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Legendary Horror Film producers Rank Studios did a number of films set either partly or fully in China. My personal favorite of that part of their oeuvre is The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires .. co-produced with Hong Kongs' SHAW BROTHERS. it involves the transplantation of a TRANSYLVANIAN VAMPIRE to a new address in CHINA ... in an all TOO APT presaging of this moment in time. Suffice to say... like many supposedly 'light' or 'tongue in cheek' productions of that eras' horror genre... it provided to those of childishly open imagination sufficient clues as to be now able to keep up to speed... with the pace of the hyper-reality which we have now been thrust into.

And how fast our world is changing. With the change... is coming the inevitable evidence confirming the precis which I started to build out last month... from the foundation of my own up front and personal experience of the evil which is modern service to satanic goals. There's no heavy 'theological' intent in using that word to describe our adversary... its really more of a convenient hook pon which to place the responsibility...while we are going about the business of hunting down the clues. And I quite purposely choose to introduce some 'light' humor into the posts I write about this affair - BECAUSE THE GRUESOME TRUTH of what we are witnessing is otherwise simply TOO STARK to write about!

 This story
 51 patients in South Korea are confirmed to be positive again for coronavirus  signals that inevitable confirmation....of the MORPHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE MANMADE DISEASE ... as it advances through its "stages" ... towards an end we cannot yet see - but can well enough guess to be mass death.

When the piece you will read below arrived back in February.... just as the WUHAN BLOWBACK series was reaching its stride, I was taken aback by both the clarity of the authors' presentation... and the enormity of the point he made in passing:

"As a corona virus, it is highly mutagenic which is why there is no 'vaccine' nor any hope of developing one. Those protein keys that sit on the outside are in an evolutionary dance with the body for the 'key' shape that is correct. One of the most telling things they said early on - and the reason why we know that this is a bioweapon - is because of a slip-up one of the researchers said while examining it.

He said, "It is a bioweapon because there is no change in the outer shell of the virus (SARS), while there is splicing happening on he interior---the HIV (retrovirus)/TB (fungal) additions)."

because... other than myself... NO ONE has[dared]mention the fungal element of this bioweapon. Yoichi Shimatsu had made a brief reference to the TB aspect, but I saw no follow up from him after that. Now knowing that someone else had seen the HUGE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM invisible to everyone else... I sighed in relief a little - no... you're not crazy after all! - and made a mental note to pursue that trail. Then... everything went quickly south on the space where I was presenting these unwelcome and heretical thoughts - my comments started getting expunged - and the momentum which had been built up, irretrievably lost. Or so I thought.

Today I found the piece again in my files... right a the perfect time. The author has not been back to reveal more, was only found the once... on and therefore I cannot credit him properly for the masterful work. But I can thank him... by following up on where that brief trail ended. I've edited out what are - for my purposes - extraneous parts.... and would ask the reader to carefully review what's left. In light of the heavily polemicized posturing being passed off currently as "science-based" commentary upon the WUFLU ....most particularly with regard to the new "wonder drug" the FLU BROS are embracing feverishly...

I cannot emphasize the importance of this piece enough! With it to hand... we will be able to advance another rung down this rabbit hole. Tis ominous... though totally unsurprising ...that the author has not resurfaced in the month and a half since. My experience leads me to believe he will be either 'gone to ground' - a smart move - ... or "neutralized."

Is This Where We Are Heading? Is This An ELE?
The Reality Is Beyond That Of A Hollywood Horror Film
By Todd

Exclusive to Rense


'The Wave' is my terminology for it. I call it that because there is no conferred immunity to corona virus which means that you can be re-infected at any time. Ordinarily, this is not a problem since we have had probably a couple million years to adapt our DNA to survival of the common cold but due to its synthetic nature this particular corona virus is moving too fast for us to ever construct a genetic resistance to it.

But reinfection alone is not the whole issue. The issue is that once you get the virus the first time you become what I call a 'shedder' need to break down the virus into its component parts and then look at them functioning together to understand the whole of it.

The first component part is the virus' packaging.

As a corona virus, it is highly mutagenic which is why there is no 'vaccine' nor any hope of developing one. Those protein keys that sit on the outside are in an evolutionary dance with the body for the 'key' shape that is correct. One of the most telling things they said early on - and the reason why we know that this is a bioweapon - is because of a slip-up one of the researchers said while examining it.

He said, "It is a bioweapon because there is no change in the outer shell of the virus (SARS), while there is splicing happening on he interior---the HIV (retrovirus)/TB (fungal) additions)."

So, it's totally impossible. Any naturally occurring alteration would have altered the SARS glycoprotein exterior as well. It is a bioweapon. Now, the keys (glycoproteins) that are part of the outer shell are actually bacteriophages which is why their is nothing that we can do to stop it. So, basically all of the bacteriophage diseases (coronavirus) are like a colony of bacteriohages that are a super-organism.

Bacteriophages were never meant to be wielded against a higher life form because we have no real defense against them reproductively. A bacteria, which may have 100+ generations in a day is moving at the proper reproductive rate to be in an evolutionary dance with a bacteriophage.

Bacteriophages are a group of viruses that used bacterial cells as host and reproduce by infecting bacterial cells. Like all other viruses bacteriophages are also consisting of a protein coat that provides protection to the genome. Most of the phages are DNA viruses that code for several genes responsible for virus replication. A major problem of using plasmids as a cloning vector is the size of the gene of interest is small. However, bacteriophages help to overcome this problem, as larger genes can be transferred by using bacteriophage as a cloning vector.

Bacteriophages always acted as a single entity and always had a specific target bacteria. They are the single largest killer of life on the planet every day. For example, each day all of the different bacteriophages kill 40% of all bacteria life in the ocean.
They have a target bacteria that they are 'in a dance with' and their evolutionary shifting function is something that may be altered daily or weekly so that the protein keys work...the bacteria, on the other hand is rapidly modifying its own 'key' receptors so that the bacteriophage will not have access to its cells.

So, these supra-organisms of bacteriophage colonies are all highly advanced billions of years old machines for controlling an overabundance of bacterial life. They are the antithesis to life. Literally.

This is how versatile they are...they started to blame the testing kits; saying 10% of the testing kits returned a false result...but that is wrong...the bacteriophages no longer had the protein keys they were looking for with the testing kits because they had mutated beyond them.

This is how fast this thing is advancing.

So they decided to start looking for the TB aspect in the lungs as well as using the testing kits to screen the [declining] number of people who will have the original glycoprotein signature. I guess they do not want to admit how totally outclassed they are by the virus that it is capable of out maneuvering their ability to even test for it consistently let alone DO ANYTHING about it.

Ok, so, this would be bad enough if this was the only issue (this is what SARS basically is). It is not the only issue though.

The HIV aspect:

The insertion from the HIV enables the supra organism of the SARS bacteriophage to rewrite the RNA of its target so that it produces or sheds billions of copies of itself (this is why these fit so nicely together because this (to a lesser extent) would have been something the bacteriophage would have done naturally anyway but they dovetailed the HIV in there to allow it to reproduce the supra organism COVID rather than just the smaller macrophage. The R0 factor on this is off the charts, and this is where the Wave comes in.

Patient 0 (they STILL will not divulge who it was) was actively shedding this by the billions for
two weeks when they first entered the Wuhan market. I need to digress for a moment to the bacteriophage:

The reason you can be an active and asymptomatic 'shedder' is because it takes a lot longer to kill an entire collective symbiotic system of cells than it takes a bacteriophage to kill one bacteria.

So...IF ONE of the COVID 'virus' enters your system and attaches to an ACE2 receptor it will commandeer that cell and begin manufacturing the COVID virus andfrom that point forwards you are the walking dead.

Essentially you are ASYMPTOMATIC while you are shedding virus because it is killing you as slowly as possible while you, as a Supra organism yourself, have no idea you are even ill because the body experiences many millions of cell deaths everyday and this is not an unusual state for the body.

This is why there is latency (slower death) when you have fewer ACE2 receptors. Because an abundance of ACE2 receptors means that more COVID catches hold and reproduces faster, NOT THAT is doesn't catch hold in someone with fewer receptors but rather it simply takes longer for it to overwhelm the host body.

This is not a 'positive' but rather a 'negative' since there will be no indication to either you or anyone else that you are shedding the virus for a month or more while your body is being gradually overthrown.

I am guesstimating - based on what I witnessed in Wuhan - that each person sheds BILLIONS and BILLIONS of COVID viruses into the environment as it is USING ALL THE RESOURCES of the human body in non-stop production of itself.

Bacteria have limited motility and they cannot 'move about' in the same way a Supra organism like a human being can; so to the COVID virus you are like an airplane that will takes its COVID 'passengers' to new and interesting places...i.e. spreading the infection).

When the body has COVID and 'dies' from it, that is when it is at PEAK production and replicating it inside the body...there is literally no more room or resources (hormones and proteins the functional chemistry of the human body and required for continuation of life) for anything other than COVID replication.

This is why they were trying to use SO2 to 'disinfect the air' in Wuhan. Sulfur is a killer of fungi. Mycobacteria (TB, leprosy etc) are all fungi of a special class (myco means fungi).

So, again the genetic breakdown that we know thus far is 88% SARS, 2% HIV and 10% TB that utilized synthetic biology to assemble.

The aspects of SARS that made it 'not very good at killing' were all modified to produce something with ENHANCED ability to kill. Where SARS was weak, HIV and TB were both strong. By splicing the HIV and TB into the SARS virus, they enhanced it to an ELE status.

When someone realized they were not having any effect killing the airborne COVID virus, they stopped with the mass poisoning of Wuhan using SO2.

There were a lot of rumors concerning the mass burning of bodies of the dead causing the spike in
SO2 but the human body doesn't have enough SO2 in it to account for the levels of SO2 that Wuhan was exhibiting.


These are only a matter of mathematical functions since the RNA of COVID is not 'alive' in any sense of the word what we are concerned about it reproduction success in distribution functions. Let's say that there are (or, were, last I checked which was 1 week ago - in 'viral time' an eternity) 24 mutations of the original bioweapon.

But let's say that Version 5 was the most successful...reproducing 80% of the time.
There is no conferred immunity because of the nature of the highly-mutagenic key nature of bacteriophages. So, if a particular key is successful in gaining entry for reproduction, then the next wave of infection would be the mutation that enjoyed the highest reproductive success.

Also, keep in mind that since every infected human now sheds the virus continuously until they die, they are living with a compromised immune system. Meaning that much of their DNA/RNA is not given over to their own needs but rather to the parasitic functions of reproducing the virus. So 'recovery' in the classic sense of conferred immunity is impossible.

The HIV insertions have allowed COVID to co-op the functions that it used to be responsible for.
Therefore, for the rest of your life, you will shed the virus that you were infected with.

However, with part of your body becoming non-functional in terms of hormones and proteins it will be lacking the materials and resources needed for its OWN reproduction and function since those have been co-opted for viral reproduction. Wicked stuff.

Note carefully - The 2nd WAVE is going to cause massive failure in whichever systems the nCov has targeted inside your body.

ACE2 receptors are found in the heart, lungs, mucous membranes, testes (and probably ovum; leading to infertility), kidneys and liver...etc etc etc. When the 2nd Wave mutation hits people there are no more proteins and hormones that will allow organs to function...and they simply cease working. Remember how people are simply dropping dead in their tracks. I know that the Doctor said that it 'was the medicine'...but it is not. It is a product of having your body turned over to a BioWeapon to manufacture ITSELF. You become a walking bioweapon factory for the COVID virus

We have absolutely no idea what the long term ramification are for 'survivors' of the virus since we know nothing about what having RNA co-opted over months and years (lifetime) will lead to...for example a goiter is a lack of iodine in the human body...but what if iodine was an integral component of viral production? It would take all the resources for itself and leave the body bereft of iodine (and I am just using this as an off the cuff example).

Your thyroid gland produces two main hormones — thyroxine (T-4) and triiodothyronine (T-3). These hormones circulate in your bloodstream and help regulate your metabolism. They maintain the rate at which your body uses fats and carbohydrates, help control your body temperature, influence your heart rate, and help regulate the production of proteins.

Your thyroid gland also produces calcitonin — a hormone that helps regulate the amount of calcium in your blood.

Your pituitary gland and hypothalamus control the rate at which T-4 and T-3 are produced and released.

The hypothalamus — an area at the base of your brain that acts as a thermostat for your whole system — signals your pituitary gland to make a hormone known as thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Your pituitary gland — also located at the base of your brain — releases a certain amount of TSH , depending on how much thyroxine and T-3 are in your blood. Your thyroid gland, in turn, regulates its production of hormones based on the amount of TSH it receives from the pituitary gland.

Having a goiter doesn't necessarily mean that your thyroid gland isn't working normally. Even when it's enlarged, your thyroid may produce normal amounts of hormones. It might also, however, produce too much or too little thyroxine and T-3.

See how one small thing can destabilize a symbiotic organization as in the goiter example? All of those hormones and proteins keep things functional.
This is what I 'know' thus far. As new information is presented to me I can get a better idea of what is happening and so far I have the 'overview' since I didn't get that far in school to get into the minutiae. This is a good thing in some ways. Since I have a conceptual rather than detailed understanding, I can assess the entire situation without getting bogged down in the little stuff.

I guess what shocked and disappointed me was the thought of how quickly the virus would finish Asia (and then Europeans)...I sort of freak out when I am confronted with exactly how little time is really left.

I probably forgot to explain many things or didn't include the research since it is weeks' worth and I tend to absorb things conceptually and then move onto the next understanding.

I am not 100% sure why this info is being targeted and censored so widely by the big corporations. Google, Yahoo, Reddit, VOAT, the Chans and all their AIs are

all targeting anyone who even mentions the TB (Mycobacteria) in connection with COVID..

.don't 'test that out' with any account you care about because you will get hammered or thrown out of any forums and your account will most likely be deleted. I don't know why but that is SERIOUSLY UPSETTING for the parasitic class. It is like an instant trigger for deletion.

I have never seen this type of resistance to information before.

Here is a video on synthetic biology just so that you can understand how easy this is to really splice anything you desired together at this point. For someone to have a meltdown, censor and delete accounts etc, just because you mention that it has other splices in the RNA of the virus is pretty crazy.

My theory on that is that they only care about controlling the information until you are dead or too sick to do anything about it. This is also why it seems to me that they are deliberately (through inaction) not controlling the borders. Or, if you are feeling diabolical, they are actually encouraging the spread of the virus.

There you have it. Like the man says - right out of a horror movie. And... it's worth emphasizing - his words = "I have never seen this type of resistance to information before" parallel my own experience of the blowback which came from starting this investigation. Once I had recovered enough from that blowback to re enter the game ... on GBTM, I did manage to give fair warning of what was to follow -

"The arrival of that moment when I am at last allowed to serve in function of chronicler... freed from previous assigned role of PSYCHOPOMP to a dying people...who still had the chance to at least cross over  from life to a wholesome death... with souls intact for another kick at the karmic can... somewheres down the road! To arrive... in other words... if not 'alive,' at least 'intact' psychically-speaking, to that point on the 'other side' where... "at the rivers end... we begin again."

Alas, such is not the fate of those with whom I pleaded, all those years, for as to listen. For all those who presumed the 'zombie' state of neither living nor dead to be but a trope beloved of writers of fiction! A deadly - quite 'man made' disease now stalks them... careless of all their protests as to their status as 'masters of the universe'...

 allowing me to at last segue seamlessly into assumption of my longstanding alter-ego identity, Augustin Dupin... wherein, as "fictional" creation of EDGAR ALLAN POES' impossible imagination, I conduct a forensic accounting of the MOTHER OF ALL CRIME SCENES... NO LONGER as reporter... but instead, as the writer of a GHOST STORY... of the hyperreal kind.

And now ... some 6 weeks later ...when they HAVE INDEED CLOSED ALL THOSE BORDERS...
the script is in some ways even scarier than I had imagined! Imagine that.
When we come back - for PART TWO - LIFE ON EARTH - A B MOVIE GONE BAD.

Bats; Blood; Evildoers. China. The 'tags' for our 'live stream' and Ranks "Vamp Dream" are eerily identical. We can only hope for a similarity in 'happy endings' as well. But at this moment... life seems much more reflective of

"EDGAR ALLAN POES' impossib[ly morbid]imagination indeed." The walls are closing in silently pon ALL of us.


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may i offer this. a donation as a survival tool of knowledge.
'because our own mind is the only tool to shape a proper perspective, to shape a reality, very personnel,
that seeks the truth and finds individual sovereign freedoms by free choice.'
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