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Flu Bros gather round! I got 'ghost stories' like you never seen before... stories what will have you ...
screamin in terror!

 By night they leave their graves, crawling, shambling, through empty streets, whimpering, pleading, begging for his blood!

Do you dare to imagine what it would be like to be... the last man on earth... or the last woman?

Alive among the lifeless... alone among the crawling creatures of evil that make the night hideous with their inhuman craving!

Vincent Price ... Dr. Robert Morgan
Franca Bettoia ... Ruth Collins
Emma Danieli ... Virginia Morgan
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart Ben Cortman
Umberto Raho ... Dr. Mercer (as Umberto Rau)
Christi Courtland Kathy Morgan
Antonio Corevi ... Governor (as Tony Corevi)
Ettore Ribotta ... TV Reporter (as Hector Ribotta)

but what's even better.... these stories... unlike their cheap imitators - are "really real"... in the 'metafictional' 'hyper-real' sense that I was always blatherin on about... but you'd didn't think were 'tru.'

Tru fiction. Art that 'imitated' 'real' life... decades before the really real evacuated 'life as we know it' the behest of 'special geniuses... who didn't know their asses from their pie holes!

I'd like to try my hand at playin "Ettore Ribotta"... as a "real life" reporter ... in a 'post-reality' remake of this classic 'precursor' of things to come... which for years I suggested that anyone serious about survival had to 'screen.' But I'm stuck with playing a fictional 'detective' named "Dupin" it would seem.

And now that we get to watch 'DR.' Ron Pauls' fave scion -Rand- turn into one of the above... Rand Paul has tested positive for the coronavirus

it's a good time to remember how the members of the 'phony right' back in Maggot-stan ... misled y'all into believing that the good times would roll n roll n roll ever on.

Lights - Action - Camera.... ROLL EM! Shit gets really real... as that 'CHINA VIRUS' thingy bites the fat backsides of an AZTEC/AMERITECH MERIKA.... quickly goin down... for the count!

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Today being the first day I broke out my P3 Half-face mask, so as to drive into town for supplies, after earlier in the morn having dug out those old comments from my ZH account so as to post here as promised...

I reflected on the state of world - or at least - of the EXCEPTIONALIST part of it ... where my honest & sincere efforts to inform, mitigate, and generally ASSIST in any way possible... my former kith n kin back in the fallen lands of the wester world...

would be met with the most VIRULENT SCORN, foaming malice, and general contempt. I refer of course, to the day back in February when... I made the effort to give everyone on that board a heads up about what would be coming down the pike at them... and how to mitigate the viral storm.. with the proper type of MASK protection. Not even an hour later, with not a minute wasted... TIMMY BACKSHAUL - partner and o/o of the widely read and wildly dissimulative media organ ZEROHEDGE... had assembled his army of sock puppet avatars, hired trolls, mind-controlled minions, and limp hangers on...

to gaslight my comment in a manner not seen since july of 2016... when I informed the world of what was really going down in my adopted land here in the muddled east... and was condemned out of hand for doing so.

No good turn can go unpunished ... it would seem... in the talmudically eroded gulags where I was born... but no longer can recognize. Having described the exact nature of the mask which I wear now when traveling in public places... as a combo GAS AND PARTICULATE FILTERING HALF FACE MASK infinitely more useful than the joke N95s being touted everywhere[yet  not even they are available in the quantities needed now!]

with a modest cost and much superior use life...

                             and at last THE MASK CAME OFF... OF THE ZEROCRED TIMELINE
                                                                   TO AMERIKAS FINAL DESCENT!

TO BE ROASTED SO DESPERATELY BY THE USUAL TALMUDO-TROLLS WAS NOT MUCH OF AN ORDEAL for someone as used to mission impossibles as I. What was excruciatingly painful for me to realize... was instead - that we'd reach the point where westerling worms DO NOT EVEN EVER DARE TO STAND UP TO obvious efforts to keep the facts out of their reach. DO NOT - IN POINT OF FACT - care enough about their own fates - let alone those of their own families - to dare resist their oppressive media overlords in ANY fashion.

I've already dropped a few clues here - as to how n why it might be that I know SO MUCH MORE about this 'infectious disease' thing than ALL the doctors and 'experts' the world over...

but mere Knowledge is ONLY HALF THE BATTLE HERE. There has to be a will TO SURVIVE.

YOU DON'T HAVE IT ANY MORE KIDDIES. ITS LOST/GONE/STOLEN. Bottom line... you lack the will to survive... fukme... you lack the will for your line = YOUR LINEAGE TO SURVIVE. YOU'VE ALLOWED FILTH
 like the redtalmudo scum who run... one of the most widely read internet media affairs world wide... to bedazzle you into compliance with your own death. These guys are MEGA-INFLUENCERS WITH 'REACH' which exceeds anything I could ever dream of having.

And they HATE you so much... they wish to reduce your chances of getting out of this thing alive....
to \zero/
                                              YOU HAVE LOST YOUR BALLS BOYZ



i JUST wish to track... and then record... the actual METHOD being employed in this snuff film.
Today provides another strong clue:

Pushing a "china did it" narrative is an old theme on ye olde 'hedge'.... in 2012 I got my ass banned from there... for challenging that obnoxious obsession of TIMMYS' ...headon. It's nuthin other words...

but in the present context... it becomes newly significant! We know these folks HATE THE WEST... and can't wait for their talmudic russo-ashkenazi controllers to succeed in their longstanding plans to bury it...

so what gives with them holding a storyboard up which paints the real suspects here ....USSA/CANUKISTAN/MERRYOLBLIGHTY....[FT DETRICH/WINNIPEG/PORTON DOWN respectively]as innocent lambs in this crime lineup?

I'm workin on it. I've a hunch that it involves geopolitical machinations - involving the two communist peasinapod - russ LLc... and china LLc...which go back to the 60s. And that - hind all the media smoke n mirrors... there is- as I've suggested many times in the past two years -

a vicious squabble over the spoils of 'victory' going on between factions of the talmudo-kabbalist kontinuum - URUSALEM BASED of course... which is causing the kind of turbulence which causes even the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD -

king Bibi

- to lose his balance now n agin.

Why is this of importance to our newish 'socio-medical' direction here? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FIGHT AN ENEMY YOU CANNOT SEE!


it's what I do.

\for kicks/

postscript: I'm extremely sorry that my efforts to provide as many as possible with the information which would have saved so many of you...

was aborted by the counter efforts of those whom I have identified above. This inexpensive, lightweight, but powerfully efficient P3 combo half mask in not produced in the western hemisphere... and most likely is not sold there either. If it probably is not any longer. That's how ridiculously obvious this whole snuff film production is. The doctors dropping... even tho 'equipped' with those 'approved' masks... do not - unlike myself - have access to the real information as to the genesis and morphology of this demonic 'man made designer' disease. What is opening up for them - and indeed for the whole medical system of the west right now, is a "horror story" beyond comprehension.

Have you read Poes' classic story story - THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH - by the way? Something to pass the time ... in your ... cough cough.... 'internment' perhaps? Until the mask comes fully off ... of this faux government run by talmudic reds....

and the wagons started trundling through the streets at night?

Well - you know who to blame now... in addition to your kabbalist kontrolled faux governments. Whatever good that does anyone.

I guess you would also know who to thank too... at this point, if you were really anything but hopeless zhombiefied shambles of the people who I once thought of as my own. But my task - I've long recognized - is a thank less one.

It is what it is. I do what I do.

Rest is all up to U.
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Now that I feel sufficiently warmed up and re-acclimatized to the precincts of this old "lab" of ideas, it's time to get down to the buziness to hand. Back in February... when this coronapocalypse thing was still viewed as an Asian sideshow which westerlngs would be safe in looking in on smugly from the comfort of their impenetrable-to-disaster consumer paradise...

I started out using the comments section of the leading RUSSO-TALMUDIC PSYOP ORGAN of our times, to collect my thoughts on this subject - and disperse them to whoever might be interested in 'minority opinions.' This went OK for a while, but as I built up steam, and it became clear that I was -once agin - leaving the fake newz medias in the dust while hardly even working up a beat reporters' sweat...

the knives started coming out in the classic ZH circle the wagons fashion. I put up with usual flack quite well... but then, when even an unequal playing was not enough to keep the talmudists from freaking out... the real bullshit started to happen. Chief among which incidents was - the rubbing out of my current comments, by which I was building my ongoing WUHAN BLOWBACK series without having to go to the trouble of storing them outside of the site!

COMMENT NOT FOUND could only mean one thing - when you had pasted in the same url which had worked days previously to bring up your archived text. The boyz had been at it again!

Indeed. I had noticed, in going over the old posts here yesterday, that when this site had gone officially 'inactive' at the end of 2018, I had at that time signaled my intention to return to that same stomping ground ... of internet mischief and disinfo... in order to 'complete a mission. That mission was more or less wrapped up... in the opening 8 weeks of this new year, as I proceeded to tear into tiny pieces each element of the zerohedge psyop in sequence - the Syrian Imbroglio - the MY PRECIOUS metal scam - and then - the 'MADE IN CHINA' WUHAN FLU disinfo campaign. BUT, little did I know that THIS - MEDICAL HORROR B MOVIE GONE LIVE would become the MOTHER OF ALL detective stories!

Slow to see it in its full dimension, and even slower to anticipate the BLOWBACK which my WUHAN BLOWBACK series would cast back onto me... I had to spend several precious weeks regrouping, recovering, then relearning... all of my lost knowledge from years back - when this very infectious man made disease nightmare had barged into my life... and destroyed that of the person dearest to me in this world. As a result of all which, I bring several unique "talents" to this new mission. A mission which 'fate' has once agin ... singled me out for, exactly as that previous mission of 10 years duration has now come to its appointed END. Neither "doctor," nor trained "biologist," nor even in the remotest other way CREDENTIALED to be able to claim standing in analyzing the current medical disaster flik, nevertheless, I can stand pon my record - of accurate prognostication AND precise forensic analysis which those mentioned 10 years granted me....

in order to quite simply, barge into the midst of duplicitous media narratives - and - as usual, become the SOLE source of really real reportage... pon our post-reality world.

I believe I've got it all sufficiently settled and organized now... to pick up the trail...

and let Augustin Dupin take the reins. Let's see how it goes. I'll start with this reprise - from my commentary notes, not at all near the beginning of that series, but however, a very natural place to restart from - as it begins to hook up the current madness to the past actions of other scientific madmen... so that the links in the chain are forged for all to see...unmistakably!

Starts here -

Readers of my previous segments of this WUHAN BLOWBACK serial will remember the insertion of a name

 - FRANK PLUMMER - as the central protagonist in a story which takes us from a lab in Manitoba Canada... to the Wuhan China lab of another so-called "ultra secure" bio-safety facility from where deadly infectious diseases seem to pour out ... like water through a sieve! The now[allegedly]deceased guy who I call "the Plumber" pops back up in this segment... as wing man and co conspirator of another completely mad and even moar evil mad scientist with big budget financing to back his plans to take a recreated virus which killed MILLIONS OF PEOPLE EXACTLY ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO... and make it even more....


Back in the very earliest years of this new millennium, in the aftermath of what was called the SARS crisis - "scientists" ... sensing the need to apply the famous maxim - let no crisis opportunity go to waste - got busy looking for EVEN MORE ways to bring infectious diseases to the masses ... via searching out old forgotten ones to bring to new life!

Astute readers will note that I've placed the word '\scientists'/ above in parentheses... due to the considered conclusion that - based upon their ACTIONS...rather than there ONEMEDIA marketed "image"... that word should now be preceded by the descriptor "mad" ... until proven otherwise. That way, we could put the onus on folks who DUG UP THE CORSPES OF victims of the SPANISH INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC OF 1919, frozen in the deep freeze called ALASKA... in order to bring BACK TO LIFE the viral pathogens contained therein...

to make the case for NOT BEING called 'MAD SCIENTISTS.'  Because that's exactly what happened...

"The 1918 H1N1 flu pandemic, sometimes referred to as the “Spanish flu,” killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide, including an estimated 675,000 people in the United States An unusual characteristic of this virus was the high death rate it caused among healthy adults 15 to 34 years of age. The pandemic lowered the average life expectancy in the United States by more than 12 years."

"Buried and preserved by the permafrost about 7 feet deep was the body of an Inuit woman that Hultin named “Lucy.” Lucy, Hultin would learn, was an obese woman who likely died in her mid-20s due to complications from the 1918 virus. Her lungs were perfectly frozen and preserved in the Alaskan permafrost. Hultin removed them, placed them in preserving fluid, and later shipped them separately to Taubenberger and his fellow researchers, including Dr. Ann Reid, at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Ten days later, Hultin received a call from the scientists to confirm — to perhaps everyone’s collective astonishment — that positive 1918 virus genetic material had indeed been obtained from Lucy’s lung tissue."

With this work of ghoulish grave digging out of the way... the task at hand was to start the reverse genetics process, which was to create plasmids for each of the 1918 virus’ eight gene segments. A task  undertaken by renowned microbiologist, Dr. Peter Palese and Dr. Adolfo Garcia-Sastre at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.  Once completed, the baton could be passed on to yet another ghoul in the grisly chain - Dr. Terrence Tumpey... clearly a 'fun lovin' kinda guy!

"On the day the 1918 virus appeared in his cell-culture, Dr. Tumpey knew history had been made, and in fact, a historic virus had been brought back from extinction. He sent a playful, Neil Armstrong-inspired email later that day to colleagues and collaborators, which simply said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


"The fully reconstructed 1918 virus was striking in terms of its ability to quickly replicate, i.e., make copies of itself and spread infection in the lungs of infected mice. For example, four days after infection, the amount of 1918 virus found in the lung tissue of infected mice was 39,000 times higher than that produced by one of the comparison recombinant flu viruses."

One giant leap ... for creeps... you might better say!

One wonders what the followup might be to the giant blundering 'leap' into the abyss of madness described above. Well, wonder no longer....

"In 2008, CDC established the International Reagent Resource (IRR), which provides reagents to laboratories around the world to identify seasonal influenza A and B viruses, as well as novel influenza A viruses. During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, the IRR distributed a new CDC developed 2009 H1N1 PCR assay to domestic public health laboratories and laboratories around the world less than 2 weeks after the 2009 H1N1 virus was first identified."

How would you like your 'reagent' served sire? In coadjuvant "vaccine" form, or a lil dusting from the skies... via a 'climate modification' campaign designed to spread mass death and disease from the tanks of 'forces for good?'

Ok. After all that... let's face it ... there's a very good chance that - even still - there's bound to be a few of you out there who's carefree lifestyle and thought free craniums invoke the stress free maxim - "what me worry?" So.... for you, in the category of pretty much brain dead... let's carry on... with

"The latest work was done by Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His team showed that adding the 1918 gene for the surface protein haemagglutinin to modern viruses made them far deadlier to mice. The researchers also found that people born after 1918 have little or no immunity.
The team started the work at the highest level of containment, BSL-4, at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. Then they decided the viruses were safe enough to handle at the next level down, and did the rest of the work across the border in a BSL-3Ag lab in Madison. The main difference between BSL-4 and BSL-3Ag is that precautions to ensure staff do not get infected are less stringent: while BSL-4 involves wearing fully enclosed body suits, those working at BSL-3Ag labs typically have half-suits.

Kawaoka told New Scientist that the decision to move down to BSL-3Ag was taken only after experiments at BSL-4 showed that giving mice the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) in advance prevented them getting sick. This means, he says, that if all lab workers take oseltamivir “they cannot become infected”.

But butt.... it seems, the best laid plans of mice n mensch...  lead to

"In similar experiments, Terrence Tumpey’s team at the US Department of Agriculture’s poultry research lab in Athens, Georgia, got quite different results: they found that mice given oseltamivir still got sick and 1 in 10 died. It is not clear why Kawaoka’s mice fared better.

What is more, all the safety precautions are aimed at preventing escape, not dealing with it should it occur. If any of Kawaoka’s lab workers are exposed to the virus despite all the precautions, and become infected despite taking oseltamivir, the consequences could be disastrous.

Oh boy.

And that is how that dispatch ended. So as to not exceed the bounds of reasonable length, I will not go further, on this posting, into the affair of our man 'THE PLUMBER.'

But it occurs to be that I might be well served to set up a 'subcategory on the sidebar here - where I will deposit the rest of the backgrounders I had assembled back in February... so that they can be available as needed to the reader. Hopefully I'll get to work on that real soon.

Yunus E by Yunus E @
Things appear to be moving much MUCH quicker than I had anticipated. Such that even my statement of yesterday - "slow... and then faster" - is now becoming behind "the curve" of developments in the script.

I've decided therefore, the best thing I can do right now is to relay some words from the mind of that great rebel thinker Ivan Illich. Who dwelt quite a bit on the subject of suffering... as an inevitable and necessary human experience. As inevitable as 'death' itself. I believe that he did so, because he knew that the consequences of NOT suffering ... or potentially now - not even "dying" ... in the way that 'modern' science and medicine have given us an apparent option to... pave the way to an enormous black hole of even greater suffering

such as I allude to in the story Duende -

In our model modern lives Death has become something we turn our backs to, try to ignore. Thus we have learned to turn our backs to truth, to life, as well as our own assurance of knowing ourselves. Our shadow self lives on in the play of light and darkness that is the fullness of our being, of truth, but our consciousness denies and is denied this fullness. Our conscious selves stay very busy creating a dull and deceitful counter-truth, counter life, hermetically sealed from death and dying, and thus, ironically, from rebirth.

which is now appearing "out of nowhere" for most - as a hell realm of zhombified numbness wherein the "soul" of mankind is sucked out... and ones' 'human-ness' with it.  Modern Medicine revealing its true 'face' at last.

Not willing to have any remain outside of its net... our DOCTORS OF DECEPTION have indicated to PRESIDENT KUSHNER that the ORANGE PUPPET MUST ANNOUNCE

“Travel Advisory: Level 4 – The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of #COVID19. In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the US should arrange for immediate return,”

so as to make sure that any citizen/slaves still AT LARGE can be inveigled back into "quarantine Amerika"... aka ... THE ABATTOIR.

Any smart - or lucky - enough to be outside of GULAGISTAN right now... before you even consider responding to the siren call of the deceivers... ask yourself this:

Are you alive right now? Do you wish to stay that way? Then you better get 'real' and stay away. Forever? Possibly. I do not know. And I choose not to opine on that which I do not KNOW.

RIght about now... some of the newly incarcerated[aka - 'sheltering in place!'] may be idly asking themselves.... WHAT'S IT LIKE... TO HAVE EVERY POINT OF YOUR LONGSTANDING PREMISE play out precisely?

Well = it suxx actually. It would have been so much better - to have been wrong.  

I'm sorry if I can't provide a more 'cheery' outlook for yas! My thing is to report 'jus the facts m'aam' style... and let 'the others' do the 'news n information' scam.

Speaking of 'scams'... It's not at all clear that this 'internet' thing will stay around much longer - at least in its present form of 'simulating' free and open communications. But it too - will be revealing its 'real face' at last. All this madness appears to have been planned out decades in advance. And after plenty of dry runs like SARS n so on... they finally got it 'right.' So they're not wasting any TIME ... this time.

I will be here till THE END. As long as there be ONE lost but still whole SOUL out there wandering in the night... I will maintain this listening post...from the dimension beyond your tired ol world now crumbling down. Till they drop the curtain on the comms at least.

I'll leave the last word here to Illich:

"The new experience that has replaced dignified suffering is artificially prolonged, opaque, depersonalized maintenance.
I don't want to die of some disease I want to die of death"

Pray that it be made so!  

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Arriving back at this abandoned outpost of the really real... after sweeping away the cobwebs, and an inspection of the "premises"...

Premise a) there is something - anything - worth discussing ... in the aftermath of kabbalisms' now completely successful repeat of its' 2008 coup d' etat against the remnant "USA."

Premise b) there is a remnant "audience" of non-zombified beings somewhere out there to discuss these matters with.

Premise c) there is some residual merit to such proposed discussion, as could be expected to be applied to realms outside of 'talmudic hell zones.'

As I ponder these three premises... laid out on stone slabs in forensic fashion... I find each of them in turn to be specious. This has been the victory of the "Augustines" of our [former]world - to turn heaven into hell... bliss into torture unending... light into dark. As I quoted that Sadean demonic dualist - in the warm up exercises to this return engagement,

"This is the Catholic view: a view that can show a just God in so many pains and in such agonies of tiny babies" last week on GBTM...

a victory in full for the Epstein project. Truly, now - Adenechrome Nation
 ... flesh raised merely for the feedstock of demonic appetites. Kabbalism - UNOPPOSED... IN ACTION! The "Christian Nations" of the wester world at last returned to the bosom of their beginnings... in the Phoenician sacrifices of Molochian temple times. Why even bother to investigate this obvious suicide scene asks the Augustin Dupin side of me> there is no 'mystery' to be solved here!

But then, the "African Spir" side muscles into the mix... elbowing me to remember my own words, as written on these very pages:

Most folks writing stuff, I think, do not allow such questions to enter their minds after a certain point – it interferes with the flow, the work slows down, the lingering doubts need be extinguished in the interests of ‘productivity.’ I can’t work that way. Which is not to say that anything radically different about the core premise of the Barbarous Reliquary is on the horizon. It’s more like – allowing the fruits of that near year of GBTM to fully ripen into an expanded understanding of why I’m writing, for whom I am writing, and lastly, of course, what I’m writing about! I’ve often made reference to being at heart a scribal type of obscurantist dedicated to the pursuit of arcane ‘knowledge’ for its own sake – a mere ‘chronicler’ of events with no real attachment to outcomes or affairs de jour. It’s a kind of pretense I affect in order to explain to myself why its ok to spend ten years or so expanding upon a theme like the “death of the west” with absolutely no response, impact, even a whisper of interest from ‘the world out there.’

In reality there’s an ‘activist’ side of me dying to get out. I’ve got to accommodate it in order to be effective I’ve decided. And Barbarous Reliquary therefore has to be more than a chronicle of hidden historical processes and events. NOT because I’ve changed my mind – and believe somehow that somebodies will wake up, pull irons out of fires... save the day and prevent the collapse of the west!!!

 No. Rather not. It’ just that – beyond hope n fear – there has to be a plan for the ‘what if’ scenario where ... after the fall, the world still exists, and some of us need to carry on ... as if humanity is simply pursuing a new stage in its’ ‘development’. A ‘new stage’ as in... a return to an older, better stage! And that’s what I’m most interested in communicating about... the parts of our past which remain dynamically poised to assist us in getting outta this last stage of collapse and into a better tomorrow – somewhere. Much different than the toxic ‘transhumanist’ agenda... I’m referring to a ‘retrohumanist’ one! We uncover secrets of past human achievement far different in scope, application and purpose than what we have been led to falsely believe our ‘history’ to hold... and REAPPLY THEM TO THE PRESENT. How does that sound? Well, tis what I do anyways.

I’m a practitioner... of my own idiosyncratic practice, and its overdue time to return to that fold. That’s why I’ll be writing about ‘goetic’ majic when I returns here. From a historical, but also a practical, this world relevant point of view. It’s the practical application of ‘anti-kabbalism’... without which everything that could be written about that topic would be arid and empty – for me!

Oh! I kinda, sorta, forgot about that, Mr Spir! But it's true - I have to 'accommodate' this foolish 'activist' side in order to be true to the fool that is me! Otherwise... I would just be a fool pretending to be unfoolish! Which is... not just very foolish... but exceedingly unworthy as well. Hopefully, as I pick up the traces again here... I can keep that side in check... via lampooning it, or otherwise making fun of my weak spots. All such semi-serious enterprise is doomed to failure in our post-reality age. Different techniques must be acquired, differing personas employed. And with that thought, I will close this re-entry post off... and ring the bell...

for either the start of a new kick at the Reliquary Can -do -

.... or as Lord Dunsany would have it:

ring the bell for someone to fetch a doctor!

I promised yu[the remnant reader over on GBTM that is] a GHOST STORY. AND ITS GHOSTLY STORIES you are gonna get! But this reborn site is now an examination of a MEDICAL HORROR STORY ... busily turning live people into GHOSTS. Is there a "doctor" in this house? Yes there is. And his name... is
MAIMONIDES. THE "jewish doctor" personified. His tale is one we explored here many moons back. I advise the reader to refresh their memory of what I wrote in those far away days  -

Chapter One: The Silent “Holy War”

"Just as Maimonides the ‘physician’ takes his classic place ‘behind the throne’ of Saladin, so Maimonides the ‘pharisee’ takes his classic place in the stream of agents of that ‘revolutionary change’ by which social orders were gradually tumbled and replaced all throughout the western world. Indeed, due weight needs be given to the fact that even the legacy of the “doctor” Maimonides has been doctored to make it palatable to outsiders. The scholarly fellow who "spent twelve years extracting every decision and law from the Talmud, and arranging them all into 14 systematic volumes called Mishnah Torah,” has oft been portrayed as a kind of benevolent religious synthesizer, seeking common ground and harmony among religious faiths. Yet his own ‘faith’ was one which allowed for no such tolerance.

"Maimonides ruled that it is a Jewish court- or a court appointed by Jewish authority-that enforces obedience and passes judgment on Gentiles,as well as promulgating legislation by court order for that purpose. Maimonides further decreed that any non-Jewish nation 'not subject to our jurisdiction'(taha htyadeinu) will be the target of Jewish holy war.

CORONAPOCALYPSE IS that "holy war" in its' new... unholiest ever, format folks!

For the longest time, I mulled over this theme ... of 'talmudic kabbalism' in action, with skepticism as to how/why it was applicable to the new 'global pandemic.'  For a longish time... I did not really believe it was.
But my doubts have now flown away - replaced by resolve to get to grips with a 'medical' nightmare created by the vary cast of characters who my previous studies had fingered - as the 'usual suspects.' As Vasnetsovs' two paintings so graphically illustrate, my thoughts must move between two poles - but they are neither 'hope'... nor 'despair.' We are past all that - and as I indicated in the CORONAPOCALYPSE post on GBTM, I write now for the coming "post-western" world which will spring from the ashes of a dead wester world.

Lets get down to business, shall we?

My name is Yunus. And I shall be your guide... through a ghastly world of terror which you are likely never to awake from.

Yunus E by Yunus E @



Post of interminable - or at very least - undeterminable length ahead! Buckle up... for what will doubtless be a long, and sometimes 'bumpy' ride, or slither off, to the nearest 'internet safe space' now!

US President Donald Trump holds a proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights as he is applauded by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others during a ceremony in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House in Washington, March 25, 2019.REUTERS/Carlos Barria US President Donald Trump holds a proclamation recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights as he is applauded by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others during a ceremony in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House in Washington, March 25, 2019.

"We have lost, irretrievably, a way of being human. And although there still remains, in our flesh almost, the vague presence of something which has been, I do not see how such an ephemera can be passed on to our children. Standing beyond the edge of an extraordinarily rich and varied epoch, we must now face the sad loss of gender." Ivan Illich


I don't follow many western media channels, so I do not know how wide the distribution of the photo above may be. It has not appeared in any of the channels I do check in on. At first glance, one might suppose this some kind of gag shot - a staged, photoshop romp thru the recessess of super cynical imagination. It appears, however, to be an 'upfront' "actual" representation of a ceremony of enormous significance - which although it might indeed cause 'gagging' - on the part of anyone still possessed of some sense of propriety and limits - but the 'gag' is one which will have deadly serious consequences for a world already teetering on the edge of total talmudic takeover.

As such, I see it as a worthy way of embellishing this final dispatch from outside the talmudic hell realms. Who is this cretinous creature crouched in posture of supine submission to the gloating, grinning ghouls above him. Who allowed him to besmirch the office he holds, the facility in which he operates from, in such overthetop manner? Is EVERYONE in America really, truly.... taken? And taking all this lying down?

It was one year ago - on the pages of GBTM - that I announced a premonition of the west having fallen fully into the maw of talmudic terror - aka - kabbalist hell realms. I was unsure of how substantiable that claim might be - other than as other of my intuitive exercises, which have proven to be quite accurate - but I am no longer at all 'unsure.' This photo has removed any possible doubt. It is yu see - an official notice of the depths to which your world has fallen. Kabbalism loves this kind of symbolic gesture.

From here on... the descent will be rapid... and severe. Unloosed from all remaining bounds, talmudic kabbalist necromancy will usher in the 'social revolution' required to remove opposition to its rule forever. Mandatory 'transgendered' sex education will have appeared within five years. No more males. No mo testosterone. No more point - in raising kids. Illich - as I quoted him in that 2009 essay - will have been proven correct. I did not wish him to be. I spent the last 10 years fighting to prevent him from being. All for nought. There was no one to raise up in rebellion, no one left to wake. That fight will go on - in the land of the living. Where I sought to have you join me. Sorry things - 'didn't work out.'

I started the essay which appears below some time early in the present month. Knowing that in very short time - on the 10th anniversary of publishing my first foray onto the internet - my job will be done, and the time given over to attempting to rouse the westerlings to their peril, expired... I wanted something that could sum up that interlude, contextualize its purpose, analyse its success or lack therefore... and most important of all... leave me feeling completely ready to depart.

And altho I was torn between whether place this photo on BR or GPBM, it wasn't long before I realized that it's meaning and message fit perfectly into place with the Chapter and Introduction which were presented here, before I turned my attention back to 'current events.' The 'culture war' which those segments described is over; Maimonides and his inheritors have completed their 'holy war' against the west, and their victory is complete. So complete, that I would be wasting my time to continue to write a book - in English - for which there will decidedly be - no readers. Yes... this is the end, my beautiful friends. I shall not tarry longer. Stepping into the post western world means stepping completely out of yours. I've no reason at all for further visits to a place where a billboard such as this 'signing ceremony' goes completely unremarked. The happiness and joy of being alive in a very lively place shines through the piece below; part of the ebullience is from knowing that my task is almost done - and that the reward was in the doing. Here, our trails part. I've done all I could for former kith n kin. I retire with the honor of knowing - I did not let down the side.


The onset of spring to these Anatolian shores, after the darkest, wettest winter ever, was I hoped, going to bring inducement to return to these pages at last. But even with the return of the time of the "New Morel World Order" which I celebrated on the pages of GBTM one year ago, there didn't seem to be juice flowing into these ol veins to get the keyboard a flowin. Then, walking back last eve from feeding the critters, I looked up at a descending sun... and saw, sitting right underneath its benevolent glow, the EXACT picture of one of our 'land turtles,' taken shape in the form of an ephemeral cloud! Head and longish neck stretching out from a shell, it was indeed a 'spittin image.’* And I knew, at last it was time.

This species of tortoise, every big as large as one of GRINGOSTANS biggest snappers, happens to enjoy land-lubbin as a lifestyle, unlike every other tortuga I'd been familiar with since youth. They basically pull into the shell for the duration of winter, hibernation style... and appear again as one of the first harbingers of springs' return. Nibbling pon the very first verdant verdure nature has placed upon our plates, they are the very image of the 'slow cook' low speed, carefree lifestyle habituate!

Were you ever ‘doin bizness’ within somebodies outhouse, lookin up at the wall, where all those tacky posters used to sit, i nfront of your earthen throne, and read the one - "when this trailers' rockin, don't come a knockin!">?? That's how it is - these days of "turtle love," when you are walking through the woods here, and hear the clear sound of 'knockin shells.' Hells bells' what a way to go about the business of gettin jiggy! One shell-suited reptilian kinda climbs on the back side of the other, lookin for a rear entry harder to find that the spot on Achilles heel what his ol lady forgot to dip in the milk. But likes they say - where there's love.... there's a way!

Anyways, this kind of natural percussive 'music' which is a part of the fun of mushroom huntin, has amused my simple mind for years, as a kind of metaphor for what it must be like to be a biped dread back in the land of porn and endless horn Y dis satisfaction which is of course one of the many planned results of the culture war that this site was designed to lucidate pon. As the two poles of the species grow more and more estranged from that basic solidarity which we were blessed to enjoy as our birth right as intelligent human beans, the "shells" of mutual alienation are growing bigger and tougher. That's what I've gathered, at any rate, from the decade long interval of lookin back in at a dyin wester world from afar.

My own exodus, as alluded to in the story which started this own hejira off - 2009s DUENDE - OR - THIS HAPPY SADNESS- was very much in the spirit of a guy fleeing from not just an increasingly alien/nation, but specifically from the perturbation of seeing my closest spiritual/corporal mind/body companions of the curvaceous kind either dead... or so benumbed, downwardly dumbed, or other wise troubled as to be just as good as! I hadn't so much given up as set my sights on distant shores. And Asia has more than met those expectations, in that regard. A culture shock interlude of several years was eventually followed by an introduction to a kind of womynkind which has NOT totally lost touch with what a  guy of the heterosexualist type needs so much; that slithery sort of erotic spirit which no amount of hidey type clothes can really disguise! And let me assure you gents - those among ya not yet bent that is - under neath all them layers of disguise, your Muslima mistress is as coiled and hot as any ol vixen you've ever met. Jus more shy about lettin on about it. Mo work.... bigger reward. That's how I've come to see it anyhoo.

Why am I going on about the arcana of reptilian reproductive ritual, and domestic consumption? Probably a 'triple threat' at work here. Not only.. did we have a nice new moon last night, to start the countdown into the steamy moments of 'full moon' romance later on this month... but there can be no 'coincidence' to the fact that at the very same time, I'm nibbling daily pon my very favorite most 'wild food'** which appears only at the beginning of the season, then disappears till another year rolls round. These 5 starred flowers are a potent source of what it is that the goyish world has become starved of.

Perhaps it is overdue, indeed, that I be tellin youse, that if... as per the precis of this site... one is to take on talmudic kabbalism, mano a mono, with ANY hope of success...

you better have sussed out what gives them kabbalist fellers their 'edge'... and made it your business to 'get me some dat!' Which is why, a few years back, and at this very moment in the year, I found myself looking at some foilage in the forest where my four leggers were a chewin... and intuitively discovered the VERY THING I was going to need to be properly prepared from my task ahead! As it would turn out, the properties which this plant contained, and very very few others do, were well known to those who [falsely] call themselves 'Sraelites,' because their wholly stolen land is chock a bloc with it. Abundant sources of these micro-elements in their food and water is doubtless - in my opinion - what has given the kabbalist krew a 'leg over' the competition. I know that I for shure... get to 'shakin a leg' when granted access to the magic weed! And right now, locked in a war with my enemy... the rabbit who sneaks around at night to nibble up all the available stock around us... I'm taking extra note of just how important this spring ritual has become for me.

You wanna combine that potent natural majic with the morel mushroom kind.... l@@k out! Yes, we are huntin - and eating the earth spirits daily. And giving thanks for the many blessings received. This boost is gonnna have to last for the rest of the year... and just to be clear, it's been a 'known known' for me since long time back that I am indeed 'governed' by the lunar cycle... and the 'full orgasmic potency' of which the anti-kabbalist witchdoctor Wilhelm Reich spoke is never so abundant as when that orb hangs big n high in the sky. That's that. Which takes me back...

to where I started here. I've linked the story "Duende" to the site where it originally appeared... my very first web offering.
The stories which appeared – 10 years ago on "Vestigial Vision," though now only available as it appears on the wayback machine, are much much better read in that original version, than the copies I've made and posted since.

Those who go to that site, as I did recently, will discover a writer much more polished and eloquent than the hack I became - as I made the TRENCH WARFARE of communication on the internet my business for the rest of this closing decade. As I look back at it now... I could have stopped writing altogether, after that initial spurt - and nothing would really have needed to be added - everything important about what has developed in the 10 years hence somehow got covered in that short interval. But - the writing which followed - although intended to be of benefit to others - mostly benefited me...on my long journey out of the west and into the post western world I now fully belong to.

 Back then - 2009 - fresh off a looong rest from both the business of scratching for a living, and the even more onerous business of mourning my departed dear one, I was feeling the benefits of the full time 'onboard' lifestyle I'd been living all over the western hemisphere since retiring. The effects of the 'death match' with the big league kabbalist klan of Bronfman were alleviated somewhat, and I was not yet aware of just how badly the process of Asian acculturation/deculturation was going to throw me out of my comfort zone for years to come! Happier, healthier, more relaxed than I'd been at any point in my adult years, I had started writing out of a feeling of needing to get at the task which her death had set me.

Revenge. We aren't supposed to want it. It's a sinful kind of thing. Let it go. Move on. Take er easy. And... for what its worth... on the level of the purely personal... I'll buy that. We can bury more poison, more deeply, in ourselves, by refusing to see why an event, or a series of events occurred, and take responsibility for them. By projecting all the blame somewhere else, we can lose the chance to take note of missteps, improve our self-awareness, make ourselves -indeed- if not better, at least better prepared, for what the future holds for us. But...

and this is where - admittedly - things get  quite ...sticky/tricky/...

then there is REVENGE. For, on behalf of... as sworn to, [and seared into your soul as a result of so doing]...

somebody else. Bigger than 'personal.' I'm fully 'invested' in it. I live it. It lives me. And I'm good with it. I can only hope 'it's good with me.' But that really does not matter. All that matters is that I make it so. If you ever feel a lack of 'meaning' in your life.... try it on. You'll not suffer those symptoms again. Oh! One one more thing, before we move along...

if you've ever been a TOTAL FUCKUP all your life... even if, by that, I mean... secretly, to your self of selves, sort of of hidden appraisal and admission of your life's progress to date.... this is the cure. The only way to truly 'live for yourself, and no other'... is to act on behalf of ... another. Or so I have I found.


For those of my generation, and the one directly preceding it,  all roads lead east, to Asia - the cultural zeitgeist of our times made it so! A smorgasbord of spiritual offerings was laid out in front of eyes dazzled by the notion that we - inheritors of the greatest, most widespread material abundance ever witnessed in this world  - were capable of gathering even more 'wealth' into our maws. That this form of wealth, as presented by the cultural vanguard in control of the social narrative, was 'non-material,' difficult to locate, impossible to simply'acquire' and/or outside the boundaries of 'ordinary' consciousness just made it all the more desirable!

And desire, being the trickster, intrinsic 'shadow' companion of our individual and collective lives, was exactly what moved us, in search of 'freedom' from desire, life beyond the mundane, the need for more and faster liberation... from wanting things! If their was an irony built into that quest from the beginning, it's safe to say that most - if not all - of us missed it; if we 'wanted' to want less, live simpler, truer, more 'authentic' lives, in accord with nature and the cosmic flow - then that yearning must needs be fulfilled - just as with any other of our yearnings, which got staunched by the acquisition of a new car, watch, love interest, degree, or clothing accessory!

Another thing also /lost\ upon most us seekersof the day, was that over in Asia.... that heartland of the noble quest for the 'real purpose of life,' the truer self, the enlightened being.... folks are anything but free of base desires, carnal capacities, duplicitous yearnings or innate 'wantingness.' That lesson, for me, would come much later in life. It was a hard one; it's acquisition however, was a milestone in my advancement from hopeless western wanker, wandering in a utopian mist, in search of unicorns and leprechauns ... into the species of predator I am today, and shall remain for the rest of my time in this mortal coil!~!

Watching my own retreat from time spent with "holy men" and the 'spiritually ascended,' as well as similar recoiling movements on the part of many others from my part of the world, I was perhaps, a little prepared for what life of the ground would really be like, once my Asian pilgrimage had begun for real... but in truth, not nearly enough.

Ten years ago, getting out of Dodge had loomed up at last on my radar, as "job one".... cause I was - as I posed it to a correspondent of that time, "tired of living in a sionist outpost" and knew already what the end of line for those who stayed behind in the fallen lands was gonna be. If I may be forgiven the imponderable naivete of supposing that hanging out in a Muslim part of the world was going to alleviate that situation - "who knew"... who coulda seen it comin?...

that the entirety of "Arab Street" and adjoining states were going to shortly end up being mere hand puppets of the ORIGINAL [tm]TERROR STATE ... AND ... indeed, the banking and transportation security sectors which one has little to no chance of avoiding interaction with - as firmly in the control of kabbalists as are those of the GULAGISTANI satrapies?

I didn't. Now I do. And that... where ever, in this hang dog world you may go... there THEY be! So - it's best to be just gettin on ... with gettin on living in a post-reality, post-freedom fry world, and finding a hidey hole where - at least - the 5G MONSTER is not gonna eat your brains alive!

That's not actually the reason we headed into the hills here, to live lost to the modern world for the better part of the year. It was originally my plan to continue the liveaboard lifestyle which had become my want back across the pond. But... as I pondered what would be the real meaning and impact of the 'drone' technology which began to sweep across the globe some years back... I realized that there would be about ZERO invisibility for anyone who wished to live the pirate life, pon open waters!

That pretty much just left the rocky forested mountains of Anatolia as a lifestyle choice. So I geared up to switch back over to my 'ROWDY YATES' persona of early boyhood, and left the buccaneer thing for a later reincarnation. Hoofers became my passion, the four footed enablers of a GREAT ESCAPE which would emulate the ANCESTORS who rode wagons west from their Altaic campout grounds millennia ago, to become "Europeans" instead of Asians, which in fact, we never really stopped being, even after change of address.  

Having personally already spent considerable years as a 'de-illusioned'[not totally the same as 'dis-illusioned']consumer of an Asian religious tantric tradition which I had entertained notions as to the authenticity of ... I might have been expected to have been somewhat 'on the alert' for scammers, cons, and sundry 'mammerjammers' pon reaching these shores. But, relaxed, calm, and looking only for a free n easy sunset time to wind things down with - after a brutal, bludgeon and pick kind of business life back in the land of 'capitalist' unfree enterprise, I was not. I was, in fact, blindsided by all the above, and more. It was bad, for several years, whilst growing free of illusions, and growing a hide. I look back at it now as just another - rite of passage.

Fact is – tis what I’m doing right here…. Celebrating 10 years of ‘rites of passage’… which have delivered me to somewhere remarkably similar to the place I had ‘imagined’ at the start of my decade long sojourn; in the form of a ‘back up plan’ should my intended plan … alerting and then mobilizing the brethren back in the fallen lands to cognizance of their IMMINENT peril… and what to do about it.

It should go without saying that Plan A failed. I’ll say it anyways. The plan of mine to stir awareness of… and then resistance to… Talmudic kabbalisms take over of the west was an abject failure. For its’ intended beneficiaries that is. For me – it has produced the desired cutting of ties, the complete dissolution of embedded socialization received in youthful indoctrination, the end of that all too long interrum in my life when I was a stranger in a foreign land – the land of my birth. I was born ‘in the west.’ I am no longer a part of that world. And it is no longer part of me.

Now, at  home in foreign spaces, a habitué of a lifestyle I dreamed of living[but secretly thought impossible to locate in this here world… I have discharged all possible debts to the former kith n kin of the fallen lands.

As the perceptive reader will have by now guessed: this piece is the “euology”…. For a person/a now died… to the world where they come from. Like my youthful hero who comes back from the dead to hunt down his would be killers, one by one… I’ve tracked each tardnational who besmirched my on line presence down to their hidey hole… and let blow their sorry brains out.

 The lad is gone native. And he will not be back, to continue the conversation.  When I started this final post, a few weeks back… I was gonna run on a bit about  the various phases of the past  ten years of writing back to the fallen lands, review the landscape,  prolly even pat myself on the back, as per usual.

But I’m skippin all that. The results of my latest trip down the rabbit hole of history have been so mind-blowing/numbing that the entire concept of BARBAROUS RELIQUARY has been taken apart… and may well not be put  together agin!

If  it is… it will be in a different language, for a different audience that that originally intended. For the better part of 5 years now, 99.1 % of my social  interactions[of two legger kind that is= about half of my total ‘social interactions’ with critters of all kinds!]has been in a NON-INDOEUROPEAN language. As I’ve gradually come to understand that my role is not merely to write about what happened in the past, but to actively participate in what will happen… in a post western world abuildin secret like…
I’ve had to reframe both my way of thinking about things and what to do when the thinking is through.  That phase is done – I’m now fully involved in what was… 10 years back… my “back up plan” in case… impossible as it seemed at that time…

There were no able-bodied, strong minded mensch left in the wester world to join me in picking up cudgels, and taking the fight to the enemy.

I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the folks what be livin in this part of the world… but that’s still a whole lot more hope than for the one’s what Ieft behind in the fallen lands. Every day I visit “the internet” I get further confirmed in that conclusion! Even though my daily interludes in English on the net have only represented a minute part of my daily interactions with the two legger world, it’s still a distraction from getting on with the main task.

Maybe when I’m too old n frail to saddle up no more, I’ll sit down and write that book. In some language other than English. But it will be about a much bigger zone of human history than the mere European. That book was always doomed to being an adventure in the tragic. I’m more into happy endings/ I’ve outlived my allegiance to the Helleno-European abortion of “the tragedy of life.”

I’ve got me miles to roam and tribes to gather. And this time… we won’t be fightin on behalf of anybody cept ourselves!

Happy trails amigo.
Yunus E by Yunus E @
Update: The screed appearing below was put together so as to simply provide some kind of an update on where things stood - and why - given the unanticipated interruption to getting going again here. There have been some 'technical' problems stopping me from going full tilt, which I'm not going into here, so as to keep my anonymity shields fully UP... but what I need to do right now...

is update the intended update in the following manner.

IF... the forces of TALMUDIC TERROR[TURKISH DIVISION]do tommorrow[your time/today my time]do what they have told the domestic audience they are going to do... invade the northern part of Syria where the Americans have not only dug in, but now officially stated that they are staying...

I will be FORCED to return to duty on GBTM... in order to provide what will sadly but inevitably be the ONLY counter to the tsunami of fake news which will follow. I will reference anyone interested to the posts already in the vault over there regarding Syria's NORTHERN FRONT... Urusalems' master plan to use the Turk to take down America... and the Jurdish connection. Now that Gulen is being dangled again, the full scope of my GOLD FOR OIL OIL FOR BLOOD series also will come into focus agin. Many pieces of the puzzle already assembled by your humble acolyte of THE DUPIN will make astonishing sense to those few... with some sense!

It will be a full time job - just to keep up! I'm hoping that somehow this will blow over, and I can return to the work I allude to in the following draft... which tho not finished, is gonna have to serve!

It’s an ironclad LAW of the universe I’ve decided. Should I ever decide to make a serious effort to return to this project, the very intent will immediately some kind of response from the ‘outside world’ which serves to negate the effort. Immediately!

So it was... in immediate aftermath of changing platforms; the incipient domestic political carnival of souls I described as brewing in the fall story “RATATTATDAT” in which “the Don” would enter his “Egyptian Book of the Dead” phase, blossoming with ever increasing speed into a snake’s nest of bad gets worse... worse gets badder... almost daily its seemed at times, till culminating in this weeks most startling revelation;
The Orange Dude does adder.

Adderall that is. The purportedly “most powerful man in the world” an amphetamine fiend with an nasty ‘attention deficit’ that is getting pathetically close to simple senility or so it often seems. Given the revelation taking place in the context of what appears to confirm my long ago given prophesy – that Humpty goes Dumpty under the kabbalist bus when Urusalem decides he is expendable... it’s likely a planned part of the demolition phase which take Don down into the underworld of failed kabbalistic minions.
This goes on much more – I’m gonna start to feel sorry for the clown. I don’t want that!

 I want to focus on the historical progression of ‘rulers’... “Emperors,” God Kings, Majestys, Tyrants, what have you, who’s careers were cut short by programmers whose talmudic affinities are always left out of the standard biographical works – Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, even Chinese as I reckon it now... going down like grass before a scythe when a moneychangin magician decided it was time to back a new horse!
Afterall, that was the theme of the very first item of business on the GBTM site – a ‘proto-communist’ “popular revolution” in Persia way before ideas like ‘communism’ would come to be articulated. And how it seemed suspiciously similar to more modern conjunctions of ‘the jewish revolutionary spirit’ and the pressing need to relieve society of its noble class so as to share the womenfolk equally!

Yes, such was my intent. I even got what I thought to be a workable introductory essay for this return well underway – and was planning upon completing it, when one day in November... it ‘went away!’ Just like that – the title still present in my files, the page coming up when opened... but nothing upon it.

Wipe out. Just like that. Used to be that kind of a nasty trick would put me in a funk which could last for months at a time! Now, a little more laid back/experienced, I got the hint – and shifted gears. Tis why I ‘disappeared’ – the chance of a lifetime to put the final nails in the coffin of a talmudic psyop and the troll army it has engendered. Yes – for those who gave up reading the talmudic kabbalist HQ blog – and therefore have not been aware of my movements thereupon – it’s been my focus of the past three weeks – in reponse to everything heating up to the boiling point for Drimpf and his cabal. Steady, one on one, mano a mono sledgehammer and pick axe work, demolishing the pretences of those who most fervently Believe... in stuff that Urusalem needs them to!

It’s been great. And I’m not finished yet. But... I am feeling the preliminary sense of being allowed to return here to duty. In the interim of my absence, I’ve made some very deep incisions into some of my most fervently held presumptions about the nature of that tribe we call ‘the jews.’ I do these periodic ‘premise checks’ ... because there is a certain feeling of intellectual honesty which comes from allowing myself to say – hey self! Q. What if you got that all wrong?

Most folks writing stuff, I think, do not allow such questions to enter their minds after a certain point – it interferes with the flow, the work slows down, the lingering doubts need be extinguished in the interests of ‘productivity.’ I can’t work that way.

Which is not to say that anything radically different about the core premise of the Barbarous Reliquary is on the horizon. It’s more like – allowing the fruits of that near year of GBTM to fully ripen into an expanded understanding of why I’m writing, for whom I am writing, and lastly, of course, what I’m writing about! I’ve often made reference to being at heart a scribal type of obscurantist dedicated to the pursuit of arcane ‘knowledge’ for its own sake – a mere ‘chronicler’ of events with no real attachment to outcomes or affairs de jour. It’s a kind of pretense I affect in order to explain to myself why its ok to spend ten years or so expanding upon a theme like the “death of the west” with absolutely no response, impact, even a whisper of interest from ‘the world out there.’

In reality there’s an ‘activist’ side of me dying to get out. I’ve got to accommodate it in order to be effective I’ve decided. And Barbarous Reliquary therefore has to be more than a chronicle of hidden historical processes and events. NOT because I’ve changed my mind – and believe somehow that somebodies will wake up, pull irons out of fires... save the day and prevent the collapse of the west!!! No.

Rather not. It’ just that – beyond hope n fear – there has to be a plan for the ‘what if’ scenario where ... after the fall, the world still exists, and some of us need to carry on  ... as if humanity is simply pursuing a new stage in its’ ‘development’. A ‘new stage’ as in... a return to an older, better stage! And that’s what I’m most interested in communicating about... the parts of our past which remain dynamically poised to assist us in getting outta this last stage of collapse and into a better tomorrow – somewhere. Much different than the toxic ‘transhumanist’ agenda... I’m referring to a ‘retrohumanist’ one! We uncover secrets of past human achievement far different in scope, application and purpose than what we have been led to falsely believe our ‘history’ to hold... and REAPPLY THEM TO THE PRESENT. How does that sound?

Well, tis  what I do anyways. I’m a practitioner... of my own idiosyncratic practice, and its overdue time to return to that fold. That’s why I’ll be writing about ‘goetic’ majic when I returns here. From a historical, but also a practical, this world relevant point of view. It’s the practical application of ‘anti-kabbalism’... without which everything that could be written about that topic would be arid and empty – for me!

Yunus E by Yunus E @
Greetings, dear hypothetical reader!

If you have wandered here in search of where the trail we followed on the pages of GEOPOLITICS BEHIND THE MASK leads next, I am posting this message so as to provide a bit of continuity as we transition back to this long latent section of our library of intellectual heresies!

During the time when GBTM was running full steam this past year, I found it beyond my powers of discipline to switch back and forth between the two platforms, even though I had set them up concurrently to allow for just that. Focusing upon the contemporary events which form the outgrowth of the historical processes this site was designed to elucidate, GBTM delivered 10 months of stellar reportage on "events" which the dialectical wings of the kabbalistic-talmudic medias -the "alt" and "msm"  flavors of foolaid - consistently presented distorted and/or nonsensical versions of. So much so that I feel there to be nothing left to prove at this point!

After seeing the distinct difference between news and analysis done by reporters with no ties to special interests of any kind... and that provided by parties compromised through hidden connections to secret agendas... should the reader still choose to engage with the latter on any level, nothing I could further write in the way of "current events" reporting would be able nix that addiction to sweet n sugary deception. Rather than continue to flog the very dead horse of the "trojan" mediaz, therefore, I think it best to simply move on to other targets.  

The 'target' of most interest to me remains the mystery of the European peoples' real roots... in an "Asian" milieu far different than the one which historiography has bidden us to believe in. One of the main goals - and dare I say, accomplishments - of the GBTM platform was to bring to the readers' attention the 'scripted' nature of contemporary developments, the world over. Rather than spontaneous, real time 'events' in other words, the vast majority of 'news' stories have proven on close inspection to be entirely 'media-generated' memetic devices designed to drive public perceptions in a desired direction.

It was a goal of mine in setting up GBTM to tie the meaning of these endless 'false flag events' of the present to both real events of the distant past, and to the players and agendas which drove/drive them. At its' most simple level, we've uncovered in the process a pattern of recurrent efforts to 'mold' reality to a world view I've come to call 'talmudic-kabbalist.' Inherently duplicitous in its' manner and motive, this world view consistently ascribes benign - or even beneficial - motives to a sequence of efforts on the part of a hidden cabal to seize wealth, power and influence from all outside of its' tiny membership. Indeed, it's probably very much due to the 'tininess' of that membership that its' vast and proven influence over events both current and past can so successfully be dismissed as a mere "conspiracy theory.

moses de leon... high ranking member of a 'conspiratorial cabal'... or benign metaphysician and spiritual seeker? YOU be the judge!

Such a ploy is all the more successful when both academia and the collective medias are in one's court! All efforts to penetrate through the dense smoke and mirrors of the orthodox rendition of 'reality' are doomed, in the manner I most recently mentioned in discussing the fate of superior and uber-factual scholarship such as that of Michael Hoffman! In deciding how to proceed with reopening this BR platform, with the wealth of experience and insight gained from a near year of operating GBTM, I've pondered quite a lot on that fated obscurity. What profit might be gained from merely repeating that blueprint of Hoffmans'... toil away endlessly in producing truthful analysis of societies' greatest peril, only to find the impact of those vital findings blunted by the monolithic control of all channels of communication by those responsible for creating and driving that same peril?

Such a prospect leaves me cold - and indeed, that may be why BR has stayed in cold storage these many months! My original impulse - to write a 'book' which would shed light upon hidden realities of our past - has been inevitably modified by the experience of the past year. Without any change to my ultimate goal - that of seeking the true history of the European peoples... before they are extinguished as a result of the culture war which I began to describe on these pages 10 months back - I am now of the opinion that a different means of achieving it must be pursued. Part of that means has been revealed to me in the course of the GBTM experience; interaction with the readership proved to be the stimulant to many fresh thoughts and directions. To abandon that benefit, and return to the formula by which 'chapters' of a book get laid out after long periods of scribal isolation in their preparation... seems folly.

So... let's begin this beguine with something not too different from the pulse of GBTM! As I search out the exact formula with which to extend the blessings of that platforms experience here... a blog type of approach shall be our first fling of the frisbee!

Hoffman, a scholar trapped inside the nightmare talmudic gulag of the west... has shown us the way not to go! As we are neither physically inside of that western gulag nor confined to intellectual exploration which stays contained within occidental mental boundaries of the kind which I delineated here... Chemical_Yoga__Science_in_Service_to_the_Satanic_(with_image)_·_SuaveBel_·_Storify.pdf

how bout we follow up on this paragraph from the original introduction on this BR platform -

"Paradoxically, in order to find the roots of "European" culture, we must leave "Europe" behind. In order to understand the distant world of our ancestors, we must inevitably study the present, so as to see what recurrent themes are to be looked for in times past. That is a model of investigation which clearly stands the orthodox pursuit of 'knowledge' upon its head. It is one which I've chosen consciously, as a result of learning just how badly orthodox scholarship has done in setting out a clear record of our past. With all of the huge resources at it's disposal, this almost total failure of orthodox 'social science' to reveal the roots of our culture cannot be totally 'accidental.'"

by infusing a bit of 'the present' - in the form of a summing up of the situation the world finds itself in as Iran begins to break under the strain of sanctions imposed by parties other than those whom the media presents as responsible - into our focus pon 'the past' here.... in ASIA...

and see what kind of creative frisson may result.

Be right back.... with a followup post!
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It is a curious legacy of our English language, the phrase we use commonly to describe the malfeasance of those who might 'doctor the evidence,' be caught out 'doctoring the books,' or likewise providing a 'doctored version of history.' If this parallel, folk meaning attached to the profession of 'medicine' has roots in some reality or other, then it stands to reason that we could benefit from exploring that etymology. We are, after all, in pursuit of an answer to the question of who has hidden the real story of Europes’ beginnings from us - and how. It's rather inevitable then, that we will have to think about who might have 'doctored' that story, and for what purpose.

Thus it seems particularly appropriate to have started out with a rendition of the legacy of a 'doctor' known to history by the name MAIMONIDES. As philosopher, one supposes he could lay claim to the honorific sense of the term; as physician to one of history’s most powerful and illustrious rulers, he most certainly was one. But if our intuition rings true here, there may be a third and synchronous sense in which we can view the influential exponent of talmudic doctrine and law, as one of that special guild.

Had our history, as well as the rest of our intellectual legacies, not fallen into the hands of parties whose express purpose was to 'doctor' the data in favor of a certain agenda or viewpoint, we might well have been able to recognize our medieval 'codifier' as a seminal figure in the reduction of orthodox historiography to a mere recounting of deeds of valor, competition between kings, or the sweeping conquest of empires by which men sought to advance the cause of a religion, and/or a particular national identity. Left out of all such colorful narratives of course are the key ‘movers and shakers’ by whose schemes and actions power and influence drained away from those whose fortunes were in the form of land and laborers – into the purses of those who made it their business to get and keep those ‘landed gentry’ in debt to themselves. “Power behind the throne” takes on a new shade of meaning when history is refurbished to reflect the realities hidden inside its chronicles.

Just as Maimonides the ‘physician’ takes his classic place ‘behind the throne’ of Saladin, so Maimonides the ‘pharisee’ takes his classic place in the stream of agents of that ‘revolutionary change’ by which social orders were gradually tumbled and replaced all throughout the western world. Indeed, due weight needs be given to the fact that even the legacy of the “doctor” Maimonides has been doctored to make it palatable to outsiders. The scholarly fellow who "spent twelve years extracting every decision and law from the Talmud, and arranging them all into 14 systematic volumes called Mishnah Torah,” has oft been portrayed as a kind of benevolent religious synthesizer, seeking common ground and harmony among religious faiths. Yet his own ‘faith’ was one which allowed for no such tolerance.

"Maimonides ruled that it is a Jewish court- or a court appointed by Jewish authority-that enforces obedience and passes judgment on Gentiles,as well as promulgating legislation by court order for that purpose. Maimonides further decreed that any non-Jewish nation 'not subject to our jurisdiction'(taha htyadeinu) will be the target of Jewish holy war." 1

While the reader can easily imagine that my precis in these pages will be that such a ‘holy war’ has indeed, both taken place and is proceeding apace, it will be necessary to wait for a long interval before we come back to that theme. It is only to introduce this secret, silent war that we begin with a sketch of one of its earliest ‘generals.’ The ground we must cover in the meanwhile will be better negotiated by keeping this subtext in mind!

But all of the facts needed to place the man precisely inside of his times and milieu – as key player in the progress of judaic expectations from survival to supremacy – have been kept from us. They remain buried under the dross of invented narratives which leave out all the needed clues by which we would be able to see the fateful consequences of the moment when it was decided that the “sparks” of sufficient special souls had been redeemed from darkness for the messianic passage back to ‘the Holy Land’ to begin.

 From Maimonides, to lurianic kabbalism, to Nathan of Gaza and the outright proclamation of a ‘messiah’ in the form of the sabbatei tsevi who captured the imaginations of jews everywhere... a straight line can be drawn. Those who left their Iberian Sephardic paradise for distant shores of the Americas or the middle east knew that their power was and would always be rooted in deception – deceptive allegiances to powers that be, deceptive adherence to religious competitors, deceptive outward forms of judaism even, designed to keep prying eyes from ever discovering the age-old necromantic magic which lay at the heart of their ‘faith.’

 Magic can be defined as the pursuit of power over aspects of the material world, via the employment of techniques from the supernatural world. “Jewish mysticism” has never been more than or less than this equation in action. History, as it has been retailed to us, has uniformly failed to reflect this critical fact.

The true genius of the talmudic spirit, however, has been not just to keep the flame of the most primitive flame of dark magic alive within its midst, but to combine it with the most contemporaneous developments in science and techne. When forged together, under the hammer of the judaic rhetorical device, they accomplish more than several armies in the field could for that cause. Under the banner of that supremely ‘dialectical’ fusion, the ‘holy war’ has gone from victory to victory, in almost all ways unnoticed – by the defeated that is!

Rigorous ‘logicism’ combined with the most maniacal panderings to mystical psychoses, in words, has been the key to successful culture war over centuries. A war which we could fairly claim to have become a ‘world-wide’ war as of the C17th, and the appearance of the long-awaited ‘messiah,’ in the form of a bipolar apostate, both confused as to gender and prone to fits of outright madness!

That stage is set for us by the writings of kabbalist scholar Gershom Scholem, who draws a picture for us of the Euro-Mediterranean world of diaspora jewry in convulsion as the tightly structured world of rabbical talmudic tradition became turned upside via the mystical messianism of the sabbatean cult.

“Here,then,were all the materials necessary to cause a true conflagration in the heart of Jewry. A new type of Jew had appeared for whom the world of exile and Diaspora Judaism was partly or wholly abolished and who uncompromisingly believed that a "restored world," whose laws and practices he was commanded to obey, was in the process of coming into being.”

The  pursuit of 'power' in our books of history is uniformly played back to us as the comings and goings of men whose ambition was to hold sway over vast territories or rule huge armies by means of whose might they could control commerce and claim the allegiance of lesser kings. These comic book stylings of pageantry and gallantry have substituted in our minds for an honest evaluation of what men really pursue - and for which power really is sought. It is the power of the 'purse' which has truly ruled the fortunes of empires, emperors, and the fates of people all throughout the time when humankind has wandered the vast continent of "Asia."

 If that truth makes for a duller rendition of history, it also makes for a truer one.
How different the world would look – had it not come about that things of all kinds – livestock, cereals, real estate, slaves – would be measured in units of metal. Shiny metallic substances which needed be dug out of the earth, and when ‘refined’ by means of fire, could melt the hardest of female hearts, or buy a phalanx of fierce warriors with which to plunder a neighbors territory, or bring a competitor to heel! At first a novelty, a mere plaything for kings and those at the very top of the power pyramid, in time these metals would cause all to kneel before their power.

When we begin to look for signs of that duller yet truer course of things, we need call upon the counsel of men who have studied the subject in some depth; with their help we can parse the record without delaying too long from our course.

In assembling the sources needed for an overview of history freed from distorting agendas, I’ve consulted authors whose authority rests in divergent fields. We have those, such as the estimable Alexander del Mar, whose expertise is in the field of mining, geology, and finance. Others, like the author of Babylonian Woe, have a considerable talent for delving into the seams between commerce, politics, and the religious. Douglas Reeds’ “Controversy of Zion” gives a sweeping view of the continuity over millennium, of the war which has been waged by talmudism for dominion over “gentile governments and the jewish masses alike” – and thusly – over humankind. Finally, McLuhans’ erudite investigations of the ‘medium’ by which cultures are molded – to each other, or to hidden interests, as the case may be, delivers a birds’ eye view from far above the level of ingots, shekels, and trade goods.

 An amalgam of all these studies – in the form of a précis which distils the common theme from all of them – is the task in front of this writer. If achieved, it may be the first time that a unified presentation of the talmudic ‘enterprise’ has been written. But that in itself would be but incidental to the aim of the present work. Uncovering our true histories – as well as identifying the falsifiers of same – is only prelude to becoming possessed of the tools necessary to control our own destinies, at last.

The very first barrier to such an achievement is in the nature of the subject – is it one about ‘religion,’ or finance, politics, or ethnology? Something in the nature of how we think of ‘religion’ makes it difficult to associate that term and another, like “finance,” or “politics” together. That primarily stems from having an ‘other-worldly’ slant to our picturing of the religious experience.

We cannot but think of a dimension beyond our immediate time and space when ‘worship’ of ‘creators’ is involved; ‘creators’ must be, in our imagination, beyond the limits of both those two ‘changeable’ qualities. “Changeless,” ‘pre-existent,’ ‘immutable’ or ‘unbounded’ are just some of the terms which we reserve for the powers suitable to be ‘worshipped’ in a religious manner. There is however, no such division of spheres in the talmudic enterprise – the material world is indeed the place where transcendent experience of the ‘godly’ occurs; the accumulation of material possessions, power, and that which the senses savour, are not temptations or illusions. The ‘religion’ of the talmudist – in the form which it is often known and masked as ‘judaism,’ is one of materialism writ large. That this ‘earthliness’ is central to the enterprise does not preclude a large element of ‘mysticism’ or metaphysical speculation from occupying its’ practitioners attention however.

Likewise, those who shelter under the banner of what is essentially a ‘legal code’ which has been written to place a tiny portion of the world’s people in a position of dominance over all of the rest, have artfully combined a talent for logic, and rationality, with the passion of a wizard or necromancer for knowledge of a dark, forbidden nature. Talmudic kabbalism has taken its secrets from the shadowy past when men were still worshipping fetishes, natural objects, and the forces of nature, seen and unseen. There are, of course, other systems of magic and the occult which have drawn from the cellars of human consciousness the leavenings of dark crimes of ages past; yet the uniqueness of our subjects’ persuasion is that the entire system is built upon the presumption of an ethno-religious groups’ claim to an all powerful deity committed to their exclusive advance!

In order to advance our study then, we need throw off the limitations of ‘fields,’ the boundaries between “disciplines,” the shackles of orthodox study which impute ‘science’ to their subjective musings, in favour of a broad-ranging and eclectic pursuit of data drawn from the widest possible scope of both time and space. A study such as David Graebers’ “5000 Years of Debt” can ground us in the basics of ‘ledger-entry’ accountancy as a creation of temples to the ‘gods.’ With such a  grounding we can advance to recognizing the presence of a ‘hidden hand’ behind seemingly random historical interludes of empire.

 Much confusion can be cleared away about the identities of players who have drifted through the annals of history with names which conceal as much as they reveal. “Philistines,” “Samaritans,” “Phoenicians,” or “Israelites” are terms which have been placed in question by the findings of archaeological and anthropological science; likewise, even our presumptions as to what terms such as “Greek,” “Iranian,” Caucasian, and most certainly “Indo-European” itself really mean have to be seriously questioned in the light of modern discoveries of genetics and dna. With the freedom of thought gained from this unshackling, we can hope to penetrate some of the mysteries mentioned in our Introduction.

No prejudice or favour can be given to ‘modern science’ over the renditions of history provided by ‘unorthodox’ but credible recountings. In the same spirit, a great wealth of knowledge revealed by the earlier investigators of the C19th  has been carelessly discarded by subsequent generations of poorly trained ‘scholars’ who consider all times but their own to be passé.

A tipping point, in fact, was reached in the course of that C19th – some of which gets recounted in the chapter Musings. A concerted effort to push both scholarship and ‘the arts’ into accord with bizarre and unsavoury agendas would result in the diminishment of cultural vitality and academic honesty in the western to frightening degree! On top of that, the imposition of a kind of clique of rich capitalists whose money would come to ‘fund’ schools, foundations, and even ‘the press,’ would make a mockery of ‘academic freedom,’ as well as change the core methods and goals of education to impede real creative thinking and open access to knowledge of our past. But the ambitions  of our shadowy cabal of ‘social engineers’ did not stop at tinkering with the visual culture or schooling of their prey!

 In the Chapter “Musings: Symbolism -Harbinger of Evil?” I recount the absurdly little known story of an earlier phase in the campaign to ‘de-gender’ the European culture, via a vanguard of artists whose initial fascination with thing occult and arcane turned even darker with a pull towards abandoning their sexual identity for the kind of kabbalist “Adam Kadmon” trans-sexual ideal which haunts our world now in full flower of evil.

In that project we can plainly see operating the talmudic agenda in its full duplicity. Attacking the roots of gender identity in order to make malleable the psyches of young adults, the clever culture warrior works to hack off the source of testosterone which has so often in previous battles proven the key to the western world’s self defense! What came into full public consciousness in the last half of the C20th, with the raging scatological pathology of the ‘queer’ poet Alan Ginsburg and his allies, had already been anticipated and set into motion by the antics of the ‘fin de siecle’ French Impressionist movement and those parts of the German intellectual circles where the ‘decadence’ which came into full blossom in the time of Weimar Germany was already being disseminated by a diaspora of East European Ashkenazi with secret roots in our already mentioned “sabbatean” cults.

 In the Americas, this seeding of society with elements of decadence and decay would happen slower and through somewhat different vectors; the raw vitality and residue testosterone of a ‘frontier’ society would still be strong enough to make full on cultural subversion a work of much time and stealthy patience, the fruits of which would only fully ripen in the last quarter of the C20th.

As a parallel track to the degradation of gender, sexuality, and art, another front of the war was opened via the cultivation of the intelligentsia’s fascination with the occult and supernatural. In slow progression, the private orgiastic and pornographic celebrations of thrill-seeking members of the nobility – such as the C18ths’ notorious “Hellfire Club” would encapsulate, became the mid-C19ths passion for ‘spiritualism,’ eastern mysticism, guides, gurus, and secret societies dedicated to conjuring up dark forces and magical devising.

 The full template of this particular part of the talmudic enterprise would be revealed via the severely disturbed(and disturbing)career of mischief led by a possessed soul who called himself “Aleister Crowley – the Beast 666,” in homage to his sabbatean controllers. The public presentation of the “Anglo-Saxon male” gone to full bore catamite bestiality, cannibalism, demon-worship and self-aggrandizement as a purported “philosophy” would do much to further wound an already hurting western unconscious burdened with the legacy of a colonial period of rape, pillage, and murder as the source of its unprecedented wealth and material abundance!

 It could be no accident then, that the ‘headquarters’ both the “European Union” and the international cabal of pedophiliac mafiyas and sex traffickers would be Belgium, the country with the darkest of all criminal records in performing deeds of empire building and resource ‘extraction’ in the depths of Africa! A record of serial depravity for which it can be no coincidence that the Flemish lands and “Nether” lands of the adjoining Dutch principalities became, in the era post expulsion, of the jews of Iberia, the new homelands of that caste of talmudic kabbalist who would soon infiltrate every nook and cranny of Europe, with a game plan to finance their expropriation of its culture through the financial sleights of hand now known as ‘central banking.’

All of these modern day references set the stage for our journey back into the mists of time, where we will find an astonishingly identical panoply of deviance, theft, and pretension to ethnic and religious ‘exceptionalism’ all waiting for our examination and connection of the dots by which to bring past and present into one seamless story - of a never-ending battle to bring humanity down to the lowest rungs of existence, and ever further away from our natural birthright as physical manifestations of a sublime and creative universe! The course set here is one which will encapsulate ALL parts of the equation – material and ethereal planes, financial and spiritual affairs, political and personal elements of lived experience. Only in such a way can the influence of talmudism over every aspect of our lives be ever understood!

1)Hoffman Judaisms Strange Gods – quoting 112Hilkhot Melakhim8:9-10; 10:11. Also cf.Gerald J. Blidstein, "Holy War in Maimonidean Law, "in Perspectives Maimonides[Oxford,England: OxfordUniv.Press,1991].

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This longish introduction can be justified only by the fact that the book it introduces is still in the process of being written! It therefore, can be said to serve as a guide to what can be expected from the finished work, as well as a summation of what the authors' preparatory discoveries point towards. Parts of it will likely be integrated into different book chapters as they come to be written,  

In the meanwhile, I hope it will serve the interested reader as a taste of what will be coming.

"In places where Jews are strong, no idolater must be allowed to remain"
 Maimonides, 4 4 Hilkoth Akum X7

As originally envisaged, the book "BARBAROUS RELIQUARY, was to serve as "A Guide for the Perplexed"- a play upon the title of a Maimonides text of medieval origin. Maimonides wrote his tracts not just as a codifier of make believe ‘laws,’ but as a bridge between the Hellenistic traditions of reason and logic, and the emerging mysticism of the kabbalists in France and Spain. And although many of the latter were dismissive of his efforts, those of later generations would come to embrace them, even claiming him as one of their own – a “secret” kabbalalist who saw the light only at the of his days, after his writings were finished.

The "Perplexed" in his case were his fellow judaics; in a world awash in changing perceptions of the goal of judaic piety, he sought a unity of purpose by which that group could advance again from the peripheries of power, back to its center. Within a few generations, the time would come for it to be announced that no further waiting was needed - the prophecised return to the Holy Land could occur, the inheritance of their "kingdom" would be claimed.

 In the case of this book, the "perplexed" are the non-judaic, seeking to understand how profoundly their world is changing around them, as indeed the forces sheltering within 'judaism' have gone far in claiming dominion over not just a putative Holy Land, but over this earth in entirety; indeed they have  eclipsed the role of supposed superpowers in the process. Even where this process of eclipse has been partly visible (and in most cases, it is decidedly not ) its ultimate goal has remained completely hidden. Starting off with the quote above from our 'philosopher' and scholarly codifier therefore seems an appropriate way of stripping things down to the necessary core, right from the start. For it is 'we' collectively, the peoples of the  'western world' who are the 'idolaters' in the eyes of Maimonides' modern day descendants, and likewise we who will not much longer be suffered to 'remain' in our own house. There are myriad ways to skirt around this core truth - none of them need divert us here.

In the wake of Maimonides life's work would come short centuries later, the follow up to its intent- a fusing the philosophical traditions of the western world with the irrational eschatologies of the talmudic kabbalist tradition, binding, thereby, the naive and thrill seeking European elites to a self destructive mythology, invented for the purpose of making judaic mysticism the predominant philosophic current by which all others would be measured, and eventually, subsumed. A work of much time and great stealth – culminating as we shall see, in a “Europe lost to it’s own beginning.”

It bears emphasis that the work to be accomplished here is to not just restoring some of that lost beginning to the light of day, but to illuminate just who has placed it in the dark of night. If it seems obvious that I have assigned that role to a cabal known as "the jews," that perception needs to be qualified - the many and various helpers along the way of advancing an occultic effort to wipe out the true western tradition have been non-jews in a great number of  instances. The concordance of their aims with those of talmudic kabbalism bespeaks an intent which cannot be assigned to any one single source. As a result, the present work cannot join the stream of literature which gets classified under the title of "anti-semitic"; if so-called 'jews' feature prominently in the ranks of those who seek the permanent destruction of the western tradition, they must be considered as an impulse with a greater impulse, even when it is acknowledged that they play a 'leading role' in the grand scheme of things.

The true story of those beginnings is as hidden today, despite all advances in the sciences supposed to shed light upon the past, as it ever was. A "Guide for the Perplexed" must not only, therefore, be able to bring some clarity to what was before hidden from view, but ask, as well, the reason for its being hidden! Which brings us back to the opening paragraph. I posit that the role of persons such as Maimonides has been to indeed create the conditions by which our true history could be 'hidden in plain sight;' and that likewise, the fusing of Greek rationalism with 'oriental' mysticisms was to better further than project, through applying the rhetorical skill of the lawyer to the schemings of the power hungry.

 In this authors’ opinion, the work of Maimonides, and others of his caste, was to fuse the western traditions of logos and rhetoric with the dark magic of talmudic belief, so as to better conceal things from the view of the ‘non-judaic’ which could indeed be revealed to the initiates of that religious persuasion. Out of that fusion would spring the lawerly talents of sophisticated dissembly and intellectual sleight of hand; talents used to ironically cause rather than ease perplexation on the part of the target audience! In such a way was a firm bridgework laid down, between the increasingly ethno-religious exceptionalism of rabbinical talmudism, and the Greco-Roman based culture of “Christendom” – such that, in what would have seemed the height of absurdity, if not heresy to earlier ‘fathers of the Church’ the oxymoron of “Judeo-Christianity” would come forth to confound scholars  previously not perplexed at all! It would take not just time and stealth to make that artificial bond a work of permanence, but also the assistance of many who would pose as one thing, and act as other. Thus would what we call Christianity be transformed into something unrecognizable to it’s earliest practitioners.

And only with such bridges as Maimonides created would it become possible for later neo-gnostical millenarianism cults like the Sabbatean and Frankist to effect their bold schemes to integrate into that European world so as to become it’s intellectual vanguards and gatekeepers. Able to straddle the worlds of dry legalism and logic as well as florid mysticism and magic, his  inheritors would become able to talk circles around any opposition to the talmudisation of history, science and legal tradition – to the point where today, few even realize there to be any alternative narrative to that singularly supremacist rendition of those disciplines!

Although Maimonides was but one of a long line of judaic intellectual buccaneers who roamed the shores of the Meditterranean in search of a mystical paradise for a chosen people, his importance can hardly be over-stressed. This being a popular, rather than scholarly presentation of the covert agendas of he and his cabal, we will cease to dwell upon those particulars - but readers with an interest in digging deeper into the subject would do well to parse works like, or Gershom Scholems'  ‘Devekut, or Communion with God’, in The Messianic Idea in Judaism (New York, 1973)

It should go without saying that neither of the two mentioned authors are trustworthy providers of a true picture of the man's work or legacy; however scholarly they may be, they are at the same time participants in the same tradition. It's a mark of just how badly the field has been deformed that there are next to no honest academic exegeses of Maimonides. The legacy comes down to us as something like that of a proto-new agey 'spiritual guide'  - in much the same duplicitous way that kabbalism itself is now marketed as a benign 'spiritual current' with a self-help kind of flavor! As we shall see - kabbalism itself, and surely true as well for those who worked its margins as part of the talmudic continuum, is the vector by which the most primitive magics of Babylonian days are cojoined with modern scientific discoveries to form a physical 'platform' for the esoteric mandate of those whose mission is to divide the world into "sparks of light" and "the fallen debris" which they consider the rest of us to be! Let us dwell no more, for now, on such mendacity.

It’s a work of faith which is undertaken here, though a faith secular in nature.. Faith that at some point in the future, there will emerge a restored and authentic western tradition, stripped of the accretions of kabbalistic corruptions, and for which this history can serve as a cornerstone. Faith that there still remain some capable of reading and comprehending the issue at stake, at a time when extremely few are even aware of the battle, let alone willing to lend a hand. Faith that there is still to be found – somewhere – a residue of resistance to the intentions of the deceivers to destroy the culture, the very dna of the people on whose behalf I write. But a faith not naive in nature. Because the truths witnessed to here are already virtually outlawed by the gatekeepers of convention, I’m aware that this work is unlikely to achieve much traction no matter the amount of effort put out.  But the example which other ‘outlaws of the intellect’ have left for us is enough to inspire obedience to the task. Let us proceed with it!

The ‘RELIQUARY’ part of the title is a reference to the practice of placing  artifacts - bones most often - of reputed saints into a container which thus becomes a receptacle of holiness venerated by pilgrims in pursuit of blessings, cures, or answers. The second doble entendre in the title Barbarous Reliquary is a reference to the modern parlance by which precious metals are a “barbarous relic” of the past, without legitimate place in the financial system of the present, that runs via debt,interest and the derivatives trade – fiat monies chasing themselves. The innate barbarity of that modern system is lost upon those who depend upon the modern educational system and modern medias for their understanding, while the curious pagan crudity of the worship of bones also underlines the nature of the Christian theological racket. A pagan holdover which that church continues to authorize as it is useful to the emotional needs of its followers.

A steady undercurrent in this book which will soon enough make itself apparent is the bedrock importance of those same ‘precious metals’ in the modus operandi of the cabal of talmudist money handlers we will be calling “the money power” for convenience. For them, the devaluation of the older measures of wealth – gold &silver – in the eyes of the societies whom they prey upon – is part and parcel of the strategy of deceit by which they hope to increase both wealth and power. For themselves, of course, the importance of those metallic items has never changed – but a war of perception must be waged in order for the great bulk of those materials to fall into their hands.

Financial war, culture war, wars of perception and wars of deception; all of these cojoin in the makings of a war upon the western peoples which this book is designed to illuminate. Stripping away the many masks and myths under which that war is concealed has been the work of the author for several years now. The summation of that work to date is simply this -

behind all of the myths and masks  which the economic system and the value systems which the current Occidental culture are based upon, an imposition of a purely talmudic point of view, and structure of law has been achieved. The fictions of ‘capitalism’ ‘free enterprise,’ and the role of the entrepreneur have served but to place real free enterprise, and true entrepreneurialism into reliquaries of the conceptual kind – to be venerated by naive pilgrims unaware of the sneering laughter of those who have built the legends upon which their reputed ‘holy grounds’ of pilgrimage gain their worshipers faith and their offerings!  If the present work is in any way successful, the convergence of that theme in both past and present formats will occur to the reader as a matter of some import. The metaphor I like to use in emphasizing its recurring presence is that of the "shell game" - that game of 'chance' which the timeless operators of the classic deception leave little to 'chance' in performing!

The ‘saint’ of this books' cover picture is Ste Foy – “ a Roman girl martyred in the town of Agen as part of the Diocletian persecutions in 303 AD. Legend holds that the twelve-year-old was first placed on a red hot griddle and when holy intervention stopped that from killing her, she was beheaded .After death, her relics performed the usual assortment of miraculous cures and visions, making them a crowd-pleasing feature of the church — which is precisely why the Conques monks stole them from Agen and relocated them to the monastery in their town!

And so, the pilgrims came. And, so the story goes, St. Foy developed her reputation for… unusual cures. Notably, when a knight came to her seeking a cure for a herniated scrotum, she, via disembodied vision, of course,  helpfully suggested that he find a blacksmith willing to smash it with a white-hot hammer.Amazingly, this gentleman followed her divine instructions without a murmur of protest, and was committed to this terrible plan right up until the last minute, when he fell backwards,away from the hammer’s strike — and was miraculously cured from the force of his fall!

The saint’s relics are still held in the golden reliquary, dating back at least to 1010, designed in the shape of a (somewhat mannish)woman. The manly face of the reliquary has actually caused some debate — some scholars see the face of a Roman emperor, while Thomas Hoving suggested that it was a death mask of Charlemagne. Regardless, not only is this one big, golden statue, it is also the last remaining example of its type, once common in the middle ages.

Now that I have been able to access the work of scholars who pursue real historical records outside of the bounds of European/American orthodoxy, I have been gradually strengthened in my intuitions that much of what has been passed off by that same orthodoxy as factual is ... in fact... suspect. As 'suspect' indeed, as the story of "Ste Foy!" Piercing the veil of perplextion woven by that orthodoxy has required acquaintance not just with the land where so much formative to the western tradition took shape - but also with the people who live now in that same territory. Once the incredible complexity of the mixture of ethnicities, dna, and cultural traits is seen with ones' own eyes, the ability to reduce  the study of subjects such as history, ethnology, or anthropology to simple black and white typologies disappears. As do many of the solid presumptions of those 'sciences' as to  origins, language, or even race of the people we encounter in the ancient heartlands of emergent 'civilization.'  

In searching for "European" beginnings, therefore, we are obliged to throw off many shopworn prescriptions which are designed to nail down eluvise blood lines, tongues, and tribal groups in a way which proves faulty when one digs deeper. One of the first of which to fall by the wayside is the resilient  notion of an "Indo-european" cultural group which has stayed prevalent in the minds of scholars for close to two centuries now, without them ever being successful in defining the boundarie or origins of that putative chunk of humanity. Many such orthodoxies of a pseudo-scientific nature will be going out the window as we proceed. History, in order to be a reflection of truth, rather than ideological agendas, will have to be 'rebuilt' from the ground up!

In starting in on that long and hard task I return to a couple of quotes from - "Has Europe Begun it's 'Final Descent.'

"If a Europe which has basically turned it's back upon the putative starting place of its culture is beginning to feel the effects of such a radical cutting off from it's roots, two questions will begin to bear on what comes next... was "Greece" really the starting point for what would become 'our' civilization in the west; or was that really just history as 'marketing... the successful use of scribal notation to effect a coup upon truth? If the later possibility is the correct one... then where need we look for the real roots of what has become known as the "European" world?"

Followed by this quote from Heidegger:

We must face the possibility that the beginning is not the old in the sense of the antiquated but that we are so very antiquated that we can no longer understand a beginning - and especially cannot understand when we invoke the advanced and the contemporary, 

in order to set the scene for an overview of the fascinating elements of known history which set me on this quest for the hidden past, long before I had been politically awakened to understand why and by whom it is hidden. What is equally fascinating is that the very same elements of the historical puzzle which were eluding the scholarly field when I last had the chance to look in on it - some twenty five years before - are STILL eluding them now! That the combined weight of several generations of academia has gotten little or no closer to solving the mysteries I mention below is a shocking sign of how occidental arrogance and hubris has worked to keep things which should and could have been cleared up long ago, still in the dark. But at the same time, its a wonderful gift, that I could have waited out a quarter century of orthodox academic statis, and still have the chance in front of me of digging fresh ground where none have gone before!

Before I had finished my own business career, in the few moments available for thoughts outside of operational concerns, the story of far east Asias "Tocharians" was a great interest of mine. Reading up on these blue eyed,red haired and tall people who had inhabited the area of the Tarim Basin, millennia before “Europeans” explored there, spurred my passion for ethnography and history in new directions.

What were these apparent“ Caucasians” doing so distant from all others of their physical type? What were their origins, and how did they get there? When my pursuit of Buddhist history took me to the same area of Asia in order to study the work of European scholars who had unearthed evidence of a civilization in the midst of that same huge desert space – the people of which had the very same physical characteristic as those earlier Tocharians – it got interesting indeed!

Murals found in the cave monasteries of Kizil, still vibrant with the original colors and textures a thousand years after their making, showed men with light- colored hair and eyes dressed in long robes girded with swords in such manner as to appear to be right out of a European medieval tapestry - but this was C7th Central Asia! Kucha and other surrounding city states from that era were eventually conquered by an expansionary Chinese state, and disappeared from history. But the record of these strangely “European” people in the heart of Asia remained a goad to further questions about much of the basis upon which conventional historiography had been built.

It was only a short time after my study of the central Asian civilizations that I came across the work of Ethel Stewart, another obscure,self educated scholar with a passion for opening up holes in orthodox renditions of history, and filling in the resulting spaces with fascinating information. If I’d been taken aback by the strange and wonderful information which the exploration of Central Asia had provided, the work of Stewart more mind blowing indeed. Having acquired enough of a grasp of phonetics and linguistics to start translating a variety of Asian texts from the time frame of the Mongol invasions, she started comparing their information with what she had learned first hand in her field work among native Indian bands of the North and west of Canada and Alaska.

By taking the accounts of native shamans and storytellers about their origins into a multi-variant framework of investigation, she began to realize that those stories had their genesis in historical events which Asian histories had recorded. As such, she was able to trace the lineages of individual bands to specific parts of the Asian refugee diaspora which had resulted from remnants of central Asian nations fleeing the Mongol wave, from Tarim of the Uighurs and Turkic tribes north to Harbin, the Korean Peninsula, Kamchatka and across the sea bridge to Alaska. from there, they split into what would become separate bands that spread gradually south till reaching California and the plains of the midwest, and westwards right into eastern Canada and the Great Lakes.

Not content to upset the orthodoxy of history to that degree, she also made a study of the languages of the North American newcomers (circaC13th) which specified their antecedents in the Tibetan, Turkic, Tungan, and other central Asian tongues. So our “redskins” of reputed indigenous North American origins came instead from the melting pot of Central Asian immigrants, with a good measure of that “Caucasian” style Tocharian dna thrown into the mix! Ethnology would never be the same. Needless to say, entrenched academics of their respective fields uniformly panned Stewarts work – it gained no traction at all during her lifetime. After finding stray references to it in ‘fringe’ epigraphic and historical diffusionist journals, I traveled to a college town in Georgia USA, the library of which held a precious copy of her published work. A few days of diligent photo-copying left me in possession of a treasure of ‘forbidden’ scholarship, which would lie in slumber among my possessions, waiting for this moment decades later.

In vacating the west for a new Asian homeland, I was forced to leave behind a large accumulated library of books on all aspects of Asian history.Years of research left behind in the move, among the slender mementos I carried with me was Ethels work. At last I know why! While it was easy for sneering scholars of a previous age – when linguistics and archeology held sway as the means of building ethnographic theories – to dismiss Stewarts ground breaking studies, with the arrival of this new, genetic-based science of dna testing , the case must, and will be opened again.

In the Khan Tengri series Return to Khan Tengri - Part Three - Light from the East? we introduced the ideas of Murad Adji about the similar western movements of peoples of Altaic origin – into the Steppe country and then spreading to the fringes of eastern Europe and the Balkans. That it is anecodotal evidence, the gleanings of 'tradition' rather than the findings of 'hard science' renders such a narrative difficult to support. But here, we receive direct evidence of a second, even more far reaching wave of Altaic immigration via the southern routes, to the farthest reaches of the European sub-continent! Klyosovs study of the “Arbins,” and the spread of the R1a/R1b haplogroups provides back up to many of the concepts which our anecdotal narrative brings forth. As such, we find in our hands a powerful new tool to forge the parallel trail to Ethel Stewarts' visionary work of long decades back, and solve many of the mysteries which have remained elusive to mainstream academia!

When science, and  historical account can support each other, we are going to see some progress.  But amazingly, both agree in their outline of a dispersion of Central Asian peoples into the west, by which their descendants become the predominant part of what we call the “Europeans” of today. Myths are starting to explode left and right! Just this very morning I read an interview featuring a typical talking head droning on  how European civilization started with “the Greeks.” Blind leading the blind. We’ll be applying corrective surgery in the hopes of allowing them to regain their sight again one day! “Out of Africa” has been supplanted by “Out of the Altaic!” Even leaving aside for the time being - the tremendous significance of Kymosov attributing to this same population group the origin of Sumer, we are looking at a vastly changed landscape, from the one orthodox academics continue to bicker over endlessly. Nothing will ever be the same again.

It's time to bring this introduction to a close. We can best do so with a final survey of the field, as developed by the practicioners of orthodox methodologies, and prepare the ground for our new slant on things.

Perhaps the best way to summarize all that bickering - and the theories over which it takes place, would be to extract this introduction from J P Mallory, so that once over with, we won't have to review that territory again. For close to 25 years I was hung up with doubts about all the interpretations I had read as to the Indo-Europeans in general, and the Tocharians in specific. At last the breakthrough has come about which conforms to the reason for those doubts, and the gut instinct which drove me to withhold belief in any of them. Here Mallory lists the contenders:

"Twenty-first century clouds over Indo-Europeanhomelands JP MALLORY"

….. The Anatolian Neolithic model. This has been most popularized in the works of Colin Renfrew (1987). It sets Indo-European origins to the Anatolian Neolithic and argues that the spread of the Indo-European languages was part and parcel ofthe spread of agriculture through Europe in a demographic “wave of advance”.Since its original presentation it has been modified a number of times to deal with some of the more serious criticism directed towards it. The revised model(Renfrew 1999) still argues for a movement of farming populations from Anatolia into the Aegean and Balkans extending through central Europe along the Danube drainage (the Linearbandkeramik) and also around the western part of the Black Sea where it carried agriculture and Indo-European languages to the steppelands.

The NearEastern model. The major proponents of this model are the linguists Tamaz Gamkrelidze and Vyacheslav Ivanov (1984) who have been provided with detailed archaeological support by Stanislav Grigoriev (1999; 2002). Here the homeland is set south of the Caucasus, and Indo-European expansions are set somewhat later than presented in the Anatolian Neolithic model (the spread of farming isnot a critical element of the Near East model). A distinctive feature of this model is that the ancient European languages (Balto-Slavic, Germanic, Celtic,Italic) are all derived from a Bronze Age migration east of the Caspian through Central Asia. This in effect has created the notion of a secondary homeland located north of the Black and Caspian seas. Another possible variation of thismodel may be seen in Leonid Sverchkov’s (2012) recent book on Tokharian and,more generally, Indo-European origins in Central Asia.

3. The Pontic-Caspian model. This homeland model, developed in a large number of publications by Marija Gimbutas (e.g.,1991, 351–401) and most recently and extensively argued by David Anthony(2007), locates the homeland in the steppe and forest-steppe regions between the Dnieper and the Volga during the period c 4500–3000 BCE.
All of these models apparently require the Indo-European languages (including their attendant agricultural vocabulary) to be superimposed/adopted by at least several major complex societies of Central Asia and the Indus. If one accepts this conclusion then a significant portion of the Indo-European world cannot be explained by agricultural expansions, even among those who support an early Neolithic homeland in Anatolia. And if one is forced to accept language shift over a series of complex societies in Asia, how can one argue that only the spread of agriculture could explain language shift among less complex societies in Europe?
In any event, all three models require some form of major language shift despite there being no credible archaeological evidence to demonstrate,through elite dominance or any other mechanism, the type of language shift required to explain, for example, the arrival and dominance of the IndoAryans in India...the NearEastern model, that requires the ancestors of the ‘ancient European’ languages to wander through Central Asia, cannot place the ‘Europeans’ north of south Central Asia before c 2000 BCE at the earliest. This is going to render the Indo-Europeanization of most of Europe a far more recent phenomenon than most would expect or accept. It would detach the Indo-Europeanization of central and northern Europe from such cultures as the Corded Ware horizon that in almost every way imaginable would appear to be archaeologically, spatially and culturally a part of the Indo-European world.

More importantly, it creates a‘bottle-neck’ for the Northwest (?) Indo-European languages dated to about 1500BCE where they all should have passed from east to west across the Pontic-Caspian and on into Europe. To propose a common secondary home and time depth for Balto-Slavic, Germanic, Celtic and Italic so late leaves hardly anytime at all to explain the phylogeny of the European languages and how they arrived in their historical seats.
And here, at last - we get to the money shot - will Mallorys' closing summation:
"If there are any lessons to be learned, it is that every model of Indo-European origins canbe found to reveal serious deficiencies as we increase our scrutiny. One is reminded of Daniel Kahneman’s observation:
“It is the consistency of the information that matters for a good story, not its completeness. Indeed, you will often find that knowing little makes it easierto fit everything you know into a coherent pattern” (Kahneman 2011, 87).

"The problem here, of course, is that over time we have come to know more and more and that our earlier, simpler and more alluring narratives of Indo-European origins and dispersals are all falling victim to our increasing knowledge."

Falling victim indeed! But little does Mallory know, to what. A proclaimed skeptic of dna genome research, Mallory has failed to find a way to bring his earlier work on the Indo-Europeans in general - and the Tocharians in particular - to a convincing conclusion. And that's very much because he - along with all of the other scholars competing to solve this vexing issue - have been looking in the wrong places for answers. And after all these decades of waiting, I can see past the serial confusion engendered by their blindness - thanks to being able to build upon the work of those unorthodox researchers who have employed the modern breakthroughs in 'dna' genetic science without paying any homage to the outdate pedigrees of orothodox academia.

I give the last word over to the new scientific  trendsetters as represented by Klyosov and the genetic hapologroup pioneers:

"We have said above that haplogroup R1a migrated across Anatolia to the Balkans between 10,000 and 8000 ybp; the group spread throughout Europe,moved east to the Russian Plain, and then went to India. The first date is supported by the fact that we find PIE in Anatolia between 10,000 and 9000 ybp(Gray & Atkinson, 2003; Bouckaert et al., 2012). PIE could have been formedand evolved during the long migration from the Altai Mountains to Anatolia.Then, the language migrated with the same R1a haplogroup to the Balkans and across Europe, where around 6000 ybp it split into branches; members ofhaplogroup R1a arrived around 4800 – 4600 ybp on the Russian Plain as speakersof Indo-European language(s). DNA genealogy has confirmed that haplogroup R1aarrived in India as the legendary Aryans around 3500 ybp; even today nearly 72%of some Indian upper castes are R1a bearers (Sharma et al., 2009).

The suggestion of the Anatolian hypothesis that Tocharian languages were not part of the Balkan linguistic advergence area is conditionally supported by DNA genealogy. According to Gray and Atkinson (2003), the Tocharian languages were an archaic branch, which arose around 7900 ybp, and were spoken by R1a populations in the Tarim basin.

Based on the dating of the Tocharian language and the relatively highlinguistic distance of Tocharian A and B from the other IE languages(Tomezzoli & Kreutz, 2011), it is unlikely that the protoTocharians migrated westward to Europe and the Russian Plain with the proto-Aryans (R1a),and then moved back to the Tarim Basin. It is more likely that theproto-Tocharians migrated from the Altai region of north China to the nearbyTarim basin and remained there (never going to Europe), forming the autochthonous R1a peoples of Central Asia.

The Anatolian hypothesis groups these Tocharians rather superficially with Europeans (Li et al., 2010), without any DNA justification—their haplotypes were not even reported for a comparison with European R1a haplotypes. It is not enough to consider Tocharians as Europeans on the basis of their somatic features and their clothing which, in 4000 ybp, looked like Scottish plaid. In fact, plaiding techniques could equally well have been brought to Europe by R1atribes from the Altai and Central Asia. Still, there is some room for the Tocharian languages to be considered as derivatives of the archaic European R1alanguages of the IE family. Tocharian is possibly an ancient Centum branch. Inthat case, we have to admit that Gray and Atkinson’s (2003) estimate of their appearance (7900 ybp) should be reduced at least to around 6000 ybp. Thereshould also be a recognition of an earlier migration (between 6000 – 5500 ybp)of R1a bearers from Europe to the Altai region, and theirpossible contributions to the Afanasyevo archaeological culture and perhaps to the Centum Tocharian languages in the area, including the Tarimbasin.

This concept is verifiable; if Afanasyevo bones not too far away from the Tarim basin are dated at least 5000 ybp and are shown to belong to the R1a-Z93 subclade, the case for a migration of R1a from Europe tothe Tarim basin will be well supported.

DNA genealogy data disallows Anatolia as the homeland f PIE and IE languages.

DNA records show that these languages had no specific homelands—R1a bearers migrated over thousands of miles during the course of thousands of years. No archaeological site can be possibly identified as a location in which IE split into branches—the branching of IE was a continuous process of divergence and convergence over millennia. According to DNA genealogy data (see Figure 1), the predecessors of those who spoke PIE languages might have migrated 50,000 ybp or earlier from the unknown birthplace of the β-haplogroup. The birthplace might have been in Europe, the Russian Plain, or south Siberia (where they arrived between 40,000 – 35,000 ybp). Much later, sometime after 20,000 ybp, they migrated westward along with the R1ahaplogroup via Anatolia, to the Balkans, to the Russian Plain and Pontic steppes, to the Middle East, Middle Asia, the Iranian plateau, the Ural mountains, Hindustan, South Siberia (again), North China, and Mongolia. All of these locations are migrational passing points and not homelands for the predecessors of the IE languages."

"Root," "Radicle" & "Rhizome" are terms from the biological sciences, which, when grafted onto the human dimension, work surprisingly well to describe certain rhythmic propulsions in history, as well as processes of the economic kind.  One such source of worthy critical analysis is that of Deleuze and Guattari, authors of 'A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia.' Although caught up in the late C20th milieu of Marxist materialist dogma, as well as Freudian fictions, nevertheless there are parts of their work where the authors shine a light on the important psycho-biological differences between the two poles of what is -geographically - the one huge continent of "Asia"... "Europe" being a smallish protrusion from the western extreme of it.

In Penthesilea, Achilles is already separated from his power: the war machine has passed over to the Amazons, a Stateless woman-people whose justice, religion, and loves are organized uniquely in a war mode.Descendants of the Scythians, the Amazons spring forth like lightning,"between" the two States, the Greek and the Trojan. They sweep away everything in their path. Achilles is brought before his double, Penthesilea. And in his ambiguous struggle, Achilles is unable to prevent himself from marrying the war machine, or from loving Penthesilea, and thus from betraying Agamemnon and Ulysses at the same time. Nevertheless, he already belongs enough to the Greek State that Penthesilea, for her part, cannot enter the passional relation of war with him without herself betraying the collective law of the people, the law of the pack that prohibits "choosing" the enemy and entering into one-to-one relationships or binary distinctions.

*A reliquary (also referred to as a shrine or by the French term châsse) is a container for relics. These may be the purported or actual physical remains of saints, such as bones, pieces of clothing, or some object associated with saints or other religious figures. The authenticity of any given relic is often a matter of debate; for that reason, some churches require documentation of the relic's provenance.
Relics have long been important to Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and many others.