Return to Khan Tengri - Part Two Lifting the veil on real history - at last

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 by Bel Suave
9 months ago
Return to Khan Tengri - Part Two

Lifting the veil on real history - at last

    9 months ago
    Now that we’ve warmed our engines sufficiently to be ready for excursions into new terrains, we’re ready to take on some of the beady-eyed mythologies which stare out at the traveler on the road towards the really real. The imposing bulk and ferocious mien of these critters belies their lack of staying power when challenged. Mighty Mullahs, Supreme Sultans, and assembled riff raff of the FAKELORE kind are all primed to go down under our sword of truth in media.
    And where better to start than close to home – where a millennium or so of fake Turks bent upon hiding – then destroying - real Turkic culture and heritage has used up its quota of time on the stage of history? How astonishing it will be, to discover that a veneer of falsely assumed “Turkishness” is all that differentiates the religious and ethnic extremists who have hijacked Anatolia, from the madmen of similar predilection,who long before hijacked the land of Israel, and who have made a multi-generational project out of likewise disguising themselves -as “People of the Book” – rather than the spawn of Babylonian necromancy such as they really are!
    Just as astonishing will be to discover that the real Turkic culture, of which but a few embers still glow with life, has almost nothing at all in common with the place most associated with the term in the modern mind...and that in fact, those holdouts still warming themselves by that small fire of real culture are persecuted and reviled by those who rule the roost in the place we call “Turkiye!” By turning the spotlight of real history upon those hoary mythologies and their monstrous creators, we are going to bring about a stampede of terrified ‘TERROR STATE’ bullies, rushing to hide from the light of day.
    With all that said, however, I suspect that for most readers there is now a kind of “automatic shut off valve” which operates in their minds, when the subject of “the Turks” comes up! A tiresome collection of rabid ethno-hegemonists with little to show to their credit, in the way of accomplishment or culture, is the way most of the world views those who represent themselves by that description nowadays. And not without reason. But there’s a story to be told here – a much different story than that which reaches the ears of the outside world – and even of most “Turks”themselves. And it falls upon me to tell it.
    As witness to the ongoing campaign of neo-liberal "Islamists" to destroy and/or desecrate everything that is old and authentic about Anatolia, I get to watch that process going on right before my eyes! Here where we park for the winter months, waiting for the roads to clear of snow in the highland, the dozers are hard at work - clearing the wide plain where a half dozen or so shepherds graze their flocks on the early springtime grass. Soon, they tell us, this stretch of state-owned land will be leveled in preparation for another housing project - of the kind which fattens party-connected contractors, rather than sheep. All over Anatolia, we see the last pockets of the old ways being cleared out... for a new kind of society where everyone stays in one place, never moving with the seasons - and drives to the cami and back at that call of the muzzein which rings out from hollow recordings delivered by microphones. Fake culture - plastic world. The "new Turkiye indeed!"
    Quite early on in the portion of these pages where contemporary events had forced the focus here to shift – such that the middle eastern part of the globe became front left and center – we hit upon a discovery which appears to have eluded just about everybody else writing on the same theme. That the people running the government in Turkish Ankara seemed to share a lot of common values with the folks running the state of Srael might have seemed superficially an observation which defied logic.
    After all, wasn’t true that the one party was – by definition– implacably opposed to the agenda of the other? Wasn’t it obvious that an “Islamic”regime which strongly supported the rights and struggle of Muslims anywhere and everywhere could not help but be at loggerheads with a state which specialised in persecuting it’s own Muslim citizens, as well as attacking, covertly and/or overtly neighboring states with Muslim majority populations? Well, it might indeed be true that for purposes of public perception that aura of implacable opposition should be encouraged... but close inspection seemed to reveal a parallel, if concealed,track of cooperation, and even emulation! How to account for the incongruity? The clues seemed to arrive in increasing frequency, after I posited this perception of an
    "Because what "the neo-Ottoman regards as a unique and 'god-given' expression of a particular tribal grouping" brings to mind another ethnic persuasion with a peculiar and insular understanding of their place in the world! In fact, these two racial-hegemonists programs bear a similarity in construct that - upon closer inspection - reveals IDENTICAL goals and intent. The 'pan-Turkic' vision of a group destined "by God" to greatness - and the sionist/talmudist conceit of a "chosen people" -mandated -again - "by God" to achieve ascendance over all other nations and religions... these two forms of ethno-religious extremism cannot have evolved in isolation to each other! Their hatred and bigotry towards"the other" in all forms - gender, race, or form of worship -bespeaks a unity of more than just style."

    unstated unity of ideological underpinnings in the story–Two states One Agenda.

    At the time, I was content to point out the similarities between a cult of Babylonian-derived origin which had transplanted itself to Jerusalem and the territories of the original Israelites, and another, less ancient cultic formulation which had achieved a certain ascendancy over the minds of those who had inherited the Turkic conquests of Asia Minor, and infused the resulting culture with a similar form of tribal antipathy towards any and all variations of faith, ethnicity, and social values. That there could be a deeper reason for the mind-meld of two seemingly quite distinct groups of humanity was apparent to me on the intuitive level,but stayed outside the focus of my reasoning mind, pending further investigations!
    As I sketched, over the past year, a picture of the many ways in which present and past Turks and talmudists had rendered common disservice to humanity, through their psychopathic campaigns of genocide and cultural destruction throughout the middle east, we remained focused upon the common intent of their agendas, without going further into possibility of common roots. Now, with the general perception of people of Turkish descent reaching a nadir in the world at large, it is overdue to make that investigation a priority. If it should turn that they truly deserve the ‘leadership’ which is currently dragging them into the abyss – then so be it. However, if we discover that they are victims, just the same as most of the rest of us, of being deprived of their own true history, legitimate identities, and even the faith of their ancestors - there would be grounds enough to attempt this work of redemption on their behalf! That it should fall to me to make that effort is a small irony itself in a sea of ironies. But no matter – for now, let’s just say that life is full of mysterious synchronicities, which reveal themselves at their convenience, not ours!
    To restore the defiled image of the Turkic peoples – after so much damage done by the jihadist interlopers and Ali Babas of the pretend Caliphate – would seem a work of Sisyphus-style dimensions at this point in time. And given that so many of those who identify themselves as “Turks” have fallen prey to a species of rabid ethno-supremacism of which only a talmudist rabbi – or terrorist – could be proud, is there any rationale for going to the trouble in the first place?
    Not to diminish the extent to which the stain upon the characters and reputations of those who call themselves Turks has been self-imposed, the answer to the question posed is – yes. And the reason is that, not unlike quite a few other peoples, the biggest part of the problem Turks have in returning to the fold of a common humanity is that their own history – and culture – have been stolen from them... and replaced with an entirely bogus substitute by which to confuse and disenchant them!
    9 months ago
    Note in the spaces of the map above, the extent of the zone wherein the "Golden Horde" of the Kipchaks ranged, north of the Black and Caspian Seas, for centuries, and then equivalent zones to the south where the Oghuz were similarly masters of the terrain. Contrasted with the small area where the "Turks" of "Anadolu" created their post-Byzantine state, the way to seeing a far different picture of the past is opened. But those are just a tiny segment themselves, of the vast reach of Turkic peoples in the past eras, when the Great Steppes, from the marches of China, right through to those of Western Europe, were homelands of those who worshiped "Tengri," rather than the Semitic gods of the Arabs and Judaics. A vast crime against history has been created to wipe out the true record of that people and their culture. With the tools gained from our previous meetings with Dupin and other sleuths, we will investigate the scene of it!
    We might well ask by whom has this crime of distortion been committed – and indeed will. But first, it needs be clarified just what has been stolen... and from whom? For a significant confusion exists even around the very matter of who might be the Turkic peoples. Like most western pseudosciences, ethnology has proven an academic ‘discipline’ subject to malpractice, willing cover-ups, and make-believe storylines. As a result, with an invented history imposed upon an ethnicity, via a toxic system of pedagogery such as is the educational system, the identity crises which result are no accident. Exploited by demagogues and cunning social manipulators, these infirmaries of identity can produce huge episodes of civic strife, national in-fighting, and even genocide. The short history of the place which was known as the “Republic of Turkey” was witness to all of that and more!
    Are Turks more easily led to indulge in such episodes of collective madness than other ethnicities? The answer cannot be given directly– because the very definition of the term “Turk” lacks a uniform principle of inclusion/exclusion by which to measure the subject population. The vast land area of ANATOLIA – that region once known as “Asia Minor,” which frames two sides of ‘the middle east, has been home to an amazing variety of peoples,language groups, and religions. Not by merely terming those presently found within the boundaries, therefore, of a state which might call itself “Turkey”could we ever hope for a minute to find an answer to the question – who is a Turk?
    While the study of genetics can give some guidance in determining the background of any given demographic, it’s no perfect science by a long shot – and is fraught with the same risks of over-simplification,misinterpretation, and hidden agendas as all the other supposedly “pure”sciences. As with the ‘social sciences’ then, there a limits to the degree we can employ quantitative yardsticks to a situation fraught with subjective red herrings – like our previously mentioned‘stolen histories!’
    We’ll explore several of the means of imputing “Turkishness” to a population group, as we go along, in probing the question of who has done such thievery – but all of that must remain secondary to the more important task here – of rehabilitating the reputation of that ethnic description - via peeling away the layers of lies and looking at what gets revealed. This is important for two reasons – the first of which I’ll call geopolitical – to bring an end to the use & manipulation of“Turks” in the sionist great game of TERROR .... and instead bring them into alliance with the rest of us against our common enemy.
    The second of which is more personal, insofar as, having discovered quite “by chance” that roots of my own lay within this group of people – a people and culture of which I hadn’t the foggiest notion before falling into their midst! Like a arrow sent with unerring accuracy by means of genes – I was mysteriously guided to choose a as refuge from talmudist terror a destination about which I knew absolutely nothing.
    While I’ve learned of course, along the way since, that no such refuge exists here, or anywhere else on this benighted planet, on the brighter side, I also learned that there was a hidden, dying culture which accorded in every way with my own instincts and longstanding interests. As hidden to the modern “Turks” as it is to the rest of the world, my chance intersection with the world of the Yoruk proved to be the missing link in a life spent searching for a world meaningful to my own way of being. In the story below, which appeared on the website I was using before coming to storify here,
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    Studies in Neo-nomadics
    Studies in Neo-nomadics Last of the warrior tribes #neo-nomadics, #horse-culture, #mobility, #stock-breeding, #central-asia, post-western This brilliant article from the pen of James C Allen lays out the groundwork for an ongoing study of the nomadic lifestyle. In the future to come….
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    I made my first public foray into the world of the Turkmen - and that description of that world which I would enter as a modern day initiate. What I termed, at the time... the world of "neo-nomadics." In the wonderful essay by James Allen which accompanied my manifesto, he wrote:
    "The simple reason that Turkmen weavings are so important today is that the Turkmen represented the last horse mounted horde of freely mobile nomadic warriors the world has seen or known." Amen to that!

    In one of the stories written last fall, I quoted from the wonderful essay Synchronicity and Acausal Connectedness by Jim Fournier. In it, he ties together some of the random, disconnected thoughts by which I had always imagined that the ‘inexplicable’ could be explained, in a way that didn’t sacrifice the very mysteriousness which made it so interesting. That Jungian term – acausal connectness – has a connotation of western psychology to it’s use and meaning, but just as Jung himself became a great investigator of eastern ‘non-rational’ forms of knowing, so the term has an application presently in our sojourn towards the East in this series. Stripped of occidental pyschologizing of interpersonal experience, it leads us directly into the pre-modern and post-modern worlds where the boundaries between psyche and matter are no longer set by “rules,”“laws” and “dictums” which reflect the peculiar limitations of minds restricted to quantitative forms of reasoning.
    How, you might ask, can that have anything to do with the question of ethnicity and the Turkic world?
    And with that question posed - we enter the astonishing world of Murad Adji –whose volumes on the History of the Turkic Peoples will be a lodestone of sorts in this next part of our progression! An author who writes in Russian, about a culture which he claims was buried by order of the Catholic Church, and which superseded almost the entirety of what we think of as “European” culture, bothin time and achievement. If the documentation about the antecedence of the man they called Khomeini was like a explosion in a nuclear reactor to my historical consciousness, this dude represents a Fukushima-level event! Once again...everything I was trained to think I knew – flies out the window in the face ofan intelligently presented premise which has remained ‘hidden in plain sight’ to the occidental world.
    Not only do the beginnings of what we think of as ‘civilization’ shift dramatically in direction, but the component parts of what we think of as the “major religions” of mankind also get a radical makeover in their genesis.In this segment it’s only possible to introduce the work of Adji as a prologue to where we are going[think “east- way east!”], but the critical takeaway from what we are discussing here is this: while my interest in the true course of Turkic culture may initially strike the reader as “folkloric” or even ‘new-agey’ in intent, thatis far from what is going on here.
    The search for a real antidote to millennia of oppression of the human consciousness and spirit by a caste of men who prey upon us all will drive us in whatever direction need be - no matter how edgy or mysterious that direction may seem at first. And where we need to get to – that place hinted at here long before, in our study of Anaximander and the “pre-Socratics,” is where matter and psyche meet – in harmony at last! The false dichotomies between spiritual and material, psyche and soma,earth and sky, male and female, which have beleaguered us since the rise of westernphilosophy and the dualistic perspectives it engendered, are in need of resolution. The companion piece to this one - Physis and Techne - will bring into being some of the long delayed followed up to the premise of ANATOLIAN BEGINNINGS stolen by Greeks bearing gifts... while our new search after Tengri will bring about a resolution of those false trails of blood and DNA which have been used concurrently to separate humans from each other. Andwe will most certainly need to return to Jim Fournier’s essay, in search offresh impetus for our bringing together the ‘scientific,’ and the sacred... forthat is exactly where Murad Adji’s work leads us next!
    This then, like almost all of my work here, is a political tract, in the spirit of a Proudhon or Kropotkin... men who refused to settle for the dregs of what life was supposed to offer us, and instead insisted upon the ‘reality’ of a world akin to heaven – on this earth. Dreamers we may be - but as it turns out, it was dreamers who ‘forged’ the iron age, and gave humankind the tools of advancement in the material as well as spiritual dimension! To sum up where we arrived to;the steady pace since earliest days, by which we’ve traced our collective troubles to
    "a cabal of men[who] have, since long time past, taken itupon themselves to purposely distort our history, stunt or eliminate ourpotential for development, divide natural allies into implacable enemies, andruin any and all chances of the peaceful coexistence of the diverse culturaloffshoots which make up the human experience."

    has led us along a trail which showed us that showed us
    "the identity of these conspirators against the real must besought from the inner workings of that stream of occultic necromancy we thinkof as "kabbalah" - in it's specifically "talmudic" form.All of which has arrived neatly bundled into our present times in the form ofthat continuum of radical millenarianist cultism known as"sabbateanism." Behind all the smokescreens ofJudaist/Zionist/Israeli posturing, the essence of what confronts us now asdeadly peril to our continuance is just this strange outgrowth ofKhazarian/Russo-Turkic/Eastern European/Ashkenazi racial mysticism. It'sinfluence has brought about world wars, the downfall of Kings and Empires, andchanged the social dimension of our existence to such an extent as to be thesingle most powerful force in our world of today”
    to the point where we were able to pinpoint a commonality of interest between supposed enemies
    "Because what "the neo-Ottoman regards as a unique and 'god-given' expression of a particular tribal grouping" brings to mind another ethnic persuasion with a peculiar and insular understanding of their place in the world! In fact, these two racial-hegemonists programs bear a similarity in construct that - upon closer inspection - reveals IDENTICAL goals and intent. The 'pan-Turkic' vision of a group destined "by God" togreatness - and the sionist/talmudist conceit of a "chosen people" -mandated -again - "by God" to achieve ascendance over all other nations and religions... these two forms of ethno-religious extremism cannot have evolved in isolation to each other! Their hatred and bigotry towards"the other" in all forms - gender, race, or form of worship -bespeaks a unity of more than just style." –Two states One Agenda

    which in turn led us to the discovery of the “Terror State” as the present day incarnation of the evil which (some)men do!
    In the next segment, I'll write a little more about the strange and "synchronous" manner in which I was drawn into this story... as both a witness and an actor... in the great play of Tengri, the everlasting Great Blue Sky!
    Published contiguously with the story:
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    Physis and Techne - Resolution of False Dichotomies
    An old draft - a new direction
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    First steps to uncovering Semitic Fakelore... covering over ...our real history!
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