Return to Khan Tengri - Part Three - Light from the East?

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
The People Vs. the State: We enter a world forbidden to worshipers of statist ideology and the slaves of Semitic mythologies. Wherein - ethnic supremacists of all description get the axe!

    In Part Two of this series, we crossed over into a another world - eastbound to the origins of the Cross, Christianity, Europe's culture, and the roots of European ethnic identity - all buried for centuries under the dross of Fakelore and phony narratives.
    Now we're ready to make an actual excursion into the real - after revealing the false. It's entirely HERETICAL of course - like everything else that has been written on these pages. Sacred Cows of all varieties are headed to the boneyard of history.
    Once we've entered the world of Murad Adji, the shift in perspective is so great that nothing of the landscape - past or present - can ever look the same again. IF pretty much EVERYTHING we believed we KNEW, turned out to be a lie, where would that leave us? Perennially doomed to doubt and skepticism, or naifs all the more eager to embrace some form of even more inviting myth, in order to not be left naked in a world without a buffer between us and...reality?
    The iron sickles and axes, pig iron ploughs, warm log huts, graceful palaces and towers, carriages, cabriolets, coaches and many - many others the hardworking Türks presented to the mankind. Here they are, the actual achievements of the ancient Türkic culture! In front of us...
    In this world, where "Turkic Peoples" aren't "Turks" as we've been led to think of them, where fair skin and blue/green eyes are the mark of the "barbarians from the East" who conquered Rome, and most of "our" art and technological achievements prior to the modern era were the gifts of people living in the far eastern stretches of north and central Asia, everything will seem - at first - upside down. Did what we call "Christianity" come from that East, along with the plow, the iron sword and body armor - spiritual and material revolutions falsely attributed to other sources?
    No, not with empty hands the Turks began the Great Migration, the apex of which was a belief in Heavenly God. They called the Almighty Tengri, in their language that meant Eternal Blue Sky. �The good and evil, wellbeing and misery are given only by Tengri�, - the Altaians taught themselves .
    These are are questions which will, in sequence, outrage, puzzle, and then intrigue us. When we leave behind these phases of reaction, what will remain of the question posed? I hope there will be answers, instead of just more questions. But as investigators of the real... we cannot put forward our wishes at the expense of our reasoning and deduction. Just one final word about that - before we plunge ahead. "Reasoning" and "deduction" appear to have been two elements left almost entirely OUT of the manner in which occidental history has been assembled into an apparently coherent explanation of what has happened over time. And in their place, some pretty overtly irrational and mysterious substitutions have been made.
    We are, in fact, like cult members prior to a proper deprogramming; in this case, we can only deprogram ourselves... no one else can be relied upon to do it for us! But happily, there are those who have at least marked a trail which can be followed towards that goal. Let's see where it leads, shall we?
    The term "fakelore" which I've used a couple of times in the series so far, is one that points towards what it is needs be deprogrammed from our consciousness. Long before the current favorite meme of "fake news" had been picked up and employed by the ONEMEDIA, our series "Myths of Capital" had resusitated the term fakelore from the mid-CC20th era, to put to good use in analyzing the deliberate distortions of history conducted by modern exponents of dissimulation.

    Moral Sentiments - part one - The Myth of Capital (with image) • SuaveBel
  "Dawson was an American scholar of the mid C20th, whose work centered upon the study of how cultural tradition became transcribed into what we call ‘folklore,’ often in the process becoming almost completely altered from its original context and meaning. It was he who invented the term fakelore, in an article written in 1949. He much later defined that term as ‘the misapplication of sentimentalized and prettified tales and songs for commercial advantage.’ It was in such spirit of inquiry that he looked into the myth of Paul Bunyan, a storied American icon, writing “Paul Bunyan in the News” for the magazine WESTERN FOLKLORE in 1956.
    In the hands of much earlier serial distorters, other popular figures, from.... to.... would become equally mythologized, for the purpose of pushing an ethnic agenda or a political cause. Sometimes invoked in the name of 'science,' other times in that of 'religious faith,' all of these transformations bear witness to the effort to cover up real history - and replace it with fake.
    "What Smith and other conscious inventors of the Myth of Capital were up to then bears a remarkable resemblance to how Hoffman would come to define the term fakelore - “The manipulation of the mind through the use of traditional symbols.” There is indeed no better term than fakelore to succinctly describe the manner in which ‘capitalists’ have hired writers and thinkers to advance their project of ‘capitalism’ by creating phony science out of human tradition. History, economics, sociology, and the rest of the social sciences are all the fields of endeavor for this work of counterfeiting, and the academics who labor in each of them are the witting or unwitting accomplices of those who would hide our own culture from us in order to effectively achieve what Marx would describe as his real goal - "If you can cut people off from their history, they can be easily persuaded.""
    All of which might seem fairly plausible – or at least ‘allowable,’ to the reader open to a critique of western historiography. But where we go with that line of thinking, in the hands of our trail guide Murad Adji, takes us way behind where most will be willing or able to follow. In fact, I think that as little as a year ago, before I worked on the stories here which showed the factual evidence of how the myth of Europe was created out of the collective duplicity of generations of scribes – some quite modern – I would have been among them.
    Only in writing about the creation of "Knossos as Europes’ beginning" mythology, a hoax performed by supposedly the most advanced of the occident’s social scientists, only a century before the present, could I begin to grasp the extent of the distortions threaded through every time line of every culture ever studied by that group of fakelore generators disguised as archaeologists and the like! When that astonishing evidence was placed in conjunction with the new findings proving that another, older hoax had been played – by which Anatolia had been made over into a Hellenic creation, and the scientific/philosophical achievements of indigenous Anatolians turned into “Greek Greatness,” the timebomb in my brain was fully lit.
    After a tour of the Aegean islands, where so much of the mythologies standing behind the orthodox vision of our past were "crafted", I was ready to report back on some of the more bizarre elements of fictionalising that past - as performed by actors old and new! As I wrote in the first story which developed from that interlude:
    Monuments of Duplicity: Exploring the Ruins of Modernity
    Palaces, Potentates, and Sand Castles of the Really Real
    Bel Suave
    "Here, at the site of "Knossos," the palace "reconstructed" by Sir A Evans and crew, we are witness to the birth of "modernity" as filament of a European imagination in search of invented beginnings - for a legacy which could compete with those of the ancient Mesopotamian world. As Chester Starr put it: "Minoan civilization is the only great civilization created in the twentieth century." Archeological endeavors in employ to a European thirst for identity turned out to be not just capable of digging up the past, but of creating it too! The reinforced concrete structure Evans produced out of the ruins found at Knossos is a temple of "modernity," not antiquity."

    Who could have guessed - that underneath the world-conquering bravado and industrial might of a Europe firmly in the ascendance, there lurked a wretched insecurity about 'origins' & pedigree? One that could only be assuaged, so it seems, through the creation of fictional antecedents - even in the midst of the so-called Age of Science!
    "While Schliemann's work in exposing a Mycenaean culture on the far margins of a Europe still completing the job of expelling the Muslim Turk from it's shores was an important step in that same direction, only via creation of the "Minoan" civilization could the feelings of inferiority at the core of it's being be assuaged. Ironically, what stirred popular imagination the greatest among the artifacts "discovered" at Knossos are those objects(faience Snake Goddess statuettes, for example)that are most under suspicion now of being forgeries - faked by his own custodians. Art, artifacts, popular culture and "high" culture together, mixed into a potent brew by which the real - and real history - could be subsumed to the new project of taking Europe on a one way voyage to mythical lands of enchantment - where they all live today! And though I began the work of sketching out the background to this voyage of the damned almost a decade ago - in Musings - the sense of connection and continuity between it, and the central topic of this platform for the past year - Anatolia - has only now become crystal clear!"
    Was there lurking, in the collective unconscious of that society, already an underlying sense that their identity lay on shaky ground - sown by shady storytellers? The groundwork for answering that question had been laid here long before - in the Anaximander series - when the forgery of "Hellenism" had been exposed, as a heist of the indigenous culture of Anatolia and the pre-Socratics.
    Back to Beginnings- Anaximander and the roots of The Western Tradition (with image) • SuaveBel
  My mind was however, still not entirely free of the shackles of occidental historiography. That necessary liberation awaited the chance meeting with an eccentric Russian writer who's (re)discovery of the roots of Europe and Europeans was unknown to the West.
    Time to go in search of new ways of seeing the past.
    What if “Christianity” came out of the east, as a fully developed theology which looked nothing like what it would be turned into by Semitic refashioners and their philo-semitic enablers? If “the Bible” and associated commentaries were nothing more than latter day efforts to wipe out the true story of not just Israel, but of the peoples of most of Asia? If the Latins of southern Europe(before there was a ‘southern Europe’ were the real barbarians whom the “light from the East” brought out of ignorance and avarice, to begin the building of what we would come to call “European civilization?”

    Likewise Buddhism, long identified as indigenous to the Indian subcontinent – a gift from the Altai, delivered by Turkic peoples misidentified as “Aryans” by occidental orientalists unable to come to grips with the text sthey were learning to read? The sacred places of that “Indian” religion – Mt Meru, Kailas, Shambala, Agartha. all mis-located in Himalayan terrains, because the mis-locators never thought to look further north for their mysterious antecedents misnomed “the Aryans?” Buddhism as the worship of Tengri brought forth by the Sakyas – as in Sakyamuni!

    The many years I spent deep in the study of Buddhism had prepared me for a speedy acceptance of the plausibility of all those heretical thoughts. As to Christianity, I needed to cover some ground never properly studied in my past investigations, and then recover the ground I had gained and then lost memory of - of Nestorians, Manicheans, and other “churches” of the East.
    All that recollected, the raw logic of Adji’s presentation stood out in front of me. It’s incontrovertible, for instance, that the very first nation to embrace Christianity was Armenia. Armenia – aka eastern Anatolia - to the north and to the east of that religion’s supposed beginnings. Accident? Probably not. A fact overlooked by fakelore historiography? Absolutely.
    Once we begin putting historical details like that one in a proper context – of logic – the inconsistencies and illogic of the traditional “stories”we’ve accepted about our history become increasingly glaring.
    Leaving religion aside, for the moment, we can view the same kind of bizarre coverup ruse – a kind of ‘anti-scientific’ pursuit in fact – as applied to ethnology, and even to the supposedly ‘pure’ sciences of biology. The “Scythians” for instance – the riders who brought horse culture, and advanced methods of metal working to the western lands – were labelled in the fashion of the times as of “the white races,” such that there was a coloring book mentality applied to the study of racial origins. White, black, or in between, groups like the Scythians defied such facile descriptions of their ‘origins,’ because they rode out of the far reaches of Asia without any regards for what modern anthropology and historiography would require them to do! That’s how backward and disgracefully awkward our ‘modern social sciences’ remain. They defy history in order to maintain a convenient fiction. But convenient to whom, we need ask?

    Now, with yet another "Armenian Holocaust Day" behind us, it behooves us to be looking into how the ancient coalition of Turki and Armenians - on military, religious and cultural fronts - became a fratricidal struggle of noholdsbarred brinkmanship in the C20th. Another long-stalled draft here - "Acculturated Armenians" may yet been pulled into service, in order to explain the deep mystery surrounding the pogrom by FAKE TURKS currently in power against blood brothers of various description! Coming up next - more exposes of fake history/fakelore... along with glimpses into Europe's real roots.


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Re: Return to Khan Tengri - Part Three - Light from the East?

I love your writing, I do believe that Anatolia was considered part of the Aryan or white race, whatever you want to call us today. Our history has been heavily tampered with as you say. Apparently, the ones that call themselves Jews today that so many people call Khazars most definitely despise Turks or at least the real Turkish people as they have a saying about them that I've seen quite a few times across the internet over the years. It goes something like this, 'It is impossible not to be reminded of the classic Jewish joke about the Jewish mother in Russia taking leave of her son, who has been called up to serve the Czar in the war against Turkey. “Don’t overexert yourself’” she implores him, “Kill a Turk and rest. Kill another Turk and rest again…”

“But mother,” the son interrupts, “What if the Turk kills me?”

“You?” exclaims the mother, “But why? What have you done to him?'

Also, how do you explain the Talmud being formulated in 500 BC and this Jewish history of Subversion and destruction of all non-Jews and trade monopoly with the Phoenicians starting as early as 3,000-2,000 bc to identify these people as actually being Khazars? I really don't think they are Khazars, I think these people truly come from Phoenicia, I could be wrong though.
Yunus E Yunus E
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Re: Return to Khan Tengri - Part Three - Light from the East?

Yes, we have a glaring "hole"in our history books; the regions of "Near Eastern" Asia - Anatolia, the Levant, the Caucasus mountain belt ... too many questions, too few answers. But the people who began to call themselves "the jews" at some point, remain so elusive themselves because they have traveled so many places -even long before their history as traders- that traces of their activities remain, but only in disguised form.

When I started writing these posts on "tengri" and the "turki," I was delighted to be leaving all that fakelore behind, in order to start afresh with some different perspectives on the same geographical area. Some two years later, I'm still parsing the parts of Murad Adjis' work I can trust, and trying to jettison those which I do not. One thing's for sure: we need to throw out the 'INDO-EUROPEAN' MYTH and start over.

I'm looking forward to getting back into this topic in the fall, and using the great dna work of Anatoly Klysolov in conjunction with my other researches to shed some light on a really really hidden subject.

 I think these people truly come from Phoenicia, I could be wrong though

For all FUNCTIONAL purposes, Eric...the "jews" and the "phoenicians" are identical. Colonies which the "phoenicians" set up across the Med - like Carthage - spoke a dialectic of HEBREW! I hope to be able to show a (relatively)straight line between the "purple dye' sellers[that's where they got their name from]of the levant, BC... and the 'marrano'/crypto jews of ALL parts of Europe in the C19th and C20th centuries. And yes - a lot o 'Khazar' blood is in that same mix. Which DOES NOT mean that they are not 'phoenecian' as well!

It's truly incredible how the truth stays hidden right under our noses.

Eric Eric
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Re: Return to Khan Tengri - Part Three - Light from the East?

Thank you for your reply. What you wrote makes sense, they have basically been name changers all throughout history and revisionists of everyone else's history. I am eager to see your further installments on this. Do you know anything about the obsessive Saturn worship with these guys? I'm wondering if they were the ones responsible for putting the hexagram all over the place or if this was just a common worship for many different peoples.