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Ok, here we go.

In response to the clamorous demand for -even more- of what no one's lookin for, I've set up the turntable for one more spin of the disc. The BARBAROUS RELIQUARY thing is most surely dead and unburied - a haunted repository of key reflections pon what made the WESTER WORLD disappear into a miasma of complicit & suicidal purgatory. As with its' companion platform GEOPOLITICS BEHIND THE MASK, the purpose of sharing the reflections of a party looking back in upon a dying wester world has been served - to whatever extent it could be. Warning about the imminent destruction of your lives and very souls by an implacable enemy set upon just that purpose becomes a frivolous exercise once that enemy has fully achieved its' goal. No one can dispute that 'the enemy' - whether one chooses to call it 'talmudic kabbalism' or 'kosher klowns from outer space' has indeed achieved a great victory with its kovid kaper -

and just as we started this platform with the examination of the role of the MEDICAL MAFIA OF MAIMONIDES AND HIS ILK, so we could end it with a tidy reflection upon how NOTHIN - nuthin at all - has changed over the centuries - except that the slow but steady creep of the culture war against whitey appears to have reached its denouement at last! For I, that's old news; it was for purposes of avoiding that ending I left the west, and set up to be able to enjoy some kind of life after the fall of the west. If, in the course  of watching the drift of the somnolent and vacant westerling onto the rocks that now rip his ship into tiny pieces, I chose to offer some counsel and piquant views of the affair, that was a phase which I have now expunged. What's done is done.

What I'm doing here today is using the vibe of this space to leverage myself into the NEW one I've just opened; I have started writing again, with a wish to anchor myself to the new territory we have slipped into thanks to the kovid kapers long stretch - everywhere in the world is being prepared for a DARK WINTER which has chilling connotations far beyond the mere mini-ice age one we are confirmed this year to have entered.

I am, in other words, seeking to bridge the gap between the me who was responsible for the writings here - and the me which emerges now that my initial precis - the COLLAPSE OF THE WEST - as I termed it in one of my more short lived internet experiments, has fully revealed itself. What's that you say - ghostly reader floating out there in hyperspace? Everything appears to you as functioning 'normally' to this point? Yes, that's been one of the great triumphs of the enemies campaign. INCREMENTALISM has been the ticket, to cancel out any and all concern, awareness, resistance, etc., which might have cropped up in the course of ONE YEAR in which more hard won liberties were irrevocably and permanently wiped out that probably any other year on record!

It indeed tickles the fancy of the puppetmasters that to the very end you should be able to convince yourself of 'normalcy' being the operating framework to view their handiwork by! That way, none of the COMPLETE MADNESS and hopelessly obvious hoaxes by which they have achieved the previously unthinkable acquiescence of an entire civilization in its own diminishment and then extinction - in one single year - appears upon your radar screen. Even when it SCREAMS in day glow colors to everyone looking in from outside the abattoir!

Tis indeed a strange and scary spectacle - your final moments. But to dwell upon it is not my task, nor desire. I'm set upon making a stab at describing - and even better - participating in. the post western world which will follow your demise. That world in the making may possibly be nearly as much of a nightmare world as that which has taken over the west. After all, it is exceedingly clear that the parties responsible for the death of the west are indeed in control of everywhere else on this planet!

That's a plausible truth to be factored into the equation. As a countervailing truth, I am also looking at what they might have planned for the parts of the world which continue on after the west has died. It is easy enough to imagine dystopian futures, and so, become full of dread. That, I leave for others. My thing, as I've described it steadily now for more that 10 years, is to proceed apace to a place "beyond hope and despair"  and then to hang out there, watching and waiting to see what develops, from a position of formless 'wu wei' or 'not doing' which has been my emblematic motif since the days I used a pix of DAFFY DUCK in a largish sombrero, snoozing neath a cactus - to give the reader a graphic window upon my 'way of being in the world.'

Nothing has changed - except everything. And therefore, I must change in accordance, and chameleon like, adapt to my surroundings as an invisible element of what is going down. What is going down will be found - and witnessed to here - from now on,

and its entirely appropriate that it start out with a look back at the place from which sprung so much of my musings pon the post western world - and from where sprung most all of the few readers this place rounded up! As usual, I owe it to the tyler lads that I'm at last shaking off my lethargy and returning to the writing thing - they, having banned me for the THIRD and final time this weekend past, have sent me 'free at last' to become not just 'the final nail' in their own coffin, but to be able to finish delivering the diagnosis I set out to achieve long ago - to nail the manner in which silly westerlings chose to allow people who wished to cheat and harm them become their preferred source of information about the world and their place in it!

The 'alternative media' in other words, the GREATEST SCAM of this young millennium so far, is what I've placed in my sites for a beginning salvo. It's not something I want to spend a lot of time on, but rather, that I wish to finally get out of my system, as part of my moving out of one me and fully into the next me.

The end of that phase of intersecting with and dissecting the workings of that media MEDUSA will give me a great boost into the next phase, where I wish to be writing about what is coming, not going. Altho all the old themes - financial and geopolitical - remain of great interest to me, once I have finished up the final autopsy of what happened at the tail end of the SYRIAN END GAME which will now be front stageagin for a while, I have other irons in the fire, such as those I describe in the lead off piece of the new space - HEMISPHERES OF MIND.

As always, it seems, when I make such declaration of intent to pursue new horizons, ye ol SYRIAN IMBROGLIO heats up again immediately. However that may be, if I choose to write more about that situation which I covered so well and so uniquely on GBTM, it will be on the new site, with a different, post-western perspective. There are some clues embedded in that ol GBTM site as to how the final act in the Syrian saga - and the fall of the west itself - will go down. Are we there, at last now? We shall see. The Russians have opened their bomb shelters. And whoever is directing the current so called "Biden Administration - the totally bogus narrative of last week with the Groper calling Pootie a "kiiller" is a clear sign that somebody is indeed trying very hard to get things ready for the final showdown between the two false enemies, so as to destroy all challengers to the SPECTRE hegemon now rising with China as its enforcer!

And it gives me great pleasure therefore to close with the lucky gleanings of the final days effort on the zerocred site to counter, roll back, root out, and dispose of the many and various lies and false narratives which the reader/victims there will soon be finding to have fatal consequences from imbibing. Before they could wipe out my account - and all the contributions I made in the last 5 months of dynamic intervention in the hoax media of the phony 'right' - I grabbed the goods!


and boy - do they ever cover the bases nicely! A final dissection of the POOTIE meme, a crushing dismissal of the GOLD meme, a look back down memory lane at the zh MIDDLE EAST myth of rooskie white hats and fake anti-sionism, an astonishingly succinct and precise summation of the counter-operation I conducted this past year to roll back the 'silversqueese/deathofthecomex' scam they ran, and even more STONISHING

- a deadly guided missile directed right at the tyler boys themselves! The sting of which may indeed have been the actual cause of their final succumbing to the suicide pill they have swallowed with banning me.

But tween you an I - it is that last blast - from the outpost high in the Afghan hills - which gives me the most pride of ownership - tru to my love of military things, recounting the story of Gurmukh Singh and the jawans of 4 Sikh  was something very precious to me. All of the colonials peoples of the 'third world shitholes' which the vain and insular western exceptionalist holds his nose at - not realizing his own date with fate -

gave me a chance both to slide comfortably along into my Asian world view, and to say goodbye to the goobers who are not only incapable of understanding that act of incredible bravery and MANLINESS which the 21 Sikh troopers sold their lives with -

they are not remotely capable of imitating - not even to save those dearest to them , not to mention themselves and the legacy of the great people they were handed to preserve and honor. Scum and scruff, almost to a man, the unter-mensch of the now officially dead wester world are underserving of even an epitaph. Their colossal arrogance and ignorance drove them to this sorry fate - as it drove me to leave them to it.

And with that - I bid ye's adieu, to do what ye's will - in a very Creepy Crowley sort o way! His INVERTED WORLD is now yours.