CORONA-COP: the Future is Here - Show me your [digital chip]ID!

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Like Luther, Kant was forced into conflict with an institution steeped in tradition with which he would have been happier to conform; if only it were strong enough to keep the barbarians at bay. But whilst atheists (such as Hume) threatened to wash everything away, the pope spawned bastards and Christian Wolff pontificated absurdities. There was only one answer, revolt in the service of the establishment, and the revolt, once begun, was carried through with a steel dedication. What was also common to both of these reluctant rebels was the renewed vitality that they breathed into the antique institutions they engaged. Within a few years of Luther, the Jesuits, after Kant, Hegel. Catholicism and metaphysics both reborn. After all, fear is the passionate enthusiasm for the same. *Land – The Thirst for Annihilation

And so it begins:

as the policing of 'potential terrorists' who might break out of their imposed lockdown/shelter in place and cause 'chaos' of an unscripted kind... is turned over to the appropriate "AI" authorities -
"What are you doing? Show me your ID. You don't know there's a lockdown?" PGuard calls out to suspected violators of the lockdown"

Here comes, as well....
The "return" of something that never went away... is starting to reemerge in headlines which so lately lauded countries for their 'firm and decisive' actions to terminate the "COV19" threat. We already know how they will be instructed to 'handle' it -

as reports flood in about "second waves" ... and other formulations of a narrative which - as always now - is designed to LEAD AWAY FROM the truth... it will be up to he whom countless know it all 'masters of the universe' have hilariously drubbed...  to deliver the real story behind all the lies.

 "A special case of COVID-19 with long duration of viral shedding for 49 days"

Evolving danger? 40 mutations – 8 different strains of the coronavirus now racing around the world

"The COVID-19 virus does not mutate very fast. It does so eight to 10 times more slowly than the influenza virus, said Anderson, making its evolution rate similar to other coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). It’s also not expected to spontaneously evolve into a form more deadly than it already is to humans. The SARS-CoV-2 is so good at transmitting itself between human hosts, said Andersen, it is under no evolutionary pressure to evolve."  

"Scientists in Iceland found 40 mutations of the coronavirus among people with the deadly bug in the country — and that seven infections came from people who attended the same soccer match in the UK, according to a report. The researchers discovered the mutations — or small changes in the genome of the virus — by analyzing swabs of COVID-19 patients in the country, where nearly 648 cases had been reported as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the Iceland outlet Information."

What do all of these narratives have in common?

Why, a " passionate enthusiasm for the same"... sort of tired effort to explain away 'that which is... by replacing it with diversionary messages about "that which is not." In perfect keeping with what I have termed the INVERTED NATURE OF OUR POST-REALITY WORLD... our ONEMEDIA OVERLORDS have managed to invert C. Augustin Dupins' dictum -"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"
and thereby keep the world 'safe' - from the truth!

What is that 'truth' so devilishly lurking... somewhere out there - in the night? All the fancy talk about 'mutations' or 'small changes in the genome of the virus' is simply in order to cover up - the simple truth.
Which is, that this 'virus' thing is a [mad]man-made concoction of viruses 'brought in from the wild'... repackaged with some deadly past influenza strains dug up from 1917 times... patched into some HIV evil.. AND ... reformulated with FUNGAL toxins - to maximize the SPREAD - DURATION - AND ULTIMATE DEADLINESS OF the phony pandemic WUFU ticking time bomb. Time?

That's the part that hasn't really surfaced yet - for either the deaf dumb blind ONEMEDIA... or the complicit arrogant woefully ignorant medical profession! The fungal component of the nightmare is PLEOMORPHIC. And it's unbelievable that it has fallen upon my slender shoulders to announce and explain it all.

But, as usual.... it is ... what it is.

I set the stage for our next phase this past week - via a comment on the usual suspects usual disinformation tabloid sheet -
and shure nuff... got a nibble rights away - from a usual moron with a visceral FEAR of anything well - not the 'same' as everything else that has comforted their sheltered existence all their life. What can you do with a guy who thinks he needs to add a 'sarc' tag to a comment like that? Throw em back in?

So...  what is "pleomorphism?" Let's start with the 'vanilla' version of things... packed with enough of the usual subtle diversions and half truths to be a 'half way' useful tool!

and then, after digesting that....

what are "mycoplasmas?"
and this time - it ain't 'vanilla' we're chewin on.

But what we have to do next - in combining the pleomorphic properties of fungal life cycles - with the hidden horrors of mycoplasm manmade disease... is create a case for what ALL components of the modern medical mafiya and its corporate controllers FEAR the most. Disclosure of the real nature of this lab created beast. I'm still getting myself ready. Post by post, inching towards what I've not wanted to touch. But must.

Fungal pathogens change form.Dramatically. The fungal cycle takes them through stages where they can easily fool undereducated observers... by 'imitating' bacterial forms, viral forms, other fungi.... they are the real 'chameleons' of the microbiological world. Modern 'science' needs to pretend this is not so... due to 'modern scientists' financial dependency pon a system of corrupt corporate influence which has infiltrated every level of academia AND government.

The mis-identification of the disease is deliberate. It's even worse than the 'vaccine' angle. We need to leave all that till later - but for now.... we have identified 'the terrain.' Later - the enemy.

Not all... of the very few scientists who understand mycoplasm disease.... understand the natural of fungal pathogens... and particularly those pathogens when interacting with each other! To thread this needle requires time and much care. We will get there.

Don Scott was the 'real thing' = a man who worked tirelessly ... and in the midst of and in spite of ... his own health deterioration... on behalf on people all around North America who were living half lives in various states of incapacitation ... never knowing why .... while dealing with 'doctors' who told them 'it was all in their minds.'

Don proved it wasn't. And in my opinion - he also 'proved' that the real disease was 'all in the doctors minds.' But don't mind me. Main thing is... he succeeded in getting their story told... heard... and then finally... acknowledged... by governments and a medical profession which dread accountability ...and the price that goes with it! Don_Scott_(Ontario_author)_-_Wikipedia.pdf

I knew Don Scott. When I went to visit him, in the nursing home in Sudbury Ontario, where he and his wife were comfortably ensconced in a double suite with a walk out garden view... he was on the downslope towards the end, physically ... but bright and still sharp mentally. I'd gone to find some missing pieces to the puzzle - of how the person dearest to me in this world had died less than six months after being [mis]diagnosed by doctors with 'lung cancer' ... which was not lung cancer at all. And I wasn't really into 'conspiracies' at the time - I was only beginning to wake up about the 9-11 thing still... and hadn't the foggiest notion of what either 'kabbalism' nor 'talmudism' might be about. All I was sure of was that someone I loved had died before their time... and the reasons presented smelled worse than a dead rat in a fetid sewer pipe.

We discussed some of the 'experimental' activities of the  USA and Canadian militaries conducted from th 1950s on... the mass spraying of civilian communities with infected mosquitoes and/or fungal aerosols delivered via airplane. Lyme disease, Ft Dietrick, Plum Island, Dugway Proving Grounds. We also talked a little about the weird incidents and threatening phone calls that had started happening after he and his son had started their 'information project.' When some of that same weirdness started happening to me, immediately after that visit.... I knew it was time to start packing up for a one way ticket out of north Amerika... to somewhere out of the reach of .... what?

Don was a hero. Bigger than life. I can't believe I'm about to go down this rabbit hole. But who else is left to do it? One by one... the journalists, the microbiologists, the doctors who successfully treated the victims of mass bio-weapon government 'experiments' and the troops back from Iraq with disease imposed upon their body/minds by their own 'government...
they're all dead.

For Don. Royal Rife. Michael Collins Piper. And my own precious lady.
Let's do this thing. No matter what.

Why is the 'cov19' thing showing up -"AGAIN"- in places were it was supposed to be 'attenuated?'
That is not the proper diagnostic question.
What form - of virulence AND morphology - will the [improperly named]"cov19" accede to - in it's next STAGE?

Back at ya soon... or later!