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by Eric
The project received its name from a series of pieces which I wrote back in 2014, detailing the way in which precious metals had played a big part in the historical sequence of events whereby world power had shifted in three centuries or so from east to west. The phrase is actually a bit of a play upon the term "Barbarous Relic" as employed by a famous economist.

In the course of explaining how this dramatic change in power dynamics could - and probably would - reoccur in the proximate future, I found my audience of the time to be implacably resistant to a recounting of history which failed to follow their confirmation biases. Realizing this resistance to be symptomatic of a 'disease' wherein the affected party has lost the ability of adapting to and mitigating against internal challenges to health and wellbeing, I chose the "reliquary" part of the title as a reference to the now little known western practice of depositing the bones of dead persons into special containers... often of religious import!

The term has gained a greater meaning and relevance in the intervening years, as I've watched the western world dwindle into a wasteland culturally... and now - economically. When I revived this website, therefore, it seemed to me that the title had a special relevance to the theme of the moment. I am back here now as a chronicler of the "descent of the west"... a scribe who will 'deposit the bones' of a once mighty culture into a reliquary of literary form.

This duty would seem unremittingly sad - were it not for the fact that the original series - BARBAROUS RELIQUARY - was written as my very first online exploration of what I termed the 'coming post-western world'... a world that now rises into form as the wester world prepares to bury itself. It' an exciting... as well as tragic moment, in other words. I hope to create a balance of both those emotions while back here.
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by Yunus E