Barbarous Reliquary

The True Story of Europe's Beginnings.
The Real Truth about it's Coming End

Barbarous Reliquary by Yunus Emre is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Hello, and welcome. This space - conceived as a companion platform to the current-events oriented Geopolitics Behind the Mask , is designed to bring previously hidden elements of the western historical record back into view, as well as identify by whom and for what motives those elements hav... read more
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It is a curious legacy of our English language, the phrase we use commonly to describe the malfeasance of those who might 'doctor the evidence,' be caught out 'doctoring the books,' or likewise providing a 'doctored version of history.' If this parallel, folk meaning attached to the profession o... read more
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This longish introduction can be justified only by the fact that the book it introduces is still in the process of being written! It therefore, can be said to serve as a guide to what can be expected from the finished work, as well as a summation of what the authors' preparatory discoveries poin... read more
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Since the decline of outright "Empire" as the dominant model of both political ambition and financial fortune, the "nation state" has figured in the lexicon of political discourse as the primary form by which humankind organizes into territorial structure and economic for... read more
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THE ORIENTALIZING REVOLUTION “The Greeks had become aware of their own identity as separate from that of the "Orient" when they succeeded in repelling the attacks of the Persian empire. But not until much later, during the crusades, did the concept and the term Orient actually ente... read more
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With this piece - and its companion, published together, we close out a wonderful three year interval of steady progress on the old platform - Swept Away - Convention Bows Out - As "Out of the Altaic" Arrives We're OFF! On the way to a new platform ... we take one last look ... read more
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