Chapter One: The Silent “Holy War”(first draft)

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Posted by Yunus E Yunus E
It is a curious legacy of our English language, the phrase we use commonly to describe the malfeasance of those who might 'doctor the evidence,' be caught out 'doctoring the books,' or likewise providing a 'doctored version of history.' If this parallel, folk meaning attached to the profession of 'medicine' has roots in some reality or other, then it stands to reason that we could benefit from exploring that etymology. We are, after all, in pursuit of an answer to the question of who has hidden the real story of Europes’ beginnings from us - and how. It's rather inevitable then, that we will have to think about who might have 'doctored' that story, and for what purpose.

Thus it seems particularly appropriate to have started out with a rendition of the legacy of a 'doctor' known to history by the name MAIMONIDES. As philosopher, one supposes he could lay claim to the honorific sense of the term; as physician to one of history’s most powerful and illustrious rulers, he most certainly was one. But if our intuition rings true here, there may be a third and synchronous sense in which we can view the influential exponent of talmudic doctrine and law, as one of that special guild.

Had our history, as well as the rest of our intellectual legacies, not fallen into the hands of parties whose express purpose was to 'doctor' the data in favor of a certain agenda or viewpoint, we might well have been able to recognize our medieval 'codifier' as a seminal figure in the reduction of orthodox historiography to a mere recounting of deeds of valor, competition between kings, or the sweeping conquest of empires by which men sought to advance the cause of a religion, and/or a particular national identity. Left out of all such colorful narratives of course are the key ‘movers and shakers’ by whose schemes and actions power and influence drained away from those whose fortunes were in the form of land and laborers – into the purses of those who made it their business to get and keep those ‘landed gentry’ in debt to themselves. “Power behind the throne” takes on a new shade of meaning when history is refurbished to reflect the realities hidden inside its chronicles.

Just as Maimonides the ‘physician’ takes his classic place ‘behind the throne’ of Saladin, so Maimonides the ‘pharisee’ takes his classic place in the stream of agents of that ‘revolutionary change’ by which social orders were gradually tumbled and replaced all throughout the western world. Indeed, due weight needs be given to the fact that even the legacy of the “doctor” Maimonides has been doctored to make it palatable to outsiders. The scholarly fellow who "spent twelve years extracting every decision and law from the Talmud, and arranging them all into 14 systematic volumes called Mishnah Torah,” has oft been portrayed as a kind of benevolent religious synthesizer, seeking common ground and harmony among religious faiths. Yet his own ‘faith’ was one which allowed for no such tolerance.

"Maimonides ruled that it is a Jewish court- or a court appointed by Jewish authority-that enforces obedience and passes judgment on Gentiles,as well as promulgating legislation by court order for that purpose. Maimonides further decreed that any non-Jewish nation 'not subject to our jurisdiction'(taha htyadeinu) will be the target of Jewish holy war." 1

While the reader can easily imagine that my precis in these pages will be that such a ‘holy war’ has indeed, both taken place and is proceeding apace, it will be necessary to wait for a long interval before we come back to that theme. It is only to introduce this secret, silent war that we begin with a sketch of one of its earliest ‘generals.’ The ground we must cover in the meanwhile will be better negotiated by keeping this subtext in mind!

But all of the facts needed to place the man precisely inside of his times and milieu – as key player in the progress of judaic expectations from survival to supremacy – have been kept from us. They remain buried under the dross of invented narratives which leave out all the needed clues by which we would be able to see the fateful consequences of the moment when it was decided that the “sparks” of sufficient special souls had been redeemed from darkness for the messianic passage back to ‘the Holy Land’ to begin.

 From Maimonides, to lurianic kabbalism, to Nathan of Gaza and the outright proclamation of a ‘messiah’ in the form of the sabbatei tsevi who captured the imaginations of jews everywhere... a straight line can be drawn. Those who left their Iberian Sephardic paradise for distant shores of the Americas or the middle east knew that their power was and would always be rooted in deception – deceptive allegiances to powers that be, deceptive adherence to religious competitors, deceptive outward forms of judaism even, designed to keep prying eyes from ever discovering the age-old necromantic magic which lay at the heart of their ‘faith.’

 Magic can be defined as the pursuit of power over aspects of the material world, via the employment of techniques from the supernatural world. “Jewish mysticism” has never been more than or less than this equation in action. History, as it has been retailed to us, has uniformly failed to reflect this critical fact.

The true genius of the talmudic spirit, however, has been not just to keep the flame of the most primitive flame of dark magic alive within its midst, but to combine it with the most contemporaneous developments in science and techne. When forged together, under the hammer of the judaic rhetorical device, they accomplish more than several armies in the field could for that cause. Under the banner of that supremely ‘dialectical’ fusion, the ‘holy war’ has gone from victory to victory, in almost all ways unnoticed – by the defeated that is!

Rigorous ‘logicism’ combined with the most maniacal panderings to mystical psychoses, in words, has been the key to successful culture war over centuries. A war which we could fairly claim to have become a ‘world-wide’ war as of the C17th, and the appearance of the long-awaited ‘messiah,’ in the form of a bipolar apostate, both confused as to gender and prone to fits of outright madness!

That stage is set for us by the writings of kabbalist scholar Gershom Scholem, who draws a picture for us of the Euro-Mediterranean world of diaspora jewry in convulsion as the tightly structured world of rabbical talmudic tradition became turned upside via the mystical messianism of the sabbatean cult.

“Here,then,were all the materials necessary to cause a true conflagration in the heart of Jewry. A new type of Jew had appeared for whom the world of exile and Diaspora Judaism was partly or wholly abolished and who uncompromisingly believed that a "restored world," whose laws and practices he was commanded to obey, was in the process of coming into being.”

The  pursuit of 'power' in our books of history is uniformly played back to us as the comings and goings of men whose ambition was to hold sway over vast territories or rule huge armies by means of whose might they could control commerce and claim the allegiance of lesser kings. These comic book stylings of pageantry and gallantry have substituted in our minds for an honest evaluation of what men really pursue - and for which power really is sought. It is the power of the 'purse' which has truly ruled the fortunes of empires, emperors, and the fates of people all throughout the time when humankind has wandered the vast continent of "Asia."

 If that truth makes for a duller rendition of history, it also makes for a truer one.
How different the world would look – had it not come about that things of all kinds – livestock, cereals, real estate, slaves – would be measured in units of metal. Shiny metallic substances which needed be dug out of the earth, and when ‘refined’ by means of fire, could melt the hardest of female hearts, or buy a phalanx of fierce warriors with which to plunder a neighbors territory, or bring a competitor to heel! At first a novelty, a mere plaything for kings and those at the very top of the power pyramid, in time these metals would cause all to kneel before their power.

When we begin to look for signs of that duller yet truer course of things, we need call upon the counsel of men who have studied the subject in some depth; with their help we can parse the record without delaying too long from our course.

In assembling the sources needed for an overview of history freed from distorting agendas, I’ve consulted authors whose authority rests in divergent fields. We have those, such as the estimable Alexander del Mar, whose expertise is in the field of mining, geology, and finance. Others, like the author of Babylonian Woe, have a considerable talent for delving into the seams between commerce, politics, and the religious. Douglas Reeds’ “Controversy of Zion” gives a sweeping view of the continuity over millennium, of the war which has been waged by talmudism for dominion over “gentile governments and the jewish masses alike” – and thusly – over humankind. Finally, McLuhans’ erudite investigations of the ‘medium’ by which cultures are molded – to each other, or to hidden interests, as the case may be, delivers a birds’ eye view from far above the level of ingots, shekels, and trade goods.

 An amalgam of all these studies – in the form of a précis which distils the common theme from all of them – is the task in front of this writer. If achieved, it may be the first time that a unified presentation of the talmudic ‘enterprise’ has been written. But that in itself would be but incidental to the aim of the present work. Uncovering our true histories – as well as identifying the falsifiers of same – is only prelude to becoming possessed of the tools necessary to control our own destinies, at last.

The very first barrier to such an achievement is in the nature of the subject – is it one about ‘religion,’ or finance, politics, or ethnology? Something in the nature of how we think of ‘religion’ makes it difficult to associate that term and another, like “finance,” or “politics” together. That primarily stems from having an ‘other-worldly’ slant to our picturing of the religious experience.

We cannot but think of a dimension beyond our immediate time and space when ‘worship’ of ‘creators’ is involved; ‘creators’ must be, in our imagination, beyond the limits of both those two ‘changeable’ qualities. “Changeless,” ‘pre-existent,’ ‘immutable’ or ‘unbounded’ are just some of the terms which we reserve for the powers suitable to be ‘worshipped’ in a religious manner. There is however, no such division of spheres in the talmudic enterprise – the material world is indeed the place where transcendent experience of the ‘godly’ occurs; the accumulation of material possessions, power, and that which the senses savour, are not temptations or illusions. The ‘religion’ of the talmudist – in the form which it is often known and masked as ‘judaism,’ is one of materialism writ large. That this ‘earthliness’ is central to the enterprise does not preclude a large element of ‘mysticism’ or metaphysical speculation from occupying its’ practitioners attention however.

Likewise, those who shelter under the banner of what is essentially a ‘legal code’ which has been written to place a tiny portion of the world’s people in a position of dominance over all of the rest, have artfully combined a talent for logic, and rationality, with the passion of a wizard or necromancer for knowledge of a dark, forbidden nature. Talmudic kabbalism has taken its secrets from the shadowy past when men were still worshipping fetishes, natural objects, and the forces of nature, seen and unseen. There are, of course, other systems of magic and the occult which have drawn from the cellars of human consciousness the leavenings of dark crimes of ages past; yet the uniqueness of our subjects’ persuasion is that the entire system is built upon the presumption of an ethno-religious groups’ claim to an all powerful deity committed to their exclusive advance!

In order to advance our study then, we need throw off the limitations of ‘fields,’ the boundaries between “disciplines,” the shackles of orthodox study which impute ‘science’ to their subjective musings, in favour of a broad-ranging and eclectic pursuit of data drawn from the widest possible scope of both time and space. A study such as David Graebers’ “5000 Years of Debt” can ground us in the basics of ‘ledger-entry’ accountancy as a creation of temples to the ‘gods.’ With such a  grounding we can advance to recognizing the presence of a ‘hidden hand’ behind seemingly random historical interludes of empire.

 Much confusion can be cleared away about the identities of players who have drifted through the annals of history with names which conceal as much as they reveal. “Philistines,” “Samaritans,” “Phoenicians,” or “Israelites” are terms which have been placed in question by the findings of archaeological and anthropological science; likewise, even our presumptions as to what terms such as “Greek,” “Iranian,” Caucasian, and most certainly “Indo-European” itself really mean have to be seriously questioned in the light of modern discoveries of genetics and dna. With the freedom of thought gained from this unshackling, we can hope to penetrate some of the mysteries mentioned in our Introduction.

No prejudice or favour can be given to ‘modern science’ over the renditions of history provided by ‘unorthodox’ but credible recountings. In the same spirit, a great wealth of knowledge revealed by the earlier investigators of the C19th  has been carelessly discarded by subsequent generations of poorly trained ‘scholars’ who consider all times but their own to be passé.

A tipping point, in fact, was reached in the course of that C19th – some of which gets recounted in the chapter Musings. A concerted effort to push both scholarship and ‘the arts’ into accord with bizarre and unsavoury agendas would result in the diminishment of cultural vitality and academic honesty in the western to frightening degree! On top of that, the imposition of a kind of clique of rich capitalists whose money would come to ‘fund’ schools, foundations, and even ‘the press,’ would make a mockery of ‘academic freedom,’ as well as change the core methods and goals of education to impede real creative thinking and open access to knowledge of our past. But the ambitions  of our shadowy cabal of ‘social engineers’ did not stop at tinkering with the visual culture or schooling of their prey!

 In the Chapter “Musings: Symbolism -Harbinger of Evil?” I recount the absurdly little known story of an earlier phase in the campaign to ‘de-gender’ the European culture, via a vanguard of artists whose initial fascination with thing occult and arcane turned even darker with a pull towards abandoning their sexual identity for the kind of kabbalist “Adam Kadmon” trans-sexual ideal which haunts our world now in full flower of evil.

In that project we can plainly see operating the talmudic agenda in its full duplicity. Attacking the roots of gender identity in order to make malleable the psyches of young adults, the clever culture warrior works to hack off the source of testosterone which has so often in previous battles proven the key to the western world’s self defense! What came into full public consciousness in the last half of the C20th, with the raging scatological pathology of the ‘queer’ poet Alan Ginsburg and his allies, had already been anticipated and set into motion by the antics of the ‘fin de siecle’ French Impressionist movement and those parts of the German intellectual circles where the ‘decadence’ which came into full blossom in the time of Weimar Germany was already being disseminated by a diaspora of East European Ashkenazi with secret roots in our already mentioned “sabbatean” cults.

 In the Americas, this seeding of society with elements of decadence and decay would happen slower and through somewhat different vectors; the raw vitality and residue testosterone of a ‘frontier’ society would still be strong enough to make full on cultural subversion a work of much time and stealthy patience, the fruits of which would only fully ripen in the last quarter of the C20th.

As a parallel track to the degradation of gender, sexuality, and art, another front of the war was opened via the cultivation of the intelligentsia’s fascination with the occult and supernatural. In slow progression, the private orgiastic and pornographic celebrations of thrill-seeking members of the nobility – such as the C18ths’ notorious “Hellfire Club” would encapsulate, became the mid-C19ths passion for ‘spiritualism,’ eastern mysticism, guides, gurus, and secret societies dedicated to conjuring up dark forces and magical devising.

 The full template of this particular part of the talmudic enterprise would be revealed via the severely disturbed(and disturbing)career of mischief led by a possessed soul who called himself “Aleister Crowley – the Beast 666,” in homage to his sabbatean controllers. The public presentation of the “Anglo-Saxon male” gone to full bore catamite bestiality, cannibalism, demon-worship and self-aggrandizement as a purported “philosophy” would do much to further wound an already hurting western unconscious burdened with the legacy of a colonial period of rape, pillage, and murder as the source of its unprecedented wealth and material abundance!

 It could be no accident then, that the ‘headquarters’ both the “European Union” and the international cabal of pedophiliac mafiyas and sex traffickers would be Belgium, the country with the darkest of all criminal records in performing deeds of empire building and resource ‘extraction’ in the depths of Africa! A record of serial depravity for which it can be no coincidence that the Flemish lands and “Nether” lands of the adjoining Dutch principalities became, in the era post expulsion, of the jews of Iberia, the new homelands of that caste of talmudic kabbalist who would soon infiltrate every nook and cranny of Europe, with a game plan to finance their expropriation of its culture through the financial sleights of hand now known as ‘central banking.’

All of these modern day references set the stage for our journey back into the mists of time, where we will find an astonishingly identical panoply of deviance, theft, and pretension to ethnic and religious ‘exceptionalism’ all waiting for our examination and connection of the dots by which to bring past and present into one seamless story - of a never-ending battle to bring humanity down to the lowest rungs of existence, and ever further away from our natural birthright as physical manifestations of a sublime and creative universe! The course set here is one which will encapsulate ALL parts of the equation – material and ethereal planes, financial and spiritual affairs, political and personal elements of lived experience. Only in such a way can the influence of talmudism over every aspect of our lives be ever understood!

1)Hoffman Judaisms Strange Gods – quoting 112Hilkhot Melakhim8:9-10; 10:11. Also cf.Gerald J. Blidstein, "Holy War in Maimonidean Law, "in Perspectives Maimonides[Oxford,England: OxfordUniv.Press,1991].


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Re: Chapter One: The Silent “Holy War”(first draft)

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Do you have any information to further this concept: "‘judaism,’ is one of materialism writ large", or will that be revealed as you progress?

Do you plan to cover any of the ground of which the National Socialists were trying to accomplish? It's nearly impossible to know who's history to believe without having been there.

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Re: Chapter One: The Silent “Holy War”(first draft)

Greetings J,

I had a short answer to your question assembled, got totally distracted by the need to put some attention on developing events, and then realized that - indeed - the forthcoming chapters WILL be revealing ...
an answer! Bear with me as I savor that one. It will be worth the wait!