Raab-its from Hats: THE FORESHADOWING - of the Main Event!

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
The man who only months ago... would still be described as "UK PM-hopeful" Boris Johnson...may be many things - including at this moment - either DEAD, ALIVE, OR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN... but a lasting legacy of the BORIS BEFORE US.... in his own words, remains this-

                                               As a passionate Zionist, I love Israel"

It would be a matter of no small interest to me if someone were so kind as to find a quoted passage from the same mans' mouth...  professing the same intensity of 'love' for the country of which he was subsequently place 'in command.'

Oh ye poor poor benighted wester world... which I loved with 'a passion' AS THE PLACE OF MY CULTURE AND BIRTH... and worked so hard yet futilely to save... how very low ye have fallen.

While 'masked' by the ONEMEDIAS' incessant monologues which leave aside these vital details of where the CORE of your leaders loyalties lie... the record which the dead or alive Boris leaves us is plain and simply: astonishing.

"Johnson also sought to clarify his previous comments about Israel’s 2014 assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, which he once described as “disproportionate”. Johnson yesterday claimed “it’s totally unacceptable that innocent Israeli civilians should face the threat of rocket fire and bombardment from Gaza,” adding: “I understand why Israel reacted in the way that it did and I understand the provocation and the outrageous behaviour that occasioned that response.”"

He continued: “Those of us who support Israel always want Israel to show the greatest possible restraint [but] Israel has a right to respond, Israel has a right to defend itself. Israel has a right to meet force with force.”

Yes, I see. Well - that explains a lot. As to WHY dear Boris is about to become very possibly the FIRST major profile victim of what I have often described as the 'UNDER THE BUS' SYNDROME!

To those foolish enough to have not paid any attention to anything I've written this past 10 years... that syndrome will remain a 'mystery'... gobsmacked by the 'counter-intuitive' nature of my claim - that TALMUDIC KABBALISM 'rewards' its little helpers with a "busmans holiday" of the one way ticket kind..
my precis as to the devilish delite the talmudic kabbalist takes in 'rewarding' their minions with DEATH is a 'bridge to far' for the westerlings'[now almost fully depleted]mind! But facts remain facts... and the truth... however well concealed shall remain itself as well... at least until the full scope of the talmudic kabbalist 'virus' is allowed to complete its' "cycle"  of virulent "progress."

"The politician also addressed the prospect of moving the British Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of US President Donald Trump’s December 2017 decision. Johnson said he could “see the logic” of the British government pursuing such a policy, but added that “the moment for us to play that card is when we make further progress”. Johnson did not specify what form this progress would take."

What is there left to say... about the man who would be King BIBIs little LORD CHAMBERLAIN .. in the final dismemberment of the west?

While this post would technically belong on the GBTM site - being as it is a more 'geopolitical-oriented' theme, deviating from our current 'medical' focus, I'm going to leave it here, as I don't need the distraction of having two sites to manage at the same time anymore.

"Johnson, on the other hand, not only has the virtue of being almost the polar opposite of Red Ken, but is also a trenchant supporter of Israel, an enemy of politically correct anti-Zionism and immensely proud of his own Jewish ancestry — the Henley MP’s great grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, being the Moscow-born son of a shmutter merchant. “I feel Jewish when I feel the Jewish people are threatened or under attack, that’s when it sort of comes out,” he declares. “When I suddenly get a whiff of antisemitism, it’s then that you feel angry and protective.”"

When asked to think of an example, he seizes upon last year’s Lebanon war. “I haven’t discussed this with my handlers at all,” he begins, gesturing towards a member of his media team sitting nearby, who appears to slide further and further down in his seat as the interview progresses. “I felt during that business that sometimes people were writing and discussing Israel without really recognising that Israel was coming under attack.”

Boris Johnson. The man sacked as a trainee reporter on The Times for falsifying a quote. Leader writer on The Daily Telegraph, editor of The Spectator 1999-2005....

“I have some Jewish ancestry, but I’m not sure how Jewish I am!… I’m proud of it, very proud”at least has SOMETHING to feel proud about!

Well... Boris, sometimes 'pride' cometh before 'a fall'... and if your time to leave this mortal coil as indeed arrived... I say that your fine example of the fallen western 'leader' needs serve as both your 'legacy'... and the sterling example of the road to ruin FOR ALL who might think of taking the PHARISEES ten shekels to become a betrayer of their own!

And with that... we must move on to the question of the moment - Domenic "Raab-it" ... the son of a Czech judaic refugee.... from the biggest[to date]most successful FRANKIST SABBATEAN psyop ever... so-called "Nazism"...
and poke around at what may lie in store for EVEN BIGGER WESTERN POLITIES UNDER THE SENTENCE OF TALMUDIC DOOM right as we speak!

Raab would become British PM under the sequence of events stirred by Johnsons' illness/incapacitation/death. And no.... I do not think that Raab is "judaic"... in any other than a dna sense! If you don't understand what I just said in that previous sentence -  you might do well to read through my NXiVM series[particularly  -NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers! on the GMTM platform to grasp what I DO think... in detail... from which I extract -

"Drumpfs pillaging gang of new, russo-talmudic Chabad gangsters, old Ladino mafiya figures like jaime dimon and the GOLDMANITES, is something I've hammered away about as the overt and obvious result of his being placed in power. However, to this point I've not clearly enunciated the exact 'mechanism' which underpins the successful imposition of that gang upon its victims.

Just as Obama was a product of the Chicago talmudic mafiya and New York/Hollowwood dollars, so Drumpf is an obvious scion of the old Lansky Mafiya. That's old news. But... butt...

the army of closet frankists who are embedded so deeply in western society now... the "Kerrys," "Coffeys" "Kavanaghs" joined by an equal measure of old Scottish family names starting with Sinclair and working right thru the list.... the Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, French, German and Italian names of like pedigree...
which has been assembled to complete the task of taking apart the west... is still unknown to its victims. What this present series needs to do is connect up the dots between the dysfunctional, serial drunken and asocial sexual peccadillos of an entitled frankist frat boy like Brett... and a thousand small handed(or other body parts)losers like him...

and the serial torture, blackmail, sex trafficking and abuse which the Bronfmans and their Keith Raniere cult set up in the open for all to.. not see. The former are clearly marked as men who are expected to work in the upper circles of government and judiciary to bring about the sectarian passions which will light the now inevitable civil strife by which the empire falls upon its' own sword. The later are the little maggots whose serial debaucheries of an already pornographized social fabric are designed to create the fatal divisions tween genders which will fester into a different front in the WAR PON YOU.  For more than 80 years, Frankists have been placed upon the bench of the American supreme court... Felix Frankfurter being merely one of the more obvious plants."

but failing ]that... you WOULD NEEDS read the REDEMPTION THROUGH SlN - Frankism| A Primer post there - which is even more of a slog!

When things got 'freaky'... over on the GBTM site, two years at this time... via the 'delivery' into our midst of our very own DYBBUK ... it was exactly at the point where I had decided to plunge ahead with shining the full spotlight pon 'frankist sabbateanism' .... at last! That was not appreciated... by those who are pulling the real strings behind this latest iteration of the frankist-chasidic psyop we are witness to!

Yes - "Domenic" will doubtless turn out to be ... one of the very many.... 'secret sabbatean' agents who have waged their 'culture war' against the west for a couple of hundred years now... through seeking the highest rungs of political power! And what creature sloucheth its way towards us ... now that the POWER HOUR of cov-19 intrigue has indeed arrived? Surely the Raab-it will not qualify for that 'anti-christ'-like moniker! We needs look... across a pond... so to speak.. in order to perceive the coming BEAST!

KING KUSHNER. He who will push the flailing 'reality TV Star' off his perch... and assume the role which 'rightfully' belongs to a CHABAD millenialist" ... according the this talmudic kabbalist plot line. How EXACTLY will it all go down? Hell... I don't know... I don't write the script... I just forward slivers of the action delivered me... via a 'remote viewing' faculty long lost to the rest of my dna affinity group it seems. But given that the Orange One is an EVEN BIGGER 'I LOVE ISRAEL' kind of guy... than the one with the mop of straw top his noggin...

and the strange affinity for 'lovers of israel' to go bye bye in bizarre and troubling fashion...

what I'm 'seeing'... via yesterdays new meme in NYC/Hymietown....

"temporary internment" in local public parks.

"Cemeteries are not able to handle the number of burial requests and are turning most down."

is boding something...wholly... unholy! Interment/internment now getting mixed up by a media conclusively DRIVING 'EVENTS' ... instead of just 'reporting' them... Bodies ditched outside the 'holy' ground of the churches... it's a zombie apocalypse B movie sprung to life without the slightest bit of irony. This is the remake of the part of HORROR ON THE SIBERIAN EXPRESS where instead of the dummie who thinks he's gonna score some kind of a treat by sticking his paw in the box which THE CREATURE has crawled out of...

Dopey Don and sidekick Jules Ghouliani think they're gonna 'score big' with some covert deals for anti-malarial drugs - which will go far to solving the 'liquidity issues' both gentleman seem to chronically have! Watch out... screams the musical score!

Having Drimpf 'drop the ball' in an epically inept handling of a 'crisis' being stage-managed from behind scenes by the ghouls who will 'profit' most from his fall...

is the way this is shaping up. As mass panic and fear build into hysteric blame and scape-goating of equally epic proportions... HOW COULD THE ONEMEDIA FAIL to guide it all to .... completion?
HUMPTY DRUMPTY.... will go SPLAT. And 'all the kings' men... will be happy with that!

No friend... or sympathizer... of the AGENT ORANGE entity entrusted with the role of CRISIS ACTOR IN CHIEF for the last chapter of the long TAKEDOWN OF Amerika... nonetheless, I can see that he has no access to certain key parts of 'this script' which King Jerry in waiting and the rest are reading from!

It's a wrap. A 'piece o cake'... make no mistake. This IS KABBALISM IN ACTION. Bye bye AGENT ORANGE... BORIS BADENOV... AND one by one... the rest of those of those who thought it best... to deliver their own people to the talmudic kabbalist chopping block! Under the bus.

"Bend a knee"...Donnie D!  this last rides for free! And 'free' ye too shall be.... of this mortal coil toil...sooner than your think!

Now ... should it turn out that.... Boris was simply giving in to his suppressed thespian instincts.... and turns up healthy as an ox.... (or healthy as a healthy 'body double')our ... to reap a major 'boost' in ratings/the granting of Rus/Hungarian type potentate powers etc., our little exercise above will hardly prove futile!

The main event this 'simulation' has 'foreshadowed' stands etched in the 'probability zone' even more... and D>D hasn't the wiggle room to play shadow games of shadow PMs that Boris did. J Kushner is closing in for the ..... foreclosure... and like all of these 'distressed company buyout guys... will not be dissuaded from his goal of taking over USSA LLC! On behalf of something too terrible to even outline here. Again.

Let's close this up with an interesting  quote from J S Mill:

"A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury. The latter case, it is true, requires a much more cautious exercise of compulsion than the former. To make anyone answerable for doing evil to others is the rule; to make him answerable for not preventing evil is, comparatively speaking, the exception. Yet there are many cases clear enough and grave enough to justify that exception."

And in this situation of GREAT EVIL ... done to

 the entire people of the west.... yet - by their complicity in the crimes of kabbalist talmudist... against

 the peoples here

... in the MUDDLED EAST, MAGHREB ... and other parts of this sorry ol world... under siege from a "merikan" war machine under command of millennialist maniacs of the kabbalist kind..


WHO ...will make them answerable for "doing evil to others"... in the name of talmudic hegemony? WHO but themselves/yourselves?

As I said at the outset... of this long bitter ride to rescue HELMS DEEP before the end would become... the  end it indeed now is...

 When all is said and done, it is perfectly clear that Amerika has indulged itself in an orgy of international gangsterism as it’s collective response to the event we call 9-11. It has also effectively bankrupted itself, economically and morally in so doing. Now, if 9-11 was a staged event,[it was] in which the media was complicit in simulating an attack on Amerika by outside forces[they were], are Amerikans as individuals free of blame for the subsequent bloodbath unleashed upon the world? I make no judgment here. I come only to observe and report: on the possibility that Amerikans have judged themselves.

Precession of simulacra – the new Tenochititlan
 Jan 11, 2010

It took almost EXACTLY 10 years for us... from that moment of strange prophetic foresight I was granted access to.....  to reach this point - of FINAL JUDGEMENT - by Merikans... against themselves. I was hopin - somehow - somebody - would 'pull a rabbit out of a hat' and spare y'all from what is coming next. I'm sorry that did not happen. But I did everything i was able to.


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Re: Raab-its from Hats: THE FORESHADOWING - of the Main Event!

Just a note of thanks( agin) for sharing the real foundation, ie the building blocks to explain how we have arrived at this juncture of human destiny- the predictable prediction of western demise. And as Strauss and Howe articulate, It is the ultimate passage for an entire people,
requiring a luminal state of sheer chaos and duration no one can predict in advance.

But as Dmitry O. states, There will be pockets of "like nothing has changed".
Short of beaming out, find the pocket, because Surviving the Econ Collapse will be entirely local. circa 2001 Argentina, (only worse). shittyier is better, meaning no plam trees...

Just look at the fuker! ref. BJ
and anyone else, they simply can not hide who they are...

humanity's come to full frontal lobotomized fruition.
Yunus E Yunus E
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Re: Raab-its from Hats: THE FORESHADOWING - of the Main Event!

Indeed, Mr Disco Duck, Squire,
I owe YOU a vote of thanks for keepin on keepin on reminding me...
its' the 'frank-sabs stoopid!'

As you read in this very post... buried in the rubble of the GBTM affair, I've been studying the clues which demonstrate what TRIGGERED our in house Dybbuk the most... and can confirm that his masters 'red line' was indeed that topic.... plus the inflaming mention of 'non-talmudic' judaics like the Karaites.

Of course, I'm overdue to explain the business of how the remainder F-Sabs merged with the chasidic kooks  to form the evilist conglomeration ever - CHABAD - but I've had my paws full and brain likewise, so we'll have to wait  for the right  prompting to tackle that forbidden zone agin!