


. by yours truly at last!

 I cannot give you a screen shot of the lengthy comment I wrote April 4th in response to a pouty piece purporting to complain about 'hoarders' and profiteers - THE COMMENT WAS DELETED - by the usual 'demonocracy suspects whoo  - make a livin hawking "free speech" and 'fair comment'... but clamp down HARD... WHEN that sorta shit gets... you know - too close to home! Anyhoo here it is...

For folks too dumb to work out for themselves... how they're being HOSED!

IF "medical supply arbitrage." sounds a bit unsavory to you, I suggest you get your head around "information supply arbitrage".... because whatever moral vacuity is implied to be a component of the former, is a part of the latter - on steroids.

"ISA" is part and parcel of the 'internet age" of communications. In the twenty or so years since web-based information "brokering|" has come into its' own, the opportunity for 'leveraging' their 'social networking skills' for profit and "push" has been seized by many a new entrant...

to those individuals' great gain, yet to the considerable cost of actual "journalism," individual integrity, and truth in media itself. AND  so it goes.... with the critical issue of how one goes about protecting themselves from the depredations of STATE & CORPORATE MALFEASANCE.

Extolling the virtues of 'free market capitalism'... whilst marshaling all of one's forces to the service of a predatory monopolist agenda has indeed become the 'new normal' for the successful entrant to this enticing 'profit center' of the"information" industry. Thru the use of subtle tools which the new internet form of mass communications lends itself towards, the 'information brokers' can push out competing voices, downgrade all narratives counter to their own, seize market share by means of 'spoofing' popularity, unanimity and/or acceptance of their party line,

as well as ride herd upon their target audience via 'tools' of a f'alse Front "Demonocracy" which - behind the fun and user friendly exterior paint job... is a 'funhouse' of distorted news and mean-spirited manipulation, all in the cause of transferring as much loot as possible from reader/victims wallets... to those of their NEW MEDIA OVERLORDS.

So I have discovered... in the course of  long campaign to return 'truth in media' to its central position  - in a scheme of things wherein the truth is a 'first casualty of THE WAR ON YOU. NOWHERE has this been in more evidence than the recent controversy over "MASKS." And pulling back 'the mask' on what lies behind the sordid campaign of information control - aka monopoly 'capitalism' in action reveals much of the reason why the DECLINE OF THE WEST is terminal, unstoppable, and part of a well organized campaign towards just that end!

Back in February... when WUFLU and the issue of 'personal protection' against WEAPONS OF MASS MEDICAL.MEDIA-ATED DESTRUCTION was still a topic of simple 'entertainment' for the denizens of western GULAGISTAN...

I placed pon these pages a basic outline of what concrete steps the potential 'soul survivor' would need take to fend off the coming shitstorm of dark medico-media mischief. Chief among which vital steps would be - I claimed - pulmonary protection in the form of MASKS WHICH ACTUALLY WORKED to counter madman made bioweaponary.

In the spirit of 'protecting one's interests' so integral to the NEW INTERNET MEDIA INFORMATION ARBITRAGE package - a counterstrike against this audacious and most UNWANTED effort to supply FREE information to a captive audience of PAYING[in more ways than they can imagine!]"information consumers" ... a private messaging roll out quickly activated a posse of the ghouls who provide a phalanx of useful idiots by which the local information arbitrage experts can maintain the narrative - whilst removing potential 'competitors' to their control of it!

Yes indeed... exactly in accord with the methods used back in 2016... when I activated my most unwanted  'boots on the ground' reportage style to give the brethren back in the fallen lands of the west first hand knowledge of the FIRST EVER SOCIAL MEDIA DRIVEN 'COUP' BY A GOVERNMENT AGAINST ITSELF...

the ever vigilant west coast TYLER IN CHIEF TIMMY BACKSHAUL was quick to organize his sock puppet avatar army to fend off the assault against his domain! A tsunami of 'vote scat' followed up his voiced displeasure delivered via one of his fave avatars - which consisted solely of trying to roast me for GRAMMATICAL ERROR! OH the horror! I immediately recognized the same modus operandi in the FEBRUARY HIT JOB. ... a snark attack deployed via the very same sock puppet avatar he had used for years to maintain control in the 'gold and silver' section of his scam!


It's clear that dumb as mud Merikan 'information consumers' have long ago given up any form of resistance this kind of sustained attack upon their own interests. And that I too - should give up on trying to provide them with an antidote to the viral disease called 'internet media' ... aka more 'talmudic kabbalism in action.' Now... with MASKS AS THE ABSOLUTE TOPIC NUMERO UNO ...back safely in the control of those who control and profit from INFORMATION ARBITRAGE its game over for the lil guy!  BUT before I do... I wish to make known to all - just WHO is behind the campaign to defraud you of

first - your savings... then - your liberties, and finally - your very lives. 'INFORMATION ARBITRAGERS' of course... are just the point men in the scam ... the 'collection agents' who protect the portals so that the approved -'paying customer' mouthpieces who crowd the top banner of this site to hawk their wares whilst dutiful paying their 10 talents of silver to the toll keeper...

Behind the mask... stand the real shadowpuppet masters... casting their nets wider and wider in the war for information monopoly. They've won that war - thanks to your indifference to your own preservation. That's why I name your now chronic and terminal 'illness' in which you will 'exist' - till 'closing time'... THE ENNUI OF THE DEFEATED. The fruits of a long campaign to destroy you all are now ripening... in King JERRYS' garden of malice aforesight. And that's why I named the platform on which i disclosed ALL of this deceit to your unseeing eyes - geopolitics behind THE MASK.


It didn't have to end this way. But it will  anyways..

Story: “Medical Supply Arbitrage”: How Hordes Of Middle Men, Profiteers & Scammers Massively Inflated Prices Of N95s Takes one to know one huh?

Punch line you say> you want the 'punch line?' The talmudo-kabbalist 'information brokers' and 'masked peddlers' of the stock market scam are a girls best friend! They drop their profits - and their pants - for a chance at some kinda weird 'romance'... in the dungeons of the really KARMIC REAL!

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I will just say this. the truth is out, just like 911.
all of this leads back to good ole usa, the land of freedumbed majority.
beta testing nearly complete. and yes the sheep will get in line, for the final thunk...