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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
Hello, and welcome.
Updated: April 2020

This space - conceived as a companion platform to the current-events oriented Geopolitics Behind the Mask, is designed to bring previously hidden elements of the western historical record back into view, as well as identify by whom and for what motives those elements have been removed, distorted, and/or revised.

To this end, it replaces the previous repository of my musings upon the fate of the west, and the roots of both its cultural malaise and it's authentic traditions - - a platform which[CONTAINED OVER ONE HUNDRED OF MY DISPATCHES IN ORIGINAL GRAPHIC ENHANCED FORMAT - NOW EXCISED FROM THE INTERNET ARCHIVE... SUCH THAT MANY OF THOSE CLASSICS ARE IRRETRIEVABLY LOST!update April 2020]Some of the old work got transferred over to the GBTM site, where it is found in the sequence originally published by date. All of that lacks the original graphical layout however.

That previous body of work exposed the systematic efforts of a multi-generational cabal of what I term "millennialists" to cut off the people of the western world from those traditions, as well as to make it impossible to understand who the western peoples are, and where they came from. Only from the recovery of such information can any hope of survival for the western peoples come. [update: the question of such survival is no longer in play - in the two year interval since I began this site, the situation has irrevocably worsened ... such that the current articles on this recently revived board now detail the final stages.. of the demise of the west!]

The majority of the themes which I cover are based "the "middle east," which is where I live. It can come as no surprise to the reader that my focus on finding answers to the questions posed above involves the study of religious and economic currents in that part of the world - the so called 'crucible of civilization' from the times of Sumer if not before. Nevertheless, from that starting point, the pursuit of the truth must take us far farther - both in time and space - from a simple focus upon the Mesopotamian heartlands, into the wide open ranges of Asia and its steppelands.

 Paradoxically, in order to find the roots of "European" culture, we must leave "Europe" behind. In order to understand the distant world of our ancestors, we must inevitably study the present, so as to see what recurrent themes are to be looked for in times past. That is a model of investigation which clearly stands the orthodox pursuit of 'knowledge' upon its head. It is one which I've chosen consciously, as a result of learning just how badly orthodox scholarship has done in setting out a clear record of our past. With all of the huge resources at it's disposal, this almost total failure of orthodox 'social science' to reveal the roots of our culture cannot be totally 'accidental.'

 If that sounds somewhat 'conspiratorial' an attitude, I'm prepared to live with the charge. Having long ago cast myself off from the moorings of occidental historiography, I am not bound by either its prejudices nor dictates, and seek no quarter nor favor from within its castles. Those who I have found to be the most credible and honest investigators of the past were more often either renegades or outcasts from academia - some of whose unknown stories I propose to tell along the way. Taking my cue from these distinguished forbears, I have made it a habit to apply a skeptical eye to the renditions of history which commonly find favor. As a result, I've  researched my 'stories' with a critical cast of mind to the normal narrative. When the available records are examined in such a light, the story they reveal is quite often opposed to the ones we have been taught to believe! The work I will be bringing over here from the previous platform holds the evidence of that... and the seeds of even more decisive break with imposed academic orthodoxy.

The results of such forays will be surprising to most - enlightening to some. I invite those of curious mind to join me in the expeditions which will be made here - in quest of beginnings, and in search of endings more pleasant than those which the implacable enemies of our peoples may have in mind for us!

Finally, excuse the mess. The rush and hustle of getting what amounts to a decades' worth of writings moved safely over to a new home has created no end of confusion and untidiness. This will gradually all get sorted through. [update: such 'housekeeping' really never transpired. Loss of my old work on separate platforms via organized web malfeasance has discouraged me from reo-organizing everything in the intended grand manner. The much truncated residue which still resides here and on GBTM serve as samples of what was to be.]

I hope that the lead off piece, just finished now - will be proof of that new level of progress. Please read - BARBAROUS RELIQUARY: A Preface = and the introduction' which it follows. [update: a newly created 'subcategory' now links to the old BARBAROUS RELIQUARY PROJECT  <


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Re: Introductory Message

Been following your musings a while now on other platforms  thus here I am. Keep it coming. Must say
you have presented some info that will shake
any I-gadget gazer out of his/her slumber.
Looking forward to the book. Bless
Yunus E Yunus E
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Re: Introductory Message

In reply to this post by Yunus E
Thanks for stopping by Tony. "The Book" is a work in progress... just finished up the first draft of Chapter One and have now posted it here, for comment and correction. It will be, you see, a collective effort - on the part of those whose concern to redeem their own history, as well as regain mastery over their own fates...

impels them to begin by contributing to the mounting of an effective defense at last, via the exchange of ideas which must lead in turn, to the execution of strategies of resistance.