Rungs of a Ruinous Ladder: Wabbit Wholes to Wholly Hellish Realms

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
It's now one month since I pried up the manhole cover of this abandoned site... and peeked down into the gloom of a dark and frighteningly deep void...The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!) in search of a 'western world' which had abruptly disappeared into a 'maw' called "Cov-19." Hells... of the talmudic kabbalist kind... are what lie in those depths... ergo, my reluctance to return to "spelunking" in caverns without end was perhaps... understandable.

Queasy stomach feelings, and the sulphurous  stench of forbidden places notwithstanding, eventually I donned my "P2 Gas and Particulate Half Mask" and looking glass 'wabbit' suit...for THE MASK COMES OFF - THE MASK GOES ON: MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH GOES LIVE! and girded up for another go. What I had  learned, in the course of that months return to Barbarous Reliquary... and assembled here for the inspection of anyone tired of being constantly lied to ...

was already enough to make it clear to anyone who was not quite purposefully  'sheltering in place' from the ugly truth... that this time round - unlike 2002's practice run with SARS, or 2009s aborted Avian Flu effort - this round is 'for real' and 'for keeps!' A true END GAME play is upon us, with a definitely 'winner take ALL' edge to its' progression; every damn week revealing more evidence of how all-encompassing the goals of this thing are!

And as for my finally getting the gears shifted so as to pursue my stated agenda of examining the MEDICAL aspects of this psycho-political MOTHER OF ALL PSYOPS...  we reached that point half way through the month, with The Terrain:" SHAPESHIFTERS OF THE NEURAL PATHWAYS!

those three above linked posts being among the most[as will prove out only in 'RETROSPECT' of course]important explorations of this cov-19 psyop theme as have yet appeared - YET - THEY ARE NOTHING - compared to what comes next! Which will summarize what I have learned about the totally mad and upside down worlds of "modern medicine" and 'microbiology' in this past couple of weeks of further digging. While already suitably skeptical as to the bona fides of both of those pursuits... the facts now ready to be laid out here have exceeded even my greatest imaginings - of just how badly co-opted by EVIL those two 'branches' of 'science' have become.

Tis indeed - "breathtaking"... in the viral pulmonary paucity of oxygen sense of the word.... the levels of deliberate deceit - incompetence - magical 'thinking'... and the clinging to searingly obvious myths and mistaken 'theories' which are now presented to us as 'the pinnacle of mans' scientific genius!

While I'm getting that next dispatch ready... this comment I knocked off yesterday - for the talmudo-kabbalist organ and psyop central 'zerohedge'... will serve as an entry point for where we go next. Not only questioning the bona fides of the 'narrative peddlers' of medicine... but questioning the very foundations of their fallacious doctrine of 'virology!'

Edit: After publishing, I noticed that a portion of the text had 'gone missing' and realized that the part I had tacked on to the end about Yoishi Shimatsu had been 'disappeared.' I was intending to just let it go... but, when back on this machine an hour or so later - noticed it had frozen up... with a picture of a particular partisan of the KABBALIC ALL STAR HALL OF FAME stuck in the middle of my screen... and the software program[which must have 'opened itself- since I had not!]it is located in REFUSED TO CLOSE.

So... I'll go with the flow. First - I'll recreate the blur which disappeared. Which was to mention that the parallel lines of discovery which Yoichi and I have been traveling since this thing began ... indicate that we are intersecting at certain points, and cross pollinating each others distinctive directions... which is kinda interesting, insofar as - among other similarities ... his work is also EMBARGOED by the ONEMEDIA ... altho he does have one outlet in

and... like myself, he has a great degree of [dis]regard for the psyop organ This is all good. He has clearly reviewed and been inspired by my Frank Plummer findings, and I by his Asian information gathering. Perhaps between the two of us, we may form a 'wedge' with which to 'trim' the "Hedge"... and garner a harvest of TRUTH IN MEDIA ... from amidst a FOREST OF LIES!

Now into its 20th segment - Yoichis epic series is a must read: please review - among others of the group... HIV-Laced COVID-19 Targets Human Testicles Its TB Strand Blocks The Immune System

And with that out of the way... I will also take the 'hint'... and turn the post over to....

our 'self-invited' visitor.. "Yehuda Halevi"... and his 'masterclass' in "kabbalism in action!"
I guess we can consider ourselves 'kosher' approved!


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Re: Rungs of a Ruinous Ladder: Wabbit Wholes to Wholly Hellish Realms

The fraud of humanity continues. The players, inverse or outright, The operative are energized.
game on. everything that I/we have toiled for is on the line. the power of the people is being extinguished by their own nature of being herded. Tyme to unfold the personal sovereign constitution and take that stand or go to where one has some freedoms to exist outside the construct of the fascism ruling overcast.
Yunus E Yunus E
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Re: Rungs of a Ruinous Ladder: Wabbit Wholes to Wholly Hellish Realms

discochitchat wrote
 the fascism ruling overcast....
that's top notch... I would like to use that at some point in the future, modified to 'fascism ruling overcast, with attribution of course.

I'm still recommending as the default way to play this... for those still trapped in the fallen lands that is...
the 'coming out of a rundown adobe hut with both guns blazing' scenario. It's the only thing really fits with the script we're looking at here.

discochitchat discochitchat
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Re: Rungs of a Ruinous Ladder: Wabbit Wholes to Wholly Hellish Realms

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Butch and Sundance met their fate.
-in plain speak and such; the shot across the bow has been noted.
Bel, you have said in no uncertain terms that there is a tyme to take flight. as simple as "away from the overcast of fascism."
If only it was as simple as the words i type.
(the home is almost ready for sale.)
I did not come to this point by my choice, and that is where my anger lies.
wtf else can i do? guns a blazing?
Ah, to become a legend, as if it would matter.
My constitution of existence is under direct in-eminent threat.
Isthmus of Tehoantepec?
edit add:
If anyone thinks they can win, they are remiss of history.
They have moar resources and minions than anyone has bullets that can make an impact.
And I hear about this thing called love. The right thing love. All sounds just great until the "plan"
is rolled to my front door, cause I know my neighbor is shaking in his compliance boots...