Into the Maelstrom - A "Detective Story" with Climax in Sight!

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
With this piece - and its companion, published together, we close out a wonderful three year interval of steady progress on the old platform -

Swept Away - Convention Bows Out - As "Out of the Altaic" Arrives

 We're OFF! On the way to a new platform ... we take one last look at the landscape - and Orthodox academics go the way of their journalistic confreres - We sweep the decks, for the arrival of fresher thinking

So reads the subtitle of my last posting on the old storify platform -  and here begins that same story on the new platform... as a bridge and introduction to where we go from here!

In the fall of 2016, when what began as a single, one off foray back into the benighted world of "journalism" ... sprouted instead into the 13 sections of a saga in which we
Thumbnail for GOLD FOR OIL - OIL FOR BLOOD: Part One

ran the voodoo down, back to the very beginnings of our time here together -

Thumbnail for The Devious Dervishes of Banking: Part One
The Devious Dervishes of Banking: Part One

The Devious Dervishes of Turkish Banking: part two

I was under no illusion that the treatment it would receive from the complicit medias would be any different that that which my previous, uniquely accurate and first hand investigative work - about the phony "Coup" of earlier that year - had received. Knowledge of the complete embargo placed upon all this rouge writer's reports spared me from any sense of worry - or hurry - about the pace of work at which the pieces would all be slid, one by one, into place.

Some must have wondered, once that vaunted and long-delayed "trial of the century" in New York - which served as centerpiece of our series - finally began at the tail end of the year which followed... what had caused me to hold my guns, till now. The accrued patience and discipline of the skilled hunter was what kept me silent and alert knowing that my prey must at last expose itself to view. AND NOW ... we are there, at long last!

True to my word, as of our last intersection here, I've been making the preliminary preparations for the long put off book project, primarily by trying out various platforms - knowing that this STORIFY one will soon be ending - on which to place the old material, and to proceed with the new. To which end, I cannot say there's been any great measure of success achieved yet! No totally suitable internet vehicle for what I have in mind appear to yet exist - none may ever exist! However, I not only remain confident a solution will appear, I am amazed at the manner in which the concordance of current events with the themes central to my previous examinations will allow for a seamless integration of old and new!

Which is to say - the strange sequence of seemingly 'random' life experiences which left me positioned by fate to both witness the unfolding of the grand psyop which is prelude to the talmudist takedown of the west, and to be both able and willing to trace the roots of that grand design of deceit back into the shadows of time, has 'up the ante' by leaving this anonymous writer possessed of the very details of the script by which all this plays out! Details which I believe the time has now come to enunciate in full. As I have gotten more and more comfortable in searching out - and using - my own 'style,' and less and less concerned with 'popular acceptance' of the results, the need to stay within the strictures of 'orthodox' journalism has been of lessening concern to me.

 It may, however, be of value in the introduction of the book project to the world at large, to make one last return to the traditional form as a bridge between the two. With that in mind, I now begin work on the followup to "GOLD FOR OIL - OIL FOR BLOOD" as an interim project tying old and new together.
What remained hidden to my eyes at the time of the DEVIOUS DERVISH series has now indeed been flushed into the open - what remains to be told will be the biggest story of our young millennium, so far. It's purely fate that this ink-stained wretch is destined to tell it! In the face of a remarkable and uniform resistance to that telling - on the part of ALL medias - tell it I intend to! It is time, at last. It will be just as integral to that story to detail the manner of that media deception as the story itself.
With the help of media dissimulators such as this one:

Turks Just Bought The Most Gold Ever As Lira Tumbles

we are well disposed to take care of that. To be sure, it will be my special pleasure to melt down the pyramids of lies upon which they, and other 'fake news' outlets have hung their shingles, in the acid bath of truth in media. I'm not even sure where and when it will be presented. That part can be trusted to take care of itself, in the mysterious & synchronous manner which has proven itself a reliable friend in the past!