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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
This time round I will be putting into practice things that I learned from the GBTM experience - so as to create a space "innoculated" from the usual tricks of the ghouls assigned to diminish... and then render futile all lil spotlights shined upon their masters dirty underworld of criminal intent.

Such filth who arrive here, hoping to 'muddy the waters' with aspersions directed at the site operator can expect to be shown the door post haste. On GBTM... I made the error of assuming that I would be among gentlemen, of a similar caste as my own, and therefore who would be capable of 'self-policing' when it came to defending the very place in which their musings could receive free reign and fair inspection.

Unfortunately, I was overly-generous in my assignations of dignity and decorum to that group. As with the sites I have visited as a commentator over these past years, there has been such a downward trajectory in merit mong westerling mensch, that every damn time I get gaslighted to near death... in great contrast to the 'way things worked' even a handful of years back - say 2012 at least - no one ever now dares stand up and protect the truth teller from abuse. So, I will protect myself... and my small hospice of palliative comfort ... from your bullshit.

Primary of which - if GBTM is a good indicator... will be the "jew" thing. Back in the middle section of the previous decade, I invested some time in tracking the phony oppositionalist network of 'turned' sites - wherein people pretending to be real resistors would blather on... about "it's the jews... is always - the jews - and nuthin but... the jews." As I once pointed out ... to the visceral astonishment of the gallery... on the phony oppositionalist site Sero-Cred...

the biggest "jew-baiter/hater" commentators spewing that party line ... are invariably found out to be "da talmudic kabbalist" agents of Urusalem, spreading their toxic message in quest of voiding any potential meet up of renegade "jews"... with renegade 'goys'... something which would have been required to pull off a repeal of this unfolding nightmare... but never happened. in a nutshell.... I began to see the inner workings of a scam...

 and nailed it... to its 'cross' of deceit. The comment where I achieved 'perfect zen bulls eye' on this matter... was made here:

it's worth extracting from which this passage =

"It is absolutely not whether you want to claim ‘it’s the jews’ – all of them or 96 % – I have been consistent in trying to point out the very real need to incorporate a wider angled lens to work that fact into a bigger picture – where it can be of value.

Just to leave alone this sideshow issue of whether all jews are evil or not – if we can for the moment –

here it is in a nutshell; not all talmudist/kabbalists are jews! I would not even bother to try and explain this to the airhead who continues to try and misrepresent my pov here. Have non-jews ever been implicated in things that are reprehensible and/or very very negative for the Europoid peoples? I think we know that they have. Do we choose to factor that fact into our perspective – or just say “the jews made them do it?”

If we choose the former – and – as you have done with Loyala, recognize them as non-jews instead of just implying that they must be cryptos, then we have to be accountable for what has been done by those of ‘our’ kind. Changes the picture big time – imo. John Dee, Giordano Bruno, Newton, Bacon – kabbalists and fifth columnists all. As are many – too many – today. Giving them invisibility is a big error. In fact, I call it the talmudist/kabbalist game plan – just blame the jews, give everybody else a pass – and I am calling out all those who follow that game plan, either sincerely or with hidden motives. Because we have to play to win here – no ‘better luck next time!’'

so as to close off this futile and time wasting diversion/attack for good. i waited an entire decade... for the 'xhristian' cavalry to arrive... and join up with the Mahknovist resistance which I happen to represent... and that never happened. I quoted from Hoffman here, used Jones text with appreciation and respect  there, ... studied their erudite forms of showing the dark, festering nature of talmudic doctrine...

and found it all to be wanting... in power of application! That era is over. The xhristian 'resistance' had its chance to lead us all out of Aeygpt.... and instead led y'all right into the frying pan. And their sites were mere 'honeypots' used to collect potential 'sour survivors'... and turn them into golem goy toys ... such as those whom we saw trundle into GBTM.

Basta! No more. Get out now... if your intent is similar. Or... I will cast you out... demons of deceit! No tolerance. None.

And as Professor Gamer has been kindly reminding us - back on the old site - it's "the frankist sabbatean' connection  - my uncovering of which produced the shitstorm of attempted mayhem on that platform. That will not happen here. You've been warned ghouls. Don't even start.

It ain't 'da jews'... and never was. Heretical, gnostical judaist talmudo-kabbalism .... now irrupted in its C21st pleomorphic form... of Chabad millenarianist hegemonism... IS the main enemy. And the dark force behind the successful liquidation of USA LLC... now occurring front of your unbelieving eyes!

Now.. on with the show!