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The Real Truth about it's Coming End

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At some point it will be necessary to lift the lid.... and stare down into the abyss which is this END GAME PANDEMONIC spectacle being played out right now. And knowing what kind of resistance/tampering my tentative efforts have already stirred up long the way of this past month of reactivated reportage....I am, naturally enough, not too eager to move those yardsticks ahead!

Nevertheless... I must, however gingerly... get going. A few 'pointers' as to the general direction which we must needs follow;

New reports of renewed "outbreaks" of viral sickness in China... including the recently 'cleared' areas like Hubei, are NO surprise to this reporter. You see... buried so deep in the various narratives about the WU FLU as it is purported to be... is a truth too shocking to  be told. So as usual... it falls to me to tell it.

This 'illness' is a concoction which has the same mix of components which I encountered in previous 'up close and all too personal' meet ups with man made biological madness. You will NOT BE TOLD... that there is a FUNGAL COMPONENT built in to it. You will NOT BE TOLD the meaning of the word PLEOMORPHIC. And therefore ... you will NOT UNDERSTAND either the deadly persistence, nor cycle of progression which this WMD contains within itself. Unless you dare to read what will be written here.

I barely dare write it.

But it will be done.

Next clue:

There's a very interesting list of 'risk variables' by ethnic group which breaks down the chances of contracting the 'virus' according to that metric. It supports a number of the musings which I have done about the mixing of dna haplogroups as an integral part of the historical 'puzzle' by which our real 'history' has been hidden... behind a screen of lies.

Next clue:
The  clusters of cases which involve so-called "ultra-orthodox" judaists on both sides of the pond - in Amerika aand the mothership in the s e Med itself... are indicative of something significant going on. I've mentioned - in the course of my studies back on the GBTM platform, that the 'merger' tween left-over frankist-sabbateans & the kooks of the ultra faction of 'chasidim' has produced the ultimate bad actor - the "Chabbadie!"

Chabad talmudical kabbalist millenarianist madmen now control puppet presidents in ALL major world capitals. Their stranglehold over economies and administrations has grown right under the noses of a sightless, deaf media... because THEY control much of those medias... and can intimidate those they do not control outright.  

And ... the very medias which they control... can in turn 'intimidate' readers unwilling to turn off their critical faculties - in order to perform their preferred role as 'advertisers targets' by which sites can fund their own disinformation agendas~! Such intimidation I have witnessed - and spoken of, in my last post here. My counterattacks will soon enough be noticed... but in the meanwhile -

exactly two years back... I started - gingerly- down a similar path of forbidden exploration... being the moment on GBTM when I announced that we would examine

"How a relatively tiny, heretical, antinominian sect of western Eurasian origin came to rule over the FATES & FORTUNES of almost all of us, was a subject I had imagined dealing with in the comfort of my bookish writers’ cell… a matter of much time, research, and consideration, as all good books must be. Yet FATE itself has intervened to posit otherwise, whether to good or bad fortune will be seen!

Even  the shortest detailing of the lives and legacies of both Josef Frank and Sabbatai Tsevi is not the matter for a blog posting, nor can the covert campaigns of their successors be contained within a modest paragraph or three. Yet to see such a cacophony of complaint accompany the merest initial application of our guiding "de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas" to the study of contemporary politics begs the question - huh? What have we here?

Among several other things, we have a juncture of the kind which many an online site owner reaches in the course of taking the measure of themselves and their audience! A juncture at which many of those many seem to get in touch with their ‘inner fascist’… by means of taking aim at all who would disagree, dispute, or disturb their equilibrium in any way. And many a pretense of being a conduit of open and lively debate of democratic design… gets trashed in short order!

To accomplish my goal here, I must pursue a different path. If we hold in abeyance - for now - the question of to what degree such audience argumentation bespeaks sincerity, as opposed to hidden agendas, then it is possible to once agin, make silk out of sows’ ears! To whit… I respond to such critics with…
The End of the Line - for Further Obfuscation of the Role and Significance of Frankist-Sabbateanism in Determining Our Futures!

By the end of which essay - it will no longer, ever again, be possible for any to pretend confusion about “jews” whose chosen game is ‘jewry’… versus “judaics” whose chosen name is legion but purpose be singular…
and thereby… we shall indeed be able to instantly know just who is here ‘for real’ … and who be present to ‘steal’ the promethean fire of our desire for ‘truth in medias!’

A diversion into seeming arcana, therefore, is in order. And in order to bring it to you, I must paint the stage a bit. To whit:

In thinking through the possibilities as to how the PRETTY OBVIOUS clues already laid down by myself and copious other sources - about the existence and purpose of that neo-gnostical group of “jews who are not jews” - could truly, possibly, maybe… be “missed” by persons of good faith and honest resolve… I asked myself if it were possible that the very markings of kabbalistic talmudic magic itself could be used to solve that mystery of perceptual paucity. And indeed - I believed it could be so. How so?

Having decided that I would follow up on my all too subtle reference to 'hidden agendas' with no heavy hand on the comments tiller, it was, of course, at that point the old site started to get the hijacking treatment which would ultimately cause me to shut it down. By delving into the 'frankist-sabbatean' conspiracy we opened a can of worm which brought forth the GOLEMS selected by the entities "behind the mask" to shut down our little adventure in communal discovery. But before that sad ending of freedom to explore... we had a few more 'bright moments' in the mix... one of which was the announcement - via the story which followed up "DYBBUK DATELINE - 'GLAD TIDINGS...
with happy news of a pending social collapse in the pirate state of Urusalem! While subsequent 'events' have proven any such prophecies to be premature...

the theme of some kind of internecine warfare tween factions of the tribe was one which continues to resonate! A 'war over the spoils of victory' as I have called it... which now looms larger as as a bitter 'war of extermination' tween the same factions. While I can't deviate from the main mission here to examine that dynamic in depth, it indeed remains a solid guidepost by which to orient our direction here. We had a 'visit' from the very same lingering ghoul who was placed in charge of attacking the old site - its clear that there is still an 'oversight' which is placed pon these efforts to ensure that they remain ineffective. Forewarned that such malevolent DYBBUK
      Hello there "Robert!"                                                
 presences are still a part of the mix ...writhing madly in their terminal torture states...  I shall make every effort to use my well learnt lessons from the past experience to truncate their ability to spoil this baking cake! Comments are no longer a necessary 'rocket fuel' to keep me flowin... and visits from ghoulish former partipants will not interrupt nor impede this party!

The upshot of all this is that -as I demonstrated in the course of that previous mission two years back - talmudic kabbalism stands on much shakier ground than they would wish us to  believe. However, whereas I was still naive enough to believe - even a couple of years ago - that this implied there might be a way to defeat or defuse their efforts to destroy the west...

I now know that they will succeed in that goal... but very possibly in destroying themselves in the process! Just another data point to factor into our 'post-western' world abuilding! The horror story unfolding in the fallen lands will continue to build in intensity and terror... but there will be an end to talmudic kabbalist madness. And those of us left to pick up the pieces... will do so with 'hearts of gladness.'
Yunus E by Yunus E @
When the curve gets flattened from wearing masks, the fascists will not have an excuse to take away people’s rights and control them,” one commenter from Zero Hedge stated about why the CDC isn’t recommending masks. “So, if you love liberty, wear a mask.” 

in my previous posting, I promised to keep the shaudenfrade to a minimum... which is a TALL order, considering just how much abuse I have received for being able to detail EVERY ELEMENT OF THIS DEBACLE WITH pinpoint accuracy... since the beginning. Rising to the occasion, however, is a 'piece of cake' ... since with the latest 'news n views' from back in GULAGISTAN ... we have arrived at a place called BEYOND SHAUDENFRADE... that place where we have to stop laughing at all the faked out 'experts'.. and just git on with it! "It" being the promised examination of the 'medical' evidence available to the crime scene investigator.

As the pundits fall all over themselves with "explanations" for what's going down....
from "its' a deadly disease killing thousands"... to "its just the flu... and the hospitals are empty" ... the entire point of the exercise is missed. And since no one will ever read - let alone comprehend... what I explained in the story "EITHER AND... THE WESTS' LAST STAND" we might as well move on from trying to explain how BOTH can be true... as well as "false"... and just continue with the detective story.
it's almost as if...some supernal power - with an enormous emphasis pon "IRONY" - has delivered me a script which can be summed up as.... 'YOU MAY DICTATE ALL THAT WILL UNFOLD WITH PRECISION... YET NO ONE AT ALL WILL PAY ANY ATTENTION.' Well no, actually - I take that back - its not 'almost as if'... it is - exactly what it is.

By now... the [purely hypothetical!]reader will know that I've focused of late pon a couple of 'influencers' indicative of how this 'influenza' thing is being narrated in the fallen lands for maximum "effect." Just to what "effect" it has been my purpose to discover - in my role as the storied detective A Dupin! If I haven't got around yet to connecting as many dots as  had hoped to.. it's because in truth ...

a)I'm OVERWHELMED by the rapidity with which the official END GAME approaches.
b)My first attempt - via the WUHAN BLOWBACK series of 'comments' cum segments... was summarily 'waylaid' by the usual suspects... and I spent nearly a month in recuperating my health and strength.

Being - unlike EVERYONE jiggling about in the incipient talmudic hell realm the west has now fallen completely into - free of any FACTIONALIST tendency to take 'sides' in the matter of 'blame'... I can report the facts as they filter thru the clouds of disinfo... and now feeling up to the task agin...

but those facts are too astonishing to grapple with, without a long long period of ... digestion. Let's nibble away at what I can presently get my head around:

I started detailing a precis about the who/why/were/when BEHIND THIS PSYOP back in February... when my antennae were raised by some resurfacings of old themes in my previous life back in the west. An informal series of comments left pon the pages of the MAJOR RUSSO-TALMUDIC media organ of the 'alt-media' prong of the ONEMEDIAS dual-pronged disinfo racket - - turned into something I called "WUHAN BLOWBACK" - THE SERIES.

At the core of that precis was the notion that - rather than one or the other of the main protagonists - USSA/THE WEST, or CHINA/THE EAST being cast in the role of 'victim' or 'aggressor' as per usual, BOTH sides of that dirty - dialectically distorted - coin were 'infected' by viral media distortion purpose -bred to create mass confusion, hysteria... and chaos. Said thesis being a logical enough outgrowth of my years of tracking a major 'pyscho-political' operation which I had come to call "kabbalism in action - the kulture war!" Suffice to say, this is a minority opinion, not only NOT SHARED by any part of the ONMEDIA MONOPOLY ... but one suppressed, ignored and/or vilified. Because it is the TRUTH.

PURELY HYPOTHETICAL READERS out there... now floating around in space like our prophetic prose writer LORD DUNSANY ... will remember that in addition to '' I've focused my flashlight pon another 'alt-media' organ - MIKE ADAMS of '' ... so as to glean what the progress of the dual-tracked 'METHOD' might be. Progress towards WHAT? Well, after an interval of 'target practice'... as my mojo started clicking .... my arrows started to point twards something I termed 'SENSORSHIP' ...with the first letter being a lil signal to indicate the 'convergence' of state censorship with state surveillance - such that the complete -orwellian- noahide 'security state' looming up so long over the horizon... would 'loom' no longer - being fully arrived as 'LOCKDOWN NATION!'

Clearly that one cause some "sensors" to go off... at the CONTROL CONSOLE... because I started getting more and more flack/interference to my diggings... to the point where... a couple of weeks into this expose thing I had started... I discovered that the comments which I had left archived under my user profile on the mentioned disinfo site... had been PURPOSELY REMOVED! The "silent, holy war"... right in my face - as usual. The opposition never 'surfaces'... so as to allow for that 'mano a mano' contact sport in which I excel... always its' 'behind the curtains' from which the knives are thrown!

"Sensor" is the perfect word for describing the governing principle behind the current madness... because the phonetic convergence of TWO meanings - censor and sensor - mirrrors the 'double meanings' of the dialectical imperium so beloved to the talmudic kabbalist! And when I dug deep enough into the current mass pandemonium pandemic to discover that real story... the mask came off... in short order.

It was, you see, a comment of mine back n February directly focused upon the theme of "masks" in the physical sense of the word... which led to the final 'surge' to get me off of the stage - so that the show could go on unhindered. Not content to simply hinder me with little tricks behind scenes... our boyz got out the kitchen sink to throw ... and via a classic gaslighting extravaganza combined with that 'secret sauce' of electro-magnetic malignance which since 2016 I 've recognized as their technique to use against real oppositionalist... convinced me it was time to thrown in the towel on playing 'whistleblower' on their main platform. My intercessions on behalf ot the former kith n kin are over - that battle is irretrievably LOST. I write now as witness to the crime.

It's a longstanding pattern of 'rope a dope' I play with "the main enemy" - which I found today described in an old story -

"a puzzling period wherein I went dark  as per a longstanding survival strategy whereby…
when the MIND PARASITES/ARCHONS/WHATHAVEYOU… pick up my trail… and begin to pound me into the ground, I – knowing very well that they will not stop until I am toast – play dead."
 Go dark... pop back up.

And it was within that same old story - from an April two years back... that I provided an inkling of 'foreshadowing' where you stand right now....

"Donald J Drumpf - SHADOWPUPPET IN CHIEF -  is your ‘leader.’ He is literally ‘leading you into this irreality show showdown with a long-delayed fate. He is being taken down... taken apart as we ‘speak.’ He is the poster child for the kabbalist crusade to crush the western peeples forever. Mel and Stormy are right in the middle of the maelstrom... and you, dear hypothetical reader... are flotsam and jetsam of the seething sea. If I refer to you from this point on as "hypothetical," fear not, it is the better to protect you from the much more terminal fate which your enemies have in mind for you! In the state of 'hypothesized' super-mobility and mirthful resistance which I have invited/invoked you into - \'“sociate” as individuals whose collective wills are attuned to the spirit of ”playful action./" your heads will be able to bob above the waves which await the many dead souls being dragged down by undercurrents of the kabbalist kind!"

as the MOTHER OF ALL MAELSTROMS drags you within its terrifying maw!

And now... a month later... the "flu bros" are back... reclaiming the 'mask' territory as their own.
Mike Adams - the undying Trimpista... finds friends and common cause with the talmudic psyoperators on zerohedge. He extols a comment left there...

“When the curve gets flattened from wearing masks, the fascists will not have an excuse to take away people’s rights and control them,” one commenter from Zero Hedge stated about why the CDC isn’t recommending masks. “So, if you love liberty, wear a mask.”

... which echoes my own... from far back... but safely circumscribes the 'meaning' of the mask as a device to defend 'liberty'... a buzz word which covers... in the phony oppositionalist lexicon... for the secret erosion of real "freedom" by a cabal of fake 'resistors!'

Wear a mask - for 'liberty?' No. I don't think so. Wear a mask because of what's coming next....
which I will discuss at length ... when I finally get to the medical aspects of this mess. I've not got to that angle yet... simply because the speed of the takeover has been 'breathtaking'... and I'm trying to keep up - or get caught up - on the way they will literally 'neutralize' everyone in the fallen lands... a la the infamous reference I have previously made to the 'FREQUENCY FENCE' scenario. It's not just "coming"... it's HERE!

Two years back, in a story on the GBTM site I discussed the arrival of what will now occur - during the "lockdown" leaving every gulagistani conveniently 'sheltered in place' ... as something which I HAD ALREADY BEEN WITNESS TO ... not, this time, via 'dreamscape,' or 'remote view'... but via a 'live time' exercise in mass social disruption and fencing which occurred here in ANATOLIA in the summer of 2016!

""What I witnessed, when leaving my mountain fastness to drop down into "civilization" at the very end of July, shocked me to the core. Everyone I encountered there was ... the same... but somehow different. In fact, two parallel "soundtracks" or storylines ran through my interactions with those who I knew. Due to some kind of providential sixth sense, I could "hear" both what they were saying on an overt level, and as well "see" a hidden discourse behind it. Totally disorienting to me at the time, but ultimately, with time for reflection and digestion, a revelation."

In searching out explanations for what I had witnessed as I dropped down from high above the seacoast that day in July 2016, I came across -

"All electrical power generating stations, and the appliances that draw power from them will
be utilized as a carrier for this electromagnetic distortion. The human body has a natural
immunity against such invasion, which the instigators of this technology will repress by
introducing a certain organic, elemental compound into the world's water supply, and by
transmitting specific wave spectrums of light directly into the human optical faculties.
Technologies such as broadcast television, and the internet, will be utilized to transmit the
specific wave spectrums of light.

Further invasive programming will be subliminally carried through all radio broadcasts, and
through the cellular and digital telephone network of towers worldwide. This will serve to
enhance this bio-neurological invasion even further. After 6 years, this Frequency Fence
will cause a genetic mutation to manifest in the collective human gene pool which will be
passed down through pro-creation, thereby permanently scarring humanity.

There is no known technological defense against this invasion and there will be no place to
hide. This technology will block your higher sensory abilities which will serve to limit your
human potential. The blockage of human intuition or your "gut instinct" will be just one of
many natural abilities which will be impeded. Another will be your ability to commune with
your "Higher Self" or God, systematically cutting you off from your God Source"

as what I figured to be the best 'explanation' of what I had seen - a "bruised" sky as I described it at the time... hanging over the Aegean.

Now... with day after day of gloomy fake cloud hanging overhead - through which no solar energy is penetrating... I more than ever convinced of this explanation for what I witnessed.

Every effort on my part to bring this to the attention of the benighted westerling since that day has been suppressed."

And that description of what the current 'roll out' portends... in short means, dear mensch - YOU are about to be psychically castrated. That same story from which I extracted the quote regarding the "maelstrom"... had an opening paragraph which would be apropos for any remaining 'soul survivor' still lurking back there in the fallen lands of the west:

"Long ago and far away…  I learned that…
When trapped inside a run down adobe hideout, with “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” no more – the thing to do is COME OUT WITH BOTH GUNS BLAZING!"

Ummm.... yeah. That pretty much sums it up. Listen up little man! If you don't 'BREAK ON THRU' TO THE OTHER SIDE now....
you ain't gonna get there later. This is it gomers - Krakatoa and Pompeii ... on steroids.  Thar she blows!
Yunus E by Yunus E @
For those old enough to remember, one of the more ubiquitous elements of the television medium in the far way 1970s was Yetzl B Slimistein in his innumerable iterations all over North Amerika - late night ads when the rates fell low...

enough to bring on the bearded, thick glasses guy in the funny hat, hawking .... carpets, blinds, household stuff.... from a sublet mini-warehouse on the edges of town... with a wheedling voice and manic body movements which were designed to add just the right element of "woody allen" style pathos to a pitch which  never varied very far from - I'M CRAZY CRAZY... and I've got CRAZY PRICES ON all my stock today... only!

Hiding his absolute contempt and disdain for his goyish marks... err, customer under a froth of impish bonhomie and pushy sales shtick, YBS would skirt around the issue of whether his prices were really so “unbeatable”  after all ... and when successful, graduate to bigger digs and multiple retail locations, all under a banner blaring NOBODY BEATS.... etc., etc.,

until he and his ilk reached the needed heft to push the municipal politicos into changing the laws so that Sunday openings were "kosher" ... while wielding that double edged sword in such a manner that the kulture war component of this innocent commercial program would proceed in tandem with the long term goal of emptying the churches - and turning that long abided 'day of rest and prayer' into just another full parking lot extravaganza.

While guys like Woody & Bobby "Dylan" Zimmerman took over the arts and music world, Yetzl & co. quietly built up their bank accounts - so that they could fund 'start ups' like Bob Guccione  with glossy porn monthlies that featured endless shiska babes posing for proto-Harv Weinsteins. This was marketed as 'womens liberation' ... somehow or other, like that... if you sheared a sheep of its wool.. and then gave it a fringe of rabbit fur and a head dress of long ears... you were some kind of 'animal rights' activist!

Don't ask me how all that managed to get through a very basic sniff test - I suspect it may have had something to do with all the recreational drugs everyone in goyish society had started consuming round bout that time... but what do I know? Although I bought into quite a bit of the 'aquarian age' pitch... the zen mind... back to the land... rainbow culture and rock n roll stuff...

I never grabbed onto the drug brass ring... I guess cause it just rang hollow, in the echoes of my mind. So I can't tell you what it's like to view the world from an synaptic framework permanently and prejudicially 'altered' by LSD or something even worse. But I suspect that all too many of those who are now pillars of western society can - or could - if they were able to recognize that alteration to their capacities and senses for what they are!

But hey! In an age of ‘governance’ by an adderall-addicted 5 time bankrupt super-salesman... wherein a corporate cabal of largely foreign and/or dual-citizened  mega-wealthy ‘philanthropists’  tread the rungs of a LADDER TO POWER which the previous “Kenyan-led” administration helpfully created for them...
Why sweat the little stuff? When you can celebrate... THE BIGGEST CLOSE OUT SALE EVER! That’s right folks – ‘WE’RE LIQUIDATING USA/LLC ... AND while stocks of food and booze last... you’re time to party like its 1984 – all –o’er agin ... has arrived! While the deaf dumb and blind ONEMEDIA ratchets up the racket about... “helicopter $ 4 All”... the NEW IMPROVED FORMULA for a coup d’etat a la 2008 is breathlessly IGNORED.
 When you ‘give away’ all your cash... in one final splurge of hookers n blow before end times... it generally ends poorly. Unless it was OTHER FOLKS MUNKNEE that you gave away... whilst carefully saving a big bunch of loot for yourself!

Fiddlin with his “PR” image while Washington burns... AGENT ORANGE now oversees the final stage of his mission – to bring Merikans to their knees. “Bend a knee” being only the preliminary... in a series of ‘dance steps’ which end with one’s head rolling into a gutter with a sharp, clean cut along the neckline! Donnie J Drimpf and his dad - Fredo - learned everything they needed to know... about how to work a racket as good as any Yetzl yet known... from their pals like Bunny Sugarman and the rest of the NY TALMUDIC MAFIYA. Pork troughin for the non-pork eatin portion of the populace! And now... all the kosher chickens are headin home to 'roost!'

Now that KING BIBI has successfully put a stop to efforts to dethrone him from his gig as PRESIDENT FOR LIFE... via rendering his rival GANTZ into yet another roadkill casualty, the coup d'etat in Urusalems sad sack American outpost is clearly running in tandem with one in the mothership!

In a recent interview with Sputnik, a talmudic insider observed -
" that several of his colleagues, whom he described as “mainstream analysts,” have been referring to the prime minister’s recent actions in Israel as a “coup.”
That coup is going to go much, much further than just monitoring people’s cell phones,” he warned."

... and so ... exactly one year after I called THE END ... to all resistance... we reach the END 2.0

Yes, I'm 'branching out' today... a bit in the style to which I was accustomed back on the days of GBTM... having no longer to worry about sending short and pithy pleas to western plebians in imminent peril - to WAKE UP AND FIGHT ... before it's TOO LATE... BECAUSE it is, indeed now ... too late,

I can comfortable return to my role as chronicler... of how it all went down. That was going to be BARBAROUS RELIQUARYs motif at the outset.... historicising the judaic kulture war against humanity. Along the way, I got waylaid... by 'current events' which caused my attention to wander...

which is not such a bad thing...because... along the way thru that interval couple years back, I learned some important caveats about the job I had set for myself.

And to celebrate a special anniversary – the moment one year ago when I placed on this site the story – THE END –

\'TODAY ONLY'/ ... I’m gonna muse a bit about what real folks do... to look after their health and sanity... in a world gone totally mad.

Yesterday was HARVEST DAY numero uno... for our main wildcraft crop - lavender - which started exceptionally early this year... I suspect because the collective lavender unconscious knows something we cannot - about what is coming dead ahead. The frankincense trees are well along to leafing out... and giving us the benefit of their precious oils...

rosemary, thyme, even the pine pollen time... are all crowding in on us with their offerings of assistance to aspirating soul survivors! Its all about the lungs, this time round, you see. An essential part of the body/mind continuum now under attack - the world over! How pitifully few have understood THE MAIN EVENT... and the consequences of failing to prepare.

It was while walking back from the lavender groves yesterday that I landed upon the 'fresh pastures' of thought which begot the declination of travel which my mind now takes....

a scent of decay and destruction of the fallen lands replaced by the aroma of a post-western world slow-cookin all round us here~! Baked into that cake is a side dish of schadenfreude to be sure - i won't deny that there is an element of that in what I now a result of seeing one's best efforts to share and counsel be foolishly squandered by the intended beneficiaries...

but that will be kept to a minimum methinks.. as I become more accustomed to thinking about what comes next... instead of what went down! That's one of those 'caveats' which I mentioned, you see!
My previous job description ... of 'historian'....implied there to be an audience which would acquire the knowledge I had retrieved from forgotten and forbidden pathways of exploration. Now that I've realize that no such audience will exist - indeed, that the entire ENGLISH SPEAKING world will with frightening rapidity now be vaporised into a haze of discordant coronavirus-spewed nasal noahide nightmare...

there's a pressing need to press on with my acquisition of new... NON INDO-EUROPEAN language skills... such that, my thoughts DO  ultimately find both audience & effect....  somewhere other than where I had originally imagined. I'm not too impressed with the options available to me here in Asia... where brain-dead zombie-dom has caught on as the prevailing lifestyle pretty much to the same degree as in the fallen lands...

so its' imperative to push forwards with this MUTANT thing - other words... that variation pon the theme of 'human bean' which will successfully replace a devolving and ultimately DEAD ... human of the kind which I was pon birth... but intend to be liberated from before 'death.' If that ain't 'creative thinking... then  I sure as hell don't know what is~!

But great as thinkin is... it ain't enuff to gets the job done... when it comes to ..... PUTTING THE RACE back on any kind of successful trajectory!  That's a task for BIG ACTION! Thats why... even with my abundant affection for heroes of tremendous intellectual girth.... my man "African Spir," or "Anaximander" and other olden days bioneers... when it comes right down to it...
 this shot of the really real BIG ACTOR of the C20th ...NESTOR MAHKNO
is where the buck stops!

Beyond, yu see, all the 'left vs right' factional political bullshit... lies a land of "stateless living"... for those few who survive this crime scene spectacle to usher in a new era of the human continuum. An era which will appear remarkably similar in form to some very very 'old' eras of our development. NESTOR MAHKNO and the BLACK FLAG posse were the antecedents of this move towards freedom from state and moneymaster. Because their struggle -against both left and right forms of totalitarian fascisto-communism was ultimately doomed to failure does not mean there is nothing to learn from their experience and example! And

... when I found that some of my old stories examining that very theme had been thoughtfully deposited on this very [forgotten]site some time ago... I re-read them with interest and enthusiasm.

 What is hidden behind the “Novorossiya” story – and why?
    The Mystery of the Missing Makhnovchina! More Suppressed History for the curious and unvaccinated mind! November 2014
 Makhnovchina – “The Free Territory” – Is history repeating in Ukraine?
    June 2014 - first precis of the developing situation in Ukrania

Now that 'left' & 'right' fall to fighting over who gets the blame for the pathetically slow and inept responses of ALL governments to the corona thing - it will do well to remember the 'path not followed' which was tread by the great Durruti in Spain and Nestor in Ukraine - a BLACK FLAG ANARCHISM of the C21st kind which will be rekindled soon nuff here in the near east - as I began to explore the theme in TOPRAK VE TURNA -SELF GOVERNANCE AND THE MIDDLE EAST MAP a few years back!

And while it's safe to say that ... "few to none" will do the same... nevertheless the show goes on ! As we seque out of a dying wester worlds' final traumatic seizure... into a totally different 'post-western' I spent the entire past decade prepping for, here's some final thoughts from the great SPIR ... to spur the aspiring soul survivor onwards... thru the deserts of the really real!

"Place a spider atop a mountain - it will only try to catch flies. Alas! There are many who - in the figurative sense, have spiders eyes!"
Yunus E by Yunus E @
Given the rather choppy nature of our previous outings' text - a pastiche of 'comments' retrieved and strung together haphazardly so as to reproduce a thesis which I called at the time "WUHAN BLOWBACK" ... I was half disposed to offer an apology for the mess, knowing that I wasn't going to waste precious time cleaning it up... so as to make it more - palatable. A salient point entered my mind, however -

which is that such 'choppiness' may indeed be an accurate reflection of conditions which will become more and more prevalent... as westerlings find themselves falling deeper and deeper into realms of talmudic hell with dizzying speed! As such... there is a necessity to stay in keeping with that dynamic, as I chronicle current 'events' as well as relate them to historical themes. A disjointed and 'choppy' presentation of our theme may be a more 'accurate' journalistic representation of 'reality' as it stands than the much smoother and well-presented pablums offered ad nauseaum by the ONEMEDIA!

At any rate, in this present segment however, I think it possible to produce a better reading... of the readout. Let's start by summarizing where we ended up in that previous posting:

The Wuhan P4 bio-lab now identified as the apparent epicenter of the China outbreak has a long history of accidental releases of hazardous samples.

The Winnipeg P4 lab from where Chinese nationals were expelled for stealing hazardous samples has a long history of "losing" materials of similar nature.

The Chinese have stated a strategic imperative to colonize the African continent with their own nationals[the figure 350 million has been the most common used]in response to the drastic depletion of their domestic  food and manufacturing resources, along with critical environment deterioration.

Removal of indigenous populations in Africa by means of targeted bio-weaponry is an integral part of that strategic vision. "Improvements" in efficacy/transmissibility of previous efforts in that direction - HIV/Ebola/Zika etc., - were the subject of study in both mentioned P4 labs. Theft of the resulting samples was likely to have been the object of the expelled Chinese researchers mission in Manitoba.

There is reason to believe that such theft was looked upon by those in charge of the P4 Winnipeg lab as conducive to a desired purpose -  which neither the proponents, nor end results of can be conclusively identified yet.

 It cannot be ruled out however, that the coronavirus components formulated for greater lethal effect and transmission at the Canadian lab and its Wisconsin partner lab were deliberately allowed to 'leak' back to China as part of a bio-war component of the current trade and geo-political tensions between the USA and China. Nor that, having the Chinese take the blame for an outbreak of mass pandemic in Africa would be another component of a well-planned honeypot.

That was my summation of what we knew about this corona thing as of the beginning of March. It still stands, as the most objective - and therefore accurate - account of the WHY & HOW components of our crime scene.

But before my WUHAN BLOWBACK commentary was summarily crushed by some 'talmudic-kabbalist' blowback of another kind, I had dug deeper into the HOW part of the story. That segment focused upon that element, in a manner that no other writers have. It is an aspect of our narrative which I titled "SENSORSHIP"... in acknowledgement of the strange manner in which the subject of 'sensors' has become central to our 'unorthodox' narrative here. Let's have a peek at how I opened up that subject back in February....

Next up in our ever more popular series -BLOWBACK WUHAN - we sneak a peek into the world  of "AI" focused data start ups...

companies catering to states and enterprises which seek "solutions" to problems of "security" and "social management." One might ask  why is this relevant to our storyline - of mass infectious disease outbreaks.... I certainly did...

after I learned that the wife of one of our chief protagonists - Dr.[deceased?[Frank Plummer was "Chief Scientific Officer" of one of those start up ventures, and that his wife "Jo" is VP- Strategic Vision" for the same! Apparently, there is a 'converging frontier' tween "data security"... "agro-tech bio-automation"... "smart cities"... and "systems management." Oh. And 'sensors.' That word kept cropping up in my reading. So did a random thought: sensor and censor... funny, what - how the two words are phonetically interchangeable?

We have a pretty good grasp of what 'censors' do. What about "sensors?" Umm... pretty much the same thing... if used in surveillance socities like... China LLC.

"The AI-based system, which uses surveillance cameras in public places rather octhan phones, tracks the minority population's members not only in their home province but when they travel in other Chinese regions.
Using algorithms to label people based on race or ethnicity has become relatively easy," writes NYT's Paul Mozur. "But China has broken new ground by identifying one ethnic group for law enforcement purposes."
Selling products with names like Fire Eye, Sky Eye and Dragonfly Eye, the start-ups promise to use A.I. to analyze footage from China’s surveillance cameras. The technology is not mature — in 2017 Yitu promoted a one-in-three success rate when the police responded to its alarms at a train station — and many of China’s cameras are not powerful enough for facial recognition software to work effectively."

Sounds a lot like 'social control' by means of 'SENSORSHIP' don't it? If you needed to 'target' emandatory vaccines, that sort of anti-social thing...
and... your citizen/serfs not only were a bit unconvinced about the pressing need for EVERYONE TO BE UNDER CONSTANT surveillance... but had LOTS OF GUNS as well, how might you go about getting around that lil hurdle, to successfully impose your ultimate orwellian security state vision anyhoo? Yup.... infectious disease mass outbreak could be just your ticket!

"Yet they help advance China’s architecture for social control. To make the algorithms work, the police have put together face-image databases for people with criminal records, mental illnesses, records of drug use, and those who petitioned the government over grievances, according to two of the people and procurement documents."

Hmmm... I'm "sensing" that a few wrinkles remain to work out... in getting this 'algo' thing fully efficient.  I wonder if there might be any 'helpful' western companies able and willing to provide "solutions?"

Previous  segments  of this ongoing  WUHAN WEIRDNESS SERIAL have nested in the strange tale of a (now allegedly deceased)man I’ve termed “the Plumber” = Frank Plummer – the microbiologist at a Manitoba Canada ultra P4 lab whose cv trails question marks like crumbs trail a pigeons breakfast  of stale bread!

After several attempts to fly the coop from that starting point, my investigations have been forced to ‘circle back’ to it again….  Because curious and curiouser ‘random’ factoids picked up in the course of throwing the net a little wider… have repeatedly returned me there.

What kind of fact bits n bytes you ask? Terms redolent with multiple meanings in this new millennium – like “AI”… “bio-security”… ‘data monetization’… and “infectious disease control”. Much like myself, you probably never thought of how they all come together – at the ‘frontier’ of new ‘scientific start ups’ which are creating ‘opportunities’ for state supported research into …

talmudic hell zones on earth! WHO are the players? That’s right! I said WHO! Like some kind of Marx Bros. pantomine, the WHO organization is ‘on first base’… and up to bat is a collection of ‘philanthropic’ foundations which bestow hundreds of millions of dollars of largesse upon those entrepeneurs whose prospectuses propose the right combination of those fore-mentioned ingredients. Sound boring, innocuous, ho hum? Yes… it’s meant to! Only a “NOGOODNIK” such as myself would let themselves get “triggered” by the fine print hidden between the lines.  Only the experienced investigator – of that which my alter-ego.. the famed Parisian detective “Augustin Dupin” termed “that which is, and that which is not”
would find within them the keys to a gigantic scam by which our world is to be turned into that same mentioned hell zone.

Which brings us back to….. Manitoba, Canada, of all places… and the road from Porton Down England through to an “AI data startup” named SIGHTLINE INNOVATION.

What do we get as a ‘takeway?’

How about…. ‘more powerful cameras needed’…. More better means of ‘sensors’ employed in ‘smart city’ environments to ‘monitor’ movements of citizen/suspects?

Cue…… “the Sightline” offer!

Sightl i ne Innovation i s Canada’ s l argest machi ne-l earni ng company, focused
on del i veri ng i ntegrated photoni cs and AI sol utions to di srupt and optimi ze
exi sti ng l egacy qual i ty i nspection processes. Sightl i ne currentl y serves cl i ents
i n a vari ety of verti cal s i ncl udi ng automoti ve, aerospace, construction,
consumer goods and heal thcare. T ogether, Sightl i ne Innovation’ s qcV eri fy
and photoni cs sensor portfol io pi eces form a di stributed network of

and with that 'choppy' quotation drawn from the Sightline website... I must draw this segment to a lieu of more of the missing sections of my documentation of that companies role in the WUHAN BLOWBACK mystery. I'm going to sum up the segment with a short reflection upon the meaning of this segments' title  -  as it reflects the gradual shift in 'mission" on the part of those in society whose role once was one of 'to serve and protect'... but in with the ever-encroaching noahide SECURITY STATE now blooming in its full horror...

has become one of 'to surveil and detect'.... thought crime/pre-crime/and every other deviation from full obedience to the wishes of kabbalist-talmudism.... in action!

Unusually astute readers may notice that - rather than participate in the game of assigning 'blame' to whichever of the various puppet 'nation-states' lined up on the media playing field, this truculent investigator prefers to get behind the smoke n mirrors machine... and see WHO is sitting beside the WIZARD as he dials the instrumentation on his console, and wiggles the strings of his marionettes!

I'm desperately searching for some more of the missing pieces I dug up.. and were then so thoughtfully 'disposed' of by our talmudic buddies running the zerohedge scam. As I find them[fingers crossed]i might variously... edit them in to this posting... or continue with a third part, as seems preferable.

Till next time!
Yunus E by Yunus E @
I've been waiting for the appropriate "counterattack" by the 'Flu Bros'... to motivate me to get busy drilling into the 'medical' aspects of this WUHAN BLOWBACK crime scene. At last.... I think we may have that

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

attack. An impressive array of 'credentialed' experts lied up to tell us... once agin... "its just the flu" Bro.

As I already covered, in "Either And - The Wests' Last Stand".... the dissimulationist technique which rests upon the fallacious premise - IT'S EITHER THIS... OR THAT - has perniciously enveloped ALL dialogue upon ALL subjects, for so long now, in a cloud of dialectical deceit...

that no one can even imagine an alternative premise to start from in examining this 'pandemic' thing. So prevalent and pervasive is this obnoxious mist of noxious il-logic that its a major effort just to summons up the will to battle back against the enormous heft it is granted by all sides of the ONEMEDIA.

But this kind o FLU BROS DO MARX BROS extravagant media outburst.... sends me that 'summons.' And I'm answering it NOW.

Once you’ve read the off-guardian flu bros piece… and then compare it with this –

Asked by Sky News whether COVID-19 is just like the flu, Dr. Roberto Cosentini said, “No, it’s utterly another thing. More pneumonia than flu… it’s a very severe pneumonia and so it’s a massive strain for every health system.”
He added, “Every day we see 50 to 60 patients who come into our emergency department with pneumonia and most of them are so severe they need very high levels of FIO2 or oxygen.”

most recent report from on the ground in know that somebody is LYING. And the question isn’t really WHO … so much as WHY. Read on, and you will see how my own premise formed… as the days went by in February… and things developed from another story about  - somewhere far away.. to something akin to a remake of THE BLOB.

 And believe it or not.... it was one of our own - THE CORRESPONDENT GOES BY THE NAME OF 'HUDAS'... on the GBTM platorm who got this ball arollin! When he pitched droll comment back at a dopey zheeple on the 'usual suspect' site zerohedge...  I just happened to be standing near by... to swoop in a make the catch! My antenna having picked up faint signals of a sense of humor on that humorless cross-section of deadman walking Merikan... I immediately dug in to the story.... Dupin style - here's what I dredged up in short order:

Story: Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa?

he he heh.... good 'catch' bro.

"Pedro" came to the clinic for help.... with some local disease control issues...

 In April 2009, the Mexican national lab approached NML for assistance with identifying a respiratory virus that was causing outbreaks in Mexico

Seems he and "Pancho" shot the place up...

"we don't need no stinkin masks,"gringo"

after asking politely for 'de vsccine' and not getting a welcoming response::

In line with IHR article 12 (2), the director-general of the WHO established an emergency committee to assess the situation  After the committee's first session, the WHO classified the illness as a 'public health emergency of international concern', and defined the phase of the epidemic response (Chan 2009a).

Despite its commitment to trinational collaboration embodied in NAPAPI, the US was one of the first countries to implement travel alerts to Mexico. At that time, there was no scientific evidence of a pandemic, especially since the outbreaks were small and in relatively isolated areas. Belgium, Argentina, the UK, Peru, and Uruguay soon followed suit.


One of the most extreme responses came from China, which quarantined a group of Mexican holiday travellers and cancelled an Aeromexico flight from Tijuana to Shanghai

After critical moments in Mexico during April and May 2009, the virus spread worldwide, and on 11 June the WHO declared a pandemic (this status is reached when a virus spreads across several distinct geographical regions). By September 2009, the six regional WHO offices had reported 254 206 cases and 2 837 deaths

Another crisis arise when companies manufacturing the H1N1 vaccine were unable to scale up production rapidly enough to meet demand. For Mexico, this was a particularly sensitive issue since it had donated the H1N1 virus to the WHO for developing the vaccine as early as May. Between September and October 2009, Mexico had to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to obtain the vaccine, as they had sold the initial production run to other countries, including Canada and the US

Just the tip o the ice flow bro! This thing is gettin weirder by the minute.

Winnipeg: abracadaver.... gonna reach out n grab yer!

WHICH COMMENT became the very first segment of the WUHAN BLOWBACK series! Within the hour... there came a second:

Wait, what?

Dr. Plummer, an Officer of the Order of Canada whose work, particularly in HIV/AIDS, has shaped prevention strategies internationally, is the first participant in a Toronto trial that is using deep-brain stimulation to treat alcohol-use disorder. The treatment is sometimes described as a pacemaker for the brain. A year ago, surgeons implanted two electrodes in his brain – and the tiny, electric pulses they constantly emit, he said, have helped him feel better than he has in more than a decade.

“It’s given me my life back," he told The Globe and Mail recently. “I have a lot more joy for life.”

Dr. Plummer said he relied on alcohol over the years to deal with daily life, from stress to grief to happiness. Since alcohol use is common and socially accepted, and because he limited his consumption to evenings after work, he did not realize his drinking was problematic until he learned his liver was failing in 2012.

Today, he said, he is not completely abstinent – that is not his goal – although he no longer drinks every day and does not crave it. With his newfound energy, he is writing a book and working on developing an HIV vaccine.

A former scientific director of the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg involved in the development of an Ebola vaccine, Dr. Plummer is the first patient with alcohol-use disorder to participate in the trial at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; researchers are hoping to get a total of six. It is believed to be the first trial of deep-brain stimulation for alcohol-use disorder in North America.

The procedure involves drilling small holes in the skull to place electrodes into targeted areas of the brain, while a battery pack that powers them is implanted under the collarbone.

In Dr. Plummer’s case, electrodes were placed in the nucleus accumbens, a part of the brain that plays a major role in the reward system and communicates with other areas involved in decision-making and mood. The latter is important as alcohol-use disorder is often tied to depression.


Since deep-brain stimulation requires surgery, which involves risks such as infection and bleeding, it should only be reserved for severe, “end-stage” situations, where other forms of treatment have not worked, he said.

And with that... we were off... on the trail all o'er agin! One of the great things about the above-linked flu bros off guardian diatribe is that it actually mentioned the 2009 mexican flu thingl So that we can compare lines note for note; but I'll leave that till later. For now, I need to get finally caught up on the old components of the series - which got not so mysteriously 'deleted' by the boyz on the hedge!

A series of shorter updates followed;

Hmm... that was pretty weird. The machine froze, then shut itself down...

I switched to a second one, then the first one turned on with a message...'preparing windows'... for what? Seems Mr Bill Gates ain't too happy with snoopers! Second machine opened but wouldn't load ZH. Then the broswer crashed.

Where were we? Ahh yea... the "Plumber" was a kind of secret 'alcoholic' who went for 'brain implant solutions' for his problem.[see my 2nd comment in above linked thread] Not a happy camper it seems... but whoooo would be? All these guys appear to be playing "Dr Faustus"... to a really real Mestopheles!

I found out some more oddities about the Plumber... before I went back to sleep. Lemmme find out what be the freshest thread on the SICKO SUBJECT here... and I will continue.

Story: Coronavirus ‘Super-Spreader’ Infects 57 In Hospital As China Continues To Refuse CDC Help

When I woke earlier this morning... with the usual 2am munchies, I got an appetite for a  lil snooopdawgin as well.

What the hell, said me... mights as well find out a bit more about...

the "Plumber" what 'da Wedge' sez be point zero behind it all!

hmm... suddenly my pointer won't work.

Be right back!

‘Super-Spreader’ Infects 57 In Hospital As China Continues To Refuse CDC Help

Bill's been kinda messin with me of late... think I'll mess a lil back!

The Gates operation resembles nothing so much as a massive, vertically integrated multinational corporation (MNC), controlling every step in a supply chain that reaches from its Seattle-based boardroom, through various stages of procurement, production, and distribution, to millions of nameless, impoverished “end-users” in the villages of Africa and South Asia.

Emulating his own strategies for cornering the software market, Gates has created a virtual monopoly in the field of public health. In the words of one NGO official, “[y]ou can’t cough, scratch your head or sneeze in health without coming to the Gates Foundation.”  The Foundation’s global influence is now so great that former CEO Jeff Raikes was obliged to declare: “We are not replacing the UN. But some people would say we’re a new form of multilateral organization.”

The fall of the Soviet Union ushered in the present phase of public health philanthropy, characterized by the Western demand for “global health governance” – purportedly as a response to the spread of communicable diseases accelerated by globalization.

'It is in this specific context that BMGF’s intervention in the distribution of certain vaccines and contraceptives must be seen.  Heavily invested in Big Pharma,  the Foundation is well positioned to facilitate pharmaceutical R&D strategies tailored to the realities of the developing world, where “[t]o speed the translation of scientific discovery into implementable solutions, we seek better ways to evaluate and refine potential interventions—such as vaccine candidates—before they enter costly and time-consuming clinical trials.”  In plain language, BMGF promises to assist Big Pharma in its efforts to circumvent Western regulatory regimes by sponsoring cut-rate drug trials in the periphery."

the Gates Foundation, like the MNCs it so closely resembles, seeks to manufacture consent for its activities through the manipulation of public opinion. Happily, not everyone is fooled: popular resistance to the designs of Big Philanthropy is mounting. The struggle is broad-based, ranging from the women activists who exposed the criminal activities of PATH in India, to the anti-sterilization activities of African-American groups like The Rebecca Project, to the anti-vaccine agitations in Pakistan following the revelation that the CIA had used immunization programs as cover for DNA collection

Health has been redefined as a security concern; the developing world is portrayed as a teeming petri dish of SARS, AIDS, and tropical infections, spreading “disease and death” across the globe (and requiring Western powers to establish centralized health systems designed to “overcome the constraints of state sovereignty.” Imperial interventions in the health field are justified in the same terms as recent “humanitarian” military interventions: “

Story: Coronavirus ‘Super-Spreader’ Infects 57 In Hospital As China Continues To Refuse CDC Help

On June the 9th, 1969 the House Sub-Committee on Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970 heard evidence on US chemical and biological weapons programs from Dr. Donald MacArthur, Deputy Director of the Departmental Research & Development. He claimed that molecular biologists would "within a period of five to ten years [be able] to produce a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could be acquired."

 When a committee member discovered that no such program existed at that time, he was also told that the reason for that was lack of money, not lack of interest. He proposed an effort to develop "a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease."

Can't get into the wayback machine to follow the above up with....

be back soon!

Story: Coronavirus ‘Super-Spreader’ Infects 57 In Hospital As China Continues To Refuse CDC

Nov 21 2019="Today Dr. Frank Plummer will be delivering a keynote presentation at the royalsociety AGM, The Celebration of Excellence and Engagement. Dr. Plummer will be speaking about his HIV resistivity research in Nairobi and Data Trust technology."

At the time of death, Chief Science Officer of self described "AI specialists" SIGHTLINE INNOVATION.... THE Plumber WAS doing WHAT ... with his previous "Aids research" and work on infectious diseases at the Winnipeg Labs?

Sounds all very 'INNOCUOUS' ... to me!

And then, I started to 'hit my stride'.... as we visited an old informant from back in the early part of the last decade ... for a bit of "afreaka" accent to our developing narrative...

Story: Coronavirus ‘Super-Spreader’ Infects 57 In Hospital As China Continues To Refuse CDC Help

Ahh! Golem... its been.... years~! All the way back to 2012.. and "unicredit" ...

and now...

more trails of the$power... even more covertly placed.

Since I started down the trail of the man I call "the Plumber" = aka "Frank Plummer" the now deceased doctor with the drinking problem and an extraordinary cv.... less than 24 hours ago -

"..noting THE SOMEWHAT ANOMALOUS CAREER PATH of a doctor who decides to spend two decades of his working life in NAIROBI KENYA... working on AIDS INFECTION IN HETEROSEXUALS....

In June 2005, Dr. Plummer and his team received $8.3 million US over five years from the Gates Foundation to continue the studies on Kenyan prostitutes and develop a potential vaccine against HIV"

I've been stringing this new information with very "old" information from my previous life back in the wester world together...

so that two EPICENTERS OF EVIL... Ft Dietrich Maryland, and Winnipeg Manitoba... start to whir and hum again in my brain. The former... known place of origin for the man made Aids disease falsely attributed to "Afreaka"... the later, home of an equally maniacal 'experiment' whereby large swathes of Manitoba, northeastern Ontario, Wisconsin and adjoining territory...

were aerial-sprayed with a biological toxin consisting of a fungal disease which ..... ATTACKS THE LUNGS ... and is fatal to a significant % of those who contract it ... through contact with the soil.

A lab in Winnipeg... run by a guy who spends 20 years in Nairobi working on 'Aids vaccines'... funded by Bill Gates... among others, goes back there...

to die of a sudden... while working as "Chief Scientific Advisor"... for an outfit which

he he heh... specialises in "AI"data control... and 'monetization!'

You'll need to clik and read each of those links ... to see where I'm comin from, and how I got here. When we're all caught up...

yupper... Golem - "Afreaka"... it's a jungle out there... and everywhere else too! I've pretty much figured out the motives and methods thing.. thanks to "Doc Plumber"... but - as usual...

sorry -

THEN ...

Story: Coronavirus – The African Connection

Since this past weekends' threads provided conclusive proof that any serious discussion of a mega-story like "coronavirus" is now completely outside the purview of

that brand of westerlng who flocks to sites like this one in order to satiate their conceit of being 'ahead of the curve' information consumers, let's "back up the truck" order to reroute the essential message via a jokey post like this one, instead of those more serious ones which serially ended up being destroyed in value by the antics of the inmates.

And for starters, it needs be said that -for once- our fearless ferret leaders have been commendably at the forefront of bringng REAL - as opposed to the usual FAKE - news to the world. In breaking the story -actually GREAT GAME INDIAS story .. of the little lab of horrors in the windswept plains of Winnipeg as epicenter of evil,

the bouys were the spark by which serious investigators could ignite engines and zoom off into the farther reaches of improbable - yet very certain - correlations between very disparate ... yet collectively EVIL ... people and 'organizations.'

Investigation which have bloomed so rapidly and rationally into a set of conclusions which will prove to be impeccably well founded, when all is said and done! Since there will doubtless be an endless stream of moronic 'saying'... and meaningless 'doing' in between now, and that happy moment, I will simply review where things have got to...

and then step aside, to let the fleas come out and feast on the message... sans messenger. My original intention of brnging the gallery along for the ride, in produing the data points one by one for inspection and corroboration/refutation as appropriate,

was met by such a wall of indifference that I quickly realized such convivial 'sharing' was superflous to the task. Which I have all but accomplished in 24 hours. The results?

With the help of Golem X1Vs contribution about Chinese in Africa... and some background research I had already been doing, as a result of a lil "jewel" of a thread posted here last week about "Russia and Diamonds in Afreaka"...

I was able to blend together the FACT of Beijings' longstanding mission - to export several hundred millions of its own citizens to the Dark Continent rich with reources of the kind that state capitalist economies lust after...

with the newly disclosed details of the work of DR FRANK PLUMMER[deceased]in conducting two decades of research on 'CURE FOR AIDS' in Kenya, and then KANADA... in KONJUNCTION  with the agenda of BILL GATES, plus

the knowledge base I had gained about state-sponsored bio-weaponry experiments in mass dosing of civilian[as in - their own citizens!] populations with toxic agents capable of debilitizing and/or fatal effects, many years ago... before leaving the benighted west,

the work of madmen posing as 'scientists' conducted under the auspices of supposed "centers for the prevention of infectious diseases" which actually were funded by tax payer $ to CREATE infectious diseases[as per Robert Gallo and his invention of AIDS]

and finally connect the dots leading to Mr Plummer the microbiologist, who graduated from med school and began his career of serving the cause of all this virus creation in the 1970s... and in the IMMEDIATE aftermath of the revealing conversation held between . ..a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives

and a Dr. MacArthur, at the time, the deputy director of the Department of Defense, which reads as follows:

The dramatic progress being made in the field of molecular biology led us to investigate the relevance of this field of science to biological warfare. A small group of experts considered this matter and provided the following observations:

1. All biological agents up to the present time are representatives of naturally occurring disease, and are thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes.

2. Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

3. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million.

4. It would be very difficult to establish such a program. Molecular biology is a relatively new science. There are not many highly competent scientists in the field, almost all are in university laboratories, and they are generally adequately supported from sources other than DOD. However, it was considered possible to initiate an adequate program through the National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council (NAS-NRC).

5. The matter was discussed with the NAS-NRC and tentative plans were made to initiate the program. However, decreasing funds in CB, growing criticism of the CB program, and our reluctance to involve the NAS-NRC in such a controversial endeavor have led us to postpone it for the past 2 years. It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to yet another method of massive killing of large populations.

Oh! Yes... the 'conclusions.' Ask politely... and as always, I'm willing and able to share. Start up with the gaslighting, I don't have any problem with keeping them to myself. It's your ass in the sling.

It's not hard to understand that our Dr Plummer developed a serious drinking problem, in the course of a career spent devoted to following through on the promise of the venture alluded to above...

or that he had it "treated" in a very novel manner which I alluded to here yesterday. Nor is it any great surprise anymore, to see that these most interesting connections are of little to no interest to the self-absorbed and suicidal westerlings who are in the direct path of all this madness.

It is what it is. I'm here simply to record the sad trajectory of the wests' last and best...


 Right then... here we go, AT LAST, with the next installment.

Readers with cerebellum not totally immobilized by a diet of faken news snacking will remember last weekends GolemXIV posting, from which this article draws its premise. Within the boundaries of which, the unusually attentive could also begin to see the outlines of the really real dirty deal... which, per usual,

the ONEMEDIA hides behind its screen of alt and msm brand lies.

Rolling back which is the concern of myself. Here's what lies behind that screen>

After experiencing a raft of interference... of a 'technical nature'... he he heh... I managed to punch through to the soft inner core of this shit show and deliver the goods on "Frank Plummer" and his lil lab o horrors... which I summarized here -


Now we can move on ts the main event. As in, what lies behind the spread of a man made disease which originates in the labs of lubberty-lovin nations of the western kind.


Africa is the 'treasure chest' which is now being divvied up an disputed over, by the various wings of the $power fronted by its puppet state princelings like Xi, Pooties, Agent Orange, et al.


Xi-istan in particular has marked off the Dark Continent as its own priority preserve. The CCP has been planning a massive wave of migration of Chinese to that destination for some time - 300 million being the number most often bandied about.

The increasing awareness of GLOBAL COOLING is the main motivator  behind Chinas intended land grab. They are planning for the coming period when ice age like conditions will make agriculture in much of China impossible. The wide open ranges of Afreaka will make possible a transition from the now trashed swine breeding industry to 'on the hoof' type meat breeding.


This of course complements the already known desire for mineral and metallic resources which China has been busy locking up there. The biggest impediment to the progress of this project is seen as the pesky presence of too many - too rapidly growing in population... darkies.

Darkies best removed via a covert genocidal program which protects the image of the Chinese as non-racist 'friends of the lil guy'... and best implemented via a stealth 'vaccines' and 'disease control' program which Beijing... as with most every thing it does...

planned to rip off from the west. Ahh.. but the best laid plans of mice n mensch!

Digest that morsel Merikanski exceptionalists and fellow travelers, and on we will go with the show!

After the appropriate explosion of angry attempts at diversion from bobEs spilling of the beans that is...

over to the moron crew...

Next Up:

Having dredged up an appropriate selection of bottom feeders with my previous installment WE FOLLOWED THE BOUNCING BALL A LITTLE FURTHER ALONG AFREAKAN VEINS....

" if the Chinese empty Africa with this plague - the world will be a better place.  The black race is - but for the few - a waste of protein and a plague on civilization.  Hope this works."
"So, who created the locust swarm?  Give that guy a Nobel prize.  Too bad the locusts aren't carnivorous."

we can slide the dial back to the matter of - BLOWBACK. That's really what this whole thing is about. Folks trippin on schemes to do other folks mega-harm... get dosed with their own 'medicine' ... and pay a big price, for not bein 'nice' to their neighbors!

Stealin... supposedly a 'sin' in itself, covertly weaponized viruses to wipe out the dark race with ... that was the Chinese intent. However. what now comes to be clear. is that they were themselves 'set up.' As I dug deeper into the story of the Winniped lab with its' 'guest Chinese' scientists, the inimitable smell of a 'hot pot' of rat was wafting through space. When an "ultra secure" facility loses samples on a semi-regular basis, the 'ultra skeptical' among us are motivated to review possible reasons why. Pretty much the same as... when a microbiologist specializing in man made viral diseases spends the greater part of his career working on "cures" for one of those diseases.. with no apparent 'success' to show for it whatsoever.

Sum Tin Wong Jr. in the house!

Like the proverbial Russian doll, the 'set ups' seemed to be nestled one inside the next. Having realized that the Chinese had been set up ... that is to say... 'encouraged' by their 'hosts' to make off with some extremely dangerous substances that could do untold harm were they to 'escape' from containment...
I then faced the issue of ...why... and who, in that order. A Canadian government 0/0 scientific facility is not the first place one would look for a tale of international intrigue and espionage surely!

Or so I thought, before being reminded of the formal ties between that governments security and defense establishments, and the mothership back in ol Blighty - namely "Porton Down." Porton being the sort o 'ground zero' in the biological weapons game. A long history of cooperation, in other words, between scientists in both countries working on 'infectious diseases.' to which must be appended a similar level of 'coopeartion between both of them, and those in the United States tasked with similar work.

In fact,  I only had to search my own 'memory banks' to be reminded that I had long ago researched those cooperative projects; as to how the three governments had conducted repeated experiments in mass aerial spraying of their own civilians populations...
dousing Punta Gorda Florida with mosquitoes engineered to spread debilitating sickness, a similarly toxic cargo of fungal origin also dumped over Winnipeg, the same deadly 'experiments'  made over south eastern England, in the 50s and 60s!

Those past affairs stood as definite proof of intent - causing grevious harm to innocent people, as governmental policy. The only thing that had really changed in the half century since, was the interweaving of corporate - profit motivated - 'partners' into the this web of noxious intrigue.

Medical schools, government laboratories, doctors offices, in this new millennium all are bombarded with money and self-serving 'information' constantly, by pharmaceutical cartels and 'philanthropic' foundations which seek to advance a shadowy agenda. The nexus of joint interests created from this unholy fusion of state and private corporations has translated into secret, global agendas which are marketed in the complicit medias as being the exact opposite in purpose to what they really seek to achieve!
With all this to mind, I began to regard the man who I called "the Plumber" with fresh eyes. His career. beginning as I had pointed out in a previous comment, in the immediate aftermath of a USA defense department declaration of the need for an organized program of weaponizing disease... seemed to be that of a foot soldier in a long campaign of asymmetrical 'warfare.'

Frank Plummer indeed appeared to be a man who had plumbed the depths, of a sewer of nauseating experiments in evil. as a willing party. I couldn't however, bring myself to regard the man himself as 'evil' ... he seemed more 'the dupe'... caught up in a grand machinery of lies, some self-generated, others inculcated by a system he was innocent of the working of. A 'cog' in fact, in a vast machinery which only glancingly involved that lab in Winnipeg, as a final stopover point before the intended set up reached its conclusion! Rather than - as advertised - the 'man behind the coronavirus' story. Plummer was a cut out - merely the 'hand off man' whereby the parcel got passed to the next dupe in the line!
Where did that leave me?

A thin trail of evidence pointing to the direct presence of Bill Gates and his foundation. The aims of which 'charitable endeavor' would be charitably described - as 'dubious.' However, I had discovered that the Gates Foundation was not the only 'philanthrophic' major player to be considered. When I learned that pharma giant SmithGlaxoKlein had a direct commercial connection to the Winnipeg labs work on 'vaccines,' I saw the trail leading from Winnipeg... to Wisconsin, and then on to somethng called the "Wellcome Trust."  huh? Who dat?

Dat's for another segment. Let's close this one out with a return to that word - BLOWBACK.

It's a "karmically-loaded" one. When you get to the point where the nastiness implicit in the kind of comment I quoted at the start here... gets seconded, commended, and goes UNOPPOSED by any person of sanity and good will...
you know that BLOWBACK will be comin.. to a place near you!. As I pointed out many years back, in the essay SIMULACRA & SIMULATION - the NEW TENOCHITITLAN. there are no 'innocents' no more... and ignorance of evil is not an excuse for being excluded from complicity in the crimes of those who breed evil.

The wester world has descended into a level of moral vacuum which 'nature' will not long leave empty. Something evil cometh your way.

Story: Hong Kong Coronavirus Expert Warns Outbreak Could Infect “Between 60%-80%” Of Humanity, Causing 51 Million Deaths

Cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) are all being deployed to strengthen the central government’s control over society.

This is a crucial element to our storyline. Let's connect some 'dots.'

First, the ruse by which the Chinese are 'encouraged' to lift samples from a Manitoba P4 lab... whereby they arrive in Wuhan to be 'accidently uncontained'... leading to a mass outbreak of a virus which show manys signs of multiple 'add-ons' to increase lethality and reduce treatment possibilities, while increasing means of dispersion. Star of that segment - a man who I have focused upon in previous segments - the Plumber... now 'deceased' yet still appearing on this sites list of "scientific advisors"[better grab a screenshot!]as "chief science officer" "MANITOBA START UP COMPANY SIGHTLINE INNOVATIONS

where you will also see listed his 'wife' Jo, as "VP Strategy" - I'll be getting into "Jo" more when possible. What's the sightline 'offer?'

DIFANO enables big data owners to achieve better utilisation of their assets while also protecting individual data producers (such as smart city residents) and allowing them to provide or withhold their consent on the use of personally identifiable information or other sensitive inputs. A Data Producer can define the source, authority and the rights of data and automatically control its usage by Data Consumers.  Any transactions can be automatically monetised through microtransactions.

Read carefully through that press release to catch a flavor of the jargon by which intrusive technologies can be blandly packaged in PC sound bites that make the application of these "AI technologies" sound as innocuous as gummy bears. Roll some of the lines around a while and consider their applicability to the core 'interests' of outfits like Microsoft, whose mission is to 'secure' and 'monetize' data via control of patents, fees, etc., so that all 'information is 'bottlenecked' through 'paying' and 'spying' gatekeeper portals.

Who's the best and biggest customer for such technologies? Xi proof is in Xi puddin! We are dealing with multi-layered pudding pies of deceit, intrigue, espionage here. The competing and co-joining interests of states, corporations, and finance capital are all aligned.

to be cont.

eNUFF ALREADY yu say? Hey! Hang on... this won't take much longer...

While it's probably permissible to experience some small amount of schadenfreude in the circumstances...

of a state organized theft of bio-weaponry gone COMPLETELY awry...

anecdotal evidence that the Covid-19 outbreak was caused by an accidental leak of a bio-engineered virus and not by some freak of nature in Wuhan's market,

in this case the boys are laying it on a bit thick...

since NEITHER of the two proposed scenarios is entirely...."accurate."

Since starting my ongoing series 'WUHAN WEIRDNESS" here days ago... which I think it is time to rename - "WUHAN BLOWBACK" - light of what I have found out since starting down that 'ferret hole'...

I've become aware of scams within scams... 'intrigues within intrigue' if you will - a veritable "russian doll" of espionage games nestled one into the other. And peeling back the 'ONION-LIKE" more comical efforts at concealment via false trail storylines has presented me the means of documenting just how drastically 'karmic' that BLOWBACK HAS BECOME!

This might be a good time for a short synopsis of that expedition on the wild side of media and state run disinfo: let's see what we can do to sum up

China sends scientists to infiltrate western labs, leading to a rash of incidents where Chinese nationals are 'caught' pilfering deadly samples of toxins.
Several people whose bios appear - after closer inspection - to be carefully crafted 'legends' and/or limited hangouts... allegedly "die"... in the time honored manner of a "Seth Rich" or "Jeff Epstein"!
It becomes clear that[still to this point"undetermined"] entities 'set up' the mentioned nationals to 'lift' the samples .. and take them back to Wuhans' P4 laboratory
The mentioned 'samples' turn out to be a veritable "Pandoras' Box" of trouble for the intended recipients of bio-warfare product which they THEMSELVES had stolen for the PURPOSE OF using it to degrade populations on the DARK CONTINENT where they hope to 'replant" their ethnic seed stock.*
At which point I've been somewhat diverted from continuing... by both the sheer speed and volume of what's coming at us down the pike...

and the more pleasurable task of reeling in some extremely toxic agents of mass deception right in our midst... who thought it "opportune" to nibble on bobEs' baited lines.

"I'm lookin over,

a four leaf clover"


We are reaching the point of improbability mixing with 'impossibility' ... so as to leave open the tender subject which few are prepared to consider, let alone discuss.

Is there any residual 'reality' left to the 'virtual' world of post-internet communication? Has all data, from all sources been transferred into a murky zone of ficti-fact so as to leave everyone suspended in a demi-monde of horrible ... but very 'real' nightmares which take place in 'waking' life?

Yesterday, after posting the next segment of my investigation into the Wuhan Weirdness media spectacle,

I was intending to change the focus from the man who I've come to call "the Plumber"... to a broader appraisal of the shadowy forces with whom he had interacted - either covertly or overtly. However, digestion of some 'random' facts I'd picked up in the course of researching that next segment started to eat away at that proposal.. and bring me back once agin to the case of the mysterious "FRANK PLUMMER" (now deceased)

who I am now forced to reconsider as being quite possibly a Legend... in both senses of that word... as in the common meaning, and the one ascribed to it in intelligence circles. IF he really ever existed... he is a very complex concoction...

and no less so his >wife... "JO"... who I now regard as the probable "Controller" who guided that entity on his path to [self]destruction.
I may get to grips with that today.

In the meanwhile... the above quoted link should allow the interested to flip back through the series of clues I've left here in the last 72 to the 'meta-fictional' nature of what we are dealing with here. And the forces of 'anti-nature' we are forced to consider.
one thing which IMMEDIATELY confirmed the syncronistic nature of our subject here  - the 'metafictional' nature of our 'post-reality' reality...

I opened an old story - PEAK PROPAGANDA: TIS ALL A STAGE! - from 2016, wherein I 'officially' announced the end of all real events, and their replacement by an unending parade of 'staged' media spectacles

the seamless teamwork of government, finance, and a fully complicit media creates whatever impressions of reality are deemed desirable, for a given episode of "reality." Now we are watching that template expand into the full measure of the COMPLETE PACKAGING OF REALITY on a grand scale, in the entire middle eastern 'theater.' Nowhere is this more evident than in the sudden "surprise" pull-out of Russia from Syria. Which was neither a surprise - nor a pullout. The idea that such a move would have been taken without COMPLETE CONSULTATION AND PLANNING with all of the pertinent parties involved is absurd. It violates every tenet of what we know Russia's diplomatic program to be. Yet it has been pushed from all sides as the truth of the affair.

and it became clear that we are sandwiched into layers of parallel fake realities as marketed by those same forces.

For me, the most interesting aspect of 10 years watching this ZH alt media psy op unfold, has been the parallel tracks by which two dovetailing 'prongs' of the fake storyline intermingle...

the 'financial' one - 'gold to the moon'... breakdown of the $... etc.,

and the 'geopolitical' one: "China will save us" "Pandas seek silky roads to "pease and prosperity" for all" ... "Unicorns dance in a conga line in Putins new neo-bolshevik paradise"

and so on

has all come together in one big farce this very moment...

with a truly FARCICAL effort on the top banner here right now painting the situation in Turkey as an indicator of 'golds' return to money'... AN INVERSION OF THE TRUTH...

with a stream of reports from the muddled east which pretend that the situation here is ANYTHING OTHER THAN the completion of URUSALEMS long campaign to destroy SYRAQ ...

we are witness to the final stages of the INVERSION OF OUR REALITY. Which is how I propose to deal with the WUHAN WEIRDNESS GOING FORWARD.

Baudrillard was absolutely correct. “Information devours its own content. It devours communication and the social…. Rather than creating communication, it exhausts itself in the act of staging communication. Rather than producing meaning, it exhausts itself in the staging of meaning.” In the age of advanced ‘communications’ meaning evacuates to be replaced by a simulation of reality directed by whomever is pulling the strings. And since everyone’s socialized identity is entirely contingent upon their ability to stay abreast of the latest vehicles of communication, the twitterings, the ’social networks’ etc, the absorption of meaning by content is in direct proportion to one’s media hipness – and that hipness in turn in directly inverse ratio to actual lived reality – one is aware, exclusively, of their awareness, which is content provider and information fused together into the perfect simulation of meaning – aka meaninglessness. “The real abolished.” Precession of Simulacra - the New Tenochititlan

Like a virus ... this alt media psyop has devoured the minds of a generation of westerlings, leaving them open to the infection of kabbalist nightmares which have invaded the body politic of the wester world with the ferocity of a 'man made' nightmare.

Right then... by now even I realize that there's enuff AND MORE there for one posting. Meaning - we come back for a PART TWO!

WHERE... the plot thickens enough to zero in... on one of the 'hidden' players in the mix!

But before we go.... let's do a small 'takeaway' order... we can 'pick up' from next installment. As the Wuhan Blowback thing was taking shape via these off the cuff comments, I was forming a picture of the terrain. A terrain dominated by ... precisely the usual 'THIS OR THAT'... 'EITHER OR' formulations which infected all the previous travels we have made through the geopolitical realm together. One "team" of the ONEMEDIA wants you to believe "the Chinese did it'...

the other 'team'.... owned of course by the very same ONEMEDIA ... needs you to believe... THE MERIKAN DEEP STATE DID IT! For doesn't matter WHICH narrative of the two you choose - because they both work to the same effect.... to OBFUSCATE the real story and the real players!

The terrain... contrary to the distortions implicit in each of those narratives... shaped up like this -

China sends scientists to infiltrate western labs, leading to a rash of incidents where Chinese nationals are 'caught' pilfering deadly samples of toxins.
Several people whose bios appear - after closer inspection - to be carefully crafted 'legends' and/or limited hangouts... allegedly "die"... in the time honored manner of a "Seth Rich" or "Jeff Epstein"!
It becomes clear that[still to this point"undetermined"] entities 'set up' the mentioned nationals to 'lift' the samples .. and take them back to Wuhans' P4 laboratory
The mentioned 'samples' turn out to be a veritable "Pandoras' Box" of trouble for the intended recipients of bio-warfare product which they THEMSELVES had stolen for the PURPOSE OF using it to degrade populations on the DARK CONTINENT where they hope to 'replant" their ethnic seed stock.*
When Chinese "scientists/spies" walked out repeatedly from a Manitoba P4 ultra secure lab with vials of toxic 'samples'... their violations of protocol were hushed up and no charges laid.
In light of the fact that the lab overseers were indeed aware of and encouraging the intent to steal weaponized toxins, the incidents lead to the conclusion that the 'set up' of the Chinese nationals was part of a 'honeytrap' arrangement whereby vastly amplified MERS/SARS/AVIAN FLU SAMPLES created in a Wisconsin lab[with funding from  funding from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Bethesda, Maryland)were transferred to the Canadian lab where it would be easier to arrange a seamless 'hand off' to the targets, in light of an FBI crackdown which had netted both scientist/agents and Americans complicit in Chinese bioweapon projects

The "Gain of Function" studies which resulted in the amplified lethality of the combined strain of previously man made 'diseases' was given an extra 'performance boost' via the addition of HIV components knocking out immune system response.
All of which combined together is enough to say that... the "karmic" function of WUHAN BLOWBACK is probably more evident to the top tier of Sino-commie leaders that they would let on. Whoever the still undetermined parties who pulled this fast one on them turns out to be...

let's just say..

“Men dakka dukka”,

which in arabic means - 'what comes around goes around'

as i summed up what I had learned so far.

Now off we skate.... and when we lace back up...





Yunus E by Yunus E @
While there's quite a lot of 'downside' to seeing it officially confirmed that...
folks you once thought of as your own have been sheared of their balls... AND passively wait for the followup...
their "soul shearing"... and then all the shiskas led off in chains to EPSTEINBERG,

there is, as always - a 'silver lining' to all that nightmare stuff! Most particularly, in the absence of having to waste time trying to goad somebody somewhere - into action, there opens up time for fresher musings... pon more fertile pastures!

Pastures which will inevitably lead to dwelling upon something I mentioned in passing the other day - as an off the cuff comment to a correspondent. Mutants. Mutantcy. As a kind of MUTINY ... against the scurvy remains of a crew now assigned to Davey Jones ... by their own lack of self preservation.

Preserve. Preserve what? The body/mind? The race? The species? Why not... think BIG ...especially as everyone else seems to be shrinking into ever smaller circles of hell? HELL....why not GO BEYOND thinking itself... into the HEART OF GLADNESS which is/was/will be... our ORIGINAL MIND... all o'er agin?

The race... the species itself... is too rancid to continue in present form... we've shit our own nest so many times that we are really at this point highly evolved DUNG BEETLES with a superiority complex so irksome to fellow life forms we've molested in the process of acting out petty personal dramas...

that they appear to be now equipped and able to strike back - hard!

If 'we' ... as in some of us... start this 'mutation' thing now... it's unlikely it would be the first time in "history" that humans have done so... while morphological changes in 'homo sapiens' may have been small over millennia,

we've undoubtedly changed in major degree via other, less visible mutation pathways. Not much to fear now... as we are started down an extinction event thanks to the efforts of the bros with crooked noses.... anyhoo. Yes, the ultimate WILEY E COYOTES ... the talmudic-kabbalist supremacists embedded in communities like "new Rochelle, Ny., appear to be an epicenter of WUFLU grief. Are those ashkenazi cold warriors perhaps "mutants" themselves - to be so voluntarily estranged from the rest of us?

Does 'the future' really belong to them... or will "we" pull something out of the hat... at the last minute mark sorta like...
my man BOBBY ORR did here?

You see that leap? The man FLYING thru that air... and not in any fake "yogic flying" manner?

Maybe... jus maybe... that's what this 'mutant' thing will be like. Super powers n stuff. Kinda doubt it tho.
The Great Ones among us are gone. And we are a sorry rabble. Sorry to jus babble... but hey...
this be "my space" on "nabble"
where at last - I can say what I think - without some asshole waving a stick in my face!

this be,
If you're out there... somewhere in the nightmare land, still whole - I got your back - virtually speakin!
Yunus E by Yunus E @
Now that you KNOW ... like I know... that this is not just another cheap media clik bait exercise... like so many before - but instead - the REAL DEAL, smash the pinata, go for broke talmudo-kabbalist grab which I long insinuated to be 'on the horizon'...

time to put on a 'THINKING CAP' or two... and 'remote view' what comes next.

WE ALREADY KNOW that the 'usual suspects' in the talmudically o/o mediaz are desperately pushing the 'CHINA VIRUS' meme, whereby the Chinese did this all on their lonesome... and the west is therefore an innocent victim. What's not been so clear was the motive lurking behind that charade.

Now I think we can put pieces 1 & 2 together a lil better.

With China LLc as the appointed fall guy for the scripts plot line... the REAL VILLAINS behind scenes as always... are free to pursue their evil plot to destroy the western world, whilst instituting their global TURD TEMPLE hegemonistic TERROR STATE EMPIRE. No one will blame the KUSHNER CHABAD GANG FOR THEIR coup d'etat now in full motion. No one will even be looking at that ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM...

because their attention will be affixed solely to the pork barrels rolling out of DC... including enough 'freebies' for the lil folk that everyone will shut up and .... chow down.

I've already explained, in a previous post back on the GBTM site, just prior to switching back here - why MIKE ADAMS of NATURAL NEWS .... is a clown. He's a die hard TRUMPISTA ... and that's a fatal disease all in itself. HOWEVER... in A WORLD OF CLOWNS...HACKS... SHILLS, and so on, MIKE remains the best and brightest clown in the lot of em! He's tracking the WUFU accurately, providing timely - if unheeded - advice, like myself, and generally making a pest of himself by being somewhat honest, while every one else lies. So even if he's doing all that FOR THE WRONG REASON -as you will see from reading this latest quote of his:

"This is what conservative news organizations like InfoWars and The Gateway Pundit still don’t understand: The lockdowns are not some attempt to implement martial law for the sake of tyranny, they are the last-ditch SURVIVAL tactic for America. If we don’t lock things down, we suffer millions of deaths, Trump is thrown out of office (or voted out) and America as we know it is over."

HE'S STILL doin it right! I'll ignore Mikey's obvious blind spot... in order to emphasis his far-seeing parts. And to introduce YET ANOTHER basic category of logical thinking which has been BANISHED from your cerebral lexicons -


Which is the opposite of.... EITHER OR. The former allows for clear seeing and thinking... the later aborts both, in favor of a dialectical determinism which blinds EVERYONE I run into on the net... with now fatal consequences.Trained to believe that everything boils down to.... THIS OR THAT... EITHER/OR dualities which always conveniently yet in hidden manner 'resolves' into a 'synthesis' favorable to the kabbalistic program...

the mind-wiped minion of the fallen lands fails to see the forest... for the trees!

EXAMPLE: "The lockdowns are not some attempt to implement martial law for the sake of tyranny, they are the last-ditch SURVIVAL tactic for America."

Err.... no Mike .... the lockdowns are an attempt to implement martial law AND a proleptic effort to defend the USA from medical meltdown. At the same time. See the difference? Of course not. That's why - you're a clown! Yes, I know that you're never gonna pick up on this - just like nothing I write here will make a tinkers damn of difference to anyone....

but - its' what I do. So let's just carry on.

There WILL BE a breakdown in the Merikan medical system. If it is induced by coronavirus pandemonium it will occur earlier than otherwise forecast. But it will be A PART of a wider plan to eliminate the last traces of freedom in the west. This is NOT 'brain surgery'... but it is clearly too much... for the dumbed down denizen of the fallen lands to get their head around... anymore.

Here's whats next. Logically considered. With the population slowly - INCREMENTALLY - acclimatized to ... military intervention domestically... suspension of habeas corpus and various fundamental rights...
being drone surveiled and deprived of freedom of movement or assembly... for an unknown period of time...

the mask of sion can come off at last! The FREE MONEY THING... you see... is the hook by which the last fraying strands of the OLD SYSTEM of independent... state-free livin... goes bye bye... fo'ever!

Hooked on the miracle drug of GOVERNMENT PAYS YOU TO STAY HOME AND WATCH PORN while your kids jones out on video games... the untermensch of the fallen lands are now poised to become JUNKIES OF THE SECURITY STATE... aka THE NOAHIDE TALMUDIC CYBERSTATE NIGHTMARE.

wATch the BiRdIe .... as it comes out of its Swiss housing.... to call KOO KOO / YOO HOO!


and decides - as lead man in the CHABAD KABBALIST POLITBURU...  from there on in ... WHETHER YOU ... live or die.

Certainly an unlikely scenario you say....

i'm betting the above script goes "live" on or about April 22nd.... Lenin's birthday... AND.. the day which FELLOW PRESIDENT FOR LIFE VLAD THE LAD ... gets OFFICIALLY ALLOWED TO ASSUME THAT DESIGNATION... by a bunch of equally brain dead untermensch way out \east/ COINKEYDENTAL... to say the least!

mark o the beast. Everywhere yu look. Even when you're doin that 'ostrich' thing!

Stay tuned.
Yunus E by Yunus E @
(Natural News) At a Pentagon press briefing on March 19, chief of the National Guard Bureau, General Joseph Lengyel said the National Guard will likely be deployed strategically in the United States to help solve problems associated with the coronavirus and the economic fallout from the massive shutdowns.

“It’s hard to tell what the exact requirement will be, but I’m expecting tens of thousands to be used inside the states as this grows,” said General Joseph Lengyel. He did not see a need for the troops to be federalized and was not aware of any plan to federalize them; however, just three days later, President Trump did move forward with a plan to federalize the National Guard in three states, indicating a sense of urgency by the President. Trump is “considering similar action” concerning other states.

The current fallout opens the door to future abuses of power
Many around the country are concerned that abuses of power will occur if the National Guard is deployed. In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, officers went door-to-door to forcibly relocate people and confiscate their firearms. In the future, a vaccine could be mandated. Even though it will be a false sense of security and carry its own set of health risks, the vaccine could be required in order for people to travel, work and participate in society. Just as social distancing and widespread closures have been used in theory to abate the sickness, vaccines will be viewed as the next best option to protect the weak and immune-compromised.

hMMM.... that doesn't sound so good.

but butt.... don't worry.... "it's all a HOAX," you see! Like this stupid chart!

One thing for sure....WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN MASKS!

 Nor clowns who would suggest otherwise!

"To address the national shortage, editors at JAMA are asking best practice guidelines on reusing PPE, as well as novel materials for use.

We seek creative immediate solutions for how to maximize the use of PPE, to conserve the supply of PPE, and to identify new sources of PPE,” the editors wrote. “We are interested in suggestions, recommendations, and potential actions from individuals who have relevant experience, especially from physicians, other health care professionals, and administrators in hospitals and other clinical settings."

Not being credentialed sufficiently in any of the above mentioned manners - it's perfectly clear that I know NOTHNG.... NOTHING AT ALL of any use... to anyone. And should just shut up and watch the shitshow develop.

While wearing my V-800. The features of which include:

· Soft, lightweight thermoplastic elastomeric & Silicone material reduces pressure / tension on
face for added comfort during long periods of work.
· Threaded type filter cartridge attachment fitting for ease of use.
· 4 point adjustable elastic band distributes weight evenly and provides good head support and

The original, 2003 outbreak of Sars coronavirus in China, Hong Kong, and then points west... provided many post-incident analyses which could point out what of course has now been studiously IGNORED... in the present re-run

The high incidence of nosocomial transmission of SARS-CoV during the epidemic exposed a weakness in the infection control procedures in some locations, as medical workers became vectors for SARS-CoV (Meng et al., 2005), but did not occur everywhere (Seto et al., 2003). Multiple layers of defense are needed, as Chowell et al. have suggested, because using their model for R0, 25% of their R0 distribution lies at R0>1 even with perfect isolation (Chowell et al., 2004). Helpful measures might include the avoidance of crowding in clinics and wards, wearing face masks (Seto et al., 2003), avoiding aerosolizing procedures if possible (Tong et al., 2003; Tong, 2005b), improved ventilation design and rate (Liao et al., 2005a), and making sure that there are no “weak links” in infection control.Perspectives in Medical Virology Volume 16, 2006, Pages 43-95

Hong Kong Retrospective descriptive study of 40 infected HCWs in a community hospital        All infected workers had used surgical masks or N95 respirators. Some had used gloves (58%), gowns (55%), and eye shields (28%), and 73% regularly washed their hands.Antiviral Research
Volume 100, Issue 2, November 2013, Pages 407-419

But hey! "Don't ask - don't tell"....and... don't ever ever learn from previous mistakes!

Be sure to let lessons previously learned dwindle from view... stocks of supplies run low - or even better - out! And make sure that the proven issue of 'super-spreaders' is forgotten... all o'er agin!


Having been, my entire life, surrounded by people smarter than I... in an infinite number of ways... one would think that by now, I would have 'learned my place' in the big picture of things... and gone to my corner to suck on a thumb... like all the rest of the worlds' TUFF GUYS are now clearly doing.

HOWEVER ... I am not. Due to having been exposed to a viral CONTAGION of musical kind... starting when ... as a EUTH...NOT YET IN.... ASIA...

I HEARD THIS ... AND knew I was in the presence of the sublime... and correct doctrine...

by which to avoid becoming another hopeless drone.

Hoo knew? WHO coulda seen it comin?
That that only way outta Dodge... would be to FACE THE MUSIC... AND DANCE?