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The Real Truth about it's Coming End

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Hello, and welcome.
Updated: April 2020

This space - conceived as a companion platform to the current-events oriented Geopolitics Behind the Mask, is designed to bring previously hidden elements of the western historical record back into view, as well as identify by whom and for what motives those elements have been removed, distorted, and/or revised.

To this end, it replaces the previous repository of my musings upon the fate of the west, and the roots of both its cultural malaise and it's authentic traditions - - a platform which[CONTAINED OVER ONE HUNDRED OF MY DISPATCHES IN ORIGINAL GRAPHIC ENHANCED FORMAT - NOW EXCISED FROM THE INTERNET ARCHIVE... SUCH THAT MANY OF THOSE CLASSICS ARE IRRETRIEVABLY LOST!update April 2020]Some of the old work got transferred over to the GBTM site, where it is found in the sequence originally published by date. All of that lacks the original graphical layout however.

That previous body of work exposed the systematic efforts of a multi-generational cabal of what I term "millennialists" to cut off the people of the western world from those traditions, as well as to make it impossible to understand who the western peoples are, and where they came from. Only from the recovery of such information can any hope of survival for the western peoples come. [update: the question of such survival is no longer in play - in the two year interval since I began this site, the situation has irrevocably worsened ... such that the current articles on this recently revived board now detail the final stages.. of the demise of the west!]

The majority of the themes which I cover are based "the "middle east," which is where I live. It can come as no surprise to the reader that my focus on finding answers to the questions posed above involves the study of religious and economic currents in that part of the world - the so called 'crucible of civilization' from the times of Sumer if not before. Nevertheless, from that starting point, the pursuit of the truth must take us far farther - both in time and space - from a simple focus upon the Mesopotamian heartlands, into the wide open ranges of Asia and its steppelands.

 Paradoxically, in order to find the roots of "European" culture, we must leave "Europe" behind. In order to understand the distant world of our ancestors, we must inevitably study the present, so as to see what recurrent themes are to be looked for in times past. That is a model of investigation which clearly stands the orthodox pursuit of 'knowledge' upon its head. It is one which I've chosen consciously, as a result of learning just how badly orthodox scholarship has done in setting out a clear record of our past. With all of the huge resources at it's disposal, this almost total failure of orthodox 'social science' to reveal the roots of our culture cannot be totally 'accidental.'

 If that sounds somewhat 'conspiratorial' an attitude, I'm prepared to live with the charge. Having long ago cast myself off from the moorings of occidental historiography, I am not bound by either its prejudices nor dictates, and seek no quarter nor favor from within its castles. Those who I have found to be the most credible and honest investigators of the past were more often either renegades or outcasts from academia - some of whose unknown stories I propose to tell along the way. Taking my cue from these distinguished forbears, I have made it a habit to apply a skeptical eye to the renditions of history which commonly find favor. As a result, I've  researched my 'stories' with a critical cast of mind to the normal narrative. When the available records are examined in such a light, the story they reveal is quite often opposed to the ones we have been taught to believe! The work I will be bringing over here from the previous platform holds the evidence of that... and the seeds of even more decisive break with imposed academic orthodoxy.

The results of such forays will be surprising to most - enlightening to some. I invite those of curious mind to join me in the expeditions which will be made here - in quest of beginnings, and in search of endings more pleasant than those which the implacable enemies of our peoples may have in mind for us!

Finally, excuse the mess. The rush and hustle of getting what amounts to a decades' worth of writings moved safely over to a new home has created no end of confusion and untidiness. This will gradually all get sorted through. [update: such 'housekeeping' really never transpired. Loss of my old work on separate platforms via organized web malfeasance has discouraged me from reo-organizing everything in the intended grand manner. The much truncated residue which still resides here and on GBTM serve as samples of what was to be.]

I hope that the lead off piece, just finished now - will be proof of that new level of progress. Please read - BARBAROUS RELIQUARY: A Preface = and the introduction' which it follows. [update: a newly created 'subcategory' now links to the old BARBAROUS RELIQUARY PROJECT  <
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This time round I will be putting into practice things that I learned from the GBTM experience - so as to create a space "innoculated" from the usual tricks of the ghouls assigned to diminish... and then render futile all lil spotlights shined upon their masters dirty underworld of criminal intent.

Such filth who arrive here, hoping to 'muddy the waters' with aspersions directed at the site operator can expect to be shown the door post haste. On GBTM... I made the error of assuming that I would be among gentlemen, of a similar caste as my own, and therefore who would be capable of 'self-policing' when it came to defending the very place in which their musings could receive free reign and fair inspection.

Unfortunately, I was overly-generous in my assignations of dignity and decorum to that group. As with the sites I have visited as a commentator over these past years, there has been such a downward trajectory in merit mong westerling mensch, that every damn time I get gaslighted to near death... in great contrast to the 'way things worked' even a handful of years back - say 2012 at least - no one ever now dares stand up and protect the truth teller from abuse. So, I will protect myself... and my small hospice of palliative comfort ... from your bullshit.

Primary of which - if GBTM is a good indicator... will be the "jew" thing. Back in the middle section of the previous decade, I invested some time in tracking the phony oppositionalist network of 'turned' sites - wherein people pretending to be real resistors would blather on... about "it's the jews... is always - the jews - and nuthin but... the jews." As I once pointed out ... to the visceral astonishment of the gallery... on the phony oppositionalist site Sero-Cred...

the biggest "jew-baiter/hater" commentators spewing that party line ... are invariably found out to be "da talmudic kabbalist" agents of Urusalem, spreading their toxic message in quest of voiding any potential meet up of renegade "jews"... with renegade 'goys'... something which would have been required to pull off a repeal of this unfolding nightmare... but never happened. in a nutshell.... I began to see the inner workings of a scam...

 and nailed it... to its 'cross' of deceit. The comment where I achieved 'perfect zen bulls eye' on this matter... was made here:

it's worth extracting from which this passage =

"It is absolutely not whether you want to claim ‘it’s the jews’ – all of them or 96 % – I have been consistent in trying to point out the very real need to incorporate a wider angled lens to work that fact into a bigger picture – where it can be of value.

Just to leave alone this sideshow issue of whether all jews are evil or not – if we can for the moment –

here it is in a nutshell; not all talmudist/kabbalists are jews! I would not even bother to try and explain this to the airhead who continues to try and misrepresent my pov here. Have non-jews ever been implicated in things that are reprehensible and/or very very negative for the Europoid peoples? I think we know that they have. Do we choose to factor that fact into our perspective – or just say “the jews made them do it?”

If we choose the former – and – as you have done with Loyala, recognize them as non-jews instead of just implying that they must be cryptos, then we have to be accountable for what has been done by those of ‘our’ kind. Changes the picture big time – imo. John Dee, Giordano Bruno, Newton, Bacon – kabbalists and fifth columnists all. As are many – too many – today. Giving them invisibility is a big error. In fact, I call it the talmudist/kabbalist game plan – just blame the jews, give everybody else a pass – and I am calling out all those who follow that game plan, either sincerely or with hidden motives. Because we have to play to win here – no ‘better luck next time!’'

so as to close off this futile and time wasting diversion/attack for good. i waited an entire decade... for the 'xhristian' cavalry to arrive... and join up with the Mahknovist resistance which I happen to represent... and that never happened. I quoted from Hoffman here, used Jones text with appreciation and respect  there, ... studied their erudite forms of showing the dark, festering nature of talmudic doctrine...

and found it all to be wanting... in power of application! That era is over. The xhristian 'resistance' had its chance to lead us all out of Aeygpt.... and instead led y'all right into the frying pan. And their sites were mere 'honeypots' used to collect potential 'sour survivors'... and turn them into golem goy toys ... such as those whom we saw trundle into GBTM.

Basta! No more. Get out now... if your intent is similar. Or... I will cast you out... demons of deceit! No tolerance. None.

And as Professor Gamer has been kindly reminding us - back on the old site - it's "the frankist sabbatean' connection  - my uncovering of which produced the shitstorm of attempted mayhem on that platform. That will not happen here. You've been warned ghouls. Don't even start.

It ain't 'da jews'... and never was. Heretical, gnostical judaist talmudo-kabbalism .... now irrupted in its C21st pleomorphic form... of Chabad millenarianist hegemonism... IS the main enemy. And the dark force behind the successful liquidation of USA LLC... now occurring front of your unbelieving eyes!

Now.. on with the show!
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Ok, here we go.

In response to the clamorous demand for -even more- of what no one's lookin for, I've set up the turntable for one more spin of the disc. The BARBAROUS RELIQUARY thing is most surely dead and unburied - a haunted repository of key reflections pon what made the WESTER WORLD disappear into a miasma of complicit & suicidal purgatory. As with its' companion platform GEOPOLITICS BEHIND THE MASK, the purpose of sharing the reflections of a party looking back in upon a dying wester world has been served - to whatever extent it could be. Warning about the imminent destruction of your lives and very souls by an implacable enemy set upon just that purpose becomes a frivolous exercise once that enemy has fully achieved its' goal. No one can dispute that 'the enemy' - whether one chooses to call it 'talmudic kabbalism' or 'kosher klowns from outer space' has indeed achieved a great victory with its kovid kaper -

and just as we started this platform with the examination of the role of the MEDICAL MAFIA OF MAIMONIDES AND HIS ILK, so we could end it with a tidy reflection upon how NOTHIN - nuthin at all - has changed over the centuries - except that the slow but steady creep of the culture war against whitey appears to have reached its denouement at last! For I, that's old news; it was for purposes of avoiding that ending I left the west, and set up to be able to enjoy some kind of life after the fall of the west. If, in the course  of watching the drift of the somnolent and vacant westerling onto the rocks that now rip his ship into tiny pieces, I chose to offer some counsel and piquant views of the affair, that was a phase which I have now expunged. What's done is done.

What I'm doing here today is using the vibe of this space to leverage myself into the NEW one I've just opened; I have started writing again, with a wish to anchor myself to the new territory we have slipped into thanks to the kovid kapers long stretch - everywhere in the world is being prepared for a DARK WINTER which has chilling connotations far beyond the mere mini-ice age one we are confirmed this year to have entered.

I am, in other words, seeking to bridge the gap between the me who was responsible for the writings here - and the me which emerges now that my initial precis - the COLLAPSE OF THE WEST - as I termed it in one of my more short lived internet experiments, has fully revealed itself. What's that you say - ghostly reader floating out there in hyperspace? Everything appears to you as functioning 'normally' to this point? Yes, that's been one of the great triumphs of the enemies campaign. INCREMENTALISM has been the ticket, to cancel out any and all concern, awareness, resistance, etc., which might have cropped up in the course of ONE YEAR in which more hard won liberties were irrevocably and permanently wiped out that probably any other year on record!

It indeed tickles the fancy of the puppetmasters that to the very end you should be able to convince yourself of 'normalcy' being the operating framework to view their handiwork by! That way, none of the COMPLETE MADNESS and hopelessly obvious hoaxes by which they have achieved the previously unthinkable acquiescence of an entire civilization in its own diminishment and then extinction - in one single year - appears upon your radar screen. Even when it SCREAMS in day glow colors to everyone looking in from outside the abattoir!

Tis indeed a strange and scary spectacle - your final moments. But to dwell upon it is not my task, nor desire. I'm set upon making a stab at describing - and even better - participating in. the post western world which will follow your demise. That world in the making may possibly be nearly as much of a nightmare world as that which has taken over the west. After all, it is exceedingly clear that the parties responsible for the death of the west are indeed in control of everywhere else on this planet!

That's a plausible truth to be factored into the equation. As a countervailing truth, I am also looking at what they might have planned for the parts of the world which continue on after the west has died. It is easy enough to imagine dystopian futures, and so, become full of dread. That, I leave for others. My thing, as I've described it steadily now for more that 10 years, is to proceed apace to a place "beyond hope and despair"  and then to hang out there, watching and waiting to see what develops, from a position of formless 'wu wei' or 'not doing' which has been my emblematic motif since the days I used a pix of DAFFY DUCK in a largish sombrero, snoozing neath a cactus - to give the reader a graphic window upon my 'way of being in the world.'

Nothing has changed - except everything. And therefore, I must change in accordance, and chameleon like, adapt to my surroundings as an invisible element of what is going down. What is going down will be found - and witnessed to here - from now on,

and its entirely appropriate that it start out with a look back at the place from which sprung so much of my musings pon the post western world - and from where sprung most all of the few readers this place rounded up! As usual, I owe it to the tyler lads that I'm at last shaking off my lethargy and returning to the writing thing - they, having banned me for the THIRD and final time this weekend past, have sent me 'free at last' to become not just 'the final nail' in their own coffin, but to be able to finish delivering the diagnosis I set out to achieve long ago - to nail the manner in which silly westerlings chose to allow people who wished to cheat and harm them become their preferred source of information about the world and their place in it!

The 'alternative media' in other words, the GREATEST SCAM of this young millennium so far, is what I've placed in my sites for a beginning salvo. It's not something I want to spend a lot of time on, but rather, that I wish to finally get out of my system, as part of my moving out of one me and fully into the next me.

The end of that phase of intersecting with and dissecting the workings of that media MEDUSA will give me a great boost into the next phase, where I wish to be writing about what is coming, not going. Altho all the old themes - financial and geopolitical - remain of great interest to me, once I have finished up the final autopsy of what happened at the tail end of the SYRIAN END GAME which will now be front stageagin for a while, I have other irons in the fire, such as those I describe in the lead off piece of the new space - HEMISPHERES OF MIND.

As always, it seems, when I make such declaration of intent to pursue new horizons, ye ol SYRIAN IMBROGLIO heats up again immediately. However that may be, if I choose to write more about that situation which I covered so well and so uniquely on GBTM, it will be on the new site, with a different, post-western perspective. There are some clues embedded in that ol GBTM site as to how the final act in the Syrian saga - and the fall of the west itself - will go down. Are we there, at last now? We shall see. The Russians have opened their bomb shelters. And whoever is directing the current so called "Biden Administration - the totally bogus narrative of last week with the Groper calling Pootie a "kiiller" is a clear sign that somebody is indeed trying very hard to get things ready for the final showdown between the two false enemies, so as to destroy all challengers to the SPECTRE hegemon now rising with China as its enforcer!

And it gives me great pleasure therefore to close with the lucky gleanings of the final days effort on the zerocred site to counter, roll back, root out, and dispose of the many and various lies and false narratives which the reader/victims there will soon be finding to have fatal consequences from imbibing. Before they could wipe out my account - and all the contributions I made in the last 5 months of dynamic intervention in the hoax media of the phony 'right' - I grabbed the goods!


and boy - do they ever cover the bases nicely! A final dissection of the POOTIE meme, a crushing dismissal of the GOLD meme, a look back down memory lane at the zh MIDDLE EAST myth of rooskie white hats and fake anti-sionism, an astonishingly succinct and precise summation of the counter-operation I conducted this past year to roll back the 'silversqueese/deathofthecomex' scam they ran, and even more STONISHING

- a deadly guided missile directed right at the tyler boys themselves! The sting of which may indeed have been the actual cause of their final succumbing to the suicide pill they have swallowed with banning me.

But tween you an I - it is that last blast - from the outpost high in the Afghan hills - which gives me the most pride of ownership - tru to my love of military things, recounting the story of Gurmukh Singh and the jawans of 4 Sikh  was something very precious to me. All of the colonials peoples of the 'third world shitholes' which the vain and insular western exceptionalist holds his nose at - not realizing his own date with fate -

gave me a chance both to slide comfortably along into my Asian world view, and to say goodbye to the goobers who are not only incapable of understanding that act of incredible bravery and MANLINESS which the 21 Sikh troopers sold their lives with -

they are not remotely capable of imitating - not even to save those dearest to them , not to mention themselves and the legacy of the great people they were handed to preserve and honor. Scum and scruff, almost to a man, the unter-mensch of the now officially dead wester world are underserving of even an epitaph. Their colossal arrogance and ignorance drove them to this sorry fate - as it drove me to leave them to it.

And with that - I bid ye's adieu, to do what ye's will - in a very Creepy Crowley sort o way! His INVERTED WORLD is now yours.

Yunus E by Yunus E @
It's now one month since I pried up the manhole cover of this abandoned site... and peeked down into the gloom of a dark and frighteningly deep void...The Beginning - (All O'er Agin!) in search of a 'western world' which had abruptly disappeared into a 'maw' called "Cov-19." Hells... of the talmudic kabbalist kind... are what lie in those depths... ergo, my reluctance to return to "spelunking" in caverns without end was perhaps... understandable.

Queasy stomach feelings, and the sulphurous  stench of forbidden places notwithstanding, eventually I donned my "P2 Gas and Particulate Half Mask" and looking glass 'wabbit' suit...for THE MASK COMES OFF - THE MASK GOES ON: MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH GOES LIVE! and girded up for another go. What I had  learned, in the course of that months return to Barbarous Reliquary... and assembled here for the inspection of anyone tired of being constantly lied to ...

was already enough to make it clear to anyone who was not quite purposefully  'sheltering in place' from the ugly truth... that this time round - unlike 2002's practice run with SARS, or 2009s aborted Avian Flu effort - this round is 'for real' and 'for keeps!' A true END GAME play is upon us, with a definitely 'winner take ALL' edge to its' progression; every damn week revealing more evidence of how all-encompassing the goals of this thing are!

And as for my finally getting the gears shifted so as to pursue my stated agenda of examining the MEDICAL aspects of this psycho-political MOTHER OF ALL PSYOPS...  we reached that point half way through the month, with The Terrain:" SHAPESHIFTERS OF THE NEURAL PATHWAYS!

those three above linked posts being among the most[as will prove out only in 'RETROSPECT' of course]important explorations of this cov-19 psyop theme as have yet appeared - YET - THEY ARE NOTHING - compared to what comes next! Which will summarize what I have learned about the totally mad and upside down worlds of "modern medicine" and 'microbiology' in this past couple of weeks of further digging. While already suitably skeptical as to the bona fides of both of those pursuits... the facts now ready to be laid out here have exceeded even my greatest imaginings - of just how badly co-opted by EVIL those two 'branches' of 'science' have become.

Tis indeed - "breathtaking"... in the viral pulmonary paucity of oxygen sense of the word.... the levels of deliberate deceit - incompetence - magical 'thinking'... and the clinging to searingly obvious myths and mistaken 'theories' which are now presented to us as 'the pinnacle of mans' scientific genius!

While I'm getting that next dispatch ready... this comment I knocked off yesterday - for the talmudo-kabbalist organ and psyop central 'zerohedge'... will serve as an entry point for where we go next. Not only questioning the bona fides of the 'narrative peddlers' of medicine... but questioning the very foundations of their fallacious doctrine of 'virology!'

Edit: After publishing, I noticed that a portion of the text had 'gone missing' and realized that the part I had tacked on to the end about Yoishi Shimatsu had been 'disappeared.' I was intending to just let it go... but, when back on this machine an hour or so later - noticed it had frozen up... with a picture of a particular partisan of the KABBALIC ALL STAR HALL OF FAME stuck in the middle of my screen... and the software program[which must have 'opened itself- since I had not!]it is located in REFUSED TO CLOSE.

So... I'll go with the flow. First - I'll recreate the blur which disappeared. Which was to mention that the parallel lines of discovery which Yoichi and I have been traveling since this thing began ... indicate that we are intersecting at certain points, and cross pollinating each others distinctive directions... which is kinda interesting, insofar as - among other similarities ... his work is also EMBARGOED by the ONEMEDIA ... altho he does have one outlet in

and... like myself, he has a great degree of [dis]regard for the psyop organ This is all good. He has clearly reviewed and been inspired by my Frank Plummer findings, and I by his Asian information gathering. Perhaps between the two of us, we may form a 'wedge' with which to 'trim' the "Hedge"... and garner a harvest of TRUTH IN MEDIA ... from amidst a FOREST OF LIES!

Now into its 20th segment - Yoichis epic series is a must read: please review - among others of the group... HIV-Laced COVID-19 Targets Human Testicles Its TB Strand Blocks The Immune System

And with that out of the way... I will also take the 'hint'... and turn the post over to....

our 'self-invited' visitor.. "Yehuda Halevi"... and his 'masterclass' in "kabbalism in action!"
I guess we can consider ourselves 'kosher' approved!
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Legendary Horror Film producers Rank Studios did a number of films set either partly or fully in China. My personal favorite of that part of their oeuvre is The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires .. co-produced with Hong Kongs' SHAW BROTHERS. it involves the transplantation of a TRANSYLVANIAN VAMPIRE to a new address in CHINA ... in an all TOO APT presaging of this moment in time. Suffice to say... like many supposedly 'light' or 'tongue in cheek' productions of that eras' horror genre... it provided to those of childishly open imagination sufficient clues as to be now able to keep up to speed... with the pace of the hyper-reality which we have now been thrust into.

And how fast our world is changing. With the change... is coming the inevitable evidence confirming the precis which I started to build out last month... from the foundation of my own up front and personal experience of the evil which is modern service to satanic goals. There's no heavy 'theological' intent in using that word to describe our adversary... its really more of a convenient hook pon which to place the responsibility...while we are going about the business of hunting down the clues. And I quite purposely choose to introduce some 'light' humor into the posts I write about this affair - BECAUSE THE GRUESOME TRUTH of what we are witnessing is otherwise simply TOO STARK to write about!

 This story
 51 patients in South Korea are confirmed to be positive again for coronavirus  signals that inevitable confirmation....of the MORPHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE MANMADE DISEASE ... as it advances through its "stages" ... towards an end we cannot yet see - but can well enough guess to be mass death.

When the piece you will read below arrived back in February.... just as the WUHAN BLOWBACK series was reaching its stride, I was taken aback by both the clarity of the authors' presentation... and the enormity of the point he made in passing:

"As a corona virus, it is highly mutagenic which is why there is no 'vaccine' nor any hope of developing one. Those protein keys that sit on the outside are in an evolutionary dance with the body for the 'key' shape that is correct. One of the most telling things they said early on - and the reason why we know that this is a bioweapon - is because of a slip-up one of the researchers said while examining it.

He said, "It is a bioweapon because there is no change in the outer shell of the virus (SARS), while there is splicing happening on he interior---the HIV (retrovirus)/TB (fungal) additions)."

because... other than myself... NO ONE has[dared]mention the fungal element of this bioweapon. Yoichi Shimatsu had made a brief reference to the TB aspect, but I saw no follow up from him after that. Now knowing that someone else had seen the HUGE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM invisible to everyone else... I sighed in relief a little - no... you're not crazy after all! - and made a mental note to pursue that trail. Then... everything went quickly south on the space where I was presenting these unwelcome and heretical thoughts - my comments started getting expunged - and the momentum which had been built up, irretrievably lost. Or so I thought.

Today I found the piece again in my files... right a the perfect time. The author has not been back to reveal more, was only found the once... on and therefore I cannot credit him properly for the masterful work. But I can thank him... by following up on where that brief trail ended. I've edited out what are - for my purposes - extraneous parts.... and would ask the reader to carefully review what's left. In light of the heavily polemicized posturing being passed off currently as "science-based" commentary upon the WUFLU ....most particularly with regard to the new "wonder drug" the FLU BROS are embracing feverishly...

I cannot emphasize the importance of this piece enough! With it to hand... we will be able to advance another rung down this rabbit hole. Tis ominous... though totally unsurprising ...that the author has not resurfaced in the month and a half since. My experience leads me to believe he will be either 'gone to ground' - a smart move - ... or "neutralized."

Is This Where We Are Heading? Is This An ELE?
The Reality Is Beyond That Of A Hollywood Horror Film
By Todd

Exclusive to Rense


'The Wave' is my terminology for it. I call it that because there is no conferred immunity to corona virus which means that you can be re-infected at any time. Ordinarily, this is not a problem since we have had probably a couple million years to adapt our DNA to survival of the common cold but due to its synthetic nature this particular corona virus is moving too fast for us to ever construct a genetic resistance to it.

But reinfection alone is not the whole issue. The issue is that once you get the virus the first time you become what I call a 'shedder' need to break down the virus into its component parts and then look at them functioning together to understand the whole of it.

The first component part is the virus' packaging.

As a corona virus, it is highly mutagenic which is why there is no 'vaccine' nor any hope of developing one. Those protein keys that sit on the outside are in an evolutionary dance with the body for the 'key' shape that is correct. One of the most telling things they said early on - and the reason why we know that this is a bioweapon - is because of a slip-up one of the researchers said while examining it.

He said, "It is a bioweapon because there is no change in the outer shell of the virus (SARS), while there is splicing happening on he interior---the HIV (retrovirus)/TB (fungal) additions)."

So, it's totally impossible. Any naturally occurring alteration would have altered the SARS glycoprotein exterior as well. It is a bioweapon. Now, the keys (glycoproteins) that are part of the outer shell are actually bacteriophages which is why their is nothing that we can do to stop it. So, basically all of the bacteriophage diseases (coronavirus) are like a colony of bacteriohages that are a super-organism.

Bacteriophages were never meant to be wielded against a higher life form because we have no real defense against them reproductively. A bacteria, which may have 100+ generations in a day is moving at the proper reproductive rate to be in an evolutionary dance with a bacteriophage.

Bacteriophages are a group of viruses that used bacterial cells as host and reproduce by infecting bacterial cells. Like all other viruses bacteriophages are also consisting of a protein coat that provides protection to the genome. Most of the phages are DNA viruses that code for several genes responsible for virus replication. A major problem of using plasmids as a cloning vector is the size of the gene of interest is small. However, bacteriophages help to overcome this problem, as larger genes can be transferred by using bacteriophage as a cloning vector.

Bacteriophages always acted as a single entity and always had a specific target bacteria. They are the single largest killer of life on the planet every day. For example, each day all of the different bacteriophages kill 40% of all bacteria life in the ocean.
They have a target bacteria that they are 'in a dance with' and their evolutionary shifting function is something that may be altered daily or weekly so that the protein keys work...the bacteria, on the other hand is rapidly modifying its own 'key' receptors so that the bacteriophage will not have access to its cells.

So, these supra-organisms of bacteriophage colonies are all highly advanced billions of years old machines for controlling an overabundance of bacterial life. They are the antithesis to life. Literally.

This is how versatile they are...they started to blame the testing kits; saying 10% of the testing kits returned a false result...but that is wrong...the bacteriophages no longer had the protein keys they were looking for with the testing kits because they had mutated beyond them.

This is how fast this thing is advancing.

So they decided to start looking for the TB aspect in the lungs as well as using the testing kits to screen the [declining] number of people who will have the original glycoprotein signature. I guess they do not want to admit how totally outclassed they are by the virus that it is capable of out maneuvering their ability to even test for it consistently let alone DO ANYTHING about it.

Ok, so, this would be bad enough if this was the only issue (this is what SARS basically is). It is not the only issue though.

The HIV aspect:

The insertion from the HIV enables the supra organism of the SARS bacteriophage to rewrite the RNA of its target so that it produces or sheds billions of copies of itself (this is why these fit so nicely together because this (to a lesser extent) would have been something the bacteriophage would have done naturally anyway but they dovetailed the HIV in there to allow it to reproduce the supra organism COVID rather than just the smaller macrophage. The R0 factor on this is off the charts, and this is where the Wave comes in.

Patient 0 (they STILL will not divulge who it was) was actively shedding this by the billions for
two weeks when they first entered the Wuhan market. I need to digress for a moment to the bacteriophage:

The reason you can be an active and asymptomatic 'shedder' is because it takes a lot longer to kill an entire collective symbiotic system of cells than it takes a bacteriophage to kill one bacteria.

So...IF ONE of the COVID 'virus' enters your system and attaches to an ACE2 receptor it will commandeer that cell and begin manufacturing the COVID virus andfrom that point forwards you are the walking dead.

Essentially you are ASYMPTOMATIC while you are shedding virus because it is killing you as slowly as possible while you, as a Supra organism yourself, have no idea you are even ill because the body experiences many millions of cell deaths everyday and this is not an unusual state for the body.

This is why there is latency (slower death) when you have fewer ACE2 receptors. Because an abundance of ACE2 receptors means that more COVID catches hold and reproduces faster, NOT THAT is doesn't catch hold in someone with fewer receptors but rather it simply takes longer for it to overwhelm the host body.

This is not a 'positive' but rather a 'negative' since there will be no indication to either you or anyone else that you are shedding the virus for a month or more while your body is being gradually overthrown.

I am guesstimating - based on what I witnessed in Wuhan - that each person sheds BILLIONS and BILLIONS of COVID viruses into the environment as it is USING ALL THE RESOURCES of the human body in non-stop production of itself.

Bacteria have limited motility and they cannot 'move about' in the same way a Supra organism like a human being can; so to the COVID virus you are like an airplane that will takes its COVID 'passengers' to new and interesting places...i.e. spreading the infection).

When the body has COVID and 'dies' from it, that is when it is at PEAK production and replicating it inside the body...there is literally no more room or resources (hormones and proteins the functional chemistry of the human body and required for continuation of life) for anything other than COVID replication.

This is why they were trying to use SO2 to 'disinfect the air' in Wuhan. Sulfur is a killer of fungi. Mycobacteria (TB, leprosy etc) are all fungi of a special class (myco means fungi).

So, again the genetic breakdown that we know thus far is 88% SARS, 2% HIV and 10% TB that utilized synthetic biology to assemble.

The aspects of SARS that made it 'not very good at killing' were all modified to produce something with ENHANCED ability to kill. Where SARS was weak, HIV and TB were both strong. By splicing the HIV and TB into the SARS virus, they enhanced it to an ELE status.

When someone realized they were not having any effect killing the airborne COVID virus, they stopped with the mass poisoning of Wuhan using SO2.

There were a lot of rumors concerning the mass burning of bodies of the dead causing the spike in
SO2 but the human body doesn't have enough SO2 in it to account for the levels of SO2 that Wuhan was exhibiting.


These are only a matter of mathematical functions since the RNA of COVID is not 'alive' in any sense of the word what we are concerned about it reproduction success in distribution functions. Let's say that there are (or, were, last I checked which was 1 week ago - in 'viral time' an eternity) 24 mutations of the original bioweapon.

But let's say that Version 5 was the most successful...reproducing 80% of the time.
There is no conferred immunity because of the nature of the highly-mutagenic key nature of bacteriophages. So, if a particular key is successful in gaining entry for reproduction, then the next wave of infection would be the mutation that enjoyed the highest reproductive success.

Also, keep in mind that since every infected human now sheds the virus continuously until they die, they are living with a compromised immune system. Meaning that much of their DNA/RNA is not given over to their own needs but rather to the parasitic functions of reproducing the virus. So 'recovery' in the classic sense of conferred immunity is impossible.

The HIV insertions have allowed COVID to co-op the functions that it used to be responsible for.
Therefore, for the rest of your life, you will shed the virus that you were infected with.

However, with part of your body becoming non-functional in terms of hormones and proteins it will be lacking the materials and resources needed for its OWN reproduction and function since those have been co-opted for viral reproduction. Wicked stuff.

Note carefully - The 2nd WAVE is going to cause massive failure in whichever systems the nCov has targeted inside your body.

ACE2 receptors are found in the heart, lungs, mucous membranes, testes (and probably ovum; leading to infertility), kidneys and liver...etc etc etc. When the 2nd Wave mutation hits people there are no more proteins and hormones that will allow organs to function...and they simply cease working. Remember how people are simply dropping dead in their tracks. I know that the Doctor said that it 'was the medicine'...but it is not. It is a product of having your body turned over to a BioWeapon to manufacture ITSELF. You become a walking bioweapon factory for the COVID virus

We have absolutely no idea what the long term ramification are for 'survivors' of the virus since we know nothing about what having RNA co-opted over months and years (lifetime) will lead to...for example a goiter is a lack of iodine in the human body...but what if iodine was an integral component of viral production? It would take all the resources for itself and leave the body bereft of iodine (and I am just using this as an off the cuff example).

Your thyroid gland produces two main hormones — thyroxine (T-4) and triiodothyronine (T-3). These hormones circulate in your bloodstream and help regulate your metabolism. They maintain the rate at which your body uses fats and carbohydrates, help control your body temperature, influence your heart rate, and help regulate the production of proteins.

Your thyroid gland also produces calcitonin — a hormone that helps regulate the amount of calcium in your blood.

Your pituitary gland and hypothalamus control the rate at which T-4 and T-3 are produced and released.

The hypothalamus — an area at the base of your brain that acts as a thermostat for your whole system — signals your pituitary gland to make a hormone known as thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). Your pituitary gland — also located at the base of your brain — releases a certain amount of TSH , depending on how much thyroxine and T-3 are in your blood. Your thyroid gland, in turn, regulates its production of hormones based on the amount of TSH it receives from the pituitary gland.

Having a goiter doesn't necessarily mean that your thyroid gland isn't working normally. Even when it's enlarged, your thyroid may produce normal amounts of hormones. It might also, however, produce too much or too little thyroxine and T-3.

See how one small thing can destabilize a symbiotic organization as in the goiter example? All of those hormones and proteins keep things functional.
This is what I 'know' thus far. As new information is presented to me I can get a better idea of what is happening and so far I have the 'overview' since I didn't get that far in school to get into the minutiae. This is a good thing in some ways. Since I have a conceptual rather than detailed understanding, I can assess the entire situation without getting bogged down in the little stuff.

I guess what shocked and disappointed me was the thought of how quickly the virus would finish Asia (and then Europeans)...I sort of freak out when I am confronted with exactly how little time is really left.

I probably forgot to explain many things or didn't include the research since it is weeks' worth and I tend to absorb things conceptually and then move onto the next understanding.

I am not 100% sure why this info is being targeted and censored so widely by the big corporations. Google, Yahoo, Reddit, VOAT, the Chans and all their AIs are

all targeting anyone who even mentions the TB (Mycobacteria) in connection with COVID..

.don't 'test that out' with any account you care about because you will get hammered or thrown out of any forums and your account will most likely be deleted. I don't know why but that is SERIOUSLY UPSETTING for the parasitic class. It is like an instant trigger for deletion.

I have never seen this type of resistance to information before.

Here is a video on synthetic biology just so that you can understand how easy this is to really splice anything you desired together at this point. For someone to have a meltdown, censor and delete accounts etc, just because you mention that it has other splices in the RNA of the virus is pretty crazy.

My theory on that is that they only care about controlling the information until you are dead or too sick to do anything about it. This is also why it seems to me that they are deliberately (through inaction) not controlling the borders. Or, if you are feeling diabolical, they are actually encouraging the spread of the virus.

There you have it. Like the man says - right out of a horror movie. And... it's worth emphasizing - his words = "I have never seen this type of resistance to information before" parallel my own experience of the blowback which came from starting this investigation. Once I had recovered enough from that blowback to re enter the game ... on GBTM, I did manage to give fair warning of what was to follow -

"The arrival of that moment when I am at last allowed to serve in function of chronicler... freed from previous assigned role of PSYCHOPOMP to a dying people...who still had the chance to at least cross over  from life to a wholesome death... with souls intact for another kick at the karmic can... somewheres down the road! To arrive... in other words... if not 'alive,' at least 'intact' psychically-speaking, to that point on the 'other side' where... "at the rivers end... we begin again."

Alas, such is not the fate of those with whom I pleaded, all those years, for as to listen. For all those who presumed the 'zombie' state of neither living nor dead to be but a trope beloved of writers of fiction! A deadly - quite 'man made' disease now stalks them... careless of all their protests as to their status as 'masters of the universe'...

 allowing me to at last segue seamlessly into assumption of my longstanding alter-ego identity, Augustin Dupin... wherein, as "fictional" creation of EDGAR ALLAN POES' impossible imagination, I conduct a forensic accounting of the MOTHER OF ALL CRIME SCENES... NO LONGER as reporter... but instead, as the writer of a GHOST STORY... of the hyperreal kind.

And now ... some 6 weeks later ...when they HAVE INDEED CLOSED ALL THOSE BORDERS...
the script is in some ways even scarier than I had imagined! Imagine that.
When we come back - for PART TWO - LIFE ON EARTH - A B MOVIE GONE BAD.

Bats; Blood; Evildoers. China. The 'tags' for our 'live stream' and Ranks "Vamp Dream" are eerily identical. We can only hope for a similarity in 'happy endings' as well. But at this moment... life seems much more reflective of

"EDGAR ALLAN POES' impossib[ly morbid]imagination indeed." The walls are closing in silently pon ALL of us.
Yunus E by Yunus E @
In the category of ..... BLOWBACK NOT FROM WUHAN ... I offer an interlude of purely pleasurable PAIN TRADE mirth ...designed to ease troubled minds... and 'tickle' funny bones with an ostrich feather of fun!

As most readers know... I hang out on the ONEMEDIAS premier house organ of disinfo..., on a mission to cause as much mayhem/discomfiture to those ghouls who have ruled the media roost ... for far too long. You might think it to be a waste of time... for the serious minded... but for I, its kinda like fishin. Long times spent setting, and then watchin the lines... not a lot of action, rinse n repeat....

but then... outta nowhere - the MOTHER OF ALL LUNKERS HITS YOUR WORM HARD! 

Hard not to love a love story... bout a girl with a heart of ....COLD... as in whippin, clippin and snippin good times of the dominatrix sort! And it was with... painful pleasure that I ran across this account

 Confessions Of A Sado-Maso Sex Worker In A Time Of Coronavirus

of a PAIN TRADE LADY OF THE NY NIGHT... ON that very same "hedge" what constantly leaves its best stories 'on the tarmac'... unpublished... because the bobster swooped in and BUSTED THE SCAM!  When you read this
story... and realize what a clic-bait MONSTER the boiys had on their hands... yet... left it on the tarmac to wither... rather than give ol BobE another 10 bagger o laughs...
YOU KNOW WHO'S IN FOR THE WIN... in the category called "chagrin!"

I do believe I did a credible job of writing up a lil 'loveletter' to our vixen kittykat with the under-requited kitty/// and slippin in a sly lil dig at one of the worst offenders in the 'gold sales scamarama at the same time! Think of how much ad $ it cost them... just to fend me off! But... butt... as if that were not enough high times for one 24 hour period...
here we go... with the MAIN EVENT our little circus of the absurd!


. by yours truly at last!

 I cannot give you a screen shot of the lengthy comment I wrote April 4th in response to a pouty piece purporting to complain about 'hoarders' and profiteers - THE COMMENT WAS DELETED - by the usual 'demonocracy suspects whoo  - make a livin hawking "free speech" and 'fair comment'... but clamp down HARD... WHEN that sorta shit gets... you know - too close to home! Anyhoo here it is...

For folks too dumb to work out for themselves... how they're being HOSED!

IF "medical supply arbitrage." sounds a bit unsavory to you, I suggest you get your head around "information supply arbitrage".... because whatever moral vacuity is implied to be a component of the former, is a part of the latter - on steroids.

"ISA" is part and parcel of the 'internet age" of communications. In the twenty or so years since web-based information "brokering|" has come into its' own, the opportunity for 'leveraging' their 'social networking skills' for profit and "push" has been seized by many a new entrant...

to those individuals' great gain, yet to the considerable cost of actual "journalism," individual integrity, and truth in media itself. AND  so it goes.... with the critical issue of how one goes about protecting themselves from the depredations of STATE & CORPORATE MALFEASANCE.

Extolling the virtues of 'free market capitalism'... whilst marshaling all of one's forces to the service of a predatory monopolist agenda has indeed become the 'new normal' for the successful entrant to this enticing 'profit center' of the"information" industry. Thru the use of subtle tools which the new internet form of mass communications lends itself towards, the 'information brokers' can push out competing voices, downgrade all narratives counter to their own, seize market share by means of 'spoofing' popularity, unanimity and/or acceptance of their party line,

as well as ride herd upon their target audience via 'tools' of a f'alse Front "Demonocracy" which - behind the fun and user friendly exterior paint job... is a 'funhouse' of distorted news and mean-spirited manipulation, all in the cause of transferring as much loot as possible from reader/victims wallets... to those of their NEW MEDIA OVERLORDS.

So I have discovered... in the course of  long campaign to return 'truth in media' to its central position  - in a scheme of things wherein the truth is a 'first casualty of THE WAR ON YOU. NOWHERE has this been in more evidence than the recent controversy over "MASKS." And pulling back 'the mask' on what lies behind the sordid campaign of information control - aka monopoly 'capitalism' in action reveals much of the reason why the DECLINE OF THE WEST is terminal, unstoppable, and part of a well organized campaign towards just that end!

Back in February... when WUFLU and the issue of 'personal protection' against WEAPONS OF MASS MEDICAL.MEDIA-ATED DESTRUCTION was still a topic of simple 'entertainment' for the denizens of western GULAGISTAN...

I placed pon these pages a basic outline of what concrete steps the potential 'soul survivor' would need take to fend off the coming shitstorm of dark medico-media mischief. Chief among which vital steps would be - I claimed - pulmonary protection in the form of MASKS WHICH ACTUALLY WORKED to counter madman made bioweaponary.

In the spirit of 'protecting one's interests' so integral to the NEW INTERNET MEDIA INFORMATION ARBITRAGE package - a counterstrike against this audacious and most UNWANTED effort to supply FREE information to a captive audience of PAYING[in more ways than they can imagine!]"information consumers" ... a private messaging roll out quickly activated a posse of the ghouls who provide a phalanx of useful idiots by which the local information arbitrage experts can maintain the narrative - whilst removing potential 'competitors' to their control of it!

Yes indeed... exactly in accord with the methods used back in 2016... when I activated my most unwanted  'boots on the ground' reportage style to give the brethren back in the fallen lands of the west first hand knowledge of the FIRST EVER SOCIAL MEDIA DRIVEN 'COUP' BY A GOVERNMENT AGAINST ITSELF...

the ever vigilant west coast TYLER IN CHIEF TIMMY BACKSHAUL was quick to organize his sock puppet avatar army to fend off the assault against his domain! A tsunami of 'vote scat' followed up his voiced displeasure delivered via one of his fave avatars - which consisted solely of trying to roast me for GRAMMATICAL ERROR! OH the horror! I immediately recognized the same modus operandi in the FEBRUARY HIT JOB. ... a snark attack deployed via the very same sock puppet avatar he had used for years to maintain control in the 'gold and silver' section of his scam!


It's clear that dumb as mud Merikan 'information consumers' have long ago given up any form of resistance this kind of sustained attack upon their own interests. And that I too - should give up on trying to provide them with an antidote to the viral disease called 'internet media' ... aka more 'talmudic kabbalism in action.' Now... with MASKS AS THE ABSOLUTE TOPIC NUMERO UNO ...back safely in the control of those who control and profit from INFORMATION ARBITRAGE its game over for the lil guy!  BUT before I do... I wish to make known to all - just WHO is behind the campaign to defraud you of

first - your savings... then - your liberties, and finally - your very lives. 'INFORMATION ARBITRAGERS' of course... are just the point men in the scam ... the 'collection agents' who protect the portals so that the approved -'paying customer' mouthpieces who crowd the top banner of this site to hawk their wares whilst dutiful paying their 10 talents of silver to the toll keeper...

Behind the mask... stand the real shadowpuppet masters... casting their nets wider and wider in the war for information monopoly. They've won that war - thanks to your indifference to your own preservation. That's why I name your now chronic and terminal 'illness' in which you will 'exist' - till 'closing time'... THE ENNUI OF THE DEFEATED. The fruits of a long campaign to destroy you all are now ripening... in King JERRYS' garden of malice aforesight. And that's why I named the platform on which i disclosed ALL of this deceit to your unseeing eyes - geopolitics behind THE MASK.


It didn't have to end this way. But it will  anyways..

Story: “Medical Supply Arbitrage”: How Hordes Of Middle Men, Profiteers & Scammers Massively Inflated Prices Of N95s Takes one to know one huh?

Punch line you say> you want the 'punch line?' The talmudo-kabbalist 'information brokers' and 'masked peddlers' of the stock market scam are a girls best friend! They drop their profits - and their pants - for a chance at some kinda weird 'romance'... in the dungeons of the really KARMIC REAL!
Yunus E by Yunus E @
The man who only months ago... would still be described as "UK PM-hopeful" Boris Johnson...may be many things - including at this moment - either DEAD, ALIVE, OR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN... but a lasting legacy of the BORIS BEFORE US.... in his own words, remains this-

                                               As a passionate Zionist, I love Israel"

It would be a matter of no small interest to me if someone were so kind as to find a quoted passage from the same mans' mouth...  professing the same intensity of 'love' for the country of which he was subsequently place 'in command.'

Oh ye poor poor benighted wester world... which I loved with 'a passion' AS THE PLACE OF MY CULTURE AND BIRTH... and worked so hard yet futilely to save... how very low ye have fallen.

While 'masked' by the ONEMEDIAS' incessant monologues which leave aside these vital details of where the CORE of your leaders loyalties lie... the record which the dead or alive Boris leaves us is plain and simply: astonishing.

"Johnson also sought to clarify his previous comments about Israel’s 2014 assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, which he once described as “disproportionate”. Johnson yesterday claimed “it’s totally unacceptable that innocent Israeli civilians should face the threat of rocket fire and bombardment from Gaza,” adding: “I understand why Israel reacted in the way that it did and I understand the provocation and the outrageous behaviour that occasioned that response.”"

He continued: “Those of us who support Israel always want Israel to show the greatest possible restraint [but] Israel has a right to respond, Israel has a right to defend itself. Israel has a right to meet force with force.”

Yes, I see. Well - that explains a lot. As to WHY dear Boris is about to become very possibly the FIRST major profile victim of what I have often described as the 'UNDER THE BUS' SYNDROME!

To those foolish enough to have not paid any attention to anything I've written this past 10 years... that syndrome will remain a 'mystery'... gobsmacked by the 'counter-intuitive' nature of my claim - that TALMUDIC KABBALISM 'rewards' its little helpers with a "busmans holiday" of the one way ticket kind..
my precis as to the devilish delite the talmudic kabbalist takes in 'rewarding' their minions with DEATH is a 'bridge to far' for the westerlings'[now almost fully depleted]mind! But facts remain facts... and the truth... however well concealed shall remain itself as well... at least until the full scope of the talmudic kabbalist 'virus' is allowed to complete its' "cycle"  of virulent "progress."

"The politician also addressed the prospect of moving the British Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of US President Donald Trump’s December 2017 decision. Johnson said he could “see the logic” of the British government pursuing such a policy, but added that “the moment for us to play that card is when we make further progress”. Johnson did not specify what form this progress would take."

What is there left to say... about the man who would be King BIBIs little LORD CHAMBERLAIN .. in the final dismemberment of the west?

While this post would technically belong on the GBTM site - being as it is a more 'geopolitical-oriented' theme, deviating from our current 'medical' focus, I'm going to leave it here, as I don't need the distraction of having two sites to manage at the same time anymore.

"Johnson, on the other hand, not only has the virtue of being almost the polar opposite of Red Ken, but is also a trenchant supporter of Israel, an enemy of politically correct anti-Zionism and immensely proud of his own Jewish ancestry — the Henley MP’s great grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, being the Moscow-born son of a shmutter merchant. “I feel Jewish when I feel the Jewish people are threatened or under attack, that’s when it sort of comes out,” he declares. “When I suddenly get a whiff of antisemitism, it’s then that you feel angry and protective.”"

When asked to think of an example, he seizes upon last year’s Lebanon war. “I haven’t discussed this with my handlers at all,” he begins, gesturing towards a member of his media team sitting nearby, who appears to slide further and further down in his seat as the interview progresses. “I felt during that business that sometimes people were writing and discussing Israel without really recognising that Israel was coming under attack.”

Boris Johnson. The man sacked as a trainee reporter on The Times for falsifying a quote. Leader writer on The Daily Telegraph, editor of The Spectator 1999-2005....

“I have some Jewish ancestry, but I’m not sure how Jewish I am!… I’m proud of it, very proud”at least has SOMETHING to feel proud about!

Well... Boris, sometimes 'pride' cometh before 'a fall'... and if your time to leave this mortal coil as indeed arrived... I say that your fine example of the fallen western 'leader' needs serve as both your 'legacy'... and the sterling example of the road to ruin FOR ALL who might think of taking the PHARISEES ten shekels to become a betrayer of their own!

And with that... we must move on to the question of the moment - Domenic "Raab-it" ... the son of a Czech judaic refugee.... from the biggest[to date]most successful FRANKIST SABBATEAN psyop ever... so-called "Nazism"...
and poke around at what may lie in store for EVEN BIGGER WESTERN POLITIES UNDER THE SENTENCE OF TALMUDIC DOOM right as we speak!

Raab would become British PM under the sequence of events stirred by Johnsons' illness/incapacitation/death. And no.... I do not think that Raab is "judaic"... in any other than a dna sense! If you don't understand what I just said in that previous sentence -  you might do well to read through my NXiVM series[particularly  -NXIVM - Part Three: Craven Kavans from Cavan - No "Limericks" - Just the Untold Story of the Wests Secret Controllers! on the GMTM platform to grasp what I DO think... in detail... from which I extract -

"Drumpfs pillaging gang of new, russo-talmudic Chabad gangsters, old Ladino mafiya figures like jaime dimon and the GOLDMANITES, is something I've hammered away about as the overt and obvious result of his being placed in power. However, to this point I've not clearly enunciated the exact 'mechanism' which underpins the successful imposition of that gang upon its victims.

Just as Obama was a product of the Chicago talmudic mafiya and New York/Hollowwood dollars, so Drumpf is an obvious scion of the old Lansky Mafiya. That's old news. But... butt...

the army of closet frankists who are embedded so deeply in western society now... the "Kerrys," "Coffeys" "Kavanaghs" joined by an equal measure of old Scottish family names starting with Sinclair and working right thru the list.... the Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, French, German and Italian names of like pedigree...
which has been assembled to complete the task of taking apart the west... is still unknown to its victims. What this present series needs to do is connect up the dots between the dysfunctional, serial drunken and asocial sexual peccadillos of an entitled frankist frat boy like Brett... and a thousand small handed(or other body parts)losers like him...

and the serial torture, blackmail, sex trafficking and abuse which the Bronfmans and their Keith Raniere cult set up in the open for all to.. not see. The former are clearly marked as men who are expected to work in the upper circles of government and judiciary to bring about the sectarian passions which will light the now inevitable civil strife by which the empire falls upon its' own sword. The later are the little maggots whose serial debaucheries of an already pornographized social fabric are designed to create the fatal divisions tween genders which will fester into a different front in the WAR PON YOU.  For more than 80 years, Frankists have been placed upon the bench of the American supreme court... Felix Frankfurter being merely one of the more obvious plants."

but failing ]that... you WOULD NEEDS read the REDEMPTION THROUGH SlN - Frankism| A Primer post there - which is even more of a slog!

When things got 'freaky'... over on the GBTM site, two years at this time... via the 'delivery' into our midst of our very own DYBBUK ... it was exactly at the point where I had decided to plunge ahead with shining the full spotlight pon 'frankist sabbateanism' .... at last! That was not appreciated... by those who are pulling the real strings behind this latest iteration of the frankist-chasidic psyop we are witness to!

Yes - "Domenic" will doubtless turn out to be ... one of the very many.... 'secret sabbatean' agents who have waged their 'culture war' against the west for a couple of hundred years now... through seeking the highest rungs of political power! And what creature sloucheth its way towards us ... now that the POWER HOUR of cov-19 intrigue has indeed arrived? Surely the Raab-it will not qualify for that 'anti-christ'-like moniker! We needs look... across a pond... so to speak.. in order to perceive the coming BEAST!

KING KUSHNER. He who will push the flailing 'reality TV Star' off his perch... and assume the role which 'rightfully' belongs to a CHABAD millenialist" ... according the this talmudic kabbalist plot line. How EXACTLY will it all go down? Hell... I don't know... I don't write the script... I just forward slivers of the action delivered me... via a 'remote viewing' faculty long lost to the rest of my dna affinity group it seems. But given that the Orange One is an EVEN BIGGER 'I LOVE ISRAEL' kind of guy... than the one with the mop of straw top his noggin...

and the strange affinity for 'lovers of israel' to go bye bye in bizarre and troubling fashion...

what I'm 'seeing'... via yesterdays new meme in NYC/Hymietown....

"temporary internment" in local public parks.

"Cemeteries are not able to handle the number of burial requests and are turning most down."

is boding something...wholly... unholy! Interment/internment now getting mixed up by a media conclusively DRIVING 'EVENTS' ... instead of just 'reporting' them... Bodies ditched outside the 'holy' ground of the churches... it's a zombie apocalypse B movie sprung to life without the slightest bit of irony. This is the remake of the part of HORROR ON THE SIBERIAN EXPRESS where instead of the dummie who thinks he's gonna score some kind of a treat by sticking his paw in the box which THE CREATURE has crawled out of...

Dopey Don and sidekick Jules Ghouliani think they're gonna 'score big' with some covert deals for anti-malarial drugs - which will go far to solving the 'liquidity issues' both gentleman seem to chronically have! Watch out... screams the musical score!

Having Drimpf 'drop the ball' in an epically inept handling of a 'crisis' being stage-managed from behind scenes by the ghouls who will 'profit' most from his fall...

is the way this is shaping up. As mass panic and fear build into hysteric blame and scape-goating of equally epic proportions... HOW COULD THE ONEMEDIA FAIL to guide it all to .... completion?
HUMPTY DRUMPTY.... will go SPLAT. And 'all the kings' men... will be happy with that!

No friend... or sympathizer... of the AGENT ORANGE entity entrusted with the role of CRISIS ACTOR IN CHIEF for the last chapter of the long TAKEDOWN OF Amerika... nonetheless, I can see that he has no access to certain key parts of 'this script' which King Jerry in waiting and the rest are reading from!

It's a wrap. A 'piece o cake'... make no mistake. This IS KABBALISM IN ACTION. Bye bye AGENT ORANGE... BORIS BADENOV... AND one by one... the rest of those of those who thought it best... to deliver their own people to the talmudic kabbalist chopping block! Under the bus.

"Bend a knee"...Donnie D!  this last rides for free! And 'free' ye too shall be.... of this mortal coil toil...sooner than your think!

Now ... should it turn out that.... Boris was simply giving in to his suppressed thespian instincts.... and turns up healthy as an ox.... (or healthy as a healthy 'body double')our ... to reap a major 'boost' in ratings/the granting of Rus/Hungarian type potentate powers etc., our little exercise above will hardly prove futile!

The main event this 'simulation' has 'foreshadowed' stands etched in the 'probability zone' even more... and D>D hasn't the wiggle room to play shadow games of shadow PMs that Boris did. J Kushner is closing in for the ..... foreclosure... and like all of these 'distressed company buyout guys... will not be dissuaded from his goal of taking over USSA LLC! On behalf of something too terrible to even outline here. Again.

Let's close this up with an interesting  quote from J S Mill:

"A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury. The latter case, it is true, requires a much more cautious exercise of compulsion than the former. To make anyone answerable for doing evil to others is the rule; to make him answerable for not preventing evil is, comparatively speaking, the exception. Yet there are many cases clear enough and grave enough to justify that exception."

And in this situation of GREAT EVIL ... done to

 the entire people of the west.... yet - by their complicity in the crimes of kabbalist talmudist... against

 the peoples here

... in the MUDDLED EAST, MAGHREB ... and other parts of this sorry ol world... under siege from a "merikan" war machine under command of millennialist maniacs of the kabbalist kind..


WHO ...will make them answerable for "doing evil to others"... in the name of talmudic hegemony? WHO but themselves/yourselves?

As I said at the outset... of this long bitter ride to rescue HELMS DEEP before the end would become... the  end it indeed now is...

 When all is said and done, it is perfectly clear that Amerika has indulged itself in an orgy of international gangsterism as it’s collective response to the event we call 9-11. It has also effectively bankrupted itself, economically and morally in so doing. Now, if 9-11 was a staged event,[it was] in which the media was complicit in simulating an attack on Amerika by outside forces[they were], are Amerikans as individuals free of blame for the subsequent bloodbath unleashed upon the world? I make no judgment here. I come only to observe and report: on the possibility that Amerikans have judged themselves.

Precession of simulacra – the new Tenochititlan
 Jan 11, 2010

It took almost EXACTLY 10 years for us... from that moment of strange prophetic foresight I was granted access to.....  to reach this point - of FINAL JUDGEMENT - by Merikans... against themselves. I was hopin - somehow - somebody - would 'pull a rabbit out of a hat' and spare y'all from what is coming next. I'm sorry that did not happen. But I did everything i was able to.

Yunus E by Yunus E @
"No other group of procaryotes has been so embroiled in controversy and in establishing a clear pathogenic niche as the mycoplasmas. Their virulence determinants are undeniably complex, and their unique biological properties likely challenge the host differently from typical bacterial pathogens . Also, numerous Mycoplasma species appear to comprise the commensal microbial flora of healthy persons, and the association of these mycoplasmas with disease complicates the diagnosis and necessitates extensive and highly specific serologic, nucleic acid, and epidemiologic data." -Joel B. Baseman* and Joseph G. Tully†*The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio,San Antonio, Texas, USA; †National Institute of Allergy and InfectiousDiseases, Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center,
Frederick, Maryland, USA

As promised in our previous post - CORONA-COP: the Future is Here - Show me your [digital chip]ID! - we are finally -mise en scene - with the main event. The "event" under examination, via investigation of a 'crime scene' of gigantic scale yet micro 'scope'... is the explosive arrival of something called COV19 onto the world stage. And what a 'stage' it is - with the theatrical dimensions of what may prove 'THE BIGGEST PSYOP EVER' on full display now, our task is not only to determine at what 'stage' of the performance are we at now,

but also to anticipate the 'stages' in development of a 'disease' which moves through apparitional form like a ghost through walls! And just like some elements of the 'paranormal' are 'invisible' to observers whose mental walls allow for nothing 'immaterial' in nature, while fully 'visible' to the investigator prepared to be conceptually challenged by perceptual PHENOMENA which defy the ability of the rational mindset to delimit and define them ...

so we... as investigators of 'that which is, rather than of that which is not' ... must be prepared for those limited by 'rational fallacy' to attempt their usual 'contamination' of the petri dish... via fallacious assertion backed by nothing more than the currency of conventional 'explanation.' Since the goal of such parties is invariably nothing more than to slow down the speed with which truth can be revealed... we shall pay them little mind,

whilst keeping in mind - the very wise words of Prof. Harry W. Ellis, a Professor of Physics at Eckerd College:
"On the other hand,the scientist (or anyone) who dismisses religion because the idea of an omnipotent God is logically inconsistent is guilty of intellectual hypocrisy. Does he or she think that science is free from inconsistencies? Perhaps he or she is not aware of the existence of Russell's paradox or Goedel's Theorem. Actually, aside from obvious methodological differences, science and theology have much in common. Each is an attempt to model reality, founded on unprovable articles of faith. If the existence of a benign supreme being is the fundamental assumption at the heart of religion, certainly the practice of science is founded on the unprovable hypothesis that the universe is rational - that its behavior is subject to human understanding. Through science we construct highly useful models which permit us to understand the universe, in the sense of predicting its behavior. Let us not commit the elementary epistemological mistake of confusing the model with reality. Surely scientists, as well as religious leaders, should possess sufficient maturity to realize that whatever ultimate reality there may be is not directly accessible to mortal humans."

The "model" and the "reality" in this case being... a taxonomic 'modeling' of living nature into categories which work well to put things 'in place'... for ease of description - and 'grant solicitation'... but fail with great frequency to 'explain' why phenomena - such as disease, for example - happen,  and exactly what is the cause!  And nothing suits as an example of the deliberate and serial CONFLATION of model and reality as does the story of THE MYCOPLASMA!

From the same authors as quoted above -
"Even with mounting evidence of their
pervasive and pathogenic potential, mycoplasmas
still evoke the image of a group of obscure or
impotent microorganisms. Yet they are evolutionarily
advanced procaryotes (9-11), and their
elite status as “next generation” bacterial pathogens
necessitates new paradigms in fully understanding
their disease potential.

Readers of our previous posting will remember our glance at the biologic phenomena of "pleomorphism" - an organisms' capacity to VARY IN FORM... as it related to an etiology of the crime scene/disease we are investigating. When I highlighted the difficulties conventional 'scientists' have had in recognizing this simple biological FACT ... DUE TO conceptual limitations brought on by theoretical fence-ringing of the empiric 'terrain'...

it was in order to clarify the reason for this above quoted matter of this business of pleomorphic beings...being "embroiled in controversy" - as if we were discussing whether a pair of socks is 'mauve' or 'blue!' This is indeed what 'scientists' do... when they are prevented by observable DATA from being allowed to let their THEORIES run roughshod over the FACTS! They obfuscate, equivocate, prevaricate ... quibble... and generally carry on like little spoiled little boys - since no one dares shut them up with demonstrable counter-argument. Usually.

In short... the boys who are the banner-carriers for OBJECTIVITY in knowledge-seeking... are ready, at the drop of a vial... to turn into SUBJECTIVELY driven drivelers, using any and all subterfuge to gain advantage over the plain and simple truth. And since they generally work for... the very same "foundations".... 'schools,' or corporate entities... which are owned and operated by the VERY SAME entities who own and operate 99% of the media communication channels... who's to stop em?

Now that we've reviewed the 'terrain' over which our crime scene is spread... time to focus pon a classic example of the 'scientificist' paradigm in action
In a manner uniquely 'eponymous' to its own 'changes of form' ... the phenomena we are terming=for the moment]'mycoplasma' has also changed its name! Or at least, that is to say - the TAXONOMISTS have changed it...

When PPLO Became Mycoplasma

"All this started in 1898 with a remarkable discovery by French bacteriologists, Nocard and Roux, namely that pleuropneumonia, a highly infectious disease of cattle, was caused by an organism that could pass filters that retained bacteria. It was at first not possible to cultivate this organism on customary bacteriological medium: but the authors soon produced a richer medium on which this organism, seen in their microscopes as little dots darting around in Brownian motion grew in the form of tiny delicate colonies. These were characterized by a dark center and lighter peripheral zone.
This brief description of very small size and growth outside of a host recalls the beginning of PPLO fame as the smallest living organism. Filtration placed them with the viruses, and independent growth classed them with the bacteria. -

In January 1959 a conference on Biology of the Pleuropneumonialike Organisms was held by the New York Academy of Sciences. There were about 200 attendees with speakers from nine countries. The meeting was chaired by D. W. Edward of the Wellcome Research Laboratory in England. The speakers included most of the pioneers, largely from veterinary and agricultural institutions, who were struggling to understand organisms that did not fit the paradigm of bacteria or viruses."

While I can appreciate the historical overview which the author brings to our subject, in light of what I know that lies outside of his own 'knowledge base'... I have to ask whether that 'struggle to understand  "organisms that did not fit the paradigm of bacteria or viruses" was a 'struggle of understanding' ...or a struggle to PUT BACK IN THE BOX something that didn't fit in any of the conceptual frameworks which the 'scientific community' demanded our world view be limited to?

Something.... perhaps such as....


At any rate... Dr Moritz was eventually and inevitably ready for the 'killshot'....

"In the late 1960s Carl Woese was revolutionizing taxonomy based largely on the sequences of ribosomal RNA molecules. When he and Jack Maniloff looked at mycoplasma in this context, it became apparent that the organisms were descended from bacteria that had lost their cell walls and taken up a parasitic existence. The lush environments to which they became adapted—such as the humid greenhouse environs of the human lung—allowed them to shed swaths of their genome and metabolic capacity, living instead as obligate parasites dependent on biomolecules synthesized by their hosts.

From serendipity to implacable reductionism: Our original reason for studying PPLOs, to learn what there was to be learned about the original cells at the origin of life, had been completely misdirected. Rather than being an early taxon, it was a late one—very late. Among the newest of the microbes. It had lost size and genome due to its life in hosts of the Cambrian or later.

...and our pleopneumonia/mycoplasmic buddies ... with a mere twist of the TAXONOMIC WAND ... LOSE THEIR STATUS AS 'emergent pathogens' and settle down into retirement as "cell wall deficient bacteria!"
Is it SCIENCE... or is it MAGIC... or is it just plain HOCUS POCUS?

Remember that quote up above from the authors of the study about MYCOPLASMA: Sophisticated, Reemerging, and Burdened by Their Notoriety?

"Even with mounting evidence of their
pervasive and pathogenic potential, mycoplasmas
still evoke the image of a group of obscure or
impotent microorganisms. Yet they are evolutionarily
advanced procaryotes (9-11), and their
elite status as “next generation” bacterial pathogens
necessitates new paradigms in fully understanding

Rendered 'impotent' by their scientific slayers... the mycoplasmic family of pathogens will go on to lead another sort of live - as so called 'cell wall deficient bacteria'... but never again trouble the taxonomic wellbeing of western scientific paradigms. Case closed?

Just wait and see.

Heavy going? You better believe it! I'm exhausted. Let's call it a post! But before we go.... something I just did... to take a break from the heavy lifting we're doing here...
over at the famous FLU BROS disinfo organ ZEROCRED... my response to some  mo ... eau de skunk

written by some FLU BRO APLOGIST TRIMPISTA with a need to a-choo choo his doo doo over ... our terrain!

 "even these figures may overstate the mortality rate due to the way deaths may be automatically attributed to the virus in an infected person rather than following accepted practise of confirming the causal chain to rule out other causes."

Yes. I see. We merely need... follow accepted practise of confirming the causal chain to rule out other causes....

for a 'disease' which has a 'causal chain' unknown to those who study 'infectious disease' armed only with conventional understandings...

for a phenomena which indubitably traces  its genesis back to the 'hand of man' ... or better said - to the hands of madmen in labs which governments fund to invent or recreate past pandemics and then develop 'secret sauces' of pathogenic parts to increase the potency of their destruction capacity....

for a program decades in the planning, whereby the 'biologic terrain' becomes overwhelmed when toxins imbibed from contaminated 'food sources' synergistically combine with others absorbed from the air, all carefully modulated to achieve a state of NON LETHAL disease..

which will incrementally become thought of - by its affected populations - as a 'normal' state of 'health.'

This thing is stealth-bred to arrive in its effect by STAGES. And the 'medical community' is conceptually incapacitated from grasping either genesis or symptomology by its IDEOLOGICAL insistence on taxonomic descriptions of biotic phenomena which calmly DEFY those attempts at defining limits - of morphology - virulence - and persistence -

and simple go about their [well programmed]business of wreaking havoc within organisms bereft of defense against that which attacks from multiple directions to compromise 'health' without totally destroying the host.

Its a 'sub-lethal' weapon of mass INTEGRITY destruction that has been unleashed. When the integrity of biologic systems has been compromised to the degree that their partial functioning keeps the victim 'alive'... and therefore... consuming the resources of the enemy state - the programmers have accomplished their intended mission -

maximizing the bleeding of resources and decay of social integrity - thereby rendering the enemies' defenses weak enough for 'invasion' to succeed.

Micro/macro. Think big ... and small...  or go home to 'shelter in place' - in place of living in health. "

I believe it fair to say - that comment well sums up where we stand with this thing - at this 'stage.' Will it spur enraged attack from a phalanx of trimpista usual suspect FLU BROS? Almost certainly.  

So, the last word belongs to DON SCOTT -

"The mycoplasma acts by entering into the individual cells of the body,
depending upon your genetic predisposition.
You may develop neurological diseases if the pathogen destroys certain cells in
your brain, or you may develop Crohn's colitis if the pathogen invades and
destroys cells in the lower bowel.
Once the mycoplasma gets into the cell, it can lie there doing nothing sometimes
for 10, 20 or 30 years, but if a trauma occurs like an accident or a vaccination
that doesn't take, the mycoplasma can become triggered."

Roll the dice Flu Bros.. and see where she blows... once up your nose...
it may be your BRAIN ... that's never the same...
or it could be your guts, that ask you 'whats what?"
with that ever present feeling of loss.

See that coin? Give it a toss... Flu Bros, and other ghouls of the Merika night.
Call me in the morning... I gave you fair warning. Take two vials of cyanide,
and say nighty nighty... to this Jonestown 2.0!

They're 'busted'. And we're 'breaking on thru' ... to the other side... of the this looking glass of the really real!

Later Greaters... Make Merika Grate Agin... under the heel of those who it was supposed to be a refuge from.
Yunus E by Yunus E @
Like Luther, Kant was forced into conflict with an institution steeped in tradition with which he would have been happier to conform; if only it were strong enough to keep the barbarians at bay. But whilst atheists (such as Hume) threatened to wash everything away, the pope spawned bastards and Christian Wolff pontificated absurdities. There was only one answer, revolt in the service of the establishment, and the revolt, once begun, was carried through with a steel dedication. What was also common to both of these reluctant rebels was the renewed vitality that they breathed into the antique institutions they engaged. Within a few years of Luther, the Jesuits, after Kant, Hegel. Catholicism and metaphysics both reborn. After all, fear is the passionate enthusiasm for the same. *Land – The Thirst for Annihilation

And so it begins:

as the policing of 'potential terrorists' who might break out of their imposed lockdown/shelter in place and cause 'chaos' of an unscripted kind... is turned over to the appropriate "AI" authorities -
"What are you doing? Show me your ID. You don't know there's a lockdown?" PGuard calls out to suspected violators of the lockdown"

Here comes, as well....
The "return" of something that never went away... is starting to reemerge in headlines which so lately lauded countries for their 'firm and decisive' actions to terminate the "COV19" threat. We already know how they will be instructed to 'handle' it -

as reports flood in about "second waves" ... and other formulations of a narrative which - as always now - is designed to LEAD AWAY FROM the truth... it will be up to he whom countless know it all 'masters of the universe' have hilariously drubbed...  to deliver the real story behind all the lies.

 "A special case of COVID-19 with long duration of viral shedding for 49 days"

Evolving danger? 40 mutations – 8 different strains of the coronavirus now racing around the world

"The COVID-19 virus does not mutate very fast. It does so eight to 10 times more slowly than the influenza virus, said Anderson, making its evolution rate similar to other coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). It’s also not expected to spontaneously evolve into a form more deadly than it already is to humans. The SARS-CoV-2 is so good at transmitting itself between human hosts, said Andersen, it is under no evolutionary pressure to evolve."  

"Scientists in Iceland found 40 mutations of the coronavirus among people with the deadly bug in the country — and that seven infections came from people who attended the same soccer match in the UK, according to a report. The researchers discovered the mutations — or small changes in the genome of the virus — by analyzing swabs of COVID-19 patients in the country, where nearly 648 cases had been reported as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the Iceland outlet Information."

What do all of these narratives have in common?

Why, a " passionate enthusiasm for the same"... sort of tired effort to explain away 'that which is... by replacing it with diversionary messages about "that which is not." In perfect keeping with what I have termed the INVERTED NATURE OF OUR POST-REALITY WORLD... our ONEMEDIA OVERLORDS have managed to invert C. Augustin Dupins' dictum -"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"
and thereby keep the world 'safe' - from the truth!

What is that 'truth' so devilishly lurking... somewhere out there - in the night? All the fancy talk about 'mutations' or 'small changes in the genome of the virus' is simply in order to cover up - the simple truth.
Which is, that this 'virus' thing is a [mad]man-made concoction of viruses 'brought in from the wild'... repackaged with some deadly past influenza strains dug up from 1917 times... patched into some HIV evil.. AND ... reformulated with FUNGAL toxins - to maximize the SPREAD - DURATION - AND ULTIMATE DEADLINESS OF the phony pandemic WUFU ticking time bomb. Time?

That's the part that hasn't really surfaced yet - for either the deaf dumb blind ONEMEDIA... or the complicit arrogant woefully ignorant medical profession! The fungal component of the nightmare is PLEOMORPHIC. And it's unbelievable that it has fallen upon my slender shoulders to announce and explain it all.

But, as usual.... it is ... what it is.

I set the stage for our next phase this past week - via a comment on the usual suspects usual disinformation tabloid sheet -
and shure nuff... got a nibble rights away - from a usual moron with a visceral FEAR of anything well - not the 'same' as everything else that has comforted their sheltered existence all their life. What can you do with a guy who thinks he needs to add a 'sarc' tag to a comment like that? Throw em back in?

So...  what is "pleomorphism?" Let's start with the 'vanilla' version of things... packed with enough of the usual subtle diversions and half truths to be a 'half way' useful tool!

and then, after digesting that....

what are "mycoplasmas?"
and this time - it ain't 'vanilla' we're chewin on.

But what we have to do next - in combining the pleomorphic properties of fungal life cycles - with the hidden horrors of mycoplasm manmade disease... is create a case for what ALL components of the modern medical mafiya and its corporate controllers FEAR the most. Disclosure of the real nature of this lab created beast. I'm still getting myself ready. Post by post, inching towards what I've not wanted to touch. But must.

Fungal pathogens change form.Dramatically. The fungal cycle takes them through stages where they can easily fool undereducated observers... by 'imitating' bacterial forms, viral forms, other fungi.... they are the real 'chameleons' of the microbiological world. Modern 'science' needs to pretend this is not so... due to 'modern scientists' financial dependency pon a system of corrupt corporate influence which has infiltrated every level of academia AND government.

The mis-identification of the disease is deliberate. It's even worse than the 'vaccine' angle. We need to leave all that till later - but for now.... we have identified 'the terrain.' Later - the enemy.

Not all... of the very few scientists who understand mycoplasm disease.... understand the natural of fungal pathogens... and particularly those pathogens when interacting with each other! To thread this needle requires time and much care. We will get there.

Don Scott was the 'real thing' = a man who worked tirelessly ... and in the midst of and in spite of ... his own health deterioration... on behalf on people all around North America who were living half lives in various states of incapacitation ... never knowing why .... while dealing with 'doctors' who told them 'it was all in their minds.'

Don proved it wasn't. And in my opinion - he also 'proved' that the real disease was 'all in the doctors minds.' But don't mind me. Main thing is... he succeeded in getting their story told... heard... and then finally... acknowledged... by governments and a medical profession which dread accountability ...and the price that goes with it! Don_Scott_(Ontario_author)_-_Wikipedia.pdf

I knew Don Scott. When I went to visit him, in the nursing home in Sudbury Ontario, where he and his wife were comfortably ensconced in a double suite with a walk out garden view... he was on the downslope towards the end, physically ... but bright and still sharp mentally. I'd gone to find some missing pieces to the puzzle - of how the person dearest to me in this world had died less than six months after being [mis]diagnosed by doctors with 'lung cancer' ... which was not lung cancer at all. And I wasn't really into 'conspiracies' at the time - I was only beginning to wake up about the 9-11 thing still... and hadn't the foggiest notion of what either 'kabbalism' nor 'talmudism' might be about. All I was sure of was that someone I loved had died before their time... and the reasons presented smelled worse than a dead rat in a fetid sewer pipe.

We discussed some of the 'experimental' activities of the  USA and Canadian militaries conducted from th 1950s on... the mass spraying of civilian communities with infected mosquitoes and/or fungal aerosols delivered via airplane. Lyme disease, Ft Dietrick, Plum Island, Dugway Proving Grounds. We also talked a little about the weird incidents and threatening phone calls that had started happening after he and his son had started their 'information project.' When some of that same weirdness started happening to me, immediately after that visit.... I knew it was time to start packing up for a one way ticket out of north Amerika... to somewhere out of the reach of .... what?

Don was a hero. Bigger than life. I can't believe I'm about to go down this rabbit hole. But who else is left to do it? One by one... the journalists, the microbiologists, the doctors who successfully treated the victims of mass bio-weapon government 'experiments' and the troops back from Iraq with disease imposed upon their body/minds by their own 'government...
they're all dead.

For Don. Royal Rife. Michael Collins Piper. And my own precious lady.
Let's do this thing. No matter what.

Why is the 'cov19' thing showing up -"AGAIN"- in places were it was supposed to be 'attenuated?'
That is not the proper diagnostic question.
What form - of virulence AND morphology - will the [improperly named]"cov19" accede to - in it's next STAGE?

Back at ya soon... or later!
Yunus E by Yunus E @ in Barbarous Reliquary Project